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  • No that would be fine Lotte. Sounds perfect!
  • Morning all.  Trying to do stuff whilst M sleeps, never enough time!

    CM sorry about the cat.  Hopefully she will make a good recovery, but if she doesn't improve and is unable to walk properly and incontinent, I'm sure the vets will recommend she is put to sleep rather than taken home, and hopefully your husband will be able to come to terms with that.  Like others have said it's her quality of life that is the most important thing, however sad it may be.

    I have seen people bring puppies into my consults wearing nappies as they are so afraid they might wee/poo!  So what?   It's a puppy and what's a bit of wee or poo?  I have also had as a patient a cocker spaniel on wheels.........they moved to the area so started using us as their vets.  Despite previously thinking that's dreadful, having actually seen him, he was a very happy little dog with a good quality of life. 

    Right, I have to make a plug now.......


    She's a friend from the FLM virgins thread that got me through my FLM in '07, I have actually met her in real life as well.  She's run London numerous times for charity, including once dressed as Little Miss Sunshine in one of those ridiculously huge and heavy costumes.  And this yr she completed ironman switzerland.  I'm sure the others are all equally as wonderful but if you don't know who to vote for or weren't going to bother, then please take 2 minutes and VOTE FOR RIO!!  Thanks.  xx

  • All done, Caro! Voted in all the other categories while I was there - thought I may as well!

    Lotte - LOL at hubby's comment, they are so kind sometimes, aren't they?! Good luck with the chiro tomorrow. I'm also looking at mara (VLM, hopefully!) build-up races and have decided to do 2 halves. Stafford on 21st March (local race) which I will do at MP, and Liverpool on 28th which I am going to race (cos it's flatter!!). I'm going to write my own schedule based on what I know works for me (more miles!) and what I can fit in. Will also include top tips from here that have worked, like CC's semi-long run. So it'll look something like this: Sunday: long run (will do at least 5 runs of 18-20 miles), Monday: rest, Tues: club session of 6-8 miles, Weds: easy 4-5, Thurs: club session with extra before to take it to 12 miles at peak, Friday: rest, Sat: easy 4-5. So the highest mileage I will hit is high 40s, maybe 50. Looking back at this year's training, I averaged 30mpw at peak, which isn't really enough I don't think.

  • Carovet - I have no idea what you're talking about but I will happily vote for Rio if you explain more ! What is the voting for and what / who are the Lucozade Super Six???? Sorry to be so ignorant! image

    Minks - I am also on day 12 of my cycle so also had to 'get busy' last night! It's tiring business isn't it image

    EF - I hope Louise has a mummy night tonight. It's hard when they're like that isn't it - I always tell myself it's just a phase but it can feel quite tough at the time. I often feel the same about having to do all the boring stuff whereas with daddy it seems to be 100% funtime.

    Right, better get on with some work. Have an afternoon at my desk which is most unusual and actually quite nice. Loads to catch up on though....

  • Thanks Tatty B!

    Yve it was a competition to find 6 people to train for specific times in VLM next yr, with the help of coaches like Liz yelling, given expert nutritional advice, and training schedules.  In return they have to blog on the forum to help other runners and to share their experiences.  They had about 2500 entries (mine included, but alas I didn't get in!) and have shortlisted it to about 18, and we, the forumites get to vote for the final 6.  lucozade super 6  you can vote for 1 person in each category, but you don't have to vote in each category if you don't want to.

    GET VOTING! (ok I'll shut up now)

  • done.  must admit i voted for the ones that looked like they were furthest from their target time.  some of them were only a couple of mins outside their targets from previous PBs.  but i did vote for rio, caro!
  • blimey - there were a lot of you at 'it' last night.

    good luck for your scan tomorrow, TB.

  • Good luck TB!

    Hope the 'it' worked last night Minks image!

  • Thanks guys, I would be so pelased if she gets it - and she would too image

    M still happily munches away on the cat food, piece after piece, as if its the nicest thing in the world. So I thought I'd try it.......image  Gross.  I don't know what she sees in it!  I know the obvious solution would be to pick it up, but the poor cat has had a hard enough time since she came along, so I don't want to take his food away as well.   Plus I buy quality cat food so I don't think it will do her any harm.

    Club tonight, and I'm going to take a longer way to the track to add another couple of miles in.  Hubby is away Fri-Tues so no running for me  image 

  • Caro - Am sure M will be horrified by the idea of eating cat food once she is a bit older!
    Right, off to vote!
  • Hehe - can't believe you tried the cat food Caro, that is dedicated parenting image 

    I'm glad you asked what the super six thing was Yve because I had no idea either.  I do now though and have voted for your chum. 

    Zac is just watching Waybuloo which is, apparently ,the funniest thing in the world today.   Infact, everything is funny today - which is great - he's obviously feeling better and is much more lovely now he's back to normal image  

    We were at Sing and Sign this morning and he suprised me by doing the signs for bee, worm and spider - never seen him do them before.  Plus he was trying his best to jump along with one of the songs which was very cute - lots of concentration but not much official jumping success!  The signing is funny - he does some really random ones - plane, helicopter - and then, his favourite, CAKE!  If we go in Starbucks or similar he runs straight over to the cake display and says "kek, kek, kek" and is frantically doing the sign for it too.  image wonder where he gets that from.  hehe.

    I had all good intentions of running but have a bit of a sore stomach today so thought I would take it easy (worry, worry) plus I did 3 miles walking with Z in the carrier yesterday and my buttocks are really feeling it today.  That is a good workout!

    Hope the scan goes OK tomorrow TB.

  • Hee hee, TB, we have a 'kek' monster here too. In fact, he is currently tucking into choc sponge for his pud (has already demolished a huge pile of fruit salad!). It's a messy business though! Crumbtastic.image Glad Z is better now.

    Caro - mmm, cat food! Think ours can keep their James Wellbeloved to themselves though!

  • Isabelle also a big fan of cake. I asked her what she'd had to eat at nursery today - "cheewios, fwoot, CHOCWATE" was the answer I got!

    I voted too - chose all the women!

    Caro - Isabelle has definitely had the odd bit of cat food in her mouth, but not sure whether she's ever actually eaten it. Don't fancy trying it myself! Our poor cats get tormented whilst they try to eat - Isabelle now sits on the work surface when we come down in the morning, partly so she can see what's going on, and also to allow the cats a bit of peace to eat!
  • Good track session, but not sure running 3 miles 1st was entirely sensible!  However, it means once I get Thursdays run in as well it will be a 29 mile wk for me, so every mile counts!

    If I do decide to run a spring marathon, training will start around xmas.  So given that (for me anyway) I feel like I am  working hard at the moment (when I ran FLM in '07 I think only 1 of my training wks was >30 miles whereas now I am running 25-30 every wk) should I take it a bit easier for 2-3 wks in Dec before starting marathon training -ie about 15- 20 miles a wk for 2- 3 wks instead of my 25-30?  To me that makes sense but I am no marathon expert. 

  • Ooh, a Christmas wind-down. Sounds like a plan to me!
  • caro - image

    our poorly cat came home last night - full of beans.  i thought i had locked the cat flap to stop her going out, but i hadn't obviously.  she went out last night and we haven't seen her since.  which is a bit of a worry as she is on 2 lots of pills - one x 1 daily and one x 2 daily, and she hasn't been back to have any of them.  oh dear.  even when she does come back, i have no idea how i will get them down her as she is very very skitty and doesn't let you approach her.  that is why hubby ended up with a hand like a balloon and one tetanus injection and 4x500mg antibiotics daily for a week when he tried to catch her on saturday...

    it is wild here.  i am planning a 7 miler at lunchtime, although i may revise that plan as even the birds can't fly in this wind today.  i watched an egret trying to fly over a field, and it could hardly stay in the air this morning.

    we are off to dorset this weekend for some R&R.  well, with 2 kids in tow it will be same old same old but just with fewer things to keep them occupied indoors.  hmmmm... we are visiting monkey world but other than that, no idea.  will take my runners and keep fingers crossed for no gales.

  • oooo and excitement of excitements.  i will get to see J in his nativity play this year!!! it is not the week i'm in wokingham with work on a course so i can go.  i am soooooooooooooooo thrilled!!!!  i missed it last year as i was in hemel and this is the last time he will be in a nursery production.  he is a king ('i bring you go-wowld' is his big line and he repeats it about 20 times a day) and is looking forward to it so much.  he would have been devastated if i hadn't been there.  and i would never have got over the guilt of missing it - even though i know it will be rubbish.  image

    he is going through a very mummy phase at the moment.  when i am away he repeatedly tells hubby, 'i don't like you daddy.  but i love mummy'.  not good...

  • Er...ok so I tested positive this morning! image and image!  I'm not sure when my period is due exactly but I reckon it's around now... I'm trying not to get too excited because I don't really feel like I have any symptoms apart from being a bit bloated, so it makes me worry things might not all be well again - hopefully I'm just being paranoid.  Not sure how long to wait before seeing the midwife... Hubby has gone to work looking like a rabbit in headlights, even though it was his idea to start trying again now!

    So that was all really...

    Caro - can't believe you tried the cat food, never mind let M happily munch on it!  Mind you if it's quality stuff...most of the stuff we have appears to contain "ash"...  I try to feed our cats while S is safely restrained in the highchair having her tea!

    Right, the old "mama cuggle" has started up again so I'd better obey...

    TBird - lol at Z's kek obsession!  S has started doing signs for things and actions to songs too, it's really cute!

  • JG - imageimageimage!! Try not to worry, if it's only just positive you won't necessarily have many symptoms yet. (())
  • yay JG!! very early days yet.  i don't think you need to worry at all about not having any symptoms.  some people have none at all ever (lucky lucky people!!).  yay!!!!

  • All I had with JP was sore boobs in the early stages. The only reason I did a test was because I felt 'funny'. That was at 6 weeks. Once I knew though, other symptoms started!
  • Woooo - nice work JG - I was wondering whether there was any news image  Sure the lack of symptoms is because it is so early, but I would be the last person to tell you not to worry because I know it's not that simple.  I have been Ms Worry the last couple of days, but I think having a miscarriage probably just robs you of the lovely innocence of  pregnancy that you have to start with - that where you don't even consider that anything could go wrong.  Anyway, great news !

  • I did a test when I was only 3 days late cos my boobs hurt and my running was really pants. Mile reps had dropped from 6 min miling to 6.45 miling. I knew something was up.

    Well done JG. I don't like people who never have any symptoms. Sickness is pretty much gone for me now, but am just left feeling constantly hungry instead. Oh well!!!

    Haven't tried out my new cross-trainer yet. Pilates tonight, and club tomorrow night, so may get up on friday morning, as mornings seem better now. Still have rotten cold, so need to be a bit careful.

    I would run low mileage now, but keep one run quite long. Say 10-15 miles on sat or sunday, just so you can get up to 17 or 18 pretty quickly after christmas. I like to get as many 18 plus runs under my belt, which is different to Liz Yelling's beliefs. But then she keeps quite a high level all year anyway, which is different to most folks. I was doing 45-50 leading up to xmas, but started to increase my weds and sunday runs just before xmas, as you have more time with partners around and seems a shame not to run really. I then built up to 60 ish over the next month after xmas, and then Feb/March was running 75 mpw. If that helps at all.

    Ha! Now I'm running 15-20 mpw. Ha!

    Right still hungry after enormous cheese and ham sandwich. What else can I have? image

  • I know what you mean about worrying Tallbird. I had an early scan at 7 weeks cos of miscarriages and twin risk. Can you get an early scan to out your mind at ease?

    How was your scan TB?

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