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  • Oooh Amsterdam! Sounds good!
  • Amsterdam usually gets good reviews. I've personally never run it before, but I know people who have and say its a good one to do.
  • Amsterdam usually gets good reviews. I've personally never run it before, but I know people who have and say its a good one to do.
  • Go on Geves... you know you want to
  • Could I have some of your chocolate first though please? Scatty me, I started a new thread about Amsterdam forgetting I'd posted on this one. I think I sweated my brains out on Sunday...
  • Flights and hotels now booked - all I need to do now is some training and to try and stay injury free.
  • Geves - you can have some chocolate at the finish line in October!
    Is there another thread for Amsterdam then? What is the title of the thread?

    I, too 'perspired' alot on Sunday, I did enjoy it though. Did you?

    Graham - when do you plan to start training for Amsterdam?
  • Chocoholic - have recently completed the Paris and London Marathons and am running the Shakespeare Marathon on Sunday - I'll be aiming to retain and build on current level of fitness by running a marathon each month between now and October. LDWA challenge events are good when there are not many marathons in the running calendar. If I'm training to run at or near to my best then for me I tend to start serious training around 14 weeks out.
  • OMG - how many marathons! My body wouldn't cope. Good for you though.
    I'll start training about 16 weeks before Amsterdam...I think. I need to recover from FLM first.
    Did you have a good run in London? It wasn't as hot as it was in Paris the week before... was it?
  • Choco - not sure my body is going to cope (this is to "celebrate" being 50) - in Paris it was 16' on the start line and around 30' by the time we finished - was on course for sub 3:45 but hit the wall at 20 miles and struggled badly thereafter to finish in 4:04 - found London to be much cooler with a slight breeze - ran a steadily paced 3:48 - the aim is to complete Shakespeare in around 4 hours to be within 12 hours for all three marathons.
  • Graham - I wish you all the best for Sunday. Looks like it's going to be a third consecutive hot race for you.
    Good job I'm not running. With a name like mine, I would well and truly melt!
  • Cheers Choco - think I might melt too.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Thought I'd join what seems to be the main thread for this one (although with the RW thread search facility, you can never be sure...) If it couldn't be Abingdon then it had to be Amsterdam! Still enjoying the lighter training after London but it'll be time for serious miles all too soon...
  • Welcome Jools
    I too am REALLY enjoying the lighter training load...
  • Hi everyone, Im in for this one too. This will be the first time running a race abroad. I've heard good things about the race so should be good.
  • Welcome S bug
    Graham- how did the Shakespeare marathon go?
  • Choco - Shakespeare went very well thanks - started off very gingerly (had to have a loo stop inside the first mile!) and finished feeling full of running - was pleased with 3:39:11 (9 minutes faster than London) - have run two more marathons since then (the Three Forts and the Orpington "Mara*Fun"). Looking to run one marathon per month throughout the summer (rather than one per week).
  • Have bitten the bullet and entered one of the races (not the 5k!!)
  • A group of us from East Cheshire Harriers want to do this marathon never been to Amsterdam so can somebody please help with location of hotels to start and finish etc so we can look them up.

    Thanks -
  • Patrunner, from my experience most of the hotels are in the central part of the city a little to the east of the start. However there are good tram and metro links and it is walkable from Leidesplein (sp?). Have a look on somewhere like expedia or last minuite - they will have hotel location maps. The tram system is very good, but it does get a bit messed up my some big event on 21st October!
    A handy hint would be to get a hotel with a lift - some of the smaller ones can have very steep stairs which might not too good the day after
  • Graham - Well done for all your recent marathons. I feel worn out just reading about them!
  • Patrunner,

    I've entered this and have booked into The Tulip Hotel. Apparently it is a mile from the start/finish and the rooms seem fairly reasonably priced. It was mentioned on a previous Amsterdam thread and recommended.

    Just 'google' tulip hotel amsterdam' to find it.

  • p.s.

    I thought the Sunday night out in Amsterdam with a medal around my neck could be interesting!

    If my legs haven't given up after 26 miles they certainly will have done by the end of Sunday night...

  • Thanks Chocoholic and good luck with the training and preparations ahead of Amsterdam.

    Willy - I doubt if there'll be a shortage of runners attempting to dring the Leidseplein dry on the Sunday night (me amongst them).

    Let's all train well and keep fit and healthy and injury free over the next five months.
  • Is there more than one tulip hotel because the one I got up said it was 45 minutes by tram to the start also who has cheapest air tickets does anyone have any suggestions flying from Manchester
  • Tulip is a chain I think. If Easyjet fly from Manchester they will probably be the cheapest. However as word of warning it may be better to go with KLM a sthey have several flights per day. Last year I went with KLM from Bristol and although it was about £110 compared to easyjet's £50 or so there was a choice of times. The flight I was booked on was cancelled so I was put on the next one that day. If it had been Easyjet the next one woukd have been the following day so of no use.
  • Yes, Tulip is a chain, very many hotels in and around the city to choose from - suggest any located around the Leidseplein would be most convenient for the start/finish (and for rehydration and replenshment afterwards).
  • I believe the one you want is The Tulip Inn Amsterdam Centre. It's a minimum 2 night stay at the weekend, but would probably suit - can't believe anyone would want to miss out on Sunday night on the town!

    About 140 quid for a single room for 2 nights, about 160ish for a twin/double I think.

  • Thanks everyone will get on to it
  • I'm in this for my first marathon, I've booked Saturday night at the Hem hotel which is supposedly by the start.

    Flying with KLM leaving Newcastle at 6am!!!
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