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    If you read on their website about numbers of competitors it looks like a lot but that is for the full, half and 5k (10k last year)
    They all start at different times but the full and half runners will end up running together (weel they will at my pace)
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    Patrunner this is a reply I had from the organisers re changing races

    Dear ****,
    We advise you to enter for the marathon. In case you decide on the last day that you want to do the half marathon you can change your race number at the helpdesk in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam where you need to collect your race number. The other way around is more complicated.

    Best regards,
    Yvonne Calf
  • I've not done the full (only the half), but it didn't seem to congested. Mind you, I've never been in a position to break away and do a fast time!

    I managed to squeeze in 14 miles before work this morning which I'm quite pleased I ran out of time to make it any longer.
  • Right ho

    I think I've got the data now to do a proper comparison of costs between this and the other marathon I was thinking about.
  • Patrunner - I originally entered the Half but wanted to upgrade to the Full so I contacted the organisers and they told me to enter on-line for the Full and they cancelled my Half entry and refunded the fee. Only thing is you need to use a slightly different name as the on-line entry doesn't allow multiple entries from the same person - I added my middle name to my second entry and this worked as I hadn't used it first time round. Might be best to just change the day before at the Expo like Musketeer suggests!
  • Why is the weather so poo at the moment I want to go out for a run but its raining like cats and dogs.. just heard a rumble of thunder.. its suppost to be summer for gods sake!! :(
  • Absolutely fed up of said weather too, although we haven't experienced anything like many poor folks have so I won't grumble.

    First 20 miler of the schedule done today, pleased to be done in 2.55, and much easier than when I started training for my first marathon outing in April.

    Blisters - do we have a decision then?
  • Well done Sue good running, you are right about the weather to others are having it far worse I should be happy. today has been much nicer sun shinning away all day wahoo. did a nice 15km which i was really chuffed with as it felt easy and comfortable. i managed a quick 50mins between the showers yesterday but my right shin (one which forced me not to run for 5months due to a stress fracture earlier in the year) was giving me a bit of grief after so I was slightly worried the old troubles were back. But I felt great this morning and thought I would see how i got on, 90mins later and not a tingle to report... so so happy :)
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    As you and I are following the same schedule, not surprisingly I plodded my first 20 yesterday as well. 2.44. I was pleased to notice I was about 10 sec/mile faster than when I did this run in my FLM build-up - now all I have to do is not repeat the 1.5 weeks I missed due to illness last time!

    Weather was pretty nice here yesterday but it's minging again today. Thankfully Bristol seems ok compared to theAvon further upstream and they don't seem to be giving us scary warnings for later in the week.

    Take care of that shin, Mark - assume you treated it to some frozen peas?!!
  • Dulwich Mark - no critisism of you intented at all, it just so happened that I was having the same thoughts as you until I watched the news over the weekend (I am usually a radio person) The pictures really brought home the extent of the damage.

    Although the prospect of having the kids at home for the next six weeks and not being able to make full use of 'outside' is somewhat worrying (self-interest again!)

    Take care of your shin.

    Jools B - following the schedule but may not be able to do quite the mileage stated. One, because said children are at home now for summer but mainly because I am only 18 months into this running lark, I can happily manage 50-60 mpw but I don't think I am ready to push the mileage up further for this one.

    Not that I don't intend to for FLM 08 and beyond! I just need to take the increase gradually if I am to keep on running.

    Great run btw, I managed to go A over T at 16 miles which slowed me down somewhat for the last four but no damage done luckily!
  • East Cheshire Harriers meet at track in Ashton near the new IKEA. I come from Manchester though near city centre. We are staying at the HEM hope to all meet up nearer the time could perhaps to meet at exhibition
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Didn't realise you're such a newbie - doubly impressed (and relieved I'm not the only clumsy runner. I've sprained my ankles so many times it doesn't bear thinking about). I don't think I hit 50/60 mpw until I'd been running for 3/4 years! Thankfully a cutback week after last week's 65 miles (although my mileage totals always sound puny when I post on the sub-3 thread). Need to juggle the runs a bit this week as have a 10K on Sunday. Not that I've done any speedwork these last few weeks so it'll be interesting to see how I fare! Might try a short tempo run tomorrow just to blow the cobwebs away.
  • Yikes, you guys are already starting with the 20 milers! I'm clearly on a different pkan to you all.

    In my plan my first 20 miler isn't until 19th August (1 of 4). I'm doing the Gloucester half this weekend assuming it does turn into an aquathlon!!
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Pfitzinger and Douglas get the long runs in early - the theory is that at this stage you build up to peak mileage but do little or no speed work; intervals and the like re-appear in a few weeks' time and then there's some sharpening work from about 6 weeks out. Horses for courses, really: some people would say you don't need to build the endurance that far out.
  • Thanks Jools. Pfitzinger and Douglas - have to admit I've never heard of them. Oh well it's a bit late for me to change now, but I'll have a read up on them.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Well, their approach works for me, but it doesn't mean it'll work for everyone. Better the devil you know this close to the event!
  • Hi folks, I'm planning on doing Amsterdam and I'm more or less following the Pfitzinger & Douglas 55mpw plan, with a couple of little adjustments on the long runs as I'm away for two weeks beginning of August and I don't fancy doing any long runs on a Greek island where the forecast is 42 degrees at the moment! I'm up to 17.5 miles Saturday and I'm planning 20 this coming weekend.

    Supposed to be doing 8 miles today, but just got back from work, the heavens have opened again and Harry Potter & cuppa tea are calling me from the sofa ;o)
  • OK, who's nicked my picture????

    It's only happened since I started to post on this thread!!!
  • Sounds like someones been over to amsterdam for a pre race recky of the "coffee shops" and is playing silly games with you Ternana... lol
  • Hey DM, that's spooky! It's back again.

    I have to confess I was actually in Amsterdam for business last Thursday and Friday. Whilst I didn't pay a visit to anywhere selling 'coffee' or displaying a red light (don't know what thats all about??) I had a Leffe beer with my boss outside a cafe with half a million toursist rushing by. I didn't know Leffe was 8.5% abv so I was feeling a bit wobbly after two bottles.

    So my pre-marathon tip to you all is dont be tempted to have a Leffe to help relax before the race! End of public service message.
  • Ran Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon in 1:27:09 on Saturday. Very hilly half and now hoping to build distance up from that race. Ive got the James Herriot Trail Race on Sunday, after that the long run mileage should be increasing
  • Pat, cheers for getting back to me, i don't really know Ashton that well I have to say, or Manchester, other than city centre come to mention it!! I'd def be up for a forum meet up. At the mo I'm going on my own to Amsterdam so a friendly face to meet would be nice :)

    Ternana, glad to see the Leffe has warn off and your now seeing your Scoobbyy doobby doo picture again!!

    Dave, great time for your run on Sat, well done mate keep up the good work/runs

    I love it when the sun shines gives me such a positive outlook in the morning :)

    Happy Tuesday 24th July 2007 everyone
  • Hi Mark.

    Im heading to Amsterdam on my own at the mo. Was hoping to have a RW/Fetch meet up after the race.
  • Whats fetch?
  • Afternoon All,

    Really good to see everyone's training going so well. I am amazed at the distances some of you are doing already.

    A little advice needed, please. Still following the RW 5 day a week schedule, and have been coping OK, although it has been very tough. Today was a 6 x 800m speedwork session. I did the first couple comfortably within the time, but I missed the upper limit on the last four by between 20 and 30 seconds, even though I was working as hard as I could. With 3 months still to go before the Marathon, would I be wise to adjust my time-goal, or just keep plugging away as I am and pray for a dramatic improvement in the near future? I am slightly aware that if I continue to miss targets my motivation may wane.

    Still really looking forward to Amsterdam, though!
  • Excellent running going on by the sound of it. Well done Sue and Jools. Was due to do 17-mile LSR on Sunday but pulled a muscle in my back doing the gardening - typical! Was hoping to go tonite instead but raining too hard. Have 5K race on Wednesday so LSR will have to wait 'til the weekend.

    Excellent time Dave A.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Great race, Dave. Sub-3 must be on the cards if you can do 1.27 on a hilly course this far out.

    Royal Slap: I wouldn't set a time goal this far out. By way of example, at about this stage relative to London my schedule said 4 miles at half-marathon pace. I struggled round in 7 minute miles and it nearly killed me. 2 months later I did a half in 1.27 (6.40 m/m) and it felt easy. I did London at 7.10 m/m. A lot can happen in 3 months. Set your time goal in 2 months' time. (Needless to say, I panicked at the time and assumed that all the people telling me not to panic were bonkers, how could they tell me not to panic when I'd just had such a bad training session, etc., etc.!)
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    300! Couldn't resist it.
  • Royal Slap - The key to running a good marathon in my vast experience of, er, one is endurance or to be more specific, running at the fastest pace you can endure for 26.2 miles.

    With three months to go all the schedules I have looked at are building endurance and (to a lesser extent) working on your lactate threshold at this stage. Was there a specific reason for the session? Possibly your speedwork suffered because you are putting in the miles? As I understand it, you effectively overload the system at this stage for it to build back more strongly. My pace is c**p at present but it doesn't actually bother me too much as hopefully I will 'peak' when I need to i.e 21 October!

    That said - we all get bad runs (no pun intended) sporadically for no reason at all, it could be you this time. You may wake up sprightly and raring to go again!

    Jools - I am new to the game but pathologically obsessed at present!

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