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  • Seems so unimportant in light of Harmander's news above but...

    A fasted 5.26 easy miles for me this afternoon. Aiming for a double today so hope to go out for one more run later.

    YTD: 1130.80 miles.

  • Thanks Nell,

    Have a good run tonight.

    Since my last data download, I ran two Parkruns with the there and back runs plus a 5km to boot making it 10.19 miles each plus the usual 10.48 miles on Thursday.  This totals

    YTD = 2491.49 miles

    But I still have two days to do the 8.51 miles to get me over the 2,500 mile line.

    As the races for the year are over (I include Parkruns in this category), I have finished  with 10 metres short of 654 miles in races alone (1052.50km)

    Will try to beat that next year when my target will be 2019 miles
  • That really is awful, Harmander. What a sad end to the year.
  • I did manage a second, rather late night, run today. Was scheduled as 1 mi. w/u, 2 mi. "brisk", 1 mi. c/d... all went to plan but the 2 mi. "brisk" were actually 1 mi. "brisk" and 1 mi. "not quite so brisk but more like steady". Total was 4.03 mi.

    YTD: 1134.83 miles. (Two days to do 16.17 miles... )

  • A 16 miler today to round out the year (tomorrow is a rest day). Not the most inspiring of runs - rather sluggish, but it's miles in the bank.
    I've totted up my miles for the year and have two different results. My own personal record, which I write down on my wall calendar, is 1480, but I always round down fractions (eg a marathon is logged as 26, a 5K as 3 miles, and so on).
    Garmin, on the other hand, gives me a total of 1575 miles. So let's call it 1500 for the year. It's the first time I've actually counted up my miles but I know for a fact this is a good bit more than previous years so, yay.
    Happy New Year everyone, see you in the new thread.
  • Such sad news Harmander, thoughts and prayers with them.

    Well done on many miles all, nice 1500 Cal, I was hoping to get there but going to be a bit short despite my Brother in Law dragging me out yesterday for a 9 mile muddy, trail run. Rest day today before New Year Eve 10 miler at Llandeilo.

    1446 YTD 
  • Sorry to hear that Harmander.

    Welcome back Nell. Hope you’re right about me hitting 1000 next year for the first time since 2015!

    7.5 today, brings me to 880 YTD.
  • Sad news Harmander.

    Great miles everyone, after a Chinese and beers night I woke at 0725 this morning, checked the weather, a pleasant 22 degrees so decided to finish the year with a half marathon.

    13.21 miles 

    YTD and 2018 total 1822.9 miles

  • 4 miles to finish the year off. 

    Final total 884. Coincidentally the same as 2017. Lost my chance for 1000 over the summer with months of 38, 60 and 60 due to niggly injuries in June to August. 

    Hoping to do more in 2019!
  • 1081.5

    Thats it from me. Hopefully see everyone on the 2019 thread.

    Thanks to  everyone for your stories, race reports, encouragement and overall interest. I've enjoyed this thread as well as finding it hugely motivational. It's definately helped me add a few extra miles during the year. 
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Hey all,
    After my 4 miler on the 21st Dec I got distinctly unwell again. Been back to the quacks over Christmas and I'm now awaiting results of blood tests. Thats put pay to reaching 1100m this year and also my plans of bookending 2018 with runs. I'm a bit fed up about it ... but I'm hopeful a 2019 full of running awaits and I console myself with the fact I set PBs at 10K, HM and Mara in 2018. So it hasn't been a bad year overall just a rotten last 4 months.
    Thanks everyone for your encouragement, concern, advice, banter ... I doubt I'd have got to 1000 without this thread.
    Also a special mention to those forgers, counterfeiters and scammers on the thread who have made it possible to live the High Life in Argentina as Mr. Gabriel Scamistuta III ... I was surprised Heathrow didnt spot my crayon written passport. ;)
    Good luck everyone for 2019 and i hope you all have a Happy New Year.
    2018: 1093.9 Miles
  • Totally agree with all the lovely messages about this Forum.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic 2019.

    It all kicks off again in less than 12 hours for me with a New Years Day Parkrun - plus a few miles more (while waiting for 'Er Indoors to finish.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Out quite early this morning for a coastal 16'. Very mild and very enjoyable.
    My year finishes on 1565' (Av. 130+p.m.)
    Not sure how 2019 will pan out; need to take care of a hernia some time.
    Thanks to all for your company. Have a wonderful new year.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Well done everyone!

    Thanks Andrew.

    Steven (or should I say Mr. Scamistuta? :lol:) - hope the doc. can see you right.

    Well - I haven't made it out since my last posting... at the end of my last run I had massive pain across the top of my right foot. Dorsiflexion was agony and I hobbled home. That pain has cleared but I have a weird sore spot on the outer edge of the same foot now. Decided I would forego the remaining 16.2 miles I needed to beat last year's mileage and call "time" at 1134.83 miles for the year :smile:

    See you in 2019!

    ETA: Hope you can get your hernia sorted MrM2. Great 2018 total from you!

  • Evening all,

    No party tonight as having a quite one at home with the family.

    l have missed a lot over the last week, so just a couple of mentions, Nell, lovely to have you back and congratulations on the silverware.
    Steven,  hope are soon back to full health, treadmill looks over a park, plenty of dog walkers that morning  :D
    Harmander, so sorry to here that news, how tragic, life can seem so cruel at times, my thoughts are with the family.
    Having looked at the race schedule, l should be doing some of them, will be lovely to catch up again.

    Plenty of other great running happening, well done everyone.

    After my treadmill marathon l have been taking it fairly easy, final runs as follows;
    21.12.18 - 6.25
    27.12.18 - 6.25 + 4.12
    29.12.18 - 6.25

    Total for 2018 - 1281.50

    Finally, thank you to everyone on our forum, it really is nice to share each other's highs and be there for support after the "lows" 
    Happy new year and good luck to each and everyone for 2019 - it starts in 31 mins!
  • Hey David - lovely to see you! Thank you.

    Great final total there, well done. I was hoping you were still about as I spent yesterday making my swish new "Manchester Marathon 2019" training spreadsheet - which made me think of you :lol:

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • First post on the forum.

    This sounds like a good challenge, I accept!
  • Welcome rav_n
    We have all moved to the Thousand Mile Club 2019 now.
    See you there
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