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  • ((lotte))

    TB - well, he does have a mummy called Tatty Bogle, so there's no surprise he thought she was a scarecrow really.

    caro - J pointed at a black toddler in a pool one time and went 'oo-oo' complete with arm actions (ie monkey).  yes, that WAS embarrassing!

    MM - lol at the willy and bum weeing thing.  i got that a few times from J - and as you say, always in public toilets!

    just did a 5 mile run here - and boy those HILLS!!! i will be so fit once i can run properly in these hills.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Kit hasn't asked me yet why I don't have a willy (but I'm sure that day is not far off image) but he did ask when we were at the in-laws this weekend whether Ted (their ancient Jack Russell) has a willy, and whether the cows and sheep in the fields behind the house had willies!  I said that Ted did because he's a boy, and that the boy sheep and bulls would too.

    When he was little MIL used to call his willy his "little tail".  This weekend he announced very clearly, "It's not a tail, Nainie, it's my willy!" image

    Caro, forgot to say a big well done to your sister - that's a stonking result!

    Boo to being poorly with a baby/little one.  It is HELL.  Remember having a really nasty cold/sinusitis last winter and Kit still expected his usual bedtime stories and songs despite the fact that I could hardly speak or breathe, let alone sing!

  • So sorry to hear about your Gran Lotte. Loved the story about her falling into the coal bunker, I can imagine the cackling laughter perfectly! Hope you and the family get through this sad time and keep remembering all the good things about her.
  • Hi Ladies,

    I used to lurk on the pregnant runners thread until I had my son and haven't really had time to pop back since...! 

    I'm wondering if any other mums have had the same experience as me: my son is now 16 weeks old, and I went for my first "run" since his birth on Monday.  It went as well as could be expected - I was aiming for 30 minutes at a very slow pace and managed that without too much trouble.  However, on Monday night I started bleeding again (the normal after-birth bleeding had stopped at about 7-8 weeks) and so far it hasn't stopped.  Its a bit like a heavy period but a bit gunkier (sorry I know that's grim)....

    I'm going to try to see the doctor tomorrow if its still going, but I would be interested to know if anyone else had this issue (if its not too much information to share!).  I feel fine otherwise - just a little achey.  I had been doing a lot of walking and some buggy exercise sessions which involved a bit of jogging with no trouble at all.... 

    Any thoughts would be welcome....


  • LadyA - it's not a period is it? are you b/f?
  • Sorry should have said - I am exclusively breastfeeding so I don't think its a period.... 
  • it could still be.  some people are REALLY unlucky...
  • ((Lotte)))  sorry for your loss.

    Sonya - conrats on Maggie sleeping through - life seems so much more manageable once you start getting some sleep back!

    LadyA - one of my friend who exclusively bf had their period at 10 weeks so it is possible. (she is def not the exercising kind so it wasn't that!)

    Took Lexi for her final set of jabs today and Nae was v sweet being overprotective big bro!  Fixed the nurse with a death stare the first time Lex screamed and then resorted to presenting Lex with plastic crocodiles to make her feel better - bless him image

  • :Hello, hello. 

    Only managed to read back a couple of pages so apologies for being out of touch image


    CM - sounds like things have moved on, hope it continues to improve!

    Had to laugh at the embarassing children - Z has had a couple of slightly embarassing moments in the last couple of weeks including shouting "mummy, poo coming......HERE IT COMES" in the middle of Sainsburys image  got to laugh.

    Settling into having 2 children, although it's not without it's traumas.  When E is screaming for a feed and Z is whining "mummy, bread please, bread, bread, I want bread, and butter, butter, I want butter on it...." or something similar I feel my patience being tested.   

    Had a busy August - done something every weekend.  Camping one weekend (new awning - big success), Center Parcs (not cheap, but good fun), visiting chums in Bristol (never did get to see the hot air balloons!) and then at the inlaws last weekend (first night out with hubby - beer festival in Hereford -suffered on Sunday image  ).

    Haven't done much running though.  Started to worry I have a bit of a prolapse so I stopped.  Doc wasn't much help at 6 week check and just said that things would go back to normal but would take a while.  Hmmm.   Anyone any experience of this?  Anyway, scared myself a bit with that, plus my pelvic floor is still a bit floppy, so am trying to be sensible and not run image.  Been out on my bike tonight though - 25 minutes as hard as I could and it was pretty good - hard work - so I think I will do that for a bit and bulid up my fitness.   

    Have to do something - managed to put 3lbs back on in August!!!!!! That's not right image

  • TB - good to see you again.  re: pelvic floor / prolapse: i don't have any experience but caro / cragchick have had issues, so may be able to advise.  however, if it feels wrong to you, then it is worth following up. hope i didn't jinx it with my 'nothing falling out' comment of a few weeks ago.

    chynah - sounds like nate is being v sweet with lexi.  J delights in making E scream. he lacks the protective gene, clearly!

  • ((lotte)) it's still hard when a loved relative dies, even if they have been unwell beforehand, but at least you've got some fab memories of her. She sounds like a real character!

    Isabelle's current fixation seems to be nipples! This evening she pulled up her pyjama top and was examining her own "hmm, mummy, I got nipple, two nipple. Have you got nipples mummy? Can I see your nipples?"! I tried to say without too much drama that we don't ask about other peoples nipples. She's a terror for picking up on things that she probably shouldn't say and repeating them in public.

    Those of you with garmins - what software do you use to look at the data? And I'm sure I remember someone talking about programmes they'd put into the garmin - how do you do that?

    Oops, my tea is ready (hubby cooking tonight) so better go!
  • i had software with my garmin, vixo... on a CD
  • I used a programme called sportstracks for my garmin (got a link off a forum here many moons ago) - tis v good just haven't managed to locate it free again to get it on this lap top!

    All this talk of pelvic floors makes me v thankful for my elective sections!

  • MM-I don't know what GSR you are talking about as Great Scottish Run goes nowhere near the seafront, goes through the centre of Glasgow and finishes in Glasgow Green. image

    Vixo- I had a cd with my Garmin too which has all the stuff for downloading and uploading, I also use sporttracks too, just downloaded it online, can't remember where from though. But I don't know if you can upload planned schedules to your Garmin from sportracks(I doubt it very much), think you probably need the garmin software for that. I just like sportrack cos I get better maps on it and can keep a log of how many miles I've done with certain trainers/buggy etc. You can program in activities on your watch but it is quicker and easier to do it on computer and upload to your watch. You will probably be able to download all the stuff from Garmin.

    TT ;0)

  • forgot to say: E did her first wee yesterday! over the potty.  standing up.  no REALLY!!!
  • Hmm, should probably try plugging in the cd that came with it then! (no embarrassed smiley faces available on this computer!). I'm not of the patient persuasion so just charged the thing up, adjusted a few bits and pieces (wrongly the first time, as those who know me on Facebook will know) and started running! Have found garmin connect and training centre but wondered if there was anything better - will look for sporttracks too.
  • GSR (Great South Run) has a last mile along sea front but is 10M not 10K and in Oct (r at least i hope it is or mt training is totally out!)

    After advice - I find my pelvis is generally a little achy these days - more so after running ~(almost stiff but not in the joints just general front pelvis)  Would a physio or chiropractor be best?  does feel like its in the bones but i''ve felt a bit unbalanced (ha!) since Lex - what would yousuggest for a good going over?

  • chynah- maybe an osteopath? for a good clunking? certainly feels like you have had a good 'going over' anyway. known MM goes to see an osteo - and i swear by mine.
  • Tallbird - were you at The Barrels?? My brothers band played there last year but this year they did a gig at The Victory down the road as the beer festival was sold out. We were down too but stuck to drinking at home last weekend!

    LadyA - bad luck if it is a period - hope you are okay.

    Result - everyone managed to sleep until 5am last night so as I went to bed early I got 8 hours sleep!!!!!
  • don't know how you do it kinsey.  i would be most unimpressed with a 5am wake-up, whatever time i had gone to bed.  but then i am a cruel and heartless mother!

    had to laugh last night when i spoke to T at kids' bed time and it was totally and abundantly clear that he had screwed up with his days off next week and hadn't realised he had the kids on friday (even though it is all written down on a rota - which he has a copy of and to which he holds me to the very minute on handover times).

    had to laugh again this morning. T has taken the day off because E has a swimming lesson today and J isn't at school till next week, so the nanny wouldn't have been able to take her as she couldn't leave J on the side while in the water with E.  anyway, J also starts swimming lessons on a thurs - but not till next week.  i called this morning to speak to the kids and thought i would just 'remind' T that her lesson was now in cwmbran and not in cardiff.  and he said 'but it's Jacob swimming, not Ellen'.  hahaha! just as well i reminded him really!

    and then J announced that daddy had bought him powerranger bedding (i assume this is because i have bought new bedding for this house).  and daddy then had to admit that he had bought single bedding, rather than cot bed bedding (J still in his cotbed-bed)!! it really hasn't taken long at all for the cracks to appear - much less time than i expected! image 

  • Kinsey - yay to sleeping through the night! Hubby was up again with Anna last night around 1am and also had to lift Issie to put her on the loo as we're trying to get her out of pull-ups at night ... I pretended to be asleep image

    Sonya - hope you're feeling better soon, good news that Maggie is sleeping through too though.

    Lotte - sad news about your gran. Can relate to how you feel though as in the last 6 months we've lost both my grandad (who was 93) and hubby's nanna (who was 88). So the girls have gone suddently from having 3 great-grandparents to 1. My nanny is now 93 and still living by herself, starting to get very unsteady on her feet though and fell out of bed again last week but we're all hoping she'll keep going for a while yet as she's totally with it mentally, just her body that's starting to let her down.

    LadyA - as somebody else said, you might just be very unlucky and it may be a period. I consider myself one of the lucky ones as Anna is now 7 months and I stopped bf nearly a month ago and still haven't had a period. Hhhhmmm, hope I'm not pregnant again ... image!!!!

    JT - yay to maternity leave, now stop tidying up and go and put your feet up.

    TB - I had similar prolapse type concerns when started running again, just felt really "heavy" and not right. Has got much better over the last 6 months although don't think it'll ever go completely back to normal - still have to get up for a wee in the middle of the night most nights (sorry TMI). Also takes ages for bladder to feel completely empty before going for a run so I'm forever going back and forth to the loo before I run. It's annoying but not a disaster!

    Right, busy day today with lots of meetings this morning so best get on. Have good day everyone.

  • CM I had to chuckle too - I bet it's only now that he's starting to appreciate how much 'behind the scenes' stuff you actually do/did - all these things that magically appear to happen without them being thought about.

    Had to chuckle this morning at work as well - turns out after having no locums last wk and only 2 of us on instead of 4, they had an absolutely shocking locum on Tues who they sacked after 1 1/2 days, as she was totally incompetent/incapable, couldn't even sedate a dog etc etc (she was romanian) - I think sometimes it takes a screw up to appreciate what you've got!

  • CM- In many ways ur split could be a positive thing even aside from you being a happier more relaxed Mummy! In reality you probably aren't away from the kids much more than you were before due to working away, you're just more conscious of it due to the circumstances. In time T will get better at coping on his own with the kids, without you around to pick up the slack and keep him right all the time, and that can only be a good thing for the kids -to have a better, more attentive father, who actually understands the full gravity of what childcare involves without having someone else there doing most of the work for them.

    TT ;0)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    LOL at the cracks appearing, CM!  If it were me I know I'd secretly feel pleased that he wasn't coping brilliantly and it would just confirm what I'd always known - that women do the lion's share!  Funny that he messed up with the rota too, especially as he's such a stickler for adhering to it rigidly.  I'd be the same as you re. missing the kids though - can't imagine spending a night alone without Kit in the house.  Would probably learn to enjoy the couple of lie-ins a week after a while though image

    JT, 35 weeks, no way?!  Where has that time gone?  Last time I asked I think you were about 25 weeks!  Have you decided on a VBAC or are you still deliberating?  Must admit with all the talk of prolapses and wrecked pelvic floors, it would be a no-brainer for me in your position.  I guess I'm just happy to live without the whole 'natural birth' experience!

    Chynah, I'd recommend an osteopath.  I had a few lower back problems when I started running again after having Kit, and it only took one visit and some exercises she gave me to sort it out (plus a week's rest).  Definitely well worth anyone returning to running post-pregnancy getting the once-over from an osteopath to check for pelvic misalignment in particular, which is common after pregnancy even if you've had a straightforward pregnancy and birth.

    Kit went back to nursery yesterday and as predicted, there were lots of tears at drop-off, including him clinging to hubby for dear life.  This morning we had similar at my mum's - usually there's no problem at all with dropping him there, but he's SO emotional at the moment.  He wanted to make one of his jigsaw puzzles for me and hubby but we didn't have time to wait as we had to get our train.  Cue loads of tears and again clinging to hubby begging him not to leave.  Mum said it took quite a while for him to calm down once we'd left.  I do hope this isn't the result of his fall but I think I'll mention it when I take him for his check-up at the hospital tomorrow.  It may be some sort of post-traumatic stress reaction or something.  Whatever, I hope it passes soon as it's very trying.  May just be a phase - I was also a very sensitive, highly-strung and emotional child.  I would have huge panics and tears over the silliest things in infacnt school - like losing a pencil.  My very first school report talks glowingly of my academic prowess but the teacher writes that she is "quite concerned" about my "emotional outbursts".  I also went through a phase of not being able to attend assembly at school because I associated the "our father" at the start of the Lord's Prayer with my own dad and got too upset.  Hope Kit isn't going to be weird like I was!  I did grow out of it eventually image

  • caro - that is shocking re: the vet! and yes, i don't think any of the stuff that i did even registered on his radar. it still doesn't.  it's almost like it's not important to him, or something.  and yet, when it's for the kids (whom he 'worships and adores' apparently), you would think it might be?! i still can't quite get over the fact that he had taken a day's leave today to take his child swimming, and he didn't even know which child needed to go or where!!
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