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  • We have booked our flights now and hotel have booked into the HEM has anybody stayed there and got any info about it?
  • pat, I'm staying there too on the Saturday night
  • Good we can meet up we are going on Friday morning there are 8 of us
  • Mrs Dawdler and me are flying over stupidly early on Saturday morning (We leave Newcastle at 6am!) meeting up sounds good to me
  • Afternoon, well my flight is booked! I'm going to learn from the mad panic I had in Paris this year (that was caused by a delayed flight and so I had to dash to the expo on the Saturday evening to collect my number) so I'm going to get to Amsterdam on the Friday afternoon now and spend Saturday chilling out!

    What's the concensus, is it advisable to book at hotel in the central area or nearer to the Olympic stadium? Any ideas?

    Thanks, Michael.
  • The HEM that we have booked is supposed to be near the start and finish which I think is more important than being in centre. Not sure how nice it is some varied reviews but as long as is clean and accessable should be OK it is quite cheap as well we booked online
  • Hi all,

    Im very tempted to do this. I ran my 1st marathon at Windemere last Sunday in 3:14 and Im loooking for a flat, fast course so I can attempt a sub 3 hr.

    Just need to book some time off work now!
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    Hello all,

    I've paid my race entry online. THis will be my first marathon. I am doing this with my other half in celebration of his 40th birthday!.

    Has anyone run this before? How busy is it?

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  • I ran this last year, but am going for Berlin this so won't be there. A few thoughts, in case they help anyone.

    To start and finish in the stadium is great

    There's a long dull drag on the roads around the 20something to 30something km mark - though that is coloured by the perception of someone (me) who wasn't quite fit enough to get round the whole course without a walk - not much in the way of scenery or crowds at that stage to help you count off the miles. For those of you who did Edinburgh, think "section past the power station on the return leg"x5

    I stayed in a Christian hostel which was as peaceful as you'd imagine and fine for a singleton

    Really good fruit provision at the last few drinks stands - again, good for someone having a walk break

    Expo good, fairly big, well organised

    Not too big a field. Quite a squish at the beginning - only a notional pens system, as I found myself with a real variety of pace bands around me, but it doesn't matter as there's plenty of space on most of the course

    *with the exception of a drinks station at c. 2miles, where the course is at most 2metres across. Hope they've fixed that, as I ended up barging a couple of people who were trying to run through me

    Good t-shirt last year - proper running one (which I used for Edinburgh)

    Celebrations afterwards are easy to find!
  • Thanks JM3 - very useful
    How did Edinburgh go?
  • Ah, thanks for asking - good news! For Amsterdam I'd sort of followed my own training plan - had an idea of what to do, but didn't do enough long runs (stop me if you've heard it!), blew up at mile 21/22 and came in at 3:57. Which was respectable, I thought, but everyone I talked to there had gone a lot more quickly.

    For Edinburgh, I knuckled down and followed the schedules on this site and got down to 3:22, pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. Next is Berlin and, with luck and hard work, the qualifying time for Boston...
  • I did Edinburgh this year too, managed to get round in 3:52 with a run/walk spell between 21 and 25, so I'm aiming for 3:45 in amsterdam. I did the half last year so have a bit of an idea what to expect. I'm just having a couple of weeks recovery before getting back into things properly, or that's the theory anyway.
  • Great times. Well done to you both
    Here's to Amsterdam!
  • I think that's realistic, YP1, maybe you can even beat your target (is it just me that as soon as I set one I'm thinking "maybe I can secretly knock a couple of minutes off that") - my only memory of Amsterdam is that it seemed tougher than Edinburgh, but actually, there were no hills, few inclines and the wind was fine too. Could be an issue, I suppose - so flat that there's little in the way - but I'll cross fingers for ideal conditions for you.

    They have chip mats (er, sorry if I'm being over technical!) every 5k there too, so you can really break down your performance. Or in my case, "watch" yourself go backwards.

  • Hello

    I did Edinburgh and improved on Edinburgh 2006 by 33 minutes so I was really pleased and now aim for 4.15 in A/Dam if my ligaments heal, any ideas on length of rest and recovery times, GP says no running for 2 weeks and I am not handling this "rest" too well?
  • Currently on an injured/rest period but hope to be back training next week.

    Ran 1st marathon (Windemere) just over 2 weeks ago and got a 3:14. Hoping to get a sub 3 if training goes to plan and I can keep my body together!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    It depends on quite which ligaments you've damaged and how! Are you having any treatment apart from the rest? Has your doctor been able to identify what caused the injury? If it's an overuse injury, for instance, coming back after the rest will have to be done very carefully. If you can afford it, I'd suggest going to a specialist sports physio to get some detailed guidance and, if necessary, rehabilitative exercises.

    Good luck!
  • Jools B

    The ligament I have hurt is in my ankle. Thought I had stood on a nail at 20 mile and then had pain like never before but I hobbled along which I now realise was silly, I should have pulled out but didnt.
    Present treatment is rest and then if no major improvment back to GP and I will try and find a sports physio if I am still off running after three weeks.

    I am just entering the grumpy stage now due to no running, not good but as long as it is short term.
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news Jane, but I did exactly the same to my ankle in February and I'm still not totally recovered and am still unable to run.

    if it is your Achille stendon that you have hurt, the best thing to do is go to see a sports therapist as soon as you can and get it looked at and they should be able to advise you on your next steps
  • Hi Jane,

    I can't echo DDs sentiment's enough regarding going to a sport physio. I went to GPs and the like before I finally went to a proper sports physio before the Paris Marathon, and they diagnosed the problem right away and gave me a range of exercises to sort things out - ideal.

  • DD and Jase

    Thanks for the information, feel fed up now at the prospect of a possible long term injury.

    I will check out a sports physio in the next couple of weeks, the running shop I frequent more often than my credit card likes in Hull should be able to advise me on someone reputable.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Or start a new thread and ask on the forum.

    I had achilles problems 3 years ago and my first physio didn't really try and address the cause, just treated the symptoms. Surprise, surprise, as it was biomechanical, I then had further problems. It took a new physio, some aggressive treatment and orthotics to sort me out, but now I can tolerate much higher mileage than I could before and it's all worked out fine. But I wish I hadn't lost 4 months!
  • I am running this, can't wait!

    I also have a group on facebook for anyone on there:

    Is this event windy seeing as it's flat?
  • Hi Jane,

    the good thing about the physio I went to in Sheffield at the Sheffield Institute for Sports Science was that they diagnosed the root problem, it was basically a weakness in my gluts and thighs that was causing my foot to roll, the point being the assesment diagnosed this and the tratement addressed it.

    Funnily enough I was in Hull the other week on business, and they have an excellent biomechanics facility at the university there. They also have a highly credited sports physio who may be able to help, she's called Angela Clough and can be contacted at

    You can also go along to their website and read more detail:

    Hope it helps and the best of luck with the injury - it can be so annoying.

    All the best - Jason
  • Just want to let a fascinated world know that I've entered, flights and hotel booked. Posting also means I can find the thread more easily when I've got something more interesting to say.
  • Today I managed the stairs without having to grab onto the bannister and gasp for breath as my ligaments reminded me they were a little poorly so I am feeling almost positive.

    A whole day at a spa hotel (thanks to a friend) with lots of tlc on my ankle and I now feel Amsterdam is looking good for October. I have not discounted the phsyio but right now enjoying the prospect of a little healing and the prospect of running again in a few weeks.

    Has anyone stayed in Amsterdam before for the marathon and can recommend a hotel? I have shorlisted it to five on Trip Advisor but a recommendation is always useful.
  • I think we're in an apartment somewhere, but a friend booked it so I have absolutely no idea where it is. Last year we stayed on a houseboat which was... interesting!

    Last night I managed my longest run since Edinburgh - 6.7 miles. Hopefully I'll do something a bit longer tomorrow to get back into the swing of things, if my legs have recovered from my first attempt to commute to work on my new bike!
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