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  • JT - i had one of those moments with the GP when i took E there about her vomiting.  normally what happens when you take child to GP is that their symptoms miraculously disappear in the waiting room.  in E's case, however, i had an emergency appointment at the end of surgery, so had had to feed her while i was waiting, and when i got into the GP room, i took her off my shoulder to start undressing her, and she chucked EVERYWHERE. rather embarrassing, but at least he saw what i was on about and he sent us straight to children's a&e.

    the same thing happened while i was giving the nurse our booking in details.  in that case, she actually managed to hurl all over the nurse's notes!!

    JG - not surprising that you are suffering that after effects of all this.  is there someone you can talk to about it? do you get offered any counselling?  i think JT did get to discuss her case and what happened with someone (quite a long time) after Ted was so poorly; so perhaps you could ask if you can do the same.  it might help you deal with what happened and get over the guilt i guess you must be feeling about not knowing how ill he was.  in any case ((()))

  • You are all very lucky. I have had two vomiters who also wriggled a lot. They were in gro-bags very quickly. Madam is just as bad although not quite as sicky.

    Oh dear 3 people go...

  • Monsters were pretending to cry!!!!

    Just been for another wet run, is it going to stop? Camping will be grim this weekend if it doesn't. Boobs stll massively overproducing for morning feed, expressed off 12oz at 6am!!! She had 8 from the bottle at 7am apparently. Having massage tonight so can't run, but feeling very virtuous that running done till Sat now.

    LOL at pants lost on rollercoaster image! Labelling pants though JT, think I'd rather lose a few than waste the labels tbh.

    Sophie had managed to wriggle right to the other end of the cot this morning, she is front sleeping remember. We have a cot top changer and she was all the way underneath head bashing the end!!

    J vommed all over docs waiting room floor too one time, but I agree other times they do seem to just get better while waiting.

    Don't know that area too well Camlo, but Oxford is fab for day trip. I did my PhD there, fabulous city.

    Shame Caro you could have popped in to see us, we are literally minutes from Junction 17 or Leigh Delamere services.

  • Did another 5miles this morning, 10.38 minute miles so improvement is slowly occuring although I did 4 really slow ones and then a quick one to try and beat my time from the other day.
  • Didn't get offered counselling but I had several lengthy chats with the nurse looking after Nicholas who knew a lot about it so I sort of got some answers.  She was also very positive, making me look ahead rather than back all the time.  I guess eventually I'll stop torturing myself with endlessly going over "I wonder if that was a sign" all the time - like when he was sick after his first thrush treatment, the midwife said that was probably why but the doctor said it was unlikely to make him throw up.  I guess if he's ever "properly" sick again I'll just descend into panic...

    JT - you're right, it'll probably just be a case of never really knowing.

    Anyway, got to sort his medication out, feed him, get dressed and leave the house within the next hour...hmm wishful thinking!

  • Thanks all soooo much for the vomit stories  - I'm now planning to decorate the walls with vinyl wallpaper and wear a waterproof at all times imageimage

    Camlo, Bekonscot model village is worth a visit with little ones. I was brought up in Wycombe and it's a bit of a rite of passage in our family. We took all my neices there and we went as kids. There's a little model train that they just love.

    I'll second Odds Farm - haven't been myself but my parents have taken my neices loads.

    Lego Land isn't too far away in Windsor too.

  • JG / JT - i am sure there will always be the 'why us?' thing as to why did it happen to you? but what i was thinking was maybe there was a way of putting JG's mind at ease a bit about the way in which it came to light. i expect the worst thing is not actually dealing with the fact that Nicholas has a heart condition (although the worry about it will always be there and you will be paranoid every time you think he is off colour).  the worst thing will be the worry that if you *hadn't* taken him to the doctor's when you did etc, that the unthinkable could have happened.  the last thing you need is to end up suffering depression yourself or anxiety because of this.  which is why i wondered whether there was someone you could talk to if the anxiety started getting to you.
  • as for kids losing clothes - it is actually E who is the shocker.  she lost one of her first pair of shoes (she takes them off all the time), and she is always removing her socks. she can also get her shorts off (and she is not quite 18 months yet).  i have to watch her closely as losing shoes is a very expensive past time!
  • Crikey, lots to catch up with!

    Continued ((())) for JG, not surprised you had a bit of a wobble yesterday. You've coped amazingly well with all that's been thrown at you, and at a time when you're generally very emotional anyway. When you feel up to it, I would ask around if there's any support available, even if it's only meeting up with other mums who've had babies with similar conditions to Nicholas. It's a shame that my big sis is such a distant sort of person (quite the opposite to me, hates talking about emotions!) or I would put you in touch with her. I know she felt incredibly guilty about Christian because she felt like she'd 'failed' him somehow by not spotting his problems earlier, which was a natural thing to feel but completely unjustified because all the docs missed it too! And definitely keep posting on here - best counselling service out there!

    Kinsey - YAY to the longer and faster run!

    Lotte - great intervals, I think I'd die if I did one of those mile reps! Hope you manage to get your Abingdon place - are you waiting on someone else's number? Either way, I know people who've done Leicester and enjoyed it - it's not as flat as Abingdon but still flat by my reckoning.

    EF - I'd pay a visit to the GP anyway - I'm impatient like Chynah. image  LOL at the various stages of AF!

    JP's best trick was when he was being examined in hospital, ready to go home, when he tinkled all over the doctor. He's only ever vomited on me or Ben though (usually me because he's such a Mummy's boy!).

    Had to have words with him last night after the nursery pick-up. image He'd been naughty - pushing other kids and answering back. He then had an almighty paddy when I was trying to get him in the car because he wanted his Roary bag and it took me about 5 mins to put him in (in the rain). By this time, I was mighty miffed off AND wet! So last night was very quiet because I banned him from watching any TV or DVDs - it was tea, bath and bed. Once he'd figured out that I wasn't going to budge, he stopped trying to deny that he'd been naughty and confessed - I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny. 'I've been a naughty boy, Mummy, pushing and answering. I want to go back and say sorry to Emily (his keyworker)'. He then got quite upset when he realised he couldn't say sorry to Emily until this morning. He fell asleep at 6.45 and slept until about 6.30, so he was clearly tired. Hopefully today will bring better behaviour! 

  • Hip is feeling a little bit less sore today, and it didn't keep me awake last night. Still hurts when I walk, particularly uphill, so not going to try any running until that's gone. Yes Lotte, you're right, I have to behave myself with having a physio onhand - he knows what I'm up to! I am *so* tempted to go to club tonight and run with the slower group, but that would be very naughty.

    Have been to get my thesis printed and bound for the library today! I've been putting it off for ages, not least because there's no desperate rush on it. I missed the summer graduation by one day because of when my viva was, so will graduate in December now. I've had four copies done - one for the library, one for me and one each for my supervisors. My copy is a very tasteful shade of purple.image

  • Well hello again ladies (and RB!)

    My last  exam was today. I was expecting to feel really excited but I feel flat as a pancake. I have no idea how well (or badly) I've done. I was on track for a 2:1 before Abi came into the world and now I just don't know. But, hey ho, it's all done now! 

    Anyway, thanks to all of those from FB, your encouragement was appreciated this week. It felt like my cyber world on here had entered my real world! haha.

    I went for an 8 miles on Sunday and it was so lovely. I do love North Wales and will be a little sad to leave it (my train is in an hour). I haven't done any running since Sunday though as I couldn't spare the time between exams and revising. Planning on heading out tomorrow, not sure what I'll do yet though, maybe hill reps.

    I've had a very quick skim through and wanted to say image to JG. Poor you (and Nicholas!) I can't imagine how you must have felt/be feeling when you found out what was going on. 

  • JT - the nanny has just got back with the kids and recounted the story of bumping into you in the library.  how funny is that! because J doesn't recognise Ted, when C said to him 'who is Ted then?', he said 'the builder on Postman Pat'.  image

    just done 1mile in the pool. do feel better for it altho it is *not* the same as running - as you girls all know!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    I am so struggling to keep up at the moment!  Home wireless broadband is a complete nightmare - we lose connection approximately every two minutes so it's just impossible to use the computer with the wireless connection.  Have even tried it with two routers to get a stronger signal but it makes no difference.  Other option is to plug it into the phone socket upstairs (none of the downstairs sockets work and we refuse to pay BT £127.99 to fix them) but that means having to stand with the computer on top of my chest of drawers.  Not a great option either.  Hubby has bought a couple of plug-in things which should mean we can use the computer anywhere in the house but we need to sort out what to do with them.  Hopefully next week I'll have access other than during work hours!

    Firstly, JG - just wanted to say I feel for you.  What a nightmare experience you've all been through.  I'm so glad that Nicholas' condition has been diagnosed and is being treated.  I understand your feelings of guilt but you absolutely cannot blame yourself.  You must look ahead and not focus on "what ifs".  It's easy to get caught up in the negative - I've been through it too in the last few days.  On the morning Kit fell down the stairs he was being a stroppy pain and demanding a drink of water.  I was trying to get ready for work and shouted at him that he'd have to wait a minute.  Next thing he was trying to go downstairs himself to get some water (he can reach the water dispenser on our fridge) and slipped and fell.  Of course, I went through the whole "if I hadn't been cross with him and had gone and got him a drink when he asked ..." but realistically I know it wasn't my fault.  Accidents do happen and if not then it probably would have happened another time.  Please don't be hard on yourself - just be thankful that Nicholas is OK, he's now being treated and there's everything to look forward to.

    Kit's healing nicely.  I thought we were going to have a nightmare getting his dressing off on Sunday morning.  They'd put one of those pre-soak gauze dressings on and with the blood etc. it had stuck to his head.  Hubby tried to get it off on Saturday night but after about two seconds Kit went demented and refused to allow either of us anywhere near his head.  We decided to leave it until the morning as he was tired anyway and we were getting nowhere.  When he came into our room on Sunday, the gauze had come off in the night - hurrah!  He's now happy to get the wound wet in the bath so it's all nice and clean.  No shampoo as yet; should be OK to use by the weekend.

    Have anyone else's kids had weird reactions to penicillin?  Still not sure if it was that or the after-effects of the anaesthetic, but Kit was an absolute demon child over the weekend.  Tantrums like I've never seen before.  The hospital gave us peniciliin to give him for 5 days as a precaution in case of any infection.  By Sunday night he'd had 3 days of doses and was absolutely hideous.  Decided to stop the penicillin as of then and on Monday he was back to his usual happy, smiley self and a little angel.  The penicillin also gave him dreadful diarrhoea so I was happy to stop it - to the point where as he was standing doing a wee, poo was coming out his bottom and running down his legs, poor kid.  Within a day of stopping the penicillin he'd reverted to normal in every sense.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Weather here has been DIRE.  I ran 7 miles to the next village and back last night, and I don't think I've ever been wetter!  Running jacket was useless!  The pavement in places is quite narrow so aside from the rain I also got drenched a couple of times by cars driving near the kerb and sending the water running along the gutter all over me!  Actually I quite enjoyed it!  7.1 miles in 1 hour exactly - not hugely speedy but most of the time I could hardly see where I was going with the rain pounding into my eyes, and was trying to avoid putting my feet in the worst of the puddles.  May as well not have bothered though as was so wet when I arrived home I had to strip off on the back door mat and put all kit straight into the washing machine!

    Lotte, are you definitely doing an autumn marathon then?  I think you'll smash your PB as long as you contain yourself at the start of the race and don't set out hell for leather!

    CM, glad all is going well with the move.  I can imagine how hard it is not seeing the kids every day but they will appreciate a happier mummy and you can make the most of the time that you are with them.  In time I'm sure you'll make the most of the time you have to yourself as well, but I can understand that you feel you don't want to do anything without them at the moment.  Enjoy the next couple of days image

    TattyB, bummer about the injury but good that you have on-hand help and advice for a swift recovery!  I'm sure I'd benefit from a sports massage/physio from time to time but just never seem to find the time.  My injuries are usually niggles rather than full-blown issues so a bit of rest is usually enough to sort me out.  My Achilles seems fine now although it still stiffens up a bit after a run - no pain though.

    MM, hope the weather picks up if you're camping this weekend.  Everything will still be very soggy though, for sure!  We're off to in-laws in Wales so are hoping for some dry weather as there's not much to do when it's really wet.  I've actually been glad of the wet weather as otherwise I'd have to think of excuses not to take Kit to the park - he can't go in the playground for a few weeks until his head has healed properly, and he LOVES it, especially the climbing frames image

    At last my running seems to be getting back on track.  Haven't done anything consistent since mid-July (the week we moved) for various reasons, and this is probably my first 'proper' week of running.  Which was why I HAD to do my 7 miles last night, rain or no rain!

    R_B, hope it stops raining in Cornwall!  Memories of last year, and the year before, and the year before that ... glad we've decided to go to Spain this year!

    Sorry for missing a load of you - I just can't remember what everyone has posted image

  • Must be a relief to have finished your exams PP. Fingers crossed for a good result. I can't imagine how you have managed to study with a small child to look after.

    Thanks for the picture of "my" shop Angelicals. That's in the posh place where rich footballers live isn't it? Windsor half sounds like it might be nice - shame about the lack of longer runs but I'm sure if you do two or three 10 milers that would be enough.

    SonyaB So you and KK are two more blimmin' PhDs on here. Overqualified you lot! I was so mentally drained after I had finished my lowly BSc that I became a binman for three years. That included emptying my mum & dad's dustbin - can you imagine how proud they were of their clever son? Not. They didn't even give me a tip at Xmas the cheapskates.

    EF/MR We get the tourist thing all year round in Greenwich, but it's limited to a very small area luckily. I'm quite happy for all the tourists tho' as it's the combination of tourists and students that keeps the local economy going here.

    Like Caro, I knew what AF means but I was a bit disappointed to find out what it stands for - I assumed it must be some highly technical term!

    Lotte I loved the pants story. And training twice a day now - wow!

    TattyB Don't do anything rash (with your sore hip). Hope it clears up soon. Yes, Lotte is waiting to see if my Abingdon number might become available. I'll decide fairly soon I think Lotte.

    Welcome "back" JG. I hope things get back to normal for you soon.

    Glad to hear that Kit is getting better Minks. Be careful about stopping antibiotics before finishing the course tho' as that's how immunity develops. Mind you, sounds like he is allergic (a lot of people are), so I'd ask for a different type if there is a next time (hoping that there won't be). Sounds like your running mojo is coming back nicely.

    After yesterday's washout, it has been thankfully dry here today (just a bit misty) and we went to a great puppet show (the Selfish Giant). I've been enjoying having babysitters most mornings here (the Gparents) and I've been able to do some fab runs without the BJ.The combination of LB and the BJ is so heavy now that I can't manage a lot of the hills without bending forward while I run and this has caused me SIJ problems in the past. Today I managed 11 miles on a seriously hilly route with fabulous views over both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor at the same time. After two years of barely noticing that they have a grandchild, the Gparents have suddenly turned into model citizens.

  • R_B: that's funny re the binman story.  mind you, a lot of graduates these days would be lucky to get a job as a binman (even if they wanted it...).  that is odd re the Gparents not being interested for the past 2 years.  perhaps they have the same syndrome as my ex: he didn't notice J until he was 2; and he doesn't really register E yet.  once J started communicating and playing with proper toys, he was much more interested in him.

    am getting a bit concerned as J is Harry Potter mad.  i don't know where he even knew about HP from - altho I have all the DVDs and books and love them, have never talked to him about them.  he is only just 4 and yet has nagged and nagged me to let him watch them.  the first few are PG, so have let him watch them for the last 2 nights while he has been here, and he adores them.  he is fascinated; talks about them non-stop; isn't at all scared (keeps saying, 'it doesn't scare me because it isn't real').  am wondering whether this is all a huge mistake and he is going to be totally traumatised imminently; but he just doesn't stop talking about it.  beats Ben 10 and Powerrangers (in my opinion!!). now wondering whether i should start reading him the books - but surely he is too young really?

  • I think you might be right about the Gparents not being able to communicate with LB when he was smaller, and this putting them off interacting with him, CM. However I still find it hard to forgive them for leaving us to cope (with no other family nearby) when their daughter was seriously depressed for months on end. Mrs B rings them every weekend and it ought to have been obvious from those phone calls that things were not rosy in her garden.
  • as usual not read back, haven't even been able to check bb today.

    mentioned probs to GP again today - got a different one - had to be truthful because I told them the truth a month ago so couldn't really up it!  anyway she thought it was worth doing some initial tests so came away with a wee sample bottle for other half and I think I am supposed to get some blood tests on day 21 or something.  kind of lost it there cos we were really there for lou and lou was creating havoc!

    tried ballet.  (Lou, not me) total unmitigated disaster (though tbh that would apply to me too if I did do ballet).  she apparently screamed for the entire 45 min class.  came out a total state.  the teacher hadn't wanted to bring her out because she was worried I wouldn't be there and that would make it worse!  asked lou about it later and she tells me that it was too noisy.  the music was too loud.  clearly I have given birth to a middle aged child!

  • So busy on here at the moment. I'm on nights - again - but only one more to go before I'm back to normal!

    Sorry to hear about all the poorly ones. JG - so pleased you've got Nicholas back home again. Are you seeing a paediatric cardiologist again? I would have thought they would be able to give you some more information about his condition, why it ml.ight have happened and what the future holds. They may also be able to reassure you that it might have been hard to pick up earlier, and that it wasn't necessarily something that someone 'missed', if that makes sense. Afraid I don't know anything about atrial flutter in babies. It's not particularly uncommon in older people, and is usually treatable without too much problem but I have no idea how that relates to small people.

    Minks - poor Kit. Although it seems dramatic an anaesthetic is often the best way to sort out small children when they've cut themselves, as you just can't get a good result if they and their parents are distressed and upset with local anaesthetic. Sounds like you got the best people for the job if the max facs lot did the stitching - always best to make sure you get a good result if the cut is near the face.

    RB - my fil was much the same with Isabelle until recently. He's a good person but does rather like being the centre of attention, so would be interested in her for a few minutes, and then want to talk about himself again! Now she talks and is more interesting - and it's harder to ignore her! - he has started to turn into a really good Grandad, but it's taken a while.

    I have finally bought myself a garmin and am loving it. I put much more effort in when I can see how fast (or slowly!) I'm running. Did 5+ miles at the weekend at 8.2 minute miles average, which I was pretty pleased with, given that my training is patchy to say the least! Now of course I haven't run for 4 days courtesy of nights, so will suffer again this weekend.

    Oops, just realised the time, better go and get bedtime organised so I get a chance to have some food before work - hubby not very good at starting the process off, and will happily still be playing at 7.45 if not encouraged in the right direction!!
  • CM - my childminder allowed us to watch Freddie NIghtmare on Elm Street!! when I was about 7, and it gave me horrendous nightmares. When my Mum asker her why she allowed it, she said it was ok cos she told us it wasn't real!! Harry Potter is "In the Night Garden" in comparison!!

    R_B - glad you like the picture. Yes, Alderley Edge is where the footballers live apparently. We were up there for our friends engagement party. I should be able to get 3 x 10 mile runs in, and will try for a 12 but I am not holding out for a PB. Possibly just a GR (get round!) Glad you are getting some runs in without the BabyJogger. I think the weather is supposed to clear up from tomorrow. At least that is what I am hoping as we are off to Wales as soon as hubby gets in from work. Glad the Grandparents are helping more. I am very lucky indeed with my parents and the in laws, as they always help out if they can. I have more of an issue in asking for help, but that is becoming easier.

    Minks, Glad you are getting some decent runs in, even if it is in the rain. In a peverse way, I enjoyed my run in the rain last night although I was sopping by the time I got home! Glad Kit is on the mend too.

    EF - lol at middle aged child. I would hate ballet too, so I am going to give Leila the choice when she is a little older. Glad the doc is doing something too.

    PP - well done on the final exam!

    Pink, where abouts do you live? I am in Windsor, so not far from the places you mentioned.

    CC - have you ever run up and across Rhosilli downs? Trying to think of places to run, without running on the narrow country lanes.

    Just waiting for hubby to come, and then we are off. Going to hire a surf board for the weekend, and hopefully spend it on the beach - can't wait!

    Speaking of which, I just told Leila that I loved her, and that she is my favourite thing. I then asked her what her favourite thing is, and she replied "sand" image

    Happy bank hol weekend all. x

  • Sorry, lots of posts whilst I was getting round to writing mine! EF - Isabelle often tells hubby it's too noisy when he plays his guitar. Funny how the same reasoning doesn't apply when she's shrieking around the house!!

    CC, shame the lesson wasn't too great, but hopefully something you can work with. I'm almost afraid to admit it here, but i find swimming really relaxing - I was a swimmer before doing anything else which I guess helps. I could swim crawl for ages at the right pace, and if I tumble turn at the end of every length I never have to lift my head up into the real world. I find it very good thinking time as long as the pool's quiet and I either have a lane to myself or people get out of the way and don't hold me up!! When I met hubby I was swimming 3 times a week with the tri club, but now I hardly ever get to go - in my head I can still swim as well as I used to, but the rreality is usually a bit of a shock, and there's no way I could do a training session now!

    Angelicals - that's great. Children really know how to keep you grounded! Isabelle has 3 days with my parents this week cos nursery has 3 days shut, and when I asked here what shed done with granny and grandpa she thought hard and said "a wee and a poo"! Neatly forgetting to mention the trips to the playground, making cakes, going on train and out for lunch etc! They went into Southampton today on the train for a trip out, and apparently when they came out of toys r us (my dad bought her some golf clubs!) she looked around and said "are we going to have lunch in John Lewis?"!! Nice to know she's set her standards high.
  • Angelicals - that is so funny!! and vixo - lol to John Lewis.  J was only just 2 when we walked past a Starbucks in a town we had never been to with him before and he said 'Mummy - go for coffee'. i was a bit embarrassed that he was so well programmed!!

    i have come to the conclusion that J is hypersensitive to lots of things.  noise is definitely one - not his own noise (of course) - but music and the telly.  he is also really sensitive to heat - hot food, drink and the bath water.  his baby sister happily slurps hot tea (i know... but we are careful), whereas his food has to cool down for about a week before he will touch it.  he also complains about the sensation of things on his skin; about the sun being too bright... i do remember a doctor friend of mine saying some kids have very 'sensitive' senses, and i am beginning to think J might be one of them! like me, he can't stand walking barefoot anywhere - hates the feeling of wet grass on his feet etc (i don't mind that, but can't stand even the tiniest of pebbles).

  • Wow- busy day on here

    PP - well done on getting through the exams

    RB- nowt wrong with being a dustman-it's what my boys aspire to be and both have to go out every week and supervise the emptying of the bin while waving & shouting furiously.

    Pink- thanks for the ideas -lego land would indeed make Tom faint with excitment.

    JT- is it you with the exzema? Mine certainly is hormone related (gets 100x worse when preg & after) but also stress related? I can't use petrolium bases and also find switching creams helps almost like I get used to a particular type and it stops working. Certainly keeping them dry helps so I wear gloves a lot (latex free). Also I out cream on at night & put cotton gloves on to sleep to stop me scratching in the night. Could be they've changed the formula of your washing powder so perhaps a different make aswell as type would help? Weird but if you have some nipple cream like calendula it is really mild!! 

    Brains- guess I'm a middle ground, I have 2 BSc's but never ventured into the world of Masters and Phds in case I failed....

    Swimming- I am not a natural and only force myself to go as I like the idea of triathlons and would love to do more than a sprint one day. Find it really tiring and as for tumble turns???? I wish. 

    Went for a long plod this morning- 11.5 miles in 2 hrs, was totally flat so could have done quicker but wanted to go careful as I've got aches & pains all over and was running with a friend which was great. Came back & Archie had a huge bruise coming up on his forehead- eldest said he fell off the bed while they were bouncing on it.....  

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