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  • CM - know how you feel about J starting school, can hardly believe that my eldest is about to start junior school and the middle one will start nursery at the school in January and Anna turned 7 months yesterday has 2 teeth and is sitting up by herself already! Where does the time go ... ??? Enjoy your time with the kids this week - hope J enjoys the circus.

    CC - am loving the sound of your runs by the sea and dips in it too. I tried running on sand when at the in-laws, think I lasted for about 30 seconds before retreating to the coastal path - far too hard for me!

    Camio - hope Archie's mouth is okay today.

    Kinsey - Anna is doing something similar to Aiden and has started waking at about 2am most nights. Think we need to up the amount of food she's getting during the day as she's starving when she wakes and will down a 6oz bottle really quickly and then go straight back to sleep. She's 18lb + and is fitting into the 6 to 9 month clothes with no room to spare so am hoping it's just a case of getting more food into her. Still, at least I don't have to get up in the night during the week - rule in our house is that whoever is working doesn't have to do the night-time feeds so it's all down to Daddy now image

    Did my 12 miles this weekend so am still on track with my long runs at least. Did one mile warm up, 10 miles at 8:34 pace, and one mile cool down. Bit worried I might be peaking too soon though as for the first time in ages really didn't fancy running today. Forced myself to go to the gym but just couldn't get going on the dreadmill at all. Don't know what's happened to me as used to be able to run on treadmills with no problem at all but since I've started back at work and back at the gym I just can't get to grips with it. Keep feeling like I'm going to fall off the back and then feeling kind of dizzy while running (which I don't get at all outside). Ho-hum, gonna have to find another way to fit in the midweek runs that doesn't involve doing a Lotte every day as I'm really not that much of an early bird.

    Hope everyone else all had good bank holiday weekends. Have a good week everyone.

  • Wow 7 months Karen, I can hardly believe that too!  And J starting school, CM!  Nicholas was a month on Saturday, although it has been a long month image.

    Anyway my mum has now left - a relief in many respects although it was nice to have her around, she is very annoying and never stops wittering on about stuff that is just not interesting!  And she needs to be told what to do to help, otherwise she just sits on the sofa!

    The little man is currently on his playgym, looking quite lively.  He's been snoozing most of the morning.

    I have a bf question - he didn't seem to have a huge feed this morning (had one side, then not v interested in other, normally has both) then slept for hours while we were out at the park and having lunch, and it was 4.5 hours since his last feed by the time he finally woke up to demand some (after I'd taken him out of the car seat).  Then he's been ages on one side (the not so good side I thought) and isn't bothered about the other, but seems perfectly happy.  My question is just about how long should they go between feeds?  Last night he just fed and fed and fed all evening and screamed in between image and I want to avoid that if possible.  Can I sort of instil a routine on him to get him feeding more regularly?  He's doing well at night in that he sleeps between feeds, and feeds every 3-4 hours, then in the day it can be every 1.5 hours or even less.  Is this normal?

    Obviously I'm extra concerned because I want him to put on weight, and I worry when he stays asleep for ages between feeds and wonder if I should wake him up after 3 hours?

  • JG - sounds like you are doing well.  i was advised with E (who was a v reluctant feeder and not gaining weight) not to let her go more than 4 hours between feeds, but it was always a problem getting her to be interested at all.  if he will feed when you wake him, then trying feeding him every 3 - 4 hours in the day.  you may find the evening thing is in fact colic and not really anything to do with him being hungry.  J was like that for a good while, and E never really settled in the evenings until she was about 4 months.  but after a while, i stopped trying to feed E when she fretted all evening as she never really took much, screamed and then just vomited.

    if he demands food in the day, i would go with it and feed him as much as he wants.  there is a theory that if you overfeed them in the day, this can cause colic in the evening as they are so full of sugary foremilk from having lots of snacky feeds in the day. so try to make sure he is having a full feed each time during the day (which it sounds like you are doing) and then wake him 3 - 4 hours later if he hasn't demanded more.

    says she - who had zero success in b/fing either of hers and ended up expressing every feed!

  • JG - I'd probably try waking him too, but if that isn't successful then go with when he wants to feed. I guess they are still want to do regular checks on his weight?
    Although Martha never really lost weight she would feed and feed and also scream in the evenings. The evenings got better after about 12 weeks but she never really had a good feeding pattern until she weaned!

    Karen - I'm not sure I can fit any more food in Aidan - he just ate more than Martha at tea time again. My only slight dilemma is that I am still bf at bed time and I can't decide whether he might get any more sustenance from a formula feed? If I try formula then I will be effectively ending bf which at this point is quick and painless!
  • Hi All, hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.

    JG - I am no expert on any aspect of baby rearing (!) but I was told again and again by HV's, midwives etc to definitely feed James at least every 4 hours in day, and preferably every 3. It seemed to work, as he slept through from 13 weeks and it helped my sanity no end to have afixed routine during the day. Of course babies don't really do routines do they, and its bound to go to pot sometimes. I would say that James didn't really fall into the routine until he was about 8 weeks, so maybe N is just still too small to worry about it too much.

    woo hoo to finishing your exams PP. Hope you get your 2:1. I'm sure Abi will be proud of her clever mummy whatever happens. Don't know how you managed to do your revising with a baby around, I can barely concentrate enough to read a newspaper!

    Glad to hear your leg is getting better TB.

    I've got an injury related question. Last week I started getting pain on the inside of my right calf, close to the shin bone, but not actually on it. It is tender to touch and feels like there is a bit of a lump there as well. It hurts to run on and for a while after as well. I really hope its not shin splints. I've never had them before so don't really know what they are... Anyone had anything similar, or know what it could be?

    Suppose I'd better go to the dr's about it, but not sure how much use a GP will be.
  • Hi all,
    Not a great bank hol for me, have caught a nasty flu like thing and spent most of it in bed. Kind of lucky that it was the bank hol though so had hubby around to help with Maggie. Still feel terrible today so hubby worked from home, I'll have to survive on my own with Mags tomorrow though, this is my first experience of being properly ill with baby to look after! I know I have to get used to it!
    Anyway, enough whining from me. Have some v. exciting news too, Maggie has started sleeping through!! Only taken 23 weeks! Has been a few days now but didn't dare say it out loud for first couple in case i jinxed it! Some mornings she wakes around 5.30 but if we ignore her (hubby always turns volume off on monitor) she often goes back to sleep or just chats for an hour or so. Was 7.30 this morning before she stirred! Really lucky as I need the time in bed! We've put a bumper on the end of her cot that seems to have helped as she kept getting her arm stuck through the bars.
    Hope those babies that have started waking, Kinsey and Karen, stop doing it again soon. Does weaning make them wake more?! Just started weaning Maggie, only teaspoons of baby rice so far, still giving her all other milk feeds of course, plus dream feed which we're too scared to give up quite yet. I'm using Annabel as my guide but my illness has prevented much pureeing so is it bad to keep doing baby rice for a few days? She says to get onto pureed veg by day 3, then different veg/fruit everyday to give them lots of different tastes.

    Oops, I am waffling on (on a paracetamol high image).
    JG- agree with others that you should probably try waking him and see how it goes. Maggie has never shown much interest in feeding so I have to watch the clock, we have a very set evening routine now, BF pre bath then bath and bottle with daddy before bed. She really thrives on this routine now and is always asleep by 7.30pm. But... we did have many weeks of screaming meltdowns in the evenings before things settled a few weeks ago (about 4mths old then).

    Waffling again, sorry!
    Great running CC, CM and Karen.
    How did the hill reps go CC?! Are you still exploring new routes?
    CM- great your back out there, good running after 6 weeks off! Enjoy your days with kids, moscow state circus sounds cool!
    Karen - everyone has off days, and the dreadmill is boring after lovely outdoor runs. Haven't been running for a over week and probably won't for a few more days, so my HM is turning more into a just get round race!

    Right, back to wallowing on the sofa in front of the telly while my lovely hubby makes me some food image
  • Thanks for the tips - no screaming tonight though we have had a few burps so I guess that's helped!  He's fed pretty often all afternoon but seems content now so I think he's made up for the long gap.  Will try to keep him more regular in future, although it's hard when you're out and about with a toddler!

    Bed for me now...this is when he wakes up for a feed I bet image.

    Btw, TBird are you lurking?  Was just thinking about you earlier for some reason and wondered if you were still around, though have seen you on Facebook image How are you getting on?

  • Only a quick post - JG I know that 3-4 hrs is preferable in the day but actually there is a school of thought that babies have to learn to sleep longer so if they are sleeping you can let them go on & yes you may then get a hungry feed session all evening but ultimately they will have longer spells which hopefully will be during night hours.  My HV also had to remind me that Babies need a lot more sleep than many of us give them and told me not to stress when Archie had marathon naps in the day. 

    CM - the circus sounds great, will be nice to do whatever you want with them now!

    Met up with some club mambers tonight for a very hilly 5miles but was rewarded with fabulous views of at least 20 miles in each direction!  Tripped and fell over but luckily no damage.

  • JG M never went longer than 2 hrs during the day until she was 6m old and weaned.  However she slept through from 10 wks so I didn't mind feeding her contsantly in the day as I got my peace at night.  She was also extremely colicy and never actually slept during the day properly until she was 6m old as well!!  Not sure I agree with the school of thought about too frequent feeding and colic, I did soooooo much research at the time, and I just think it was just her, and there was nothing I could do to change it really.
  • all this talk of feeding / screaming / sleeps reminds me why i don't like babies!!! honestly - i REALLY don't!

    mind you, it doesn't necessarily get any easier, it's just that when they are so small and vulnerable, you feel like every feed is the end of the world if it doesn't go right.  and you live in fear that everything you do will have repercussions in the feeding / sleep department. now, E will tip her bowl of food on her head and her milk on the floor, and it's no drama.  however, just a year ago when she still wasn't feeding, i would get stressed in advance of every feed.

    i actually can't wait for J to start school.  he may only have been 4 last month, but his questions are endless.  yesterday evening at about 6.30pm, we had the 'mummy, why didn't people exist when dinosaurs existed'.  so - yes, we had the 'evolution' conversation.  i think i confused the hell out of him.  'so mummy, did nanny used to be an ape before she was a person?'.  argh!! and clara (our nanny) said yesterday on the way back from the park, J was asking her 'what makes it rain?' and 'where did the sun come from'.  pre-school (which was part of the church school) told him that God did all these things, which is a nice easy answer, but not the entire explanation!

    and then there was the image x a million factor - we were walking down caerleon high street and we walked past a lady in a wheelchair being pushed by 2 carers.  she was obviously suffering from severe learning difficulties and had sunglasses on and was at an odd angle in her chair and covered over with a blanket.  J walked past, holding his friend Alex's hand, and said in the loudest possible voice 'That's a dead lady'.  we were literally shoulder to shoulder with the carers at that point.  i tried to shush him up immediately, but he just said 'no mummy. it is. she's dead', and his friend alex then piped up 'yes, dead'.  in the end, alex's mum put her hand over their mouths because they were being SOOOO loud.  obviously i did the whole - 'that is a poorly lady being taken for a walk. she's not dead and we mustn't say things like that' thing.  but aside from the intense embarrassment, it was quite funny - that J thinks people might take a corpse for a nice walk on a friday afternoon. but then he is convinced, i mean absolutely convinced that trolls definitely DO exist, so why not i guess!?

  • ooh - did 2.9m this morning at 9.44 minute mile pace so I'd say I'm getting a bit quicker. Really want to get under 30 mins for the 5k on Sunday!!!!
  • Glad all the sick/injured little ones are doing well! Been lurking but not posting much.

    Really enjoying my running again after dumping the training schedules. Just running most mornings for 5km at whatever pace I feel like and do longer run (currently 90mins and growing) on a Sat morn with running buddy. All the children that I mind are now at school 9 til 3 except one and she goes to nursery from 1 til 3:30, so planning to run with the buggy 3 to 4 afternoons a week as well as my morning runs. Got up and ran at 6:30 this morning even though I'm not working til 3 today, wanted to keep day free to spend with Camryn as I'm out most of this evening.

    Got to go to local college straight after work to update my details on new refurbished childcare website and then running with running buddy at 7:30pm. Have already made the dinner for tonight cos hubby is useless image, this afternoon I'm planning to cycle with teeny in the trailer to see new sculpture that has been erected near my house. Then only got the older kids afterschool today so going to bake some cherry shortbread with them.  

    Bl**dy plantar faciitis still annoying me but keep forgetting to stretch regularly so my own fault, part of the reason I'm running every day is because it seems to help my foot STRANGE BUT TRUE. If i go a day without running my foot is much more uncomfortable, running in the morning gives it a good stretch out a bit like having a sports massage. Now if I could remember to stretch it out a couple of times during the day it might actually be completely pain freeimage.

    Running the GSR 10k at the weekend, just going to run round and enjoy the atmosphere as know my time would not be great and running buddy has a knee injury too so we'll just have a natter on the way round and go for a coffee after.

    Weight is on the way down again after about 9months of losing and gaining the same few pounds, so just going to keep running my butt off (literally) til i get skinny again and then will start training properly and do some half marathons.

    CM- it sounds like you are doing really well, I know it is heart wrenching at first getting used to not having the kids all the time, but it will get easier, especially as they get older and it will just become normal. I empathise on the hills, my local area is the same but you get used to it and eventually even start to enjoy it, not much fun if you are running with a buggy mind image.

    TT ;0)

  • great running, TT - you have sorted yourself out a great routine, which is some going with all those kids to mind! hope foot improves...

    the thing is i actually don't want to get used to not having the kids - i don't want it to get easier.  but i suppose once i am sure that they are happy and can see that they aren't suffering as a result of the disruption to their lives, i may settle more into it and start enjoying my time when i don't have them. at the moment, they both cling to me like their lives depend on it, and J doesn't want to go out today because he knows he is not coming back here, but going to daddy's house.  that is hard... E also drones 'mummeeee mummeeee' in a really low voice all the time.  it's not her normal voice - it's like something coming from deep inside her.  perhaps i am imagining it because of the guilt etc, but it is almost like something primeval coming from her. i do worry that they are so young, and that effectively they are being abandoned by their mother 50% of the time, and i can't help but worry what that will do to their developing minds and emotions.  it's not that i think i am something indispensable for them - i just do know that for very young kids, the maternal bond is so important because it is that that helps them develop emotionally. that is what worries me more than anything.

  • Back from fab weekend, was very chilly at night, but weather behaved on the whole and we had lots of beach, trains, walking, swimming, pub gardens etc. Perfect bank holiday weekend image.

    Madam was rather sicky at the weekend though, think she has a bit of a cold poor love. Still sleeping fine though.

    Routines I have always been rather a stickler for I must admit. I had the boys in a routine from early on and have done the same with S. The one thing that we did struggle with is the evenings, but I also found the all afternoon cluster feeding was not helping, so I started to stretch her in the afternoons as the HV reckoned her colicky evenings were down to this non stop feeding. So around 9 weeks I cut this out and fed her at 2.30-3pm and then I make her wait (sounds very cruel I know!!) until after bath around 6-6.15pm for her next feed, and then she goes down really well at 6.45-7pm. Before this she was on and off all afternoon and then of course I had next to nothing to give her after her bath so we then had all evening feeding too and screaming. She started sleeping through 11pm-7am at 8 weeks and we cracked the evenings around 10 weeks.

    So I feed her 7am, 11am, 2.30pm and 6pm and then she has EBM at 10pm. She sleeps now for 30-45 mins 9-10am, 2-2.5 hours 12-2.30pm and then sometimes has a cat nap in the afternoon if we go out anywhere. I have just started giving her a bit of water in a cup in the afternoons too. She is 14 weeks and weighs about 11.5lb so still pretty small.

    Your pics on FB are fab CC, love the after school swimming. We used to go to the beach after school as kids. Fabulous, my two would love that. Maybe hubbie should go for the Barnstaple job!!!

    Boys back at pre-school today, mixture of pleased but also rather sad as we have had a great summer. J was desperate to go back though, needs the routine and stimulation I think. Also getting so many questions. harry asked me why the grass was wet yesterday when we got out of the tent. The f course we got the 'Whats dew then Mummy?' and then 'Whats condensation Mummy?' And then 'Whats humidity Mummy?'. Arrrhhh!!! Daddy please help....!!!!

    Had some great runs at Studland. Fell over rather badly though on Sat and really hurt my knee which now looks rather black ready for the wedding we're going to this weekend!! Lovely run yesterday though all around Old Harry rocks, garmin switched off after half a mile so no idea how far or how long I was out which was rather nice actually  image!!

    Buggy run today as hubbie racing tonight, means am missing pilates. Might have to ask a friend to start baby sitting for an hour so I can go!!

    Sounds like you're going great guns TT. GSR is great except for the last mile along the sea front!!

    CM. You are doing so well and the very fact that the kids seem so desperate to see you and stay must mean so much. Enjoy your week with them, weather is going to be great at least.

    Right best get cracking with more washing, S is awake now too!!

  • OMG CM, that reminds me of when we were on holiday and we had a real image moment in JFK airport. There was a lady sitting opposite us with a HUGE afro and JP pointed at her and said, 'Look Mummy, it's a scarecrow!' I wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then! To make matters worse, he then proceeded to sing 'Dingle dangle scarecrow'...

    MM - definitely get a sitter, you need some me time!

    JP was a little monkey for feeding all evening and then screaming his head off. We got there eventually though! He also did some monster naps in the day - sometimes 3 hours plus even when he was quite big, but it never affected his sleep at night (until he was about 2). I always found (and still do) that the more he slept, the more he slept (if that makes sense!). we didn't really have a strict routine but did always do things in a pattern of feed/activity/sleep, and some things were always at the same time, eg. bath. It was a bit of a Gina/Baby Whisperer/my mum combo! Apart from here, I always got the best advice from her - I suppose with 6 children of her own, 7 grandchildren and years of childminding, her opinion should count for something!

    Great running going on as ever from too many to mention... Yay to the sub 10 min pace, Kinsey, you'll surely get under 30 mins on Sunday? 9.39 per mile... Lotte - when's the taper?

    back to club for me last night, but went with the slower group. Not so much for the pace, but the distance - my group usually does 8-9 miles at a fair old clip and my hip isn't up to that. Ended up doing 5.2 miles which is the furthest I've done since I bu**ered it last week. It felt OK but not right by any stretch of the imagination. Must keep up with the rehab... Still enjoying my biking as well, even if my backside isn't - have discovered bony prominences I didn't know I had!! LOL.

  • M pointed at a black lady out of thte car window and said 'monkey'......fortunately the windows were closed.!

    At aged 2 yrs and 1 month the questioning has started.  So far it is just one question over and over and over again, and it's not why?  It's 'whatcha doin?' and it's gone from zero to non stop in about 4 days!

    Great running TT and Kinsey, and others.

    Our house is a disaster zone today, I can't really go upstairs, mess everywhere and they are doing something on the landing today, not sure what.  Given that all the nappy stuff is upstairs and we don't have a downstairs loo it's rather inconvenient to say the least!   

  • We stayed in Ulwell CC. Was very nice and clean with indoor pool, pub onsite, playground etc. We spent day at south beach with walk to the rocks and around the head with boys. Went to Corfe Castle on train which was very pricey but boys loved it.

    Hard session last night. No garmin again, so did 6 x 3.5 mins with 90 secs rec. About 2 miles warm up and down. Reckon it was about 10k pace so maybe 6:30s or a tad under I hope. Speed is coming back. Just did 6 miles with buggy, about 8:30 pace.

    Sonya and RB. Meant to say, I have been using my running buggy from 5 weeks with a newborn head support. She seems fine in it and just gently sways from side to side. Just put her in her cot after the run and she has gone straight off to sleep so time for shower and lunch and then I need to draw up plans for den area for the pre-school!!

  • I find that the boys have very different minds to the girls. They need to know why everything works and the questions are endless. The girls less so. I struggle to answer  the questions Dylan asks now and often suggest we check on the internet or tell nim to ask his Dad. I'm not stupid but really couldn't give a fart how the electricity gets into our house - I just need to know I can switch a switch and it works! 

     Laughing at the non PC comments from the little ones. Have had quite a few similar situations over the years. ROLF at J thinking taking a dead person for a walk is normal!

    Sounds like a great weekend MM.

    Not having the best of weeks here. My Gran died on Monday night. We were expecting it and she has been ill for a long time. They stopped tube feeeding her on Friday so it was only a matter of days. A sad time but part relief that she is out of it now. You wouldn't have kept an animal alive they way they did her and she was always so dignified and strong during her life, a very good looking woman, so her last few years have been particularly difficult for everyone and she didn't like people, especially us grandchildren seeing her like that. My favourite memory iof her was at Christmas 5 years ago. She and my Auntie nipped outside for a fly fag (in the snow) and she leaned against a coal bunker thing and ended up falling inside it and got stuck. She had the most infectious laugh and we came outside to see what the roars of laughter were about and what a sight! Ended up with 6 of us in stitches totally unable to do anything to help the 80 year old woman out of the coal bunker!!  I've taken her death harder than I thought I would given that she has effectively been gone from us for a couple of years now. But I guess while she was still alive you can't really moarn her as such.

    I also have a really sore back. Lower left side. No idea why. It was fine over the weekend. Felt a bit stiff on Monday and then yesterday it was really sore. Doesn't particularly hurt to bend or anything but a deep pain inside it. Piriformis was a bit niggly on Monday so maybe related. Resting up but I have the GSR on Sunday - half marathon - so not feeling too positive about that now. Was already worried I have too many miles in the legs to run a decent time. Don't feel particularly enthused about the weekend away now but Emily is very much looking forward to her weekend with Mummy.

  • So sorry to hear your news Lotte.  I am always amazed when I find out that 'grown ups' still have grandparents as I lost my last one over 10 yrs ago.  I do sometimes wish I could have known them as a grown ups, and I hope Matilda's last as long as possible.

    Pic of crazy sister

    race report

    My sister competed in a race called 'race to the top of vermont' on Sunday, and came 3rd lady!  Sounds hideous - 4.3 miles and 2663 feet of ascent!  Basically a run up a mountain.  But even though I think she's nuts, I am still the proud little sister image

  • ((Lotte)) - so sad. Its awful to see them barely alive but very upsetting when they do die. Hope your back feels better soon and that everyone helps cheer you up.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    (((Lotte))) That's so sad for you, but a relief in a way that she is comfortable now and at peace.  Mine died many years ago now, but she was such a wonderful grandma - a feisty, spirited old bird too.  In their latter years my grandparents were unable to look after themselves any more - lots of falls at home, cue angry neighbours on the phone demanding to know what my parents were doing about it - and we didn't have the room at home to have them live with us.  They had to go into a care home and I always remember my grandma saying, when asked whether she liked it there, "Well, how would you like to be with all these miserable old bu&&ers every day?!" (She was one of the oldest there!)

    Hope your back feels better and your spirits lift in time for your half at the weekend.  I personally feel you've overdone it on the mileage - I'd have done about 16 miles at the weekend, 18 max, certainly NOT 21!! - but it's easy to be wise in hindsight.  Concentrate on having an easy week and try to surround yourself with lots of loving family and friends.

    CM, I nearly wet myself reading J's comment about the disabled person in the wheelchair.  I can't think of any really embarrassing comments Kit's made (yet!) but we too have endless questions all the time - lots of "why?" but other things too.  At the weekend he walked in on my MIL naked in the bathroom and apparently he just stood there and stared and started at her chest (she is rather well-endowed, especially compared with me, and mine are the only breasts he'd ever seen before!) Nothing phases my MIL and she took it all in her stride, luckily!

    The weather in Wales over the weekend was very mixed.  It rained heavily on Saturday afternoon and for much of Sunday and there was also an incredibly strong wind.  I got the short straw and ended up doing my long run in dreadful conditions on Sunday morning - then hubby had glorious sunshine and perfect calm for fishing on Monday.  It's easier to run in bad weather than to fish but this invariably means I get the worst day of the weekend for my run image  Have still been being fairly cautious with my Achilles injury - last week there was no pain but it felt rather stiff after a run - so did 8 miles for my long run (furthest I've been since mid-July!) and there was no stiffness at all, so will gradually get my long runs back on track now.  Will probably stick at 10-12 until we've been on holiday as no point in upping it too much then having 10 days off again.  Wales felt quite flat compared with my normal running routes from home!  I live at the top of a really steep hill now so over a mile at the end of each run is a tough climb image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    TT, good to hear from you and glad you're enjoying your running again.  Bummer about the PF though.

    Sonya, yay to Maggie sleeping through - that must make such a big difference to how you feel.

    JG, glad that Nicholas is doing well - lots of good advice on the BF for you here too.

    Caro, know how you feel re. the mess and inconvenience.  I had to use the hand-held shower in the bath all last week as our shower cubicle was leaking through the bathroom floor into the kitchen ceiling.  Not wishing the ceiling to collapse we decided not to use the shower until someone had been to look at it.  Hopefully it's just the sealant which has now been sorted, but showered with great trepidation this morning!  The problem with moving to a new house is all the little niggles you weren't aware of when you  bought!

    CM, I feel for you and your situation.  I'm sure they will be fine long term.  This period of adjustment will naturally be difficult for them, and for you too.  It's only normal for little children to want their mummy all the time - Kit has dreadful "Mummyitis" as hubby calls it - and it must be so hard for you when you can't be there all the time for them.  But they will adjust, and so will you.  Just make sure for now that you make the most of every second you spend with them - the good thing is that you can devote yourself totally to them without having half your attention on them and the rest on some household task you have to get done.   Hang in there ((()))

  • Also seem to have missed Sonya's post about being ill, hope you feel better now. My worst experience was in feb when I had the most awful stomach bug and coldie flu and was pregnant too. I was luckily staying at Mums otherwise I'm not sure how I'd have coped.

    Also missed that Maggie now sleeping through. Yeah to that. I slept so well last night in my bed after 3 days of blow up bed, that I feel really dazed today!!

    Glad you had good weekend Minks. LOL to MIL boobs. My two weren't quite sure what to make of mine when I was pregnant. Harry stood and stared one day and said 'What are they Mummy?!!!' I also often get asked why I don't have a willy and wee out of of my bottom, and I usually get asked this in a public loo never at home!!! image

  • Well done to your Sis too Caro, very impressive and love the report.
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