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  • DL I was going to suggest running might lighten your mood but knowing your luck you would fall over! 
    I know it's wrong to laugh at others' potential misfortune but I nearly spat my coffee out at this!!  :D
  • Farty ...never mind a marathon,  what about an ironman   :-)

    DL.  I love the sound of that weekend!!

  • hi all

    hmm, not sure I would bother going sheepherding....

    I was in York on Friday for a course and nearly went over on my arse on the ice - it was awful. Nice to be out of school though and chatting to other people and doing some maths for fun :)

    I haven't run much lately (don't like running on ice) but today did 13.3 miles at the Newark Showground Christmas challenge, my legs are not happy and I am going back tomorrow. Not sure how many laps I will manage - laps are 3.3 miles, it might involve lots of walking :)

  • Mc, 'maths' and 'fun' are not words I would usually put together - unless the word 'not' is somewhere in between!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    morning WAISTer chums

    ((( WAISTeroonies))) It sounds as though a few hugs wouldn't go amiss.

    (((sluggy))) I'm sure you  can find some mini chrimbo trees. My mum has a sweet artificial 2ft tree in with the stand being a hessian ball which is cute and takes up very little room. Wow visit Bournemouth for £89! Perhaps a WAISter fest is on the cards :-) A festive sing song will definitely get you in the mood for a little warmth and fond memories.

    (((Daffers))) That is definitely a year worth forgetting. I had no idea things have been so tough. Here's to the next year being full of good fortune and happier times settling into your WAISter retreat premises. It might be worth putting a dead body in those freezers because the poliss will remove everything as evidence. job done.

    M...eldy, Brum chrimbo market sounds rubbish. I was under the impression that Christmas was about the baby jesus, gold, frankinsense and myrrh not beer and bratwurst. Funny how our pin ups change as we age. Although with Alfie Boe you get a free Michael ball thrown in if you're into that kinda thing ;-)

    DL, a lovely present but as you say the downside is you have to take OH - sorry I mean organise travel and accommodation and outrageously pay extra because they can' accommodate the dates you want. Bet you can't resist saying  get down Shep. Do you think you will be able to pry yourself away from your static desk life?

    Podds, You're just too darn good at your job. Your tolerance to your workload is clearly higher than others. What matters is that you feel value and not stressed. I hope the houndie walk went well last week.

    excellent running, Mrs Farfar. I assume by those conditions you mean it was hot and hilly?  With the snow here its hard to imagine that your were running a hot half on the same day :-)

    MC, I can't believe you didn't manage a snow day. How disappointing for the teachers and children :-)

    Run club meeting this week to discuss the mess its in. I think I left feeling more resigned to the fact its never going to recover despite the efforts of some good people. I'm very disappointed at the bitching and animosity between some of the committee members - thankfully most of whom have resigned in the last couple of months. Club now 75% beginners/improvers who seem to want a nurse maid and club to revolve around them and are hugely sensitive to anyone more experienced who dares to speak the truth about what the function of a run club is or admit they can run further than a 10k. It was suggested by an experience runner and coach that we pause the C25K groups this year and improve the club. This was not universally popular. However I think another C25K group will tip me and  my ladgygang into joining the other local club where most of our friends have left for.

    I think NYL was suitably mortified over last weekend. She said nothing I said would make her feel worse than she already felt but I did explain in a calm and grown up way why I was so unhappy about it.

    HO HO HO nearly Christmas and I'm completely disorganised :-) All is well !

  • Sorry about your club yummity :( Sounds like an impossible situation, bleurgh. Sorry about situation with NYL too. Where do you go from here do you think? 

    Go and herd sheep DL! You'll enjoy yourself! Or feel free to transfer it to me if not - I'd love a go and would stage some suitably anonymous photographs so you could pretend you were there ;):D 

    Need to seriously get a grip. Think I've run ONCE this year since the half marathon in January, and am now 3 stone heavier than I was 3 years ago, and officially the podgiest I've ever been.. NOT impressed with myself. 

    Sister has entered an olympic triathlon in September and is trying to persuade me to join her, and friend has started talking trail running which has led me to finding a series of short relatively easy ones near our new house throughout the spring...  Someone has also conveniently set up a new parkrun about 12 miles from new house - not exactly the 1 mile away we have here (which I rarely go to anyway), but closer than coming back to the city! 

    Any Waister racing planned for 2018? Must dig my running shoes out - as I hadn't used them for so long I packed them in a box months ago... Got one pair that I use for the gym but don't want to be cleaning the damn things every time I use them!
  • morning all

    Meldy I can pretty much guarantee I will never do an ironman

    Yums shame about the running club - it sounds like it will continue to focus on getting people started rather than progress more experienced runners. my club is a bit like that but there are some excellent runners and lots of who enjoy racing so a bit more balanced.

    well done on speaking to NYL - at least she was prepared to listen and felt suitably mortified - that's got to be a positive?

    oh Daffers! I don't know what to suggest on the weight thing except that for a lot of people it seems to be a circle of putting on weight then losing it with some sort of diet club, but not changing lifetime habits. easy for me to say I know! Planning events will certainly help with the running mojo. last year I made a commitment to do something every month after not doing any races the year before (after losing my dad) and that certainly worked for me :)

  • sorry meant to say well done to MC on the Christmas challenge
  • Morning all,

    (((Daffs))), I have found that being disgusted with myself about my eating/weight has always led to more eating/weight rather than less. OA is the only thing that has changed that for me.

    Yums, I'm glad NYL saw the error of her ways! I hope Podd's mentoree did the same >:) The running club situation does sound difficult. Perhaps a realistic solution would be to leave the current club to nurture beginners and the other to take over the more experienced runners?

    Choir concert went well on Saturday and raised £800 for our charity. Had a get-together with the outlaws yesterday which was nice. That is about the sum of my excitement for the past week! :)
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Daffers - kind of know how you're feeling- I plan to alter my eating habits in January - no point doing anything now - out this evening for a Christmas meal with the bookclub. However I have dusted off my trainers. Managed all of about 20 minutes mainly walking with a little bit of something imitating a very slow running motion. 

    Maybe you could join our (Daffers and me are the first members) rather sporadic run club Yums? Certainly not beginners but beginning againers? Virtual training, inter dimensional races - the future is here!

    Yay for the singing and fund raising Sluggy - far more than I achieved last week!

    13 miles in the icy cold MC? - no wonder you're calling maths fun - it's obviously affected your sense of reality.

    Happy tinsel Tuesday 
  • Love the idea of a Beginagainers Running Club :D Very pleased to be one of the founder members :D 


    Back in a bit, tea calls... 
  • evening

    daffs - which olympic tri is it?

    I seem to be putting weight on, almost daily, not sure why... slugs - what is OA?

    what's not to like about maths? Doesn't answer back, doesn't get stroppy, can be reliably difficult....

    2 days to go...I have a day of quizzes tomorrow followed by church and assembly on Thursday. I wonder whether we will get to the point where there are more students that don't go to church for religious reasons than do? Although I work in a very white/English area with not many people that move into the area ....
  • MC I work in a church school. A couple of years ago, we visited the secondary school and it happened to be a feast day (St Peter & Paul?) so after the visit we went to mass at the local church. One of the boys (Year 5 or 6) whispered to me, "Miss, have you ever been in a church before? I haven't." (our church building has closed - there are join services with neighbouring parishes, or in our school hall). 
    2 more days here - party day! and last day ... how much colouring can we do?
  • Done! 

    Break out the Baileys!
  • Glad that you have finally finished - it seems that our schools finished last Friday - heaven help the poor parents who are having to field over-excited children for a week or more!
  • Gosh that's a long time Sluggy! 

    ((((((suffering waister pals)))))))))) 

    Would you believe I actually went running this morning? The second time in a week!! Don't know what's come over me - I'm even considering dragging myself round the parkrun tomorrow. Sick of being podgy and unfit!
  • Daffs, even now I sometimes get the urge to run. I usually lie down in a darkened room until the feeling passes  . . . :D
  • Evening......recovering from the obligatory end of term lurgy so apologies for absence

    Will pop back tomorrow but in the meantime leave jolly wishes for a very merry Christmas in your preferred style ???
  • Waiting for bff and her family to come round for a few hours. SB here, all is as well as it can be.

    Wishing my WAISTermates a very Happy Christmas xxx
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Been to see my birthday BiL, now home and waiting for Santa to pour me a Baileys. 
    Merry Christmas you lot! :*
  • Merry Christmas everyone
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    Merry Christmas lovely WAISTer pals. I hope that you all have a peaceful time filled with good company and fond memories of those we miss.

    Daffy, good advice from Sluggy. Acceptance is a better place to start from opposed to guilt and loathing.  Now you have a proper job as opposed to your carefree student days, life can get in the way no matter how determined you are to stick to a commitment to fitness.  I would recommend Mrs Fastfast's suggestion of an event a month but your training was always hit and miss even when you had a big event :-) I find the best things are ones that slip in alongside work/are close to home. rail running is fab though and a great incentive to get out because theres always a sense of freedom and it changes everytime you run it

    Sluggy, that's a fab amount to raise just by opening your gob and exercising your vocal chords. Has SB landed ?  Did you put a stocking out for him ? What have Sky and Alfie got from Santa ?  I know this year will feel very different without SM but I hope you can smile at fond memories

    Pippi, I am assuming that the children in your school are supposed to be from good church going families so that's why it was odd for the pupil to say he hadn't been in a church ? Its well known round here how many families suddenly  become vocal about their religion when their children approach school age despite the fact they aren't practising. Hope you haven't run out of Baileys yet

    Podds, I hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy Christmas. Are the boys excited? I defo miss having a dog but especially using her as an excuse to escape for an after dinner walk on Christmas day :-) Did you get peepee cam installed

    DL I love the idea of the beginagain run club. What is great about WAISTers is that we embrace all abilities and are happy to share experience with plenty of encouragement and acceptance. Do you remember the old days when people posted up when they'd been running :-)  To be fair your nomadic existence must surely make it harder to have a regular run/fitness plan.

    MC I did laugh at your description of maths being easier than kids :-)  I don't dislike maths but it baffles me fairly quickly when it comes to quadratic equations. its at that point I joing sluggy for a lie down in the darkened room.

    An event a month is a fab idea, Mrs farfar. Do you do the same distance or mix it up. How do you choose what to do?  A know a chap in our club did 10 x 10K and boobs and flr did 12x12  half marathons. Will Ned be wearing his santa hat today ? :-)

    Life here is full of too much to do because of Christmas but we're here now :-) I had a nice run through the woods with the other run club and my ladygang yesterday followed by the bellybuster brekkie :-)  I am lucky that I have a choice of local run clubs but I am very fond of running with the trail club because of the routes, support and informality and apparent lack of bitchiness. NYL and I are good. We had our Christmas on Saturday as we both stuck to our original commitments to family/friends. Talking of which I must get ready to get Ma. On the note of fitness and physique. I am finding that the menopause/increasing age is a factor :-o

    WAISTwell x

  • Merry Christmas Waister pals 

    I hope everyone has had a good day, I am just about to start a 12 hour shift ... I am full of turkey and pudding and in need of a good snooze but I suspect that might have to wait until the morning now !!

  • I promise not to do any mentoring which should help!!!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas one and all

    Shall post when feeling more festive. Teenager has hijacked goodwill!

    Ho Ho Ho

    Did manage a run though - miracles eh??!!
  • ... its been a bit bizzy

    5 hours to go

  • Thanks for looking after us!

    Mr p worked Christmas Eve, then is in again tonight and tomorrow.

    I've had a Boxing Day run - there were more runners than dog walkers! Pippette has been for her Boxing Day row, but I suspect that consists of standing on the deck drinking mulled wine!

    We had a pleasant but quiet Christmas, with a rather tasty veggie dinner of polenta and goats cheese stacks

    It must be time to eat again now ... keep well and warm!

  • Afternoon all,

    Firstly, a big Thank You to those who were working over Christmas, in whatever capacity.

    Secondly, a big Thank You to my WAISTermates who have bravely resisted RW's attempts to dismantle our little group and carried on posting here, albeit less often then we used to.

    I am sorry that teenagerism dispelled the Christmas spirit in some places but am happy that there were some Christmas miracles.

    Well done to everyone who has managed to get out and run over the past few days.

    SB arrived on Saturday evening and, sadly, is going back to London tomorrow. We have had a few nice days with little, or nothing, to worry about other than whether the mountain of food and drink would last us until today :) BFF and her hubby, despite both feeling unwell, came over for a few hours on Christmas Eve and  oldest SIL and her hubby joined us for lunch yesterday. MS cooked a 3 bird roast, which was just enough for us. Which means no turkey sandwiches here :( Turkey sandwiches are one of my favourite things so I expect I will see what Tesco are giving away on Friday! 

    We have no plans for NYE this year, don't see the point in paying a fortune to go somewhere 'just because' so it looks as if we will be staying at home with the TV and cats. It could be a lot worse!

    I hope everyone is still enjoying quality time with those they love - be they human or animal.

  • evening all

    pippi - well done on getting out for a run - I had good intentions but really just wanted some time to sit around doing nothing, and we had to visit both my parents and my in-laws today ....

    slugs - we never do anything at new year, I don't even stay up anymore! I used to stay up watching Jools Holland, but don't manage that now!

    DL - sorry to hear that the teenager is being a teenager! Mine haven't been too bad today, and as we ate a large lunch I have just insisted that everyone sorts themselves out this evening so I don't have to bother! 

    meldy, hope any more shifts over this period are quiet for you
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