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  • LOL, CM, especially the car seat bit. JP did an almighty chunder once, when I was on my way to a conference in Cambridge. We were about 5 miles away from our hotel and suddenly heard this horrible squelching noise. Cue 6 month old covered in spew. I don't think the car seat ever recovered!

    ((KK)) Such a tough decision, I know how you feel. Once you get settled into the routine of being a new mum, it's great and it's tricky to then get back into 'work mode'. We can't afford for me not to work either, and although I would've liked to have gone part time, the job I managed to get is full time. Still, I guess I can see how it goes this year and then maybe try and reduce my hours if practical. CM is right, getting the childcare right is so crucial -we've always been lucky in that we're very happy with JP's nursery. I don't think I'd be happy about going back to work if he wasn't so settled.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    lol at the vomitting!  Whist Nate wasn't too bad Lexis reflux means numerous puking incidents per day she also has an explosive bott (maybe the two are linked!)
  • X-posts JT, wish that was the case or we'd be seriously at it right now! (hmm, maybe not *right* now!). To get full entitlements, you need to have been working for your current employer for a minimum of 26 weeks by the time you are 29 weeks pregnant. Additionally, you need at least 12 months' continuous employment with one or more local authorities (this can include your current employer). Unfortunately my previous employment dates back nearly 5 years so it can't be counted. Boo!
  • Ah well, yes it would appear that we were lucky on the vomit front. LB (& I) did get the winter vomiting bug three times but not much volume went on his sheets (he saved the worst for Mummy & Daddy's clothes!

    Twas sunny here in Cornwall until today, when it has pee'd down since we woke up and is still pee'ing down. Hope it clears up for tomorrow or we'll go stir crazy.

  • LOL CM, I've been in stitches!!

    We had waterproof mattress with both and have one now for S too. Its not so much the baby sicky stuff its tomato pasta sicky bugs that they get when they start nursery!!

    Just waded my way round 7.5 miles, my god, its horrendous. Hubbie just gone out and I fear its gotten even worse!! image

    Harry's eyes are pretty much the same, but we get a new voucher so he can choose some new glasses next week, he is very excited about that!!

    Boo to maternity pay TB.

    Right need to get madam bathed she is very grumpy and tired after being carted around the hospital and supermarket and Daddy's over enthusiastic playing this afternoon!!!

  • Pink - just to confuse you - neither of mine were wrigglers so I found it easier to just put a blanket over them at first as it made changing them in the middle of the night a bit easier! I did have grobags and just didn't use them for the first 6 months - used them ever since then though - they are great once they do start kicking off blankets!

    Is it just me of does anyone find that cbeebies doesn't work when the weather is bad??!! Very glad I have a Night Garden dvd to bung on!
  • PINK- Only bit of good advice not already given is not to buy too much. It's amazing how much clothes, bedding, toys etc suddenly appear on the doorstep and with xmas you could easily end up with far more than you need. Really - you only need a few sheets and blankets until the gifts have stopped coming and then you can see what's missing!

    TB- must be frustrating putting the trying on hold when it's not the easiest thing for you. Hope your injury clears too.

    KK- I have job wobbles on a daily basis, can you perhaps negotiate some different tasks rather than a total change? Also agree about getting childcare sorted to ease your worries!

    CM- eldest used to vomit everywhere, including down my top, in woolworths, in my bag, etc. Of course I am still going to invent my vomit catcher for babies one day & you'll be seeing me on dragons den.

    Right off to book a weekend in Oxford...yippee

  • JG - yay to Nicholas coming home and being on the mend imageimageimage

    TB - boo to the injury. Hope it clears after a couple of days rest.

    MM - I used Mothercare BF bras. I only ever really found one that fit me nicely A-B cup, so bought 2 of them.

    I have always gone with gro bags as soon as Leila was big enough to fit in them. She is still in one now. I never bothered with the matress protector either. She has been sick a few times in the night, but managed to whip the sheets off in time, and then cover with a towel until the morning.

    Have fab weekends away Camlo, Kinsey & Johbo. We are off to the Gower again tomorrow evening until Tuesday, so hope the weather holds there too.

    RB - hope the weather improves in Cornwall. We had a fab camping trip there last week and had 4 lovely beach days. We were about a mile away from Watergate Bay. I have a photo I took for you that I will post on the Mums Running Wall on FB as it is too big to fit on here.

    Had some friends round this morning with their kids. Four 2 year olds all grabbing and shouting "mine"!! Then swimming this afternoon. I am now waiting for hubby to get home so that I can get out for a run. Although it is looking horrid out there so may settle for a glass of vino and the football. 

    I have somehow been roped into taking someone from works race number for the Windsor half though, and the furthest I have run post mara is 8 miles. And the race is in 4 weeks. So maybe I should get out for a 5-6 mile tempo run in view of that!

  • Going to Wycombe - any ideas what to do Sunday/ Monday?? Obviously the outlet village at Bicester will have to be squeezed in. We are staying in an apartment which gives use of a gym so may sneak a session in there if I can! 2 nights for 4 adults and the 2 tweenies was £185 which I didn't think was too bad for a bank hol?

    Anjelicals- I am doing Lake Vyrnwy in 2 weeks and also have a lack of long runs since the marathon so in the morning I am meeting up with about 4 of my club and we have a 12 mile flat planned. Hard to get long runs in though when time is tight-good luck with your tempo run! 

  • yes - totally MM. the tomato pasta vomit is bad.  one time J vommed the entire length of the hall as i was frantically trying to carry him to the bathroom - i was sliding all over the place in the sick on the wooden floor.  it was spag bol... image. up the walls, behind the radiator, under the skirting board...

    pink - it's not *all* sick.  but there is a fair amount of it.  you get used to it all though - poo, wee, vomit, snot. all in an hour's work!

    have my two wee ones sleeping here for the next 2 nights.  imageimage

    did 3 miles this morning before it started raining.  managed to run for 21 minutes in total and walk for 12, so i think next time i go out, i will just run 3 miles and see how it fares.  it does feel a bit stiff tonight so about to do my exercises and will swim tomorrow, rest on Fri, and try a plod when i am down with my folks on sat.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    and exercise caution when baby is facing into you in a sling, specially when they have reflux - spent one lunctime in a bank queue with vomit down my cleavage - lovely!
  • Also been out running in the horrendous rain, my running jacket couldn't cope, shouldn't have bothered wearing it really!
    Lol at all the vomiting stories! Maybe I should invest in a mattress protector. We have been lucky that even with her reflux Maggie has saved most of her huge vomits to all over me or daddy not the cot, easier to change our clothes than the bed image

    KK- wow, you have exactly echoed my thoughts! I'm also a post doc, all lab work. Not missing it much either! I want to go back part time but its hard to fit experiments into a short week, thinking I could probably squeeze my work into 3 days but would need help to set up exps (we don't have any technicians unfortunately). I only have 4 months of my grant left so will finish that (have to do at least 3 mths as I took the maternity pay). Doubt I will get another grant anyway as I haven't been there to write it or encourage my boss to write it! But kind of like the idea of being forced into a career change by lack of job!
    Childcare big issue too of course, so expensive here that many of the nurseries are more than my salary!

    Sorry have now also vented!
  • lol Chynah! Have had very similar experience, goes nice and crusty by the time you get the bra off image
  • OK so I know what you're referring to, but will someone please tell me what AF stands for??!!

    Pink we swaddled until about 6m old, using swaddle blankets off e bay.  Cannot remember the make but similar to this so there is a pocket for the feet and then you wrap the wings around and fasten with velcro.

    We're off to Wiltshire this wk end to stay with my dad, and will visit my friend in Bristol and her new baby, about 2 wks old I think.

    Our stairs for the loft are going in tomorrow.  Absolutely dreading what I am going to come home to.  Can already see the cracks in the ceiling.

  • Blimey lots of posts to catch up with.

    Lol at the vomit talk - all so very true.

    TB - must be so handy having your own physio on hand although  the downside would be that you have to do as he tells you or he will catch you! Hope it is better soon.

    Hope all the holiday makers have good times - Camlo, Kinsey, Anjelicals & Johbo.

    Well done on the race MM. You must be pleased how quickly you are getting back. And Caro too it doesn't seem to have taken you long to get your speed back after the injury. 

    Great reps there CC. What 10k is it you are training for again? We are definately all going away the October break when I do the marathon, have provisionally booked the boat to fit in with Leicester dates but can be changed if I got the chance of Abingdon which I would prefer. We will be staying in Aberdeen for a bit of the time so maybe we could take a trip up and say hello!

    I did 2 runs today. A very slow 3 miles with the dog early this morning and then my track session tonight. Quite windy here today so the reps were very tough. 2 mile w/u on the road at average 7.17 pace then 3x1 mile reps on the track  (6.14, 6.18, 6.24mm) with 400 jog recoveries. Mile cool down. It hurt and as you can see I died on the last rep! Still as always it feels great to have done the session.

    Walked up to the shop this morning with the twins. Its a mile away and we went without the buggy. Which was fine until we had just left the shop to come home and we were hit by a downpour. Of course rain here is never vertical - always horizontal with the wind and it was straight into our faces all the way home. The boys had a sense of humour failure and no amount of singing would cheer them up. It certainly does not feel like August anymore, we have gone straight into winter.

    Reece managed to come home from school minus his pants! But they had done swimming today so not  a great mystery as to how he lost them except when I asked him what happened to his pants he told me "they flew off when he was on the rollercoaster" ?! What an imagination. 

  • Aunt Flo - aka your period! Seen it on other forums somewhere...
  • Camlo - Odds Farm Park is a junction or so down the M40. That is quite nice for little ones, but if you have the older ones too, it is probably a bit childish. What sort of thing do you want to do? 

    Went out for 5 or so miles. Didn't take my garmin, so not certain. It POURED the whole way round. I couldn't have got any wetter. Did the middle bit harder than normal pace, and felt good apart from all the squelching. Just demolished Spaghetti and Meatballs and have managed to stay off the wine so feeling very self righteous!

    Caro - I think that AF stands for Aunt Flow? Period... I might have that totally wrong though image 

  • Flew off when he was on the roller coaster!! image
  • CM - love the vomit description, gave me a much-needed chuckle image

    Had a bit of a teary moment this morning as everything just hit me and the enormity of what *could* have happened, then a bit of a doze on hubby on the sofa this afternoon and felt much better.

    FIL is getting moved down to London tomorrow or Friday and operation prob in about a week.  Hubby is fretting about it already, poor thing.  So my mum is booked to come up on Friday.

    Sorry have only skim-read back, I think TB you're not entitled to teaching maternity pay, is that right?  It's not that great anyway although if you go back you at least get 3 months half pay. 

    Anyway bedtime for me in a minute, I'm shattered.  Nicholas slept pretty well last night, just tossing and turning (as best a baby can) at times - enough to wake me up and make me think he needed feeding image.  Took him to the docs and saw a different doctor thank God who was very helpful and interested in what had happened.  He does have thrush again but it's ok to use the medicine so hopefully we can get that cleared up quickly.

  • Grrr, just lost post! Will keep it brief otherwise will get awfully grumpy if it happens again!!

    JG - pleased to hear Nicholas doing well after all the trauma! And pleased to hear you're getting there too - scary ambulance rides with babies don't do much for the BP do they? We had one with Megan at 4 days old, never known adrenaline like it!

    Vom descriptions hilarious - and always at the most inopportune of moments.

    TB - bummer on injury but bonus on the personal in-house physio, I've had niggly hammie for months but just don' seem to manage toever make it to a physio, Can't be the bad as have got such a low pain threshold that if it really hurt I;d have had it looked at before now!

    CM - glad you're settling in nicely. Enjoy your 2 evenings with J and E.

    EF - agree with you. They should issue locals in Edinburgh with cattle prods to allow them to get about at festival time. I have done a lot of "FFS, move' muttering under my breath when have stupidly ventured into town this month. Pardon my language ladies (and gent) but it really is trying!!

    CC - aye, its getting parky up here with a real nip in the mornings and evenings. I've had the heating on the past 2 nights. Easy to see hubby is away! Be back to xtra jumpers tomorrow night image

    Right, must go - been trying for an early night all week (bed by 10pm) and am determined to manage it!

    Big wave to all those I've missed - MM, Lotte, Kinsey, TurboT. Am reading and keeping up with you, just not posting much.

    BTW - loving the photo of the RB shop on Facebook!
  • OOh - knew I had forgotten someone. MINKS - hope Kit's head healing nicely. Another BP raising moment, kiddies are testing us mums lately aren't they?!
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    I don't worry about Lexi losing clothes (just yet) but her brother is obsessed with removing her socks - I put her in her chair, leave her for a moment and he's in there tugging them off!  Today he was tugging them off as I pushed them both round sainsburys in the double trolly - thought I'd lost one but he was hiding it!  Don't know what he's got against them.

  • LOL at the vom tales.  Lou saved her best for Andy's first time alone with her at night.  She chucked EVERYWHERE.  He phoned my mum to find out what to do which I found hilarious because one time when I was little I chucked all over the carpet and as it was 2am and my mother could not think straight she decided to hoover it up.  She bought a new hoover within about 24 hours.

    AF is Aunt Flo.  I think that's my fault!  Andy and I have always referred to  Aunt Flo en route, in residence or packing her bags.  Cringy really but true!

    Half a day to work, half a day to workimageimage

    Looked in fridge tonight and simply couldn't face anything there so went to Sainsburys at half eight for pizza.  Came home with, thankfully, pizza but also single bed set as Lou getting new bed when we're off, 2 books and a pair of goggles.  How did that happen?

    Sorry not to mention more of you, I read lots on the blackberry now but can't post on it cos it won't let me log in.  I am supposed to be having a shower now before we do our fortnightly pre cleaner tidy up.

    Oh, though, lastly I can't remember now Sonya when my peak day was!  must look back this forum as I was whinging about having to perform.  Good to know though.  I am thinking of digging out my private healthcare as am sure I am covered for fertility investigations though not treatment.  NHS are saying 18 months trying before they refer even though I'm over 35. I know it's only another 3 months but still, if I don't hurry up then there's no point cos what I want is a friend for Loubielou!

  • So much for an early night -sitting here unable to tear self away from Ultimate Big Brother. I clearly need help!!
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    EF - surely the NHS wouldn't know if it was really 18 months (or really 15??)  ?  Think I would just go for it if I was concerned. (maybe I'm just bad image )

  • Very funny about the vomit - we didn't have half as much with Aidan as with Martha. She did a special at a friends house when weaning and did about 6 bright orange voms on their rug in their living room. The shame.

    I seem to have missed out on big brother totally this time around - think its on too late for me as I try to get to bed early as we are still up by about 6am most days.
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