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  • Have entered New Forest Half on 16 September as part of my programme - running it with half a dozen Forumites I met through this year's FLM. Still posting on thread 2 months later.
  • Morning

    Week 2 of physio and re-hab and I feel my injury is getting worse, is this a no pain no gain situation?
    I think I am going to have to pull out of A/Dam and concentrate on recovery and Edinburgh next year as I really wanted to do a PB of 4.15 in October and dont want to risk a serious injury that stops me running for months, 5 weeks is bad enough. I have developed a serious case of runners envy as when I see people out running I am filled with jealousy, not a good trait to have at all.
    Has anyone recovered from a stress fracture and plantar fasciitis within 2 months who is a recreational runner not a serious been there done that runner? Am I sounding desperate and needy, definitely I just want to run again and enjoy the outdoors (stamping only my good foot on the floor)
  • Jane64 - I think you would be wise to pull out of A/D. Stress fractures generally take at least 6 weeks to heal - sometimes a bit longer. Pf cannot also be persistent and has a nasty habit of recurring. To plunge straight into a heavy marathon buildup, after injuries of that nature, would be foolhardy. You risk picking up another injury/re-injuring yourself - and, as you point out, being out of running for 6 months rather than 6 weeks. Quite apart from that - assuming the fracture and/or pf are sorted by the end of July (which I think is rather optimistic) that leave would you with only 2 quality months of training before your taper. Indeed, the lack of time would probably encourage you to overdo things. The best thing you can do is to ascertain the cause of the injuries, take the necessary recuperative and preventative measures. Once the the injuries have resolved begin a very gradual build up in the late summer/autumn. Edinburgh will be here before you know it and you will be fit, fast and healthy. Look upon the next few months as part of the foundation building process. The satisfaction of racing a marathon will be deferred - but time and effort won`t be wasted. Good luck.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    It's always a tough call, but I think Beetle is spot on. I had to defer for London in 2005 and it tore me to bits. But I've come back stronger and better for it. I promise that however much you are able to run after your time away it will feel great and you will cherish it (although of course it will also be a bit frustrating!). Good luck.
  • Jane - I really can't advise you as mercifully I haven't had such an injury. You could get a second opinion from another Physio?
  • Beetle Jools and Didds many thanks for your advice and input.

    I have cancelled A/Dam and have a mixture of sadness and relief.

    When I look at what is happening in the world today my problems are zilch so its time to put it into persepective and get on with the recovery process and maybe running in Barcelona in March and definitely Edinburgh in June.

    Never thought I would be shedding tears over the cancellation of a race.

    All the very best with your training and enjoy the marathon.
  • Are entries still open?
  • Blisters - I entered online via the website but I think that you can even enter on the day (certainly possible in previous years I am told)

    Another decent week of training completed with close to 50 miles run (I chose not to run on Monday in the torrential rain as I was only going to do a recovery run anyway)

    A decent 2 hour run this morning but no more than that as I am mindful that I have to do my next LSR on Thursday (Mr C away at the weekend) and I would like to do closer to 2.5 then. Need to do some speedwork inbetween too.

    Good runnings all.

    Jane - sometimes just making a decision is a relief in itself, you will come back stronger I am sure
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    C'mon, Blisters, you know you want to...
  • Jools, of course I want to.

    However, it's like this:
    I could do Leicester the week before, but my wife has just arranged for some good friends to stay with us that weekend.

    I've just priced up the transport to Amsterdam for 4 people, with accommodation from Sat through to Tuesday.
    Flights £338, hotel £400, food extra.

    The jury is out, bugt we may move the date that our mates are coming.
  • Or Dartmoor Vale is an option I suppose. I bet 200mins will spot that thought.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I wasn't sure about the Leicester course profile - it still hadn't been finalised when I was making my autumn marathon plans and just decided to go for it and book anyway. But I'm forgoing a 'proper' holiday and spending too much on a jolly to Amsterdam to run instead. Better run a good time...
  • Yes, it has all the right ingredients for a great long weekend break - or a very long weekend.

    If there's a Mr B, take some flexible friends as the diamonds are great value (arf arf)

    and the food is fantastic.
  • I'm feeling like I'm back on track now, I did 14.5 miles yesterday. It was slower than I was running before Edinburgh, but it's nice to get the distance up again and I got to the end feeling I could have carried on for at least another few miles which was good.
  • WOW 14.5 miles, good on you!

    I mamanged just under 2 on Saturday and was chuffed not to have too much of a pain in my Achilles this morning!

    A slow 2 miles today (it's the start of my 16 week training plan so just steady at the moment)
  • My 16 week training plan starts today with a rest day!!
  • Musketeer - mine too! Well, it does now! Really must get down to it tomorrow though.
  • I did 11 this evening and seriously ran out of energy at the end. Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day!
  • Didds - New Forest looks great, I entered the marathon last year, but had to pull out with a stomach problem a couple of weeks before. Very up-and-downy, a bit of a contrast to Amsterdam.
    16 weeker started for me today, 4 miles in the rain. Felt quite good.
  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭
    Is it only 16 weeks? I better start my doughnut and beer training regime.

    Do the Dutch have doughnuts?
  • Newbie here (2nd post) - just back from the Isle of Arran. I thought my residual fitness (haven't done a long run for about 2 months) might get me through a half marathon. Managed 1.38, but haven't felt as sore and stiff after a race (marathons included) for ages. Time to knuckle down for 16 weeks methinks.
  • Ken
    1.38 after 2 months on the sofa watching Trisha & munching chocolates is pretty impressive. What are you aiming for when fit ?
  • Half PB is 1.33 - but usually around 1.35-1.36. 2 marathons to date - Dublin 2005 and London 2006 (3.40 and 3.45 respectively). Happy to admit to munching too much chocolate but draw the line at being accused of watching Trisha - I do have some standards to maintain.
  • Wow, you lot on this thread are mighty quick, I'm a bit of a slug along, personally, and if I can get under 5 hours in AMS that's it for me, will stick to plodding about my little backwater roads here, but then again.........

    Back on the track for training now, done two runs this week, only 5km's but easing in gently and did one in under 30 mins (so not looking to break any speed records here), but I love it and it's good to be back in the trainers.

  • It's official - 16 week FIRST programme started today - club session: 1x1 mile, 4x400 metres, 1x1 mile with 1 minute recoveries. First run for 10 days so felt good to be back.

    Ken - seriously quick times! My Half PB is 1:43:59 and only Marathon was this year's FLM - 4:22.

    Glad to see that this thread is picking up nicely.
  • My 16 week plan has already gone out of the window. My Achilles swelled up again yesterday, although it has gone down again now I think I need a few weeks more rest so am now aiming to follow a 12 week get me round plan instead and just take it easy on the day.

    As it's going to be my first marathon, I'm not at all upset by this as whatever time i get will be a PB!

    Is 12 weeks feasible?
  • Sorry to hear of injuries - they say getting to the start line in one piece is half the battle.

    DD - I would have thought that 12 weeks should be OK as long as you get the long runs in, but don't try and cram too many miles in and don't expect too fast a time; you probably could also get away with a 2 week taper?
  • It`s feasible depending on your Achilles. Achilles injuries can be/become chronic. I tried to run through an Achilles problem (picked up 3 weeks before FLM 2005) and ended up being off running for 7-8 months. I still have Achilles problems but - touch wood - they are manageable. Be careful. Don`t run until the pain/discomfort has disappeared and the tendon has stopped swelling and is no longer sore to touch. Good luck.
  • thanks Ken & Beetle.

    I've already had nearly 5 months of problems which are now subsiding quickly, I think 3 - 4 weeks of other exercise (walking, cycling & swimming) should see me ok.
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