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  • Hello all,

    Two bits of updating.

    First, my son's team Panjab FA beat Kabyilia 8-0 yesterday.  He had a great game.  The other two teams in the group (Western Armenia and United Koreans of Japan) drew 0-0.  Panjab play Western Armenia tomorrow evening.  My son was featured in an article in the London Evening Standard yesterday as the Policeman playing in the 'Rebel' World Cup - lol

    Second, as I will be attending the funeral of my great Aunt who passed away last week is on 11 June in Darlington, so this means travelling on Sunday when I was booked to run my next marathon - this means my next scheduled marathon will be Saturday 23 June.  I guess I will have even longer to recover from the injury.  Everything happens for a reason I guess.

    Good luck to all with their running this weekend - I will see how my gentle restart goes tomorrow at Parkrun.
  • You are a dinghbat AndyB6 for bothering to come on this group to rant - seems you are the one who needs a life because you nothing better to do.

    If you don't wish to read what we are talking about you do not have to join in.

    Hiding behind a faceless emoji is a sign of a brave keyboard warrior

  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Harmander great to hear about your sons team! Amazing... And  my condolences regards you great aunt..

    Andy B6 I just have to laugh really at your ridiculous comments. You are on here talking about it??? Lol go do your homework now young man, theres a good boy x
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I think Andy has been raiding daddy's drinks cabinet again.
  • Very imaginative ... YAWN!
  • Great result for your son Harmander, sorry to hear about your loss.

    Been plugging away at it, though the heat really is a factor now!

    YTD 818.22 miles
  • 3.3 miles in 39 degrees 

    YTD 821.52 miles
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Nell: Enjoy California. I know its work, but worse places in the world to visit.

    Harmander: Hope you're recovering as planned. Did you see the piece in The Guardian Saturday about the CONIFA world Cup? A friend went to the games at Enfield yesterday, had plenty of good things to say about them. 

    Stephen: Am I right in thinking you've a 10k soon? Good luck.

    Lily: A week ahead but good luck with the Southend half, hope the niggles reside, I think you'll do well.

    Dubai: I like the heat but that's to much for anyone. Crazy.

    YTD: 492.9
  • Thak you Donnie2 and Dubai Runner,

    Sawall three games in Group D where Panjab beat Kabylia 8-0
    Got kicked off the park by Western Armenia who beat them 1-0 in an ill tempered and physical game and drew with United Koreans in Japan 1-1

    Panjab beat Western Armenia 3-2 in the quarter finals last time around and it was clearly annoying them as there were scuffles at the end of the game and again in the car park - this time they seemed elated at beating Panjab.

    With the other three teams all drawing 0-0 in all other games Western Armenia top the table by scoring one goal in three games and have an easier quarter final match next Tuesday.  Panja having scored 9 face Padania as Group C winners. Amazing.

    I did 7.08 miles including Parkrun yesterday and 10.19 miles slowly today.
  • I stand corrected

    Western Armenia won their last game 4-0
  • lilly: sorry to hear you pulled up ... hoping the rest does the trick!

    AndrewD: back up and running ... excellent news sir.

    Harmander: Condolences on your Great Aunt passing. Well done on the return, hoping nothing flares up again. And good luck for your son in the Quarter Finals tomorrow.

    Dubai: 39C? ... 39C ??? words fail me.

    Donnie2: 500 is looming large now, won't be long.

    As Donnie rightly said I had the Vale of Leven 10K on Saturday, a combination of a steep first mile, heavy legs and 20C sunshine (with no wind or clouds) meant I wasn't gonna threaten last week's PB ... but my course record for this one was 54:28 (set last year) and I wanted to beat that.

    It's a fairly local race for me and that means there isn't too much messing around with travel, so my daughter was able to be there. It was especially nice as I saw her a couple of times on the course as she shouted to me and was able to wave back (lump in my throat time). Race itself was tough going, its a steady opening climb and then it plummets back down to the level you started at, where it flattens out and stays flat. No dramas to report just a sweaty, uncomfortably warm run. Dubai, I really have absolutely no idea how you do it. Final time - 48:29 ... I'll take that - it hurt enough! I'm very happy I don't race again for a fortnight.

    Back out again this morning before work, 13C ... now that's more like it!

    02 Jun - 6.21m
    04 Jun - 13.45m

    YTD: 775.48 Miles
  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭
    Condolences on your loss Harmander, and well done to your son's football, such a shame football seems to suffer from bad feelings, I'm sure sometime in the future (hopefully soon) fans and players can accept that it's just a game and that everyone can share in the results (for info I know absolutely nothing about football)

    , Enjoy San Diego...not jealous at all....although I once had a week on Kauai on the company expenses.

    Excellent running by everyone else, I'm sure lots of important distance numbers are being broken.

    We had a cracking weekend in Cardiff so I managed to ogle some very hot Volvo Ocean Race yachts yesterday and this morning on a run...too many shiny distractions to be very fast...and it was hot.

    690 miles YTD and trying to take it a bit easy this week with Man V Horse to race this Saturday.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Busy week looking after, vaguely entertaining, definitely feeding various family and in laws. Great to see them. Glad they've gone. Still got a surprising fair few miles in, including running with my sister.
    YTD 998.8. I've got until Dec 31 to get in 1.2miles.
  • Afternoon,

    Back from the short Centre Parcs break, kids had a lovely time in the pool and my youngest (age 5) enjoyed her first pony ride, all good.

    Now back to the running, my groin strain hasn't eased that much so I am still only jogging or walking in some cases, however at least I am getting out in the fresh air! I will book in a sports therapy session just to check it is nothing more serious in the next few days.

    That leaves only another 5 miles to add

    YTD = 564.20

    Lilly, Hope the cramp has sorted itself out, cramp is very nasty and painful, been there and have the T-shirt.
    Hobie, Good luck for the Man V Horse on Saturday, I have a feeling by the title you are going to need it :D 
    Harmander, Sorry to hear about your aunt. Glad however you are now on the mend and back out again.
    Steven, Well done on the triple run and now nearly at the 800 mile mark, another good 10K run I see, I would be very happy with that time as well!
  • David - remember taking the kids to Center Parcs ten years ago. We all had a great time, was fun cycling about the grounds and relaxing. 

    Cut this mornings run short due to heat - 5.12 miles done

    YTD 826.64 miles
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Hey 1kmlrs, thanks for the messages. Been a really frustrating few days and hadnt been out for 5 days!! 

    Cramp I think turned into a slight strain and so I have had to just rest up. This morning it felt good so went out for a really easy run got 2.5 miles in and calf started to tighten up again so stopped and walked home. Dont want to risk it anymore with Southend this weekend.

    Annoying but need to just rest it again now till Sunday I think, hopefully it will be ok come raceday. 

    Now at 323.6k
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Since last reporting its been 2x4 miles on the treadmill (different days!) with each at a total time of 30 mins. YTD: 500.9

    With the various niggles across the board, what are peoples thoughts about foam rollers? I love mine and think its played a part in keeping me injury free. Hopefully not tempting fate. 
  • Morning Donnie,

    Well done on the 500 mile mark, I also have a foam roller which I use once or twice a week and would agree it seems to help with some of the muscle problems. I believe the current groin strain was moving a large metal electrical enclosure at work, I have an appointment with the sports therapist tomorrow - all fun!
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Morning Donnie,

    I use a foam roller as well and find it has helped a lot this year.. I think this one was due to doing too much at work then home and out running. My job is very active so just over did it I think.

    The roller is helpful but I woukdnt say I enjoy it ha..

    I have a deep tissue massage booked for next Wednesday which I am looking forward to. Hopefully get me movibg again a bit more freely.
  • Evening all

    Well done on the 500 Donnie, I have a foam roller, can’t remember when I last used it, but I keep a frozen bottle of water in the freezer and use it almost daily on the soles of my feet and heels.
  • Oh and the running

    6.6 5.09 miles
    7.6 6.5 miles on the treadmill

    YTD 838.23 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    More rubbish running to report. After 2 weeks of hardly doing anything, I managed 3.5 on Wednesday and 4 last night, but both runs were punctuated by having to stop a couple of times with pain and stiffness on the outside of my right knee.

    Not looking good, and falling well behind the rate now.

    399 YTD

  • Chin up Andrew, it can only get better!

    Further to the foam rolling query, do you guys stretch? Yes or no?
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Hobie: Good luck against the horse, running? or you putting the gloves on ;)

    JT141: Just be careful you don't leave that 1.2 miles until its too late ... be a sore one if you missed it from there. :p

    DavidC: Glad you had a good holiday, hope the sports therapist does their thing.

    Dubai: Well done on the steady logging, can't be easy in that heat.

    Lilly: Good luck for the HM on Sunday, I'm sure it's been a tough week having to rest, but it's all about getting to Sunday now. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    Donnie: Good work on breaking through 500 - Superb!

    AndrewD: Sorry to hear about your pain, I know we runners are a hardy bunch and reluctant to quit - but if it's pulling you up mid-run, I think I'd rest it. (Someone please remind me of this when I'm trying to run with an injury later on this year)

    Re: Stretching and foam rolling; I'm terrible I only ever do it if I'm nursing an injury of some kind. Otherwise, I start running cold and finish without a warm down. I know I shouldn't but for some reason I can't make myself do it 'right'.

    Few runs to report, happily plodding along - not going to catch 1000 miles before my holiday (end of June) so I've switched to the B target of catching last years total of 921.5 miles before I go.

    5 Jun - 4.0m
    6 Jun - 13.45m
    8 Jun - 5.85m

    YTD: 798.78 Miles
  • Afternoon all,

    Just thought I would pop on to say good luck to Hobie for the Man V Horse and Lilly for Sunday's HM - Hope you both have a good run.

    I did see my sports therapist yesterday and she has really helped, feeling much better today but she suggested no running for a couple more days.

    Andrew, Don't panic I am sure with a few days rest you will be back at it!

    Have a good weekend everyone, even Dubai who is already half way though!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    YTD: 1,029.21. Woo hoo! I'm putting my feet up.

    This Man vs Horse, I keep thinking of the old TV show Man vs Food. Does it come in a bun?

    Sorry to hear about the continuing injury AndrewD. It is soul destroying when your running's not working out, but it's always temporary.
  • Hobie - good luck sounds an interesting race, could try man v camel here

    Lilly - hope it works out okay for your HM 

    David - yep half way through the Middle East weekend of Friday and Saturday, however I'm working both days! Working 0600-1300 tomorrow but at least I'll be back in time to see Ireland v Australia!

    JT - great running, congrats on reaching the 1000

    Another 6.5 miles on the treadmill today 

    YTD 844.73 miles

  • Good to see  so many landmark miles reached and others ticking over and preparing for races.
    Was preoccupied with watching my son play in the CONIFA games that seemed to be deliberately scheduled with my training days - most annoying because despite being a superhero (my grand daughter calls me that), I simply could not be at two places at the same time.
    Anyways, Panjab lost 2-0 in the quarter finals to Padania (a dodgy penalty decision followed by a fantastic counter attack when Panjab mucked up a free kick). Yesterday they beat Barawa 5-0 (my son was captain and played left back after playing the first four games at right back - his best position is Centre Mid) to secure a 5/6 place play off tomorrow against Cascadia but he is not playing so the squad players can get a game and we have a funeral for my great aunt to go to.
    I forgot to give my YTD which is 1185.91 miles
    Will go and do the Parkrun plus there and back tomorrow and maybe about 10 miles on Sunday before setting off to Darlington in the afternoon on Sunday.
    Good luck to all for your races this weekend
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    YTD 509.9

    Dubai: Stretching, I'm the least stretchy person I know, but I stretch before and after every run. Think stretching and rolling has hugely helped keep me relatively injury free.

    Hobie and Illy: Good luck this weekend, hope everything goes well. 

    Andrew and Dave: The injuries will be behind you soon enough, its just very frustrating.  
  • Donnie, I’ve gone through stages in my 30 years of running, but haven’t stretched recently, I guess whatever works, was just interested as someone I know stretches a lot and always seems to be injured.

    6 miles this morning

    YTD 850.73 miles
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