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    TR - Some BAC session, great time to do this.  Might look to copy a variant of this tomorrow when I am due to run a faster sess.
    - Really interesting blog, fair play to you for training in those unique circumstances and set of challenges.  
    Joe - Pre-work runs in the cool and sunshine are ace, just been out for an easy 4 miles with the pooch, and then back for a 9 am Teams meeting.   Yes, Valencia was my high water mark.  Would love to go back one day, super fast marathon. 

    London logistics are going to be interesting.  I can get by without a phone on the day, though will miss chilling pre-race with a good book.  Glad you can have a bag at the finish.  The Expo runs the risk of being a super-spreader event especially on Saturday (when I am going) as the bag drop-off will add time for everyone.

    Its the wave start timings that may have the biggest impact. I am staying in Surrey with the first train c6.30 ish arriving at Blackheath at 7.58 am. So if it is an 8 am start as some have suggested on other forums, either a pretty sharp warm-up to the start or most likely drive to a tube station early doors to get to the wave start on-time.  
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    Wardi - having the right kit (which will be discarded) beforehand and the right kit in the bag which gets dropped will be tricky.

    Joe - keep at it, you were in good nick, so hopefully it comes back quuckly.

    OO - are you staying in Surrey sunday evening too, so you can leave kit there? If its 8am start, ill be on the road early. Id rather not lock my phone etc in the car, but needs must. I park at tne start so dont need much kit beforehand.

    8m easy today, was a bit beat up by ydays session. Goes to show that i should vary the sessions a bit more.
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    TR - Yes am staying over on Sunday evening too with relatives in the Leatherhead area which makes logistics easier, so an old sweatshirt to get  to the start, dump it and just run with Gels, car key and bank card.  Post-race beer celebrations will be an issue if I have to use the car or even not (pub @ 11.30 am, could get messy), so hoping a relative will drive me to the train/ tube station.  Good call on parking at the start, a highly sought after spot.
    Joe - A onetime poster on here Joe Bloggs writes a fantastic blog and made this blog entry. I am the runner 5 and then 4 behind in the light blue top in Joes' first 2 running photos and giving Joe a cuddle at the end.  I also vividly remember a few chilled post race beers with TT, Wardi, Joe Bloggs and DanA..

    Loving watching the UTMB on stream, currently watching the OCC (which I was due to run today, but now running in 2022). Looks amazing with 2 Brits currently #1 and 2.
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    Ah yes, a fine weekend in Valencia back then.  The post race celebrations in the Irish Bar were almost as impressive as the running!

    Re VLM.. I wonder what will happen to the World Para Athletics marathon, this is usually at 09:30 before the main race starts.  The bag factor .. I think it will encourage a lot of runners to arrive at the start with a friend/relative who can take their bag away once they've finished with it - though of course only runners are allowed into the start areas!  I will take a small bag with some last minute drinks/banana etc that I can dispose of pre race.
    2 x 4.5m today, a breezy one but cool out there.
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    VLM looks like a bit of a mess tbh. Expo is ok but bag drop isn't? Very much a money talks scenario there.
    joe - cheers re: Valencia. I can't remember what I wrote on here, but if you want a read of the blog race report I done at the time:
    There's one floating around somewhere in the ether from my first sub-2:30 too which I keep meaning to try find again. Sounds like you've got a good handle on where you want your training to go; it'll come back. Don't worry.
    OO - those post race beers were tasty!
    Wardi - don't forget the obligatory pee bottle in that bag! (that's what messed me up in Valencia). Breezy down here too the last couple of days.
    I've been taking steps to better manage my stress levels, and that has included stepping away from the Aussie stuff unfortunately, which is a shame. My main reason for stepping away is that the sessions should be primarily around 3-5km race pace and that was putting too much strain on stress-tight muscles.
    This week I've been returning to what worked for me for Amsterdam, which is a weekly surge/fartlek long run on the Monday, a track (or more likely grass) session @ around 10km pace on the Friday, and the rest easy running with any quicker stuff added as I feel. I started to see small signs of improvement yesterday and that thankfully has continued today. I'm likely to keep tomorrow's reps relaxed (possibly even around current MP, but I'll see how I feel when I get going), but for today a 10/5 double keeps me moving along.
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    OO - thats good, as it saves a racecday headache. You can leave valuablesand spare clothes safely back at base.

    Wardi - when i queried the lack of bag drop at Brighton , they sent me a list of ideas which included bringing a friend to carry your valuables/kit

    TT - defo a good idea to ease the sessions back if needed, i thought the aussie approach was aimed at that.

    The Brighton race detail came out today (im still looking at deferring my place to April as there's no April vlm next year). It says that you arrive at your stated arrival time which is split from 9am to 10am. You are then loaded into starting corals which are set up for distancing and will be set off at intervals. So looks like a rolling start. Meaning that if folks plan on running together then they had best line up together.......vlm will no doubt be similar.
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    TR - the Aussie stuff is about being race ready year round (with minor adjustments close to target race) as well as under-training. I'd hoped the repeating nature of the Aussie stuff would help but I'm not dealing well with 2 x 3-5km pace workouts a week. The stuff I'm doing still has me doing the easy stuff as easy as the Aussie approach which was one of the reasons for changing to it.
    Brighton next spring is looking like the main contender for me. Easiest to get to of all the options (plus I like the place).
  • OO - I saw Joe's name and it prompted me to check out what he's up to on his blog. posting some impressing triathlon places I see.
    TT - I might have mentioned this before but I do like the sound of mixing in some sharper stuff when you feel like it. too often we force ourselves into speedier runs when life says we need to take it easy. Will definitely try to build that into any schedule. 
    TR - I don't mind the rolling starts so much as long as you don't have that option to run with someone else. feels like you should have an hour window to set off so you just rock up with your mate at some point and go. I suppose inevitably that leads to some crowding so probably doesn't work.

    9 miles post work. I'm definitely in a place of feeling good for 6 or 7 miles and then dying a death. Need to be careful how I set off at GNR.
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    joe - I was like that getting back to training too. It'll come back, but maybe slow down a little bit on your runs so you feel better for longer.
    Grass reps for me today. 8 x 800m + 1 x 1m. They're written up as 5m race pace but I eased into them as planned. First 5 x 800 between 10m-HM effort (5:52m/m pace), next 3 @ 10km effort (5:45m/m pace), and then the mile in 5:39 (~5m race effort). Recs were 1:40 after the 800s, 4mins before the mile. Bit blowy out there but pleased to have it done. These were always track workouts for me so a bit strange to do it on grass, but still good fun.
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Evening all, an easy hour yesterday under the air vent and 3 x 5min hard on the bike over an hour today. First hard bike session in a while - felt it. Big one on Sat planned - hopefully I get the vent!

    rjr - good luck at GNR

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    Hoping for an air vent is a new training consideration Toro, good session on the bike today.  I was just trying to remember my hottest/coldest/wettest marathons & half marathons over the years.

    TT.. that's a good session & speed on grass.  I guess at the very least you won't have to worry about traffic!

    Joe.  just a matter of patience, it will come back in time.

    6.3m today, left it at that as I fancy a blast at Parkrun tomorrow - conditions look good.
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    Hottest marathon - Tenerife Nov 2015, 33C. 
    TT - Speedy session.
    Joe - If you can, get a slow MLR in your legs this week, I think it will help for GNR.  Yes, Joe Bloggs is some triathlete/ athlete.

    Had the VLM email on expected finishing time, responded 2.55 as think that's where I will be at in Oct and would happily take that.  Ran then my best training 10K for a good while, 38.40 which is about 90 secs quicker than the training 10K I ran 2 weeks ago and felt the same level of effort.  Could have run it 5-10 secs a mile faster. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    That's a brisk 10k as a solo run OO, nice work!  FWIW VLM 2018 hottest (26 degrees), wettest was York 2018.  I have run the two coldest Londons on record (1994 & 2004 5-7 degrees).  I do remember running the local Brass Monkey half one year and it was bitterly cold, hovering around zero all day.  Two pairs of gloves and a long sleeve Helly under the club vest.

    The Parkrun progression happily continues.  After 22:32, 21:57, 21:47 in recent weeks I ground out a 21:33 today.  Perfect, almost windless conditions and wall to wall blue sky.  2m warm down.  Long run planned for tomorrow.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    TT - i see, 3 to 5k pace is very intense. Good to ease that back. Im not sure i even do hmp in training.

    Hope you had the vent toro

    OO - blimey thats quick in training esp if you could have gone quicker still........i put 2.56.

    8m easy yday, went looking for 3 hours today, 23m in 3.02, so only a couple of minutes in the death zone.
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    Ran 26km (2hrs) on treadmill - 2km @ M pace(?), 2km aerobic. Was a good session. I might be banned from the gym shortly for 10 days (Covid contact trace possible) so I'm glad i got it in (under the vent!)

    Wardi - 2018 was honking. Good PRing
    TR - Nice long run

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    Toro - nice session. Hopefully the contact trace comes to nothing. 

    TR - nicely done on the time on feet long run. Yeah it was too much for my aging bones but it done the job to give me some structure and consistency. 

    Wardi - nice parkrun progression! 

    10.6m for me today. 6 easy, 4.6 steady (6:39). That brings up 85 for the week and the change to mainly easy running has me coming out of the week feeling better than how I felt at the start of it. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TT.. cracking week again, encouraging that you feel good after it.  I see your lad had a decent Parkrun today, he's obviously inherited your genes 👍

    TR.. that's a hefty long run, was it a warm one?   Definitely worthy of a thirst quencher.🍺

    Toro.. great effort on the treadle, shame about the gym ban!

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Wardi - the boy done well. 19:56 off of football training is good going. He's hard as nails, and I reckon he's got a lot of running potential but at the moment nothing gets a look in beyond football. 
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    I'm clear at the moment. We have some funny rules onboard to keep working. 

    TT - more great work. Impressive PR.

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    TT - That's some good numbers.
    TR - Cracking LR .  
    Toro - 2 hrs on a treadie - chapeau. 

    Long run #4.  Ran with some London or Newport marathon heading club mates, running mostly with our 2.35 runner,  so a bit pacy with 21m @ 7.08 mm, with 11 @ 7.20 and 10 @ 6.40, it felt throughout a good chatting pace.  Feel a bit pucker after that. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Toro - good training, hope you dont get pinged.

    TT - how old is yr lad?

    Wardi - yep was a warm one. Had 2 gels and a bottle, should have taken 2 bottles, was hanging for a drink in the last few miles. At 20m i ran past a few lads outside a pub with some cold frothies, i nearly mugged them for a sip

    OO - wow, thats 11 at 10% and 10 mp, you've put in a couple of real confidence boosters this last few days

    My legs were creaky, but did an ok 8m easy.
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    lol TR, bad idea to run past a pub with tables outside near the end of a long run!  You did well to grind out 8m today.
    OO.. that's a brisk outing for a long run, good confidence booster.
    TT.. try to convince your lad that running is less injury prone!
    20.8m done today, a bit cooler than yesterday so decent running conditions.  Sod's law had to stop at 19m to remove a thorn from my shoe that made a sudden appearance.  It was a bit of a struggle to get going again!
    68.5m for the week, just planning refuelling strategy.
  • 13 with 6 @ HMP yesterday and 22 easy (7.41s) today. My confidence is coming back. That's an 80 mile week as well. Aaand tomorrow is a bank holiday so we get a lie in. Woo hoo. 

    I put 2.57 for my predicted time. I actually think 2.57.30, but they didn't give us seconds as an option!
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    OO - cracking long run!

    TR - 15. He's 6ft tall but built like a runner. What was this week's total?

    Wardi - good to see you in the 20s. Well done!
  • TT - that's good pace on grass. Workouts on grass or on the track presumably softer on the legs for the same gains. Agree on slowing day. Next few weeks are about ticking over and going into the race fit and with some confidence.
    OO - that's a good feeling when your general fitness allows you to cruise a decent time at the smaller distances. Good VLM target. That is a confidence building long run! Definitely would like to get close to covering the distance this week. Have more time on my hands so would like to throw in some bike too.
    TR - big effort that and time on feet.
    CC2 - that's a big week too. Very specific target.
    Wardi - good to tick a big one off. Looking good.

    Weekend off but a great weekend all the same with friends. Back out this morning with 6.5 miles a bit easier than last week.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done on the 20 wardi

    CC - thats a big couple of days, enjoy the day off.

    TT - he's going to be very tall then.......will have been low 70s as i didnt run last Sunday.

    Joe - when is GNR ? Im sure you'll cope just fine. I remember doing Lordshill 10m in Nov after Sept 1/2 IM and shorr runs between the two, remember getting to 7m and thinking that i hadnt run that far for a while, 2 wks after the 10m i ran Gosport 1/2 mara. I ran ok in both.

    15m this morning.
  • Day off? No chance TR. But I did sleep until 11.35am before heading out for 16 miles (that turned into 16.7 because I took a wrong path in Wollaton Park). ;) To be fair I had planned on 6 recovery in the morning and 10 easy in the afternoon, but since I slept through the entire morning it seemed easier to just lump them together!

    I'm front-loading this week, because I rather inconveniently have the Masters Cup Final on Sunday. 3000m and 1500m. On the plus side, it will mean I get a 10 day taper for the GNR the following Sunday. On the down side, I have to run 20 miles after my dentist appointment on Thursday afternoon. You win some, you lose some!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    That's an action packed couple of weeks CC2!  Best of luck in the Masters events.

    TR.. you did well to get 15m done the day after creaky legs..

    I had similar stiff legs after the weekend so got out for a 5m recovery run.  Got rained on for the first time in a while.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Speedy - oh i see, do you have to be up early on a saturday and sunday then......11.35 is outrageous did you go to bed at 7am after a big night out? dont need to do a long run every week, esp after the 3 days youve just had, so dont go grinding out 20m Thursday pm with your track races next weekend.

    Wardi - legs were pretty good today, went out for 8 ro 10ish mile but felt ok so i did a rare circumnavigation of the island, once you get to approx 7m you may as well keep going. Didnt get out til nearly 9am though, had no breakie and no fuel with me so was on fumes by the end.......was only thinking the other day that i hadn't been rained on for a while. We had above average rain here through the summer too.
  • Well I suppose I don't *have* to be up early on Saturdays and Sundays, but I generally am because I have other stuff I need to do with my day as well as train. I see where you're coming from TR, with not needing a long run every week, but I won't get one next week due to the GNR and it seems a bit much to miss two long runs at this stage of training. 

    Freezing this morning. I'm inbetween treadmills at the moment so having to do my morning runs outdoors. August seemed like a good time to do this. It isn't. I needed gloves! I know I'm a wuss. I don't care. I want my new treadmill NOW. Sadly it isn't coming until Monday. 
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