FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • That's a shame OG, but can't blame you. I'll be coming down to run Beachy next weekend, so hope to see a friendly face?
  • It's like Piccadilly Circus in here!

    Bad news Viking, hope it clears up.

    It was our hill session tonight, boy did I struggle! I kept trying to visualise flying up them in February after a winters training but it was hard.

    Are you in London Claire ?
  • Yes, have a GFA place Mr P.
  • I could kick myself I didn't talk to you en route this year, I just wasn't sure it was you and then I didn't see you again.

    I really want to do well this time, it could actually be my last, there's no guarantee of another place now.

    There were some of our Chester mara runners there tonight, they were all pretty well recovered and looking good, plus some new faces.

    What is the ambitious thing OG??
  • Hi, Ive just got to Eastbourne. I don't think any of you are running tomorrow, which is a shame..anyone marshaling?
  • Hi all, been out for a 5 mile jog this afternoon, no reaction from my calf, just the rest of my body.

    Good luck Claire, I am working this weekend, so will not be there in any capacity.

  • Go Claire!

    Good luck, have a great time.

    I've always liked the idea of the l2b challenge OG, look forward to YOU doing it!
  • The New York marathon could be in danger after the super storm that about to hit. Not good for runners who have to fly in with all the flight cancellations and when they get back to normal, planes being in the wrong location.

  • Morning all

    Claire - sorry I missed you, but I was there on Saturday (long way behind you though !). Decided to do it in the end as it was a nice (??!) day. had a lovely run, plodded round very slowly with a clubmate, enjoyed the scenery (and food), chatted and just had a nice time generally. Course PW for me, but that was part of the plan so pleased to have stuck to it. Had an evil shower on the top of Beachy Head but otherwise enjoyed some great views (as below - awesome image)

    Viking - does look a bit dodgy at the moment, but the US are brilliant at getting things back to normal so I'm still hoping flight on Thursday will be OK. If not can do Friday and still make the start easily enough. Look forward to hurdling fallen trees in Central Park !




  • Morning OG, I'm glad you ran it and as planned, well done.

    I had a terrible start, I parked down a side street and went to the loos etc. I then went back to the car and couldn't find it, I spent 40mins walking, running looking for it. In the end I had to ask some bloke in a car to drive me round, eventually finding it, I was in a right state!

    I started 11 mins late! Anyway, I really enjoyed it as normal and felt like I ran more of it than last year, but the wind was a real killer for me. The drop back into Eastbourne I can normally get a sprint on but couldn't because of the wind!

    I did get a PB though, 4.17, well chuffed.

    Feeling dreadful today though, my legs are sore and I have caught a cold!

    Good luck for catching your flight on Thursday, I'm sure it will alll be okay by then.
  • Didn't realise you were blond !! Well done anyway - you must have relaxed into it once you started, great time for that course.....benefit of a slow run (and possibly chirunning) is that I have no residual aches or pains at all, it's great.  

    I found the wind in the final bit up to the BH car park really bad, but once into the last mile it was lovely before the steep finish. Will be back next year for sure image

  • I was wondering about the Hurricane too; fingers crossed.

    My clubmate was stuck somewhere before vlm in the ash cloud a couple of years ago, but he got back OK.

    Ady's slept on your sofa enough times, I'm sure he can lay on a charter for you image

  • I got stuck in NY after 9/11 which was cr*p.........AdyP got 'stuck' in Mauritius for a week with the ash cloud. Ask him to pick your lottery numbers, not me.


  • I remember, didn't he fly Laurence Lewellyn Bowen in on the first plane back? 

  • I believe they spent the flight discussing shades of flock wallpaper

  • Just seen on TV that the NY marathon is good to go on Sunday. Two NY airports are open Newark & JFK.

    Good luck OG.

  • imageimage

  • Thanks, but I withdrew yesterday and cancelled flights/hotel etc.

    Looking at pictures and speaking to staff/friends there, the City should be focusing on clean-up etc, not a running event. Staten Island, where it is supposed to start, has been devastated.

    I'll hopefully be able to take up my guranateed place next year (for payment of another $300 of course - which I think is the main reason it isn't being cancelled - refunding 50,000 ebtry fees would not be economic for them)

    Glad I did Beachy last week, and now looking at the event diary for something else in the next few weeks image

  • Difficult decision OG but I guess you know the city pretty well.

    I'm still trying to get my VLM training off the ground, work is so busy at the moment.  I have been getting to club nights but they aren't much use without the easy miles.

    Here's hoping for Saturday, a nice easy 5 or 6 miles.

  • Not overly stressed about it....managed to secure a few days in Prague instead, not been there so looking forward to it image

    Early for VLM training. Start after Christmas !

  • No i need to train to get fit enough to train i am so out of it!
  • OG,

            be aware when in Prague, I saw a TV programme last week called scam city. You have to watch the taxis as they can rip you off, the AAA ones seemed to be the best. If you change money, check it before you leave as they can short change you. The street food sellers have been known to not give you the correct change the incident in question, there was a 1.000 local currency less than you were supposed to get. Then there's the night life, seedy back street joint entice you in then offer you a massage and extras in a different place were a taxi rips you off again. You get inside, order a drink and a nice looking girls comes to sit with you and starts talking to you. You get her a drink and she takes you in to a dark back room where her minder/pimp comes in, hits you, tells you that's his girl and you have to pay 500 euros to talk to her. The police come in, check everyone's papers then leave. The guy try's to get out of the club but is stopped by a bouncer and he demands 500 euros. When he he says he only has 350, they take that and let him go. Then there's the girls in the street who come up to you and start running their hands over your body asking for sex. She is trying to pick your pockets.

    Have a good time OG.image 

  • Thanks - I'm sure THE MRS and I will have a great time !
  • NYC Marathon cancelled. Right decision 4 day too late. Muppets.
  • Wow. No posts since my last one in November.......

    Anyway, am in for 2013 through a club place, will be good to be back after a 2 year gap. No time objectives as just using it as a training run, but looking forward to it image

    Anyone else in ??
  • not me daz

    coincidence but i was just messing about with Garmin training plans when this came into my inbox - still chi unning?

  • Hiya matey

    Yes - 19 months since last muscle injury.......unbelievable. Have bitten the bullet and entered London to Brighton in May, so using Brighton and London as training runs.
  • amazing!


    good luck with it and keep in touch


  • Oh Hello!

    I too have a place in the London Marathon, any tips? Perhaps somewhere to meet up before the sort or a pleasant Victorian-detective themed hostelry for a post race libation?

    OM are you still in your club?

    I know I keep going on OG but the Chi running has been Spectacularly successful from an objective viewpoint.
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