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  • WITGB - Looks like just me and you in the afternoon so far, all the ladies need to be up and about early.

    GBM - hows your knee surgery going ?
  • Pub quiz

    Please keep your mobiles close by as I intend to cheat in the pub quiz tonight
  • I'm already halfway through a bottle of red wine so i don't think i will bother with the early run.

    Isaac/WITGB--When and where?

    Isaac--Phoning a friend?

  • Great ride out this morning everyone - thanks.

    DB - I'm sure Mr DB would appreciate one of these in the shed - matching his 'n' hers vehicles! Wouldn't look right with borrowed Aldi kit mind...

    1 week without running for me know - the longest for a couple of years. Does 3 hrs on the bike this morning strictly qualify as a rest?
  • Isaac/WITGB Manchester in the morning so might be able to do a run in the afternoon with you.

    Enjoyed the bike ride this morning,different!
  • Minnie6/Mickey6--Almost finished my 6 month running chart. I just need your new training plan which starts from the week commencing 2nd July. Thanks!!

    GBMs races for the next 6 months. I expect you all to be at every race ( ? means i might do it)--

    Weds 6th June--Rainow FR
    Fri 8th June--Castleton FR ?
    Weds 13th June--Boars Head FR
    Sat 16 June--Kinder Trog
    Thurs 28 June--Sale Sizzler
    Sun 1st July--Peakers Stroll FR ?
    Thurs 12th July--Sale Sizzler
    Sun 15th July--Holmfirth FR ?
    Weds 18th July--Macc Forest 5
    Sun 22nd July--Gravy 6
    Weds 25th July--Shining Tor FR
    Thurs 26th July--Sale Sizzler ?
    Sat 4th Aug--Teggs Nose FR
    Weds 8th Aug--Cracken Edge FR
    Thurs 9th Aug--Sale Sizzler ?
    Weds 15th Aug--Eccles Pike FR
    Sun 19th Aug--Belper 30k
    Sun 30th Sept--Macc Half Marathon
    Sun 28th Oct--Snowdonia Marathon
  • What is this running of which you speak?
  • Anyway, am busy running a two hit wonder eighties big hair band!

  • Huge--TWO HITS!!!! The Alarm have had 19 Top 75 hits!! (I don't think you should really call anything outside the Top 40 a hit but, 19 Top 75 sounds better than 9 Top 40, so i'll stick with it.)
  • Can i be there @ 8am too !
    I may bring MOWGLI if he's finished playing with baloo.
  • PG - see you and Mowgli at 8! Make sure he behaves himself! If I remember I'll bring you some eggs - won't use them all up this week.
  • GBM - I thought Kinder Trog was Sunady 17th June! M6 usually helps out at the Macc Forest 5 and I may be there too!
  • GBM, I am soo out of touch.
  • See you tomorrow Minnie, I could definitely use the eggs if you remember. Me and Mowgli will probably bring a couple of whippersnappers on the run tomorrow so won't do more than 90 mins - will take the same route as Eric. You may have to leave me behind anyway because I went for a run up High Rigg today and the downhills were a bit severe. I can feel the DOMS setting in already.
  • minnie - I'll definately be there in the morning and I'm game for a bit extra if we both feel upto it ! See you then.

    BTB - Like the colour ! - Stockport team colours - excellent choice ! much ????!
  • Minnie6--My mistake!! Kinder Trog IS on the Sunday.
  • btb - What size frame is Elises bike ? I was looking on ebay earlier....
  • DB - dunno. It's so old it was measured in cubits. Don't buy a bike 'blind' - you have to try them first.
  • i'm appaled, ze Germans do not know how to make a decent bike. A Porsche bike would be laughed at in the cycling world, especally in yellow!! Sorry guys.
  • We wuz robbed - bloody pub quizzez !

    Surprise, surprise WITGB did a bunk onto the winning team just before the quiz started.

    Whats the 10th letter of the Greek alpahabet - what a load of tosh !
  • Isaac, Just looked at my training programme for you and see it needs to start this week as London is a week earlier next year! I'll send you an email with this weeks suggestions.
  • Thanks for the run this morning, folks! I feel very self righteous - I've run, been to the gym, been to Tesco and am about to start baking, cleaning, ironing and cooking! I have an exciting life!
    Ladies of the thread - don't you just love it when the young men on the tills at Tesco call you Madam!!!

    Isaac - your London programme is starting already - and you thought you could have a rest after Windermere!
  • GBM - I'll also try to type out the new track schedules today (if you don't like the sessions, blame PG - it's all her work for her coaching badges!).
  • PGs schedule--

    8 x Bollocking GBM with 1 minute recovery.

  • Pub quiz

    Please keep your mobiles close by as I intend to cheat in the pub quiz tonight
  • PG - many thanks for the info, excellent stuff.

    Anyone up for 22 mile long run tomorrow morning at 05:30.
  • Isaac - where shall we all meet???
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Keep getting a feeling of De Ja Vu..............
  • WITGB/'M' - Thanks for a very damp muddy 8, I have been told to do my own washing as today I have used 3 pairs of shorts, one pair of running tights, 4 pairs of socks, 3 t-shirts, two long sleeve tops and two water proof tops - and two pairs of running shoes and one pair of football boots - I now intend to eat my own body weight in stew and dumplings.
  • GBM - I've written out the schedule - need to e-mail it to Mike Shaw, but will try to remember to bring a copy to track tomorrow.

    Glad we went out on a run early - no rain at all this morning!

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