FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • I think there's a very good chance that your knee will be fine on Sunday, QQ :o)

    And mine will be fine after a rest day and some stretches. Rest day? Oh, yes. If anyone would like to help me assemble my daughter's new bed, I'll pay you in home-made carrot cake and lemon drizzle cake.
  • Ah yes.. rest days in the pure sense of the word dont actually exist anymore.. it's all relative, post kiddies... at least you can cook !- I would take the self assembly option anyday !!
  • Recovery run today and yes a rest day tomorrow although as you point out there are plenty of things to do such as ferrying the children all over the place.
    Good luck to all those racing this weekend.
  • Dundee for 5 years ? I had to move to Bristol after 20 years in Lochee, but the pehs and the heavy and the bridies and the smokies dragged me back to Angus, after 13 years of cider, the Wurzels, " I built Concorde ," and defending the football attendances of Alloa etc based on the percentage of the population who attend home games! Are you back in a warmer climate South of Kirkton now V ?
    Lost the golf today. Football boots are hung up. Plateaued at the snooker, and the 8 year old will soon whup me at chess. But I can run for longer than the average bear !! Going out for a long solo run at 6am tomorrow.
    How long do you lot use a pair of trainers for ? If I got mine at Christmas and do 20 miles per week, thats approx 800 miles. I heard they should be replaced after 250-300, or is that the hope of adidas and nike ?
    Did you do the Dundee half V ?
    Maybe I could do a very flat long run over the bridge umpteen times. The view back is the finest panoramic view of any town anywhere in the country.

    Have a pleasant weekend folks.
  • Wow LS! A lot of info and insight in to your phsych!

    500 miles for your running shoes shold be ok.
  • I've been out of Dundee for over 20 year now, LS. Can't say I've missed it! I'm a Brummie dinosaur nowadays :o)

    LSRs over the bridge and hill reps up the Law ... perfect!

    My knee's fine now (I'm not a big advocate of routine stretching since there's not much evidence that it does any good and some evidence that it can do harm, but those therapeutic ITB stretches really do work!) so hopefully I'll pop out for a run later :o)
  • Hello LS....brilliant post.

    Good luck for runs and races this week end everyone>

    I am doing another 20 tomorrow...very slow.

    Cardiff mara 2 weeks tomorrow........
  • I'm planning on doing about 11 or 12 in the morning, although the forecast is for some strong-ish winds and I may conserve my energy and go windsurfing instead!
  • Hi All

    Well I'm just back from the Macc Half.... my time 1:50:59 ( that second is all important!) Not a P.B but 4 minutes quicker than last year's outing on the same course , so I am well pleased.

    You were right V.rap the knee held out although I did feel it from about 3 miles. I suspect the "friction" treatment from the physio pre race helped.Now it's really stiff despite being massaged to within an inch of my life after the race !.

    All in all it was a great race and especially nice to see lots of friends marshalling/supporting en route. Mr QQ was at the top of a particularly long hill at approx 12 miles and that realy did lift the spirits.

    Hope everyone's runs have been good this weekend. Did you decide on the land or the water Funkin ? Hope your 20 miler went well RD.

    Off now for an Ice bath !?! ( recommended by physio) do I have to ??

  • Quickquack good to hear that you had a good run and the knee held out,the test will be tomorrow when you wake up and feel how stiff your knee is then.
    I maneged my first run yesterday after a week off due to what I think was over training, anyway I did a hour It it was good, I tried to keep it slow but felt so good I ended up going for it.
  • Well done QQ and no the jury is still out the ice bath front. Treat yourself to a hot one - because you're worth it! ;-)

    Did my 10k in 48:16 despite some torrential rain. Technically I beat my PB by over 9 minutes but the previuos time was set over 4 years ago on my first ever competative run. But non the less I feel very pleased with myself, I didn't think sub 50mins was at all possible at the moment. I'm beginning to think that my regular 5 mile training run might actually be a bit longer than I thought?!
  • Well done on your races, QQ and HRR :o) I KNEW you'd both be far quicker than you thought you would!

    And well done on getting out there, Jus :o)

    I'd go for the hot bath too. Ice baths are just a form of self-flagellation practised by a particularly hardcore breed of runner and emulated by the masses. Besides, they're, well, unpleasantly cold.

    I got a toddling-round-a-3k-with-a-small-child PB today, and a rather nice medal. Everyone in the household "raced", though my youngest daughter and eL Bee's 9-year-old son, who are possibly the scattiest children ever hatched, set out to run 5k and had to be chased to the finish an embarrassing 80 minutes later, when everything was being dismantled. They were soaking wet but had beaming smiles and handfuls of conkers.

    I did 6 miles very late last night, comfortably but rather quicker than intended (a little under 9mm) because I wanted to get home before pub-chucking-out time.

    This coming week I'm planning a short run on Monday, an 18-miler on Wednesday evening, maybe around 8-9 miles at easy pace on Friday afternoon, and the Kenilworth Half on Sunday. I'm not planning to race at Kenilworth. My aim will be to treat it as a training run (but with water-stations, a nice route and a medal!) and get round at a steady 9mm pace.

  • QQ: I did both... 7:30am start and rather than 1:50 long run, I did an hour at 8minute mile pace, which I felt fine with (wanted to save some energy for the sea). It was blowin' a gale down on the south coast when I returned home (to my parents) so I then went windsurfing for a few hours - absolutely awesome.

    I'm now shattered, and definitely not refreshed for the week ahead! No windsurfing now for a few weeks whilst I train for the Cabbage Path 10 miler in two weeks time.
  • Well not surprisingly I didn't have an ice bath... though did sit with a freezer pack against my knee for 10 minutes .. does that count ?. Will save congratulatory hot bath till tomorrow when I don't have a house full !

    Sounds like you all had busy days. Perhaps you could invent a new duathlon Funkin ?

    Very Well done on your PB HRR tht's great. A nine minute improvement over 10k is remarkable.

    Enjoy your running this week .I plan to take it v. easy ... but I'll be thinking of you !!

  • Sounds like fun, funkin :o)
  • Instead of a cold bath which can be a bit extreme what I find helps is using the shower on cold. Run the shower on cold and go over your legs, spending a bit longer on any spots that might be aching more, a couple of minutes on each leg normally does the trick.
  • Congrats QQ & HRR!! Brilliant performances!

    The pb's are falling already. Cant wait to read this thread on the 22nd April next year and reflect on what other pb's have fallen along the way ;)
  • Hi all - couldn't help but notice the TOTP sitting here waiting for me to claim it...
  • Some things never change!!!

    LOR, how the devil are you?
  • I ran my own hilly 6.2 mile loop yesterday on my own, now my running mates knees are gone, and brought that PB down from 43.50 to 42.56. As you say RD, with increased training, I wonder how quick my time for that run will be in april ?
    what did the rest of you lot think on the carrying of wee two n a half pound ankle weights when running> its probably more for my overall fitness rather than specifically for running> kept my finger on shift and now the keys have gone all funny ??
  • LS according to the RW Race time predictor, based on your 6.2 mile time, your predicted marathon time would be 3:17:48.
  • yeh, give me 3.59 and I'll bite yer hand off !!
  • Hi RD.

    I managed an 8 mile run this morning and the hamstring didn’t blow up. I’m going to do another 8 tomorrow night and then 10 on Thursday and if all’s well will do a slow 3 hour plod on Sunday before I officially start my taper for Abingdon. Thoughts of a 3:45 are out of the window, but maybe a sub-4 is posssible?!

  • Hi all

    new on this thread, i'm 48 and managed my first marathon this year(FLM)bit of a mixed day, late starting as tube got blocked up, so started nearly at back, laces came undone, got them done up again eventually, then timing chip started falling off! i stop and spoke to a kind St Johns person, who found a safety pin and put it back on again, then felt knackered at 20 miles. Anyway managed to finish in 4h 16mins, so hoping with a bit more training and luck, i might just get under 4 Hours,(best ever half was 1h 46mins about 2 years ago) do you think this is reasonable? got to a maximum of 30 miles a week in training for FLM due to a niggling injury to my heel area, i'ts where the achilees tendon wraps around the bottom of left foot, been told i'ts pulling in that area,(the tendon is fine in the normal problem area) i'm trying made up orthotics which seem to help, but not get rid of it, also lots of stretching, same thing, better but still very uncomfortable following morning after a run,) any idea's anyone? i did stop running for a month, but got worse if anything? I wont attempt another half or full marathon until i can get it better. Back to podiatrist i guess?

  • Hi NFS

    Your Half marathon time does suggest that a sub 4 marathon is possible but do sort the injury out before christmas or you might find the training mileage needed is too much. A podiatrist does seem a good option at this stage. I have been waiting over two months for an NHS appointment and getting a little frustrated.
  • Hi need for speed.
    I don't think you will have a problem getting under 4 hours if stick to training like you have been doing.
    Can't recommend anything for your injury problem except the stretching. You might want to try dynamic stretching you can find it on the web, i found this to be more useful then normal stretching, i think there is also a thread on it in here some where.
  • NFS, r u frank Spencer ?!!
    For 48, you're times are tremendous, and I now dont have the excuse of old age at a relatively young 37 ! I'm hoping you are 8 stone and the son of a gazelle, coz if you reveal you are a 14 stone hard drinking coal miner, then I'll be all out of excuses !
    Cant help you with your aches. My only weakness is an old torn cartliage, but since hanging up the football boots 2 years ago, I haven't felt even the slightest twinge. Good luck to you, and I hope everything clears up and we can all crawl over the finishing line in 3.45 ish !
  • Can someone send me ANY character or photo to replace the black silhoette? next to my entries?

    I'm useless on a computer.

    Preferably a dashingly handsome kilted Scotts Porage Oats style hunk ?
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