Snowdonia Marathon 2017



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    TR, you're following the natural course of all those who post on this thread!

    I blame that little bit of offroad after Bwlch-y-groes.  That's where it starts, and look where it ends up.
  • T-Rex lol yep it was on that section were it all started my friend
    Hi all. Sorry for gaecrashing your thread but I've managed to get that week off work and would love to run the marathon. If anyone is unfortunate enough to drop out then please consider me to run with your number. Many thanks! Chris
  • This reminder about the Snowdon Race just popped up on FB - do spread the word in case it applies to any of your buddies running it!
    Its came to our attention today that so many of the runners did'nt notice that the race time has changed!! mmmmm strange!! YES the time has changed from 2pm to the NEW TIME of 12noon following runners feedback
    Please please share - 12NOON START NOT 2PM
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Soon be the SNOD trail marathon.  Just looked at the course map and I'm glad I did - there are five changes in the route compared to last year!  Four of them are designed to remove road sections.  The biggest change is instead of coming down the Ranger Path zig-zags and then a long road stretch we'll be contouring across a hillside and going through an old quarry.

    The overall effect is to shorten the course slightly, but it is still 27 miles apparently, and 5300' ascent.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    How's everyone doing?
  • Thanks for the heads up TR. I hadn't bothered to look at the map in case it put me off starting! Glad we have shed that pesky .71 of a mile off the total distance! Personally I would have kept the road section and lost that bit round the woods at the end but there you go.

    The numerous blank pages in this year's training diary are taking their toll and all my long runs (all 4 of them!!) have been a slog. Still undecided as to whether to stick to the full and accept a very painful, slow day or to bail out and follow the half instead. Think I will make my mind up on the day.

    You got all your logistics sorted for next week TR? You still joining us Brer? Faya you ready for the half?

  • Good afternoon Team Snodders, a lot to read through here as have been rather busy! Well, after 8 consecutive weeks of back to back weekend marathons/ultras,, I feel I can do little else now to prepare for the Snod Trail marathon and Pen Llyn Ultra week. LG, you still busted? Great to hear from you TR 45.
    Just a shortish ultra for me on Sunday, another week at work then off to sunny Gwynedd :)
  • Hi Brer good to see you still as crazy as ever
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Hope you've recovered from the quarter TR45...see you tomorrow?
  • Should be good Panad, see you in the morning pal  :)
  • Brer I think you have definitely put the miles in! Amazing stuff as always. Not as busted as I was but not 100%.

    Good luck to everyone heading up and down the mountain today.

  • Jimbob987Jimbob987 ✭✭✭
    Not been on here for a while but good to see all are still running. Just the one race for me recently which was the Halifax mara. 3000+ft of climbing on a route with absolute zilch support on the 2nd lap. Bit of a toughie but nice to get some hills under my belt. Snowdon up next for me in Oct and then my 1st ever Ultra next March. 
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hi Jimbob.  Another SNOD forumite on the slippery slope!  Where will you end up?

    What's the event in March?
  • Hey Jimbo, I did Halifax-lovely day out! Trex, have had to change my plan. Wont be doing the Trail marathon as have to stay local due to building stuff so just doing a couple of marathons nearby this weekend. But will defo be at the mighty ultra :)
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    How do you find time to build stuff?  See you at the ultra, then.  Briefing at 0440 - don't be late.

    I'm hoping to put on a much better show this year but I still have a dodgy knee.
  • Sorry you won't be joining us at the Trail on Sunday Brer. I will keep an eye out for you TR. I will be towards the back adopting a cautious get round before the cut off time approach.

  • Jimbob987Jimbob987 ✭✭✭
    Brer - It was beautiful up on top of the hills but leaving the car park for the second lap after zig zagging all over it was soul destroying. What time did you finish? 

    Trex - Yep slippery slope for me. Chester Ultra 50 miler ( on 10th March 18. It had its first outing last year and seemed to get rave reviews. The start/finish is only 2 miles from my doorstep so I can fall back through the door when I finish.
  • Jimbob987Jimbob987 ✭✭✭
    Brer - just realised who you are. 3rd lady at Halifax, 100 mara club vest? We briefly chatted as you passed me going down the final hill about a mile from the finish. You were in a group of 2/3 and asked "if I fancy doing it all again the next day". 
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Jimbob - 'only 2 miles from my doorstep' !!      Remember not to linger too long at the finish or those two miles will take on a nightmare quality!  Sounds good, though.  Early in the season for an ultra so your winter training needs to go well.  All the best with it.

    Sorry not to see you, brer.  Mind you I would only see you at the start before you disappear as a dot over the horizon.

    The LG - my thinking is exactly the same. Course looks harder than before and it looks like going to be wet and murky.  Is there an overall cut-off or just one at Pen y Pass?
  • How did it go on the trail? Gutted to have missed it. Jimbo, I remember you now..tough old day but love Halifax and Huddersfield marathons. I fancy a shot at the Chester ultra next year,a friend did it and said it was cracking.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    I'm back after 9 days in Snowdonia, sorry Snododonia. SNOD trail marathon was even tougher than ever with a **new** 2-mile bog section which added half an hour to my time and most probably to everyone else's! What did you think of that section, The LG? Pen Llyn ultra nearly beat me but I was determined to finish. I came so close to the cutoffs at CPs 6,7,8 and the finish that I think I was giving the ROs quite a lot of stress. Sorry not to meet you, brer. By the looks of it you found it tougher than last year? More later. Must rest up my poor mangled feet.
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone! Jasond back from the dead here! My old profile seems to be linked to a dead email account, hence the new moniker!

    Sounds like the SNOD trail marathon was fun! Jealous of 9 days in the mountsins, T Rex...

    Good to see a lot of familiar names and crazy escapades going on as usual on here! :smiley:

    Some good news from me: finally... after like forever... I AM RUNNING again with functioning glutes and back :smiley: :smiley: Far from fast, but I did 16m yesterday - which is my longest for a lomg time - and 60m for the week! So pleased just to be plodding - hopefully the plod will get faster now as I shed some of the 2 stone I have gained in the last 2 years!!!

    As for SNOD17 for me... I have the hotel booked (same room as every year) - but no place at the moment, due to my nonchalantly firing up the laptop to register at 8.30am on NYD. So, if anyone is aware of someone with a place who can't make it, please let me know!!

  • Good to see you back JD!  Trex, didnt see you in the hall but have difficulty at 4.30 am seeing myself!  Had a fab day at Pen Llyn Ultra, all was going to plan until the final checkpoint where I got absolutely lost. A local taxi driver tried to help out but it turns out I was on a wild goose chase after that and managed to add 2 1/2 hours and an extra 8 miles on to the total. But job done and live to fight another day!!
  • Well done TR and Brer on completing the PLU. Kept an eye on your progress via the online tracker. Was that a sprint finish TR?? As for the Snowdonia Trail..... yes it was harder this year. They had replaced probably the fastest 3 miles with the Welsh bog snorkelling course! I fell 3 times and at one point was thigh deep in water (my fault for trying to find a faster route round some mud). 6.32 this year (new PW) and half an hour slower than last year which considering the lack of training I was more than happy with. Not sure I have any burning desire to have another go next year. You going back for the ultra in 2018 TR?

    Welcome back JD2. Glad to hear you are back running - has it been 2 years?! Should be loads of places floating about over the next couple of months. Think Facebook is the place to keep an eye on.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
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    The LG - you only went in thigh deep? You were fortunate indeed. At one point (perhaps it was the same section!!) I plunged waist deep into the bog and then fell face first into it trying to get out.  It raised concern by the runners around me and then a lot of laughter.  I had to clean my specs so I could carry on.  Only much later did I find a suitable waterfall to have a shower in.  

    I'm afraid I was 7h34 but perhaps I was holding something back subconsciously for the following weekend ...

    How come you were watching me at 3.0 and 4.0 a.m?? Yes I did finish strongly on the final road and especially the beach sections of the Pen Llyn ultra. But then I had to - I was so near the cutoffs. The organisers were also complimentary of my fast finish but since I was the last one out on the course perhaps it was just because they wanted to go home! They had been doing a lot of shouting at their screens because they didn't think I was going to make it, but I did with 8 minutes to spare.

    Can't quite see that from your split times, brer, or perhaps they're wrong. There are a few mistakes in them. In the leg CP7-8 you were 41 minutes slower than me so it must have been about there? You were 2 minutes quicker on the beach section so you must have had a cracking finish. I made a few nav errors myself including blundering into a farm just before nightfall.

    Hey, JD. Good to see you back. Ease yourself back in gently. I'm sure you'll find a place, but the question I'll be asking later is shall I put you on the list for two laps or just the one lap?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Does anyone know how to keep the paragraphs from disappearing? I didn't write that as a horrible block.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    OK, I've managed to do it somehow.
  • Well done on the sprint finish TRex! I looked at tracking stuff and discovered I actually lost an hour after Porth Colmon too. I suspect it was because it was rather windy at that stage and I didn't like the look of the drop into the sea :) Oh, and I was busy eating rather a lot of food due to severe drop in energy levels. Perhaps I need to look into this carb loading business! Will you do it again next year? There is going to be a 50 mile and 100 mile option too.  Canal ultra and Dovedale Dipper for me next weekend; will be rather tame after last weekend's jolly!
  • Everytime I woke in the night I had a quick look at the tracker to see how you guys were fairing out there. Fair play to you both. Don't know how you keep going and navigating after running all day.

    I thought the bog section was pretty awful and if there had been a few days of real Welsh weather the week before it could have been impassable. Glad I tied my laces tight! You fancy taking in the climb of Moel Heborg before Snowdon on next year's STM ultra?

    Good luck this weekend Brer. You got your 250 vest yet?

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