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  • Minnie - Just to clarify the 8 X Bollocking GBM on the schedule is to increase by 2 on a weekly basis. This is for his own good (and will do the rest of us the world of good - believe me - I've tried it!!)
    Isaac - I've replyed to your email and rejigged this week to accomodate race and working away.
  • Minnie6--Thank you!! You have had a busy day.

    PG--When you give us advice on running we should call it 'PG Tips'.
  • Is there an Offerton 10k meeting tomorrow. If so, shall we have it in the clubhouse?
  • GBM - Yes, lets start it at 20:00 sharp. it cant be any more noisy than The Strawberry Gardens.

    PG - Thanks.
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Thought we were having it on Thur! I'm OK for tonight. Clubhouse sounds good.
  • New thread and 10 pages,
    Have you lot nothing to do?
    I'm back and knackered, exercise everyday is not good for you, and the easiest run was the equivilent of the offy10, and started about 2-3,000 ft up.

    Offy meeting tonight?
  • Just read another of isaacs great reports.
    Well done 'you must be mad' windermerers.
    Eric - does that get you in london next year?
    GBM - last!!! stopped to take pictures or chat to the sheep.
    Isaac - you expected flat, what were you thinking.
    How did morticia miss of the results?
  • TST--Welcome home!!
  • TST - I thought you'd been quiet - where have you been?
  • M--The White Stripes are on 'Jools Holland' this Friday evening. I'll have to record it as i will probably be playing Bingo at the Cayton Bay Caravan Park Entertainment Centre.

  • TST- GBM did not stop to take pictures or talk to sheep, he was keeping me company and I was lucky that he didn't abandon me because I was a right grumpy pain in the arse and 4:38 was the best I could manage.

    Ho[e you had a good hliday. Where have you been?
  • Morticia - how could you possibly have a grumpy pain in the arse when in the delightful company of GBM.

    We went to Olvera, a white town in the mountians of southern spain, above marbella, but nothing like the coast. We tried it one day, miles of flat concrete front and tower blocks, and some thought blackpool was bad. (hope I did not offend any marbella lovers out there)

    Minnie - I am always quiet, shy and reserved. did mickey get the text. Watched the match in tapas bar run by a scot, very odd. Are you a happy italian or a sad scouser?
  • Funny you should ask, TST, as Milan are my local Italian team - so it was a win win situation for me! (She tries to convince herself!!) Glad you had a good time, we're off to Lake Como in a couple of days.
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    welcome back TST, hope you had a fab holiday.

    morticia - hows the ankle and have you recovered from your double yet?
  • Minnie - how long are school holidays now then?

    Clairster - have you gone yet?
  • Clairster- Hi! My ankle's fine now. Next time it starts hurting I'll know I just have to do 2 marathons to sort it out. I was very tired last week but OK now. Thanks for the info about the race with the funny name! I am actually considering it if I don't do Kent. I like the fact that it's 33 miles as that is one of my favourite numbers!!! How's you? Not long to go now!!!
  • Anyone - having trouble with the garmin, is there a good thread with clever people on it that anyone knows about?
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    TST - nope, on saturday! (i really hate packing)

    morticia - come do osmotherley with us. doing with a bunch of forumites and i think collie dave from WP is doing it too. much more fun than proper races as you get to amble round at your own pace and they have proper refreshment stops at all the check points. i have an entry form if you want me to mail you one shout!
  • Clairster - so it is muck about at work week, end of term stuff. 33 miles wait till daz sees that one. Can you just do the refreshment stops?
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    tst - found a page with these on

    Garmin 305
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    TST/Clairster/morticia etc - Now THIS is a proper race:
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    apparently it's slightly downhill as well, so PB's are guaranteed - who's with me!!?
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    lol, daz would love to, not sure i could get back in time though!

    TST - mucking about at work and drinking too much lager was last week, this is stop burying my head in the sand and wake up to the fact i am actually moving and need to do summat about it :). i have done 3 boxes today and am now to the gym i think for some distraction

    mort/GBM - more WP pics here
  • Clairster--Thanks for the link.



  • Daz--"The Brenda Robinsons Birthday Road Mile on Wednesday 19 September 2007". Mrs GBMs birthday is also on the 19 September!! I'll see if she wants to go all the way to Rochdale for a 1 mile race. She has started running again and did 4 miles today at sub 10 min/mile pace!!!!!!
  • Thanks Kwaka

    Daz - along way for a mile race, seems further from the regestartion to the the start than the race proper.
    Now if you want a fast mile, there might still be the meltham mad mile, seriously down, the name gives a clue to how steep.
  • GBM- you look knackered
    Morticia - what is that man looking at?
    Clairster - by the look of the pic you only did the half,
  • Morticia--I have 'taped' a CD for you.
  • GBM- I knew I'd seen that picture somewhere
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