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  • Hazelnut, I've certainly enjoyed my running in 2017 - my first proper year of it. I'm looking forward to a change of jobs in 2018 though. Hopefully, something which is less of a pain in the backside than my current one. Life's to too short to be unhappy at work.

    Cal, I'm in Norwich, which is a very pleasant place to run. The university grounds and trails are only a mile away and I've been getting down there a lot lately. I think I'm lucky with the number of ace trail races round here too and the coast only 40 mins away.

    Just a 3.5 miler for me tonight. Felt my legs from the last couple of runs and so it was a bit of a loosener. Also, for some reason I was ravenous about 2 miles in. Luckily, me and the nippers had made a banana loaf at some ungodly hour this morning (rye/spelt flour, honey, chia seeds + maca powder) so I wolfed a couple of slices of that down as soon as I got through the door. 'Tis the season ...
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Will, we stayed for a long weekend a year ago, just round the corner from the university campus and backing onto the Yare (which is great for a dip :-) ) . It's a lovely part of the world.
    My club run last night was a thankfully easy 6 miles, as my legs were tired.
  • 19km for me yesterday late afternoon in 1:46:41.  Dull sort of day - hardly a bird around but I saw two red deer grazing on the edge of the woods.  Checked up on Gandalf (tree trunk carved into the shape of a wizard) - he looks in need of a coat of varnish.

    Didn't eat enough for lunch, was happily trotting along until 13 or so km then my stomach started to digest itself due to lack of contents.  Had to increase to I'm-hungry-and-want-to-finish-this-run-now pace. 

    One more pre-Christmas run planned for tomorrow. 
  • Funny, Will - I nearly went to UEA but opted for Essex in the end (because I liked the look of it. No regrets).
    Did my first parkrun in months today and survived. I knew, after my lay-off, that it would be my slowest, but I wasn't too concerned - I just wanted to get around in one piece, and preferably under 30 minutes. Which I did (just about!). Splits were nice and consistent, and my hip didn't explode, so I'm content. Happy Christmas peeps!
  • Nice parkrun Cal. Enjoy your stay in Manchester (read it on the shades thread).  

    13km for me today with 10×100 m strides with 200m recoveries.  Quite enjoy doing those as its not just puttting one foot in front of another but I have to concentrate. 

    At the in-laws in Germany now, hopefully I will get out a couple of times but I've got a day off tomorrow.

    Happy Christmas everyone.
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    Merry Christmas MLRers. 10miles Thurs in just over 1hr15. Passed a horse and cart on a country lane. Spooked the horse a bit. Gym yesterday which is being refurbished so the equipment is shifted into a cavernous sports hall. 9.4miles today in 1hr11:30. Pace ok for the last two runs, but not much speed in me. I am feeling old. Felt most comfortable deep into the runs though, which is heartening. Neighbour has given us a load of cat food for Xmas.
  • Happy Christmas MLRers! I did Hackney parkrun yesterday and got my second fastest time- 24.40.  A good benchmark for continuing improvement throughout marathon training hopefully.
    Probably won't run now until Boxing Day, although ideally I'd do a quick one on Christmas Day. I've never found time in previous years however and we'll have 15 guests tomorrow, so unlikely :-/

  • Nice Parkrun Cal and Nessie and pucker mileage Hazelnut and JT.

    A milder, misty trail run of 8 miles for me yesterday. I need to get stuck into some speedwork at some point, but enjoy chugging along the riverbank a bit too much.

    The kids are ridiculously excited and so we tried to wear them out at Junior Parkrun this morning. Excellent fun and lots of great outfits. Me and Nye/Santa managed to pip a lamb and a Shepherd on the final straight.

    Wishing all you MLRers a fabulous Christmas! Hope you all have a lovely day :)
    I run, therefore I am.
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    Christmas Eve run 9.1miles off/onroad. Slow. Muddy and windy. Am watching The Snowman. I can do my David Bowie impression again now without feeling sad. The neighbours cat was on my knee but has now wandered off to sit on the radiator.
  • 9km recovery for me today around a nearby reservoir.  Loads of birds* and birdwatchers and a few families out, plus two other runners.  OH came with me which was nice.  

    Probably saw a beaver, there are some active close by and it wasn't a cat that scurried across the path.  Overindulgance later so will be out again tomorrow hopefully.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    *: cormorants, upended swan, coots, moorhens, mallards, assorted other duckage and gullage, great white eagret, standard herons...  just read that some 310 diferent species have been observed here over the years.
  • Hello, MLRers, and here's hoping you all made the most of the festivities.  

    As I podged around the swan lake last night, turning night into day - almost - with my new, rechargeable head torch *get me*, I thought of each runner about to start another annual running experience, or adventure; the new routes, sights and sounds; races studied and entered; times aimed for, missed or lowered; and that delicate body balance that enables all this.

    I've ordered myself an indeterminate number of Streak days - which is no real surprise.

    Stay healthy, run boldly and tell the tale afterwards.   :)

  • Happy Christmas, all! I made it to South Manchester parkrun yesterday (my friend was still in bed - though in truth he needed the sleep as he'd been working nights driving trucks). I was pretty tired as we'd got back from my friend's parents at 1.30am but I finished in 28:59, which is a nice improvement on my Saturday run at Tooting. I'm still a long way off form but it will come back.
  • I prowled around some rechargeable headtorches whilst looking for one for my brother for xmas swittle but didn't invest in one for myself as I have two at that moment that work still.   Be interesting to know how well it works. Good list of things to look out for in 2018.  It is not all about racing. 

    Nice parkrun Cal.

    16.2km for me yesterday evening after getting back from the inlaws.  Didn't really want to go out at all but afterwards I was pleased to have done so.   Enjoyed a small portion of fruit puree at 10km.  I hadn't had much more than around 5 slices of toast and a couple of biscuits all day and 10 miles seemed a bit far to go out without anything.  It went down very well.  According to the package they are suitable for babies as of 4 months but my 43 year-old body likes them too and they taste much better than gels. 
  • I hope you all had good Christmases
    Sounds like a lovely festive run for you Hazel, and a very emotive update from swittle.
    I ran an easy and bloated 5k on Christmas morning which was the first time I've ever managed to escape whilst cooking the mammoth Xmas dinner we do for 15.  
    Then this morning was a truly hardcore hill reps session XC at a nearby park with some (all much faster) club mates. Driving snow and winds throughout made the whole thing bracing and made me feel even more entitled to the chocolate, cheese and crackers this afternoon :-)
  • Brrr, cold out there! But sunny, which means it's nice for a runny. (Nicer than your windy hill reps, at any rate, Nessie!) I managed 7 miles today so I'm building back up slowly. I've got 14 weeks to find another 19 miles and not get hurt in the process...although right now I'm more concerned about the half I have in 7 weeks.
    Anyone doing NYD parkrun?
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    Happy halfway through Xmas week everyone. A longer run than intended at 15.7miles in 2hrs. Couldn't see my watch in the gloom so thought it was a couple of miles shorter. Went okay. Some icy spots here and there, especially in the countryside, but nothing treacherous. Got a little tentative later in the failing light when I couldn't pick out the frozen puddles. Have lost a few pounds which probably helps with stamina as I'm not dragging such a fat bastard around. Christmas dieting is an interesting experience. Cold out but finding it best not to get too wrapped up. I find I overheat more these days. Probably because I'm getting old. Chased a pheasant down a country road for a bit, but it flew off which I am unable to do. The mini USB port on my Nathan running torch has snapped so I can't recharge it. Still works but when the battery dies that will be that. Don't make them anymore. Bugger. Supposed to snow tomorrow. Let's be careful out there.
  • Silence seems to draw out my literary side, Nessie.  Thank you.  Unlimited refuelling sanctioned!    ;)

    Delighted to read of your HM to Mara progress, Cal.  :)

    Jt, these are encouraging words - double figures seem to suit you *no reference to Christmas diet btw*.

    8pm tonight and a 2nd outing for the new head torch.  I've not seen batteries like these and I suspect that, if I need replacements - in spite of the charger - I may be pursuing them in eastern Europe.  Dusted off my Inov8s afer peeling the sole clean off my faithful trai shoes last night. :o
  • Nice afternoon fare Nessie and well deserved. 

    Your HM and mara sound doable Cal. 

    The pheasant might have made a nice pie JT - try and catch it next time.  Not sure about plucking it though. 

    Good excuse to go shoe shopping swittle. 

    I had a crap run yesterday:  i was supposed to have been doing 21km with 13 at marathon pace.  I did an out and back and fought with my head the whole way along the out bit.  Turned back, did one more km and couldn't keep going.  Dropped to a jog and struggled back the remaining km - I didn't know i could jog so slowly at times and even took two walking breaks.  I had no energy on setting out already and once I turned into the cold wind nothing worked.  One to forget I guess.  

    Cross training today - mtb plod.     
  • I actually have two HMs booked - Hampton Court in Feb and then the Big Half (new race) two weeks later. The latter is five weeks out from Manchester so that's ample recovery time.
    Hazelnut - it happens sometimes. Don't get disheartened. :)
    JT - that's rather quick! Nicely done.
    Sorry to hear about the shoes, swittle!

    Parkrun today, and very windy it was, though quite a bit warmer than earlier in the week. Official time was 29:08 which is a long way off my best, but I guess I can't expect it to come back quickly. I'm just happy I can actually do a parkrun at all. And I'll be doing another on NYD.
  • Hello all! Good to hear everyone is managing to get out and about despite the cack weather. I had an unplanned 6 day hiatus over yuletide due to a mince pie induced hacking cough. Managed a lot of lego building and only one turkey lunch though, so not all bad.
    Am in deepest west Wales with the Cymru section of la famille now and thoroughly enjoyed a new Parkrun this morning - the Llanelli Coast one. A stunning course, out and back on the coastal path overlooking the bay. Had a good pace 'battle' with a fellow plodder and was happy with 25:24. As always Parkrun warms the old cockles and it was further enhanced by the Welsh #banter. To top it off, I then headed to my favourite birding spot and had a fantastically close encounter with a gorgeous Firecrest,  one of my top 3 birds. Tidy.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Wishing you all a splendid 2018, MLRers! Maybe there are a few targets/resolutions to share? Before I get to mine, I squeezed in a final run of 2017 this avo. I worked out how to programme interval training on my Tom Tom (after ignoring the fact I have known how to do it for a year) and so did a little session out on the Quay and marshes here in Wales. A warm-up followed by 3 sets of 5 mins hard, 2 mins recovery jog and then a cool down. Nearly burst a lung! It worked out at 4 miles and am assured by my tri-athlete mate that this is what I need to do to get quicker. The best part of it was that I spooked a magnificent Great White Egret - a rare migrant here - which I now need to submit a description for, to the county bird recorder - it's that rare :) So that's a great end to the year!

    As for what I resolve to do:

    Speed training - must feel the burn.
    Stretch more - stop the creaking.
    Parkrun - closer to 24 than 25.
    10K - bust 54.
    HM - closer to 2:00 than 2:10
    Upgrade my distance to somewhere between HM and full Marathon.

    Happy New Running/Life Year!
    I run, therefore I am.
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    Happy New Year everyone. Haven't got any running resolutions as such, just to run more - get in 4 runs most weeks.
    Today 11.10miles under 1hr26. Had a weird moment at mile 2. I got an odd sensation in my chest and immediately the energy washed out of me. Eventually stopped for a minute, after which I was fine. It took my watch an age to get a signal so had chilled down before starting. Wonder if the cold made my heart do a clunk. Probably nothing. Probably.
    Lots of runners about. A slower run than it felt. But am still alive.
    Still can't decide what to replace my running torch with. Want something bright, headtorch I guess. Maybe a defibrillator.
  • Happy New Year from me too. 

    I finished off the year with a 7.5 km race, around the same reservoir as last week - no time to birdwatch this time.  Ridiculously warm at around 12 degrees. 

    Around 2 minutes slower than last year but I'm fine with that, it was a decent run off not too much speed work in the last weeks. 

    Rest day tomorrow - will need that to digest the large portion of cheese fondue I have just eaten...
  • Happy New Year, MLRs!
    JT - scary! Hopefully it's nothing. :worried:
    Will - what a wonderful sight! Not that I'd know one egret from the next, but I'm sure you appreciated it.
    Well done on your race, Hazelnut. It was 12 on Saturday here, but down to 7 this morning. Needed gloves again.

    Didn't go out last night so I was quite fresh for parkrun. I didn't pace it particularly well (went off a bit too fast for my current fitness level, and had to slow on the last two laps) but I ran a sub-29 (28:58) which is the best time I've done at my local since the injury. I feel rather unfit (it's a little depressing to be three minutes off my best) but my hip is holding up and that's the main thing.
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    Good racing Hazel and Cal.
    9.7miles in 1hr14 tonight. Pushed on a bit further than inclined to, but it was still a mile short of what I thought. Splits inconsistent. Like yesterday an inexplicably slow mile near the end which didn't feel slow. 
    Out in the dark on unlit paths and roads. Lit up a few bunnies by torchlight. Cold and drizzle. I've taken to wearing hats. Happy January.
  • Back again after another injury, this one involved some minor surgery but thankfully I'm fit again now so I went out today for a wet and windy 10k along the seafront. Took it nice and slow with a couple of short breaks and feel much better for having finally got out there again!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Stick that run in the small box, Hazel - you know, the one next to the large box labelled good runs.

    Thanks, Hazel & Cal - no tears shed over moribund daps.  The Inov8s are now earning their corn: a 5-mile off-roader tonight, wild, woolly & windy with plenty of sub-aqua stuff!  Met a talkative Scotsman who told me of his scheme to use pressure under the sea to generate power - I'm a good listener.  ;)

    Will, that Llanelli parkrun has a great reputation.  Happy twitching in 2018!

    Keep an eye on that ticker, JT.  I had a similar turn 6 years ago.

    Numbers for 2017: 1584 miles.  265 hours on the run.  733 days' streaking, or 2 years & two days.
  • Impressive stats there, Swittle. May your streak be long and fruitful.

    Glad to hear your recovery is continuing, Cal. I'm sure the fitness will return quicker than you expect.

    It's been too long since my last fondue, Hazelnut. Sounds like a nice race to finish the year on.

    Hats off to you, JT, for the dark run commitment. I seem to have inexplicably slow miles at most points of my runs. I think that's why is always played in goal.

    Good to see you back out there Pompey Matt. Hope the year is injury free for you.

    I roused myself for a nice Jan 1st morning run, having seen midnight for the first NYE  in 6 years - as reminded by my lovely wife. A sunny 4 miles down the Quay. With a few 'spurts', plenty of mud and a smart Grey Wagtail (actually more blue and yellow than grey). I have a 10K trail race on Sunday, so a bit more prep to do for that when I return to flat old Norfolk.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Happy 2018 all! What a crap year 2017 was for me. On and up hopefully.
    Fantastic streaking as ever swit :-)
    JT, hope you're feeling OK
    Will, carry on taking it easy
    Cal, getting there ;-)
    Hazel, a crap run and a good run it sounds. That's how it goes sometimes.

    Interesting set of resolutions Will and I always start my year with a running / fitness related resolution. I believe that last year's was to do a "proper" (ie open water) triathlon. I didn't manage that, although I did a team tri and a swimrun event, which was insane and brilliant. I also did lots of OW events, most of which were great.  

    2018's resolution is running related and it's simple yet frightening: that elusive sub 4 hour marathon for VLM in April.

    I sat down and sorted out my marathon training plan yesterday, which is exciting / scary and surprisingly complicated now I have to factor in care of my parents as well as taxiing of my youngest. I've used the ASICs one as I remember Hazel saying she follows it, and adapted it a bit. This year I need to be very disciplined with pace. Miles I love, but the pacey stuff I find tricky. I need to limit myself to 4 targeted runs a week, plus a swim and a cross train. I like to run more often but I know these are "junk miles" and counter-productive.
    I also weighed myself and am rather ashamed of how much alcohol, cheese and mince pies I've consumed. I need to lose around a stone in the next few months to be at my ideal racing weight  :o

    Haven't run since NYE when I did a pretty near marathon pace 13 miles with a friend, which was fun, and appetite inducing :-)

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    Good luck with the marathon plan Ness.
    A 12mile run in two parts. 10miles in 1hr16. Pace was up and down. At 9miles tiring so wrapped it up at 10 and had five minutes rest. No weird moments though. A slower couple of miles home. Don't like stopping but fair enough today. Diet is thrashing my system a touch.
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