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I am running my first marathon next year, however can probably only get out 2-3 times in the week and long runs at weekends, am I being a little too adventurous?? any advice greatly recieved! Thanks


  • Paul,

    I think its great thet your going for the FLM 2006. Im doing exactly the same and have only time 4 times a week to go training and I am looking forward the running the FLM. although i got a rejection i have applied to all the charities i could and have managed to secure a place with SHELTER. although this does now mean i have to raise £1500 as well a train. lol. have a peak at theie training logs and shedules they have sub 5 hours, sub 4 hours and sub 3 hour taininng plans that you can download for free.

    good luck!
  • There is another thread on here somwhere about running a marathon on 2 - 3 runs per week and the general concensus was ( i think) that its fine. I certainly did so last year with no problems. I was running twice at the most three times including the weekend run and it was fine. the best advice i can give thogh is to make sure you get the longer runs in - i did one 21 miles and 2 halfs as part of the training but should have done another longer run (between 16 and 21)as it is a bit of a shock on the day.

    Good Luck and enjoy.

  • paul care2, well done mate, if it is any help to you I ran in 1999 and my only training(because I knew no better) was 30 mins round the local field, 7 nights a week from mid December till the Friday before the Marathon. Got round in 4 hours 40 mins, never stopped, and had one of the best days of my life. Go for it mate and I hope you enjoy EVERY minute
  • Its my first marathon too.

    I plan to follow this:


    My biggest concern at the moment is drinking on the long runs. In a half-marathon/marathon there are drink stations. What do people do when doing a 20 mile training run?

    P.S. I am completely bricking it about the actual race. I did a half marathon in October and for the last 1.5 miles was thinking 'never again!'.
  • well done rich!

    i have got all my stuff from my charity. i was to late to apply for a ballot place but i just got accepted by Shelter like that, lol. think it may have been something to do with the sweet talk i was giving jessa who works there. Well now i got go go and raise £1500 for them s well as training.

    oh bit of an update as well i havent trained in 3 days as i have hurt my hip. almost got knocked over by a boy racer. :( going out for my first fun after my accident tonight, hope i hold up okay.
  • Don’t get too stressed by the training plans (unless you are going for a specific time), just remember to keep the training as mixed up as possible, speed work, tempo long runs etc. Keep thinking about diet and always take the stairs!.

    In my experience (FLM06 will be marathon number 8) if you follow the training plans to hart you are either too knackered or too injured to run the race!.


    As for the long training runs, just take plenty of water/sports drink with you, maybe also a light snack for halfway round. Its not too much bother to carry.

    Remember this time of year the weather will be cooler than April and you probably won’t train at your race pace so you won’t get as dehydrated than as on the day or in your recent half.

    Some people go around their route in a car the night before and leave out bottles for the following day – but this seems excessive to me.

    BTW, its worth understanding that a Marathon is not two half’s back to back it’s a completely different experience, if you can do a half now you’ll be able to get to 20 easy by April.
  • I'm doing my first one too - and also bricking it, as well as being really excited about it. Can't wait for the day, but the training will be the hardest..... Started back in october and doing 2/3 times a week.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I've only run two miles in the last 2 weeks as I have had two bad colds/virus's. I plan to get out for 2 miles tomorrow and then 4/5 miles Sunday and then back into a plan.

    On the marathon day I plan to enjoy it and possibly walk through every third drink station or something. I want this one to be fun, if at all possible.
  • this is my first and probably last time too. I don;t care about times I just want to get round, I am really really really really slow. I've only hobbled round a 10k in October (it was very hilly though). I run about 3 to 4 times a weeks and the longest has been 7 miles, with lots of breaks so I would be delighted to finish in about 6 hours!
  • another way to handle drinking on training runs is to stash drinks bottles at different points along the way if convenient. I sometimes run laps so I don't have to carry my drinks every time.

    Other days I carry two 500ml bottles in a carrier belt, they are a bit heavy at first but of course get lighter as you go.
  • Good luck to you all on your marathon training. I did my first marathon at Abingdon, 8 weeks ago. When I did my long runs, it was very warm weather, so I took some money with me to buy another drink.
  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first marathon,i have been rejected twice.Istarted my training in November,but then was hit by two head colds and twisted my ankle oh and hurt my back to.Now fingers cross im over all injury's and colds and now can get on with training.All being well i will start tomorrow.

    As this is my first marathon i'm going to do a run/walk training plan,have to lose some weight but hopefuly i will do it.

    I'm also bricking it,i just don't want to let anybody down who has sponsered me for PHABkids and i also don't want to let myself down.

    Anyway good luck to everyone...

  • Run/walk is a great strategy - I do it in races too. I do run 5/walk 1 for anything over 6 miles....it means you only ever have to run 5 minutes - which is really useful when it gets tough mentally (and physically).

    I'm actually faster doing run/walk than straight run!!
  • I will also be doing my first marathon in April. Started running in Aug, have done two 10ks, latest one in 59mins. Longest run has been 8.5 so far!
    Have niggles in my calves at the moment so very nervous, should be running tomorrow but may take extra day off to be sure....

    Dont want to lose my fitness. I have no time goal for the marathon,just want to be able to enjoy it!
  • That run/walk strategy sounds good, I really want to enjoy the day so if I start struggling then I think I'll do that.

    I managed to run 4 miles on Friday, 4.5 Saturday and 6.5 yesterday - felt good to be back out there and I was really happy that my finess hadn't dissappeared having not trained for a fortnight.

    I'll look into getting a drinks bottle-belt. I sweat profusely when exercising so am worried about dehydration. Or I'll just have to do the laps thing, I'm not sure shopkeepers will want me sweating all over their premises!
  • I agree the Run / Walk strat is good. My training is going well... considering that im an X smoker... ran 5 miles on sat and on sunday so about the same as Rich. just need to get some new running shoes as mine broke... :( any recomendations?
  • Well - I managed about 8 miles on Saturday - was a great feeling, and I didn't feel too bad at the end of it, prob could have done an easy 10. Hopefully it will continue to be this good.
  • Hopefuly being the main word in that sencence... im going to need to get a water sack for long runs now. im thinkin of getting a Camelback but im not sure, Also got my FootPod today as well!! Yippie!
  • I got my new watch this morning.... loads of instructions though!
  • tell me about it,, i felt like a ran a marathon just reading the bluddy manual!!! great piece of kit. anyone got a target time yet???
  • I'm aiming for a sub 4 - but to be honest I just want to get round. I think I may be being a little ambitious..
  • me too. im aiming for sub 4 and im on a sub 3 training program which i have stuck to. but i still think ill be over 5. lol. you know whick line your starting from yet fi?
  • I started on the training programme, but now I am just on my own. I tried to stick to it, but for somereason I strayed.
    I don't know yet - ou? Where are you training road or club?
  • Road and Gym. there areno running club where i live. or none that i know of... i is a country bumpkin you see. lol. nout but corn and hay in these areas. I dont know wither where in starting. I think you find out at the Expo when you go to get your kit bag and runners number.
  • I started at a club, but found that they did mostly sprint training, which is useful, but I prefer long runs. Nike town on Oxford Street have runs on Mon and Tue that I have been to, and I train on Saturdays round a common.
  • your lucky, usually its just me and my MP3 in the moddl eof nowhere! i would kill fro a running partner.. sorta get loanly sometimes you know.... :(
  • Hi! I am doing the 2006 FLM for the first time as well for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association (my son has TS so it is very close to my heart!). I am the only person running for the TSA so I feel a lot of pressure both to raise as much money as possible and to actually finish it on the day!

    I am not bothered about a particular time (as I keep being told, it will be my PB whatever!). Like most of you I am feeling nervous about it all, and a bit confused by the different training plans out there.

    The longest race I have done is 5K back in September, and didn't run much after that for one reason or another. This will be my third week of regular running since September, although I have been going to the gym so am not as unfit as I was. Did 2 miles saturday and 2 1/2 miles yesterday!

    I am planning to follow the RW 4.30 plan, and have signed up for the weekly email. Like a lot of you have said, I too am planning to do my long runs following a run/walk programme, doing the actual marathon running for 1 mile then walking for 1 minute and so on, (or 9/1 possibly). The only thing I have problems with is getting going again after walking - a minute never seems long enough!

    My longest run so far has been for 25 minutes non-stop - VERY slowly! so most of you are doing loads better than me already!
    I am aiming to get out 4/5 days a week as per the plan - I need a plan to keep me focussed! But did less last week - hard as I have 2 kids under 2 years!

    Interesting point 'Absolutely Noting To Do With Fish' wrote about following the training runs too closely can have negative effects - backed up by what Dave Wood 4 said about his training for 1999 LM. Gives me hope!

    Ps. Sam, My Saucony's are good - got them fitted by my local specialist running shop in the summer. Before then I had never heard of a lot of the running brand names, so didn't go and particulary choose them, but they have proved very good. I will probably need some more soon though once my weekly mileage goes up!!!
  • Well done Jenny - I'm sure you wont be the only person funning for them by the time everyone has secured a charity place.
    As you say - you will do your PB so as long as you get round.
  • hay here is an idea, anyone wanna run together on the big day??? all keep each other going? could be a laugh. dependant on which libe you start from of course.
  • And depending on whether you can find eachother amongst 36000 runners. believe me it is not easy!!
    you will all have a ball, dont stress just enjoy the whole experience
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