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    Jools - good friday is the Maidenhead 10..we can't catch a break here  :dizzy:

    Nice pic.

    Bus you have plenty of time to get back on the proper distances..2months til 2020 (not 2010s i put earlier..whoops)

    Not the smoothest sleep with this wiring and blood pressure pouch on. 20min readings.
    7am one was 127-74 which is fine.

    Think there were two higher ones last evening but i was jibber jabbering when they were taken!
  • Sod it, felt better today so going for it at the LFOTM. Hope I remember what Aley looks like. Just giving the chest and legs a run out, need to see if I feel better than I did after the xc. 
  • Question if sport style picture of me and Alehouse! I did 16.33, went off on 16 pace and paid for it, stupid boy. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    For a sec I thought the vertigo was back :D  

    Nice outing!
  • Can you delete that photo, SC? Really flattering...not! And good to see you!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Yes mate. Hope your grub with the girls was nice 👍
  • Kill or cure worked at least. Chest clearing at last. Happy days. Not a bad day for Aley in the end, discovered he’s a Leicester fan. Good work last night! 
  • Glad there's progress chest-wise, SC! Managed to miss the Leicester match: took exactly six hours to get home as Euston was closed. Usually takes two and a half!
    Foul weather here today which will not help when officiating at uni cross country relays.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Yes weather looked awful earlier, I missed the Euston madness by about half an hour. Phew!! Jogged round Parkrun yesterday with the kid, then Watford away in the afternoon. 

    Will attempt longer run today then watch the Frankfurt marathon stream. 
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    Nicely done at the LFotM SC and Alehouse! 

    Good to see you still ticking along SG. I don't understand the clashing of these events - surely, like you say, you'd not want the two biggest 10mi on the same day. It's also puzzling that Eastleigh 10km and Reading HM have clashed.

    Good to see you back Muddy!

    PeteM, keep it up - patience will be key in the return! Also, don't throw me in with the experience-seekers at GSR ;)

    Seemed to recover well from GSR, with a few easy days and then 6 x 3mins off 2mins easy. Target was 10k-5k pace, got the first done at just sub-6 pace, the next came out in the 5:40s and closed with a 5:32 pace rep, averaging 5:45s in all. Really surprised with how that turned out, and how good the pace felt.
    Tavy 7 for me today, in near perfect conditions given the weather yesterday - a race just outside of Tavistock, on Dartmoor, that's been going since the 1980s for the local running scene. Today it also hosted a Devon competition, called the Ross Shield, that's been going since the 1920s!
    After being a bit disappointed last week, I was hungry for a better race. Again, not the flattest course with ~150m elevation across the course, mostly in two climbs - a mile-long hill at 1.5mi, a a half-mile hill at 4.5mi. Thankfully there were some good downhill stretches too.
    There were a few faces around that I recognised from Plymouth 10k, but I made sure to run my own race. The race starts in a field, with an incredibly muddy section due the the weather, before heading out onto one of the many lanes on the moor. At about the half-mile mark, I notice in at sub-6 pace from the start, so make sure to ease off. The first mile came through in 6:16, and felt pretty smooth. We then head out towards Pew Tor, with a bit of downhill and then heading up the first hill before passing through Sampford Spiney, with the next miles coming through as 6:19 and 6:35. Going pretty well, overtaking those who started out too fast. The next couple of miles are largely downhill, before a sharper climb, and have miles of 5:50 and 6:28. We now rejoin the outward route for the last two miles, and now it's a case of trying to keep the legs going and keep with the people around me. A couple of people drop back through, as I clock a 6:16 mile, as I try to keep pushing, although my legs are feeling pretty empty on the last couple of undulations. A couple of people overtake me on the hill leading towards the finish, and I slow for the entrance into the starting field as I don't want to slip in the mudbath - the other two don't take as much care, but open a gap on the finishing straight. I cross the line with a final mile of 5:58, and my watch says 43:43.
    Not sure on final placing, or official time, but very happy with how I paced the race - didn't set off stupidly and took some places in the later stages, including a few that finished ahead of me at Plymouth 10k. Definitely one of my best performances of the year!
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    Nice to see you putting in some good shifts MH. Obligatory hilly fun too!

    Though not quite in the league of Snowdonia marathon if anyone has seen any nutetrs they know posting on FB and the like about it! Must be fairly runnable though, on the times I've seen people do, versus the perception I have of people literally scaling a mountain on rough terrain :D

    Dizzy heights of a 6 for me today. Had a SAT OFF, so the mix of that, and legs gradually getting used to what they're being asked means we're improving a bit. Sub 7.30 average, so that's creeping faster too.

    27 mile week, so we go


    Trying to forget that that's such a rubbish 6 week output, and it is what it is, is in the past, and hopefully only way is up, and will look to get a solid 30 in this week and see what goes on beyond that.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Keep plugging away Pete, its still early days yet.

    Good racing Matt

    Im on a  low mileage week too SG.
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    Tidy racing there MH. MT races are always a footwear conundrum but especially with this last few days of rain.
    Decent progress SG. A comfortable [email protected]:30 is a pretty good place to be so soon after your lay-off.
    Snowdonia marathon for me yesterday. Didn't quite manage the sub 4 target due to a 2 minute pit stop at 10M & my injured right leg giving out on the second climb forcing me to walk a bit of it. Got going again once at the summit & ran on til Waunfawr at mile 22. Walked through the feed station & then tried to run up the hill but the knee went again so had to walk the steep section. Got going again as it flattened & was OK til mile 25 when the grassy river (supposedly a path) proved too slick for my shoes & down on my arse I went. Legs were too fucked to risk going faster than a walk thereafter til I hit the tarmac again about half a mile down. Much better than Chester with a comparable first half but the 2nd half was 15 minutes quicker in spite of the massive climbs & lethal descent. Not bad off too 17K training runs 1 flat & 1 hilly :D Worth watching on iplayer to really get a feel for how brutal this race is
    Normally I'd manage a gentle leg shakeout today but I can't fuckin walk yet :D
  • I recall there was some confusion over similar meemeep names. One is a local runner who is still very active in the scene but seems to be drifting towards offroad and ultras

    and the other was (a boxer type?) based on the Isle of Wight and he was on the thread in 2011 and pops up again on po10 in 2015 and then disappears again.

    Having a bit of a battle with Sir Edward Dashwood Bt. at the moment. I was on a footpath on his estate on Friday and the shooting party decided it was fine to shoot as I ran past.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    It is a right of way? Or private property?

    I have visions of that goon on the Marlow half route when we took a wrong turn that time...
  • I was on a public footpath so right of way. The estate is vast (5,000 acres) but a lot of it is wooded (which is a good place to breeds birds but not to shoot them). The path I was on is the one that runs parallel to the terraces at Adams Park and goes up the hill into the woods above Adams Park. As the beaters were driving birds out of the wood I was basically running into the place where the birds were coming out.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    I only ran behind the ground once before.
    Managed to get lost.

    True story.
  • Good racing MH and Jules. Annoyed I missed the S4C coverage of Snowdonia last night, always try to catch it. Seems like a decent race.

    Aley is doing LFOTM on 29/11 - think I will have another go too. Anyone else interested? Can have a quick pint afterwards...

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Hats off to you Jools - that is one beast of a route! Even the downhill's would have been bloody hard work with given how steep they are and how long they go on for!!! I watched some of it on S4C and it looked tough, but very scenic. Was traffic an issue, as the roads are all open aren't they?

    Matt - good work! 7 is on odd distance - we have one near us, but similarly stacked with hills and now priced itself out of the market for me!

    Philip - whereabouts? Same has happened to me over there. Even the Countryside Alliance shooting code states that the spotters should blow a whistle and ensure the guns are lowered to the ground when a MP passes on a ROW.  Report t to BCC ROW team here:

    Been feeling a bit under the weather for the past week or so and had put it down to just being over-worked and over-tired. Scraped in a ten miler on Saturday, and then yesterday, on a visit to Oxford, just went downhill fast (and not in a Snowdonia Marathon type way!). No energy whatsoever head spinning, and generally felt like death. I went to bed at 7pm with no tea, but a hot lemon, ginger and chilli drink that teds to sort you out, slept through until 6 and feel a lot better today! Not 100%, so have taken another rest day, but hopefully over the worst.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    The Bus said:
    head spinning

    this symptom will always have my own alarm bells going!
    Hopefully nowhere near the vertigo head spinning!

    first double in 6 weeks today, just a 3, but was good to get it in.
    I'm probably totally imagining it, but i feel "soft" body wise at the mo...not fat, but sort of sluggish and chumpy...

    however, we'll push on as quickly as is sensible... 4.5 & 3 today,
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Definitely not labyrinthitis SG, thank goodness - just a bad cold :smile: I take some comfort knowing there are people at work who have been off for a week!  Good work on the double - moving forward well.

  • Cheers chaps. It’s on iplayer for the next 4 weeks Simon
    Sounds like they’re dyslexic aristocrats PMJ: mistook pheasant shoot for peasant shoot ;)
    More progress SG. You'll be back racing before the end of the year I reckon.
    Get well soon Bus - wise rest days I reckon.
    2 days off running for me too. Couldn't bloody walk yesterday! Bit better today but contented myself with 10M on the MTB pacing a former colleague round the local forest trail.
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    Jools - apologies, I managed to somehow miss your superb piece of action, despite it only being 1 post above Phil's that I responded to! Blame sneaking on quickly at work!

    You are one hardy geezer, and I was actually thinking on my run today what a heck of a couple of signings you and Joe have been. Superb! Very different and interesting in both character and activities!! If Joe posts soon, he can relay what looks to be an incredibly casual effort for him at the weekend! In awe at the casualness!

    I won't risk an XC, let alone amongst people I know, but I might just have a snifty of some lower key, short road race fare...but let's see how this week progresses. Something in the 34-40miles this week would be marvtastic.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    ps TR, you have a pretty safe alibi for your low mileage week!!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    And once again I didn't manage to say all I wanted to in just 1...2 ….posts so erm in my time off 2 cheeky frigs stole segz off me.

    One guy rocked a 7miler at 8.25 average, yet managed a 3.30 pace job for about 1/10th of a mile.

    Phil and locals said just flag it, it's a GPS trace issue, so I did :)

    Just checked though, and he's also got a time just below me at 4.00 pace, in a erm… either his watch inexplicably goes haywire over this inclining bridge, or maybe he actually sprints this tiny 20second portion ofr no particular reason, bar it being a seg, ignoring all others on route.

    Either way, for a guy boobing 8.30 pace out regularly (I checked a few runs), putting a 3.30 in seems pretty unlikely.

    Up an incline!!

  • Cheers SG. You forgot age: I'm almost twice Joe's :#
    I regularly flag segments even if I'm nowhere near the top & like you I do some research to make sure they aren't really able to run sub 4/5 minute miles during a LR just to snatch a segment. Usually find it's cyclists who forgot to change the activity & often it's someone who had a brief dalliance with exercise (or Strava) then went dormant for a year or 2! What always amazes me is that no-one else has flagged them already :D
  • SG: the first time an activity is flagged, the user can always unflag in by picking " The activity is fine, trust me". If it gets flagged again then it needs more work to unflag it. 

    The underlying issue is that short segments are always unreliable.

    My routes from work cross Hammersmith Bridge and there is 0.13 mile segment across it. A random run from 2015 holds the record (31 seconds) and it is just under 6 miles at 8:11 pace. Second overall is a guy on a bike, third is the same guy on the same bike but different GPS device, fourth is a girl 6 miles at 9 minute pace but 4:03 a mile over the bridge. 

    I have raced over the bridge and my best is 48 seconds. Joe has done 47.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Stevie G said:
    Blooming heck - welcome back Seb!
    I insist you read every page you missed ;)

    Let's have a quick lurkers amnesty shall we?

    Anyone wanna say howdy?
    Bit late but, Howdy!

  • Good to see you MattL...and tell us about the Abbey Dash!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Yeah go on Matt - you know you want to :wink:
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