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  • im running at 7mph whick is 12Kph. what you doing atm sara? also you chris?
  • Maybe you needed the rest! OMG 12k!!!!!!!! errr, well my comfy pace for long runs is between 8.8k and 9.5k so think thats about 5 ish mph. yes, i'm sloooow!! but i am twice your age Lazer and George!! Chris, where are you...aren't you more my speed?? how old are you chris/laurie?? going to see chiropracter in about half hour from when i hurt my back at xmas.
  • ohhh. what you do sara? hope your okay.
  • Not sure really but went to New York for xmas and think slep awkwardly on the plane and was a bit stiff. then day before new ywears eve i jumped out passenger side of my daughters car to run round to drivers side to park it for her (she was learning but just passed her test last week) and i couldn't straighten up! i was like old woman for about a week!!! had to take 10 days off training and then come back slowly. this was first appointment i could get!
  • aw, lol. well ill get a zimmer frame standing by mid point for you lol.
  • running at 10kph which is comfortable for the first 4 miles on the treadmill!!! bit slower outdoors!
    Brighton is end of Feb... Brighton to Hove and back again ...never done a race longer than 5k so couldnt comment if its any good.
    am 32 btw, with a little boy who keeps me awake all night so permenantly tired before running!!! FLM virgin and scared whitless!!!
  • lol, i think that makes the group! a bunch of newbies whiia er scared out of their whities! lol. im guessing our boy is a new born or a toddler who wont go to sleep chris?
  • Yep, so i'm officially the oldest and the slowest!! get that zimmer ready Lazer as i'm going to need it!! Chris, he will sleep eventually...my youngest took 6 years of being in our bed though!! (he's 9 now) and then they get to teenagers and you can't get them OUT of bed! my eldest would sleep all day if i let him, although he has just started uni so it's up to him now! chris are u going to do the Brighton? anyone else?
  • im think about doing the brighton, but i also thinking about doing the adidas half at silverstone. I would go for the bath half but thats full :( its only a 5 minute drive from me.
  • yup...going to apply later this week for brighton
  • i may join you then Chris - it will be my very first race!! think i may get round a half in about 2hr 25 ish. what about you? does it go all along the sea front?
    do you live that way?
  • Anyone doing silverstone? that gona be a milestone for me....nice easy 3 today - not too taxing, but feeling that strain in my legs a bit.

    What are people eating for this effort by the way? im mostly eating complex carbs but need something with a nice high GI for just after my runs.
  • goes along the seafront to Hove I think...I live up in between Gatwick and Croydon so not too bad a journey and fish and chips for recovery!
  • im eating mostly what i like during th day, but nothing 2 hours brfore i train, during i have Isotonic drinks with water, then straaight after i have a bowl of pasta with icecream as thats supposed to put your body in the "anabolic" state (muscle repair) faster. Todays training is:

    Interval: Max 75, Walk
    3, Max 65, Walk 3
    Max 45 Walk 3mins
    Repeat X6
  • i'm a bit peed as chiropractor says i can't trin today as i may be a bit delicate after she has realigned everything. so chris i will have to miss the easy 3 and catch up with you tomorrow - think its a 4 miler isn't it? i have to be a bit careful what i eat considering my age (he he!!)as i don't want to put on any weight! so i have cereal for break, chicken or tuna salad and fruit for lunch and then fish or chicken with veg and rice or pasta for tea.
  • nooo...5 miler tomorrow! went to do the 3 miles today but calf is aching massively after sunday. did nearly 3 miles and had to stop.
    will hopefully be ok for tomorrow...am down to do the 6 miles in Hyde Park!
  • take it ou live in london then chris? i still havent booked a room at the hotel for the marathon yet!!! opps! as i live in the south west! lol
  • I'm staying in hotel in canary wharf cos my husband works there and arranged it - it's then about 5 stops on the DLR to greenwich park...OMG i feel scared now just talking about it!! I'm in Bedford...was hoping there was something in the air here (Paula Radcliffe) that might make me run faster...but no!
  • if it does, bottle it up and sell it on E-Baym, whats the hotel??? are there any places left?
  • i think its the four seasons - got a swimming pool/sauna/massage etc which hubby booked as a treat. thee was plenty of space when we booked, probably because its an exec/business type hotel. gotta go and do some work/see clients now so will log back on tomorrow...byeee
  • okay, well ill have to have a look at that one, lots of them are booked up!
  • wife is from bedford so there regularly! you could always just get the Thameslink down!

    I have no idea what Lazer is talking about in his training...i'm just running as much as i can

    bad calf at the moment tho!
  • Interval: Run Max Speed for 75 seconds, Walk 3 Minutes
    , run Max speed 65 seconds, Walk 3 minutes
    Run Max Speed 45 seconds, Walk 3mins Repest 3 Times Over.

    Thats what im doing. i just abreviate!
  • me too and that hal higdon plan is nice and straightforward for me to follow. are you doing it all at the same pace? where did your wife go to school? oh just realised i'll be way older than her anyway!! Lazer i thought you were a 'her' - are you a 'him'? what does 'lazer' mean anyway??
  • lol, yeah im a him, why did you think i was a her. LAZER has been my nick name for afes as i have lots of energy and standout in a crowd. donty know why LAZEr though?
  • ooops!! no idea why i thought that!!! so why do you stand out in a crowd then?? i'm going to london on thurs for photo shoot with stroke assoc who i'm runnin for and Linford Christie!!!!!! wehey!!!!! hope he wears his cycle shorts!!!!!!
  • hotels!! crap! where does the race start? damn didnt think of hotel - guess i could sleep outside :)

  • george is that you in the photo? what were you think of doing on the day, flying there with tinkerbell
  • oh man....i couldnt stop laughing...no
    ill post up a real one
  • lol, i was going to say... i could roll you over the finish line, lol.
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