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  • Bloody autospell! Toughing it out :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I've seen worse autocorrect fails, Will. :lol:
  • dprovandprovan ✭✭✭

    Back at the running after a long lay off. Have upped my running from around 8-12 miles per week to 20 miles last week. Loving the fact that I have moved out of that place where every mile felt like torture to now having longer spells of the run feeling enjoyable. Did 5 miles tonight in just over 10 min miles with 70-75% heart rate. Off out to 5 aside soon, I think ill do nets!

  • Welcome to dprovan and xbraddersx - nice progress.

    Nice hill and speed work Nessie.

    Good work on the 10 miles Cal.

    Nice coastal running as always swittle. 

    Some core work for me on Monday and a 10 miler yesterday evening - around 6km flat on my own then joined by one another from my Tuesday group (hey come out of winter hibernation everyone) for the hilly remaining kms done at a sensible pace as my companion hadn't been out training much over the Christmas break and wanted to talk the whole way round. 
    Tired today but will be out for a 6km recovery later.  Currently ticking off the boxes and weeks one by one rather than looking too far ahead and worrying about those 20 milers to come.
  • Thanks everyone !

    Cal - my hip has been stiff and sore recently, though I too do not feel it so much running. Normally the morning after. Do you have any specific stretches you could recommend? I'm not particularly flexible.

    dprovan - good work on the 20 miles per week!

    Hazelnut - well done on some core work! I often find myself neglecting that.

    Tuesday club efforts were difficult:1 mile warm up, then 0.3 miles or so at faster pace (6:30 min/mile), 0.3 miles recovery (10 min/mile) - repeat x 7! 1 mile run home felt so hard and it was uphill!

    Absolutely exhausted today, no running. Climbing in the evening.
  • Bradders, I do yoga so I'm doing a lot of lunge-type stretches and (depending on the type of yoga) hip openers. I don't have the most mobile hips in the world but they're not too bad (my problem seems to be lazy glutes). I found a good site with a sequence of stretches you can have a go at.

    Hazelnut - good attitude. Not looking forward to the 20s either, though not even sure I can fit many in. It's only 13 weeks until Manchester I've also two half marathons and a taper to fit in between now and then. Eek!

    I did 6 miles easy today. This is the first consecutive run I've done (I've been running every other day until today). I definitely felt a few grumbles and had to get busy with the roller and balls once I got home. 

  • xbraddersx - I'm not so keen on the core work myself but at 43 I should be doing something to maintain overall strength anyway.  I like the idea of climbing as a cross training exercice - are you indoor then?  probably at this time of year I guess.  Had a couple of goes myself primarily top-roping but I'm not too keen on the responsibility of belaying other people.  I also once forgot to drop the rope on a fall whilst lead climbing and trying to clip the rope - nice rope burns.  Better than stuffing it between your teeth like some people do and then falling and not letting go though (ouch).  But enough of that rope-related stuff.   Nice club session btw.

    Will have a look at those exercices myself Cal - a bit of variation won't do any harm.  Rest day tomorrow to look after the grumbles?  The last few plans I did had only 1 20 miler in it, I think this one has two or 3.  I find them as tough mentally as physically.  I generally do the long runs on my own.  In a marathon itself you at least have people suffering around you.

    6km recovery this lunchtime in 36:22.  Multi-tasking trip including shopping gave me access to a nice flat and easy off-road route.  Just what I needed.   
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    About 4miles on the gym treadmill Monday. It was pretty icy out. Not so today. 17.45miles (bits offroad) in just over 2hrs16. A bit bored but not tiring. Had headphones on to keep me entertained. Saw some really big bunnies at the Uni campus and what Google tells me is a male bullfinch. Starting to feel some benefit from getting lean again. Feel sharper, better endurance and less sleepy. On the downside I start to look a bit PoW at low weight.
    The neighbour's cat is in a funny mood. He's called Foss, which is warping into Mr Foster, and Oh Mister Foster! (in the style of Hattie Jacques).
  • 4 miles for me today.

    Question for you all. When you do your long runs what do you listen to? Sometimes I get bored of listening to music and then I end up cutting my run short. Any recommendations?
  • Try not to touch it when in public Will  :p:D (nice racing BTW!)
    Great updates, and welcome Brad
    Need to catch up- in a hurry- but I am trying to do some kettlebell stuff once a week to build my core strength and protect against injury. Have tried pilates in the past and it helped, but it makes me so bored! i'm also doing a weekly HIIT session on the turbo trainer, and a swim. Hopefully combined, all this helps the running? Would like to swim more often but no time.
    Cal, Hazel, JT- getting the miles in, some great sounding runs and nice feline updates.
    Andrea- I listen to podcasts. Desert Island Discs, Women's Hour and This American Life mainly.  I loved Serial too, you must listen if you haven't yet.

    Tonight was 7 miles club run, I led a vibrant and big group, averaging 8.45 pace which I was happy with as I had to still chat / loop back etc.
  • I don't listen to music, Andrea. But since I live in London I like to be able to hear traffic (car, bicycle, foot) so I can take evasive action where necessary. And it's also nice to be able to hear the birds.
    Rest day today, if you can call getting up for a 6.30am yoga class rest, and then a hellish class called Hot Inferno Pilates in the afternoon (guarantee that one wouldn't bore you, Nessie - it's a combination of Pilates exercises and HIIT in a hot room).
  • Nice Bullfinch, JT! That was one of the tables at my wedding. I was on Golden Eagle.
    I never plug in on runs. When I started, I think I needed to be able to hear that I was still breathing. Then I've tried to make my running a bit meditative - which sometimes works, mindful running maaaan. During the daytime I'm always listening for birds and for evening runs it is all about peace and quiet for me.
    I'd planned 8 miles for last night but felt very lethargic by the time I got out. Heavy legs and a bit of a dodgy stomach, so ended up doing just 3 slow miles and in bed by 9.30. I did test out my new Camelbak, though, which works brilliantly. I felt slightly overdressed for a 5K!
    Happy running all :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Feeling a bit lethargic myself, Will. I did drag myself out for a 4 mile recovery run today, then had a good stretch.
  • Nice mileage JT.  Seems will is getting us all into bird watching.  

    I don't listen to music either Andrea as I like to be aware of my surroundings and I get annoyed with the headphones (never tried bluetooth).

    Good mix of sports Nessie.  

    If you haven't picked up that one already - a tip for your Camelbak will - suck the air out of the bladder (turn it upside down) or the sloshing water might drive you a bit nuts on longer runs..

    15 miles in 2:14:38 for me yesterday to complete the highest ever mileage I have ever done in 7 days - just short of 56.  That was mostly due to shifing a longer run by one day last week due to the storm.  Normally I would let a missed run go, but it was only one and swapped with a rest day.     

    Tried to do it as a progression run speeding up (a little) after 5 and 10 miles.  Worked to some extent and I felt better at the end of the run than on quite a few longer ones on which I have set out too quickly and struggled for the last few miles.  Start gently and finish strong could be a good new motto for longer runs.   

    Ran along the river to do a flat route - was overtaken by a pair of rowers - they had the advantage of the current.  I like running next to rivers - there is always something to look at - even it is just the water going from A to B. 
  • Blimey Hazel. Very impressive running for your 15 miler and for the week! Well done! The P & D is challenging and hopefully will reap rewards for you.
    Me- yesterday I had no run scheduled but took my running stuff into work and couldn't resist a 4 mile plod in my lunch break to get some fresh air and Epping Forest calm.
    This morning I repeated the same 14 mile route from last Friday with the intention of maintaining 9.3 pace, which I stuck to perfectly, taking a couple of minutes off last week's time.  Pleased with that and as the weeks progress, I'm going to try something similar to Hazel, and try to do the last hour of the long runs at MP
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    Fine running Hazel and Ness.
    About 5miles treadmill yesterday, including a 5k at incremental speed in 21:45. 11.6miles on/offroad today in 1hr30. Muddy in places. Misty. Calves tired. Weird smell in the air.
  • Wow Hazel - huge mileage! Nessie too - inspirational. Weird smell, JT? I passed some fragrantly smoking student types this evening as I had another lacklustre and shortened run. Something not quite right still in my gut and legs, so 3 miles in 28 mins and am behind on my planned mileage for this week. Was going to parkrun this morn but still no mojo, as Cheryl would say.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Some very impressive running going on in here! How is your body coping with all the mileage Hazel?

    Jogged to the parkrun this morning & then obviously did the parkrun (terrible muddy conditions again). So in total just shy of 4.5 miles.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    A good source of motivation on this thread: different terrains, paces and outcomes.   Interesting talking points too: I love the bird spotting but I cannot see why I'd want to blot out the ever changing sounds of parkland, dunes, beach and shore.

    Can't say I miss the growing miles demanded by Mara training - but more power to those racking them up.  :)
  • A few cups of the old home-brew keffir and the stomach feels like it's getting back to normal. 5 miles in 48 mins this avo and running on half MoJo again. Mexican feast and 10 miler ahead of me tomorrow.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Did my local parkrun today and it is still insanely busy. Managed 28:05 (a long way off PB, but my fastest time since I got myself injured) though the queue was out of the funnel. AND my Garmin failed so I've had to wait until now to get the time. Guess they ran out of barcodes again and had to input them manually. Blah. May try another parkrun next week.
  • I managed a half marathon-length training run today on a fairly hilly route. This is the furthest I've run since September, and the fact I got faster towards the end gives me a bit of confidence.
    Most interesting sight was a black and white blackbird, Will (excluding the local parakeet population). I'm assuming he had vitiligo.
  • Well done Cal, that's great progress. Long may it continue.

    i did a slow 8 miles this morning. Thank you for the podcast recommendations, I was engrossed!
  • That's great news on your parkrun progress and training HM Cal.

    Good to hear you are feeling better Will.

    I was away for the weekend and am now nursing what looks like a calf injury.  Too much mileage after all probably.  I thought I was coping with it well as I had had no issues at all.   
    It had grumbled a bit after Thursday's long run, eased off over the next couple of days and was fine during the warm-up for yesterday's run but about a mile into the tempo phase of yesterday's run something went ouch.  Aborted the run immediately and walked home.  Don't think it is too bad but I won't be running for a few days and after that probably reduced and gently.  Will see how things go.
  • Sorry to hear about your calf, Hazelnut. Hope it clears up quickly.
    Great that you managed a good long run, Cal, and nice black/white bird spotting. That one had a touch of leucistic about it - partial lack of pigment. They're very territorial so you should see it again.
    Me, well after eating a huge lunch at my mum's Mexican birthday (including my Very own Chipotle chicken, guacamole and choc chilli pots) I managed a relaxed 7 miles, which almost caught my mileage up to my target for the week. Rest day today and then some intervals tomorrow.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well done Andrea and Will. Hazel - ouch. Tore my calf a few years ago and it's not much fun. Hopefully yours is just a strain - maybe get a massage? I always wear calf sleeves now (unless it's too hot).
  • A sunny but windy six miles this morning. Went a bit quicker than I was supposed to. I guess that's a good sign if I can go faster than a plod two days after my longest run in months.
  • 3 miles for me this morning. Started off slow and got progressively quicker.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hopefully your calves are just tired and tweaky Hazel. They tend to be pretty resilient. My calves have been sore and grumbling last few days but a bit of rolling and compression and they're doing what they're told - more or less.
    4.35mile incline treadmill run yesterday. Today just under 15.9miles on/off-road in 2hrs02. Really muddy in places. Feet got wet and cold. Some of these offroad paths I'd never run before. Clear sky, then it got really cold and snowed. Went okay though.
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Hey first post on here. Been lurking for a while and getting some good tips and learning more. 

    Been running about a year now, have well and truly got the bug!! My times dont comoare to a lot of what I see but are getting quicker and my fitness really feels a lot stronger.

    Anyway ran 5k last night, really windy and biting cold but love to run evenings in the dark. No one around just me against me! Did a consistent 28mins which I am happy with as still nursing back a groin strain. Running a 10k in a few weeks and feel strong for it.
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