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    Definitely no need to rush into things, Matt - my first year of proper racing I was only running a couple of times a week and my mileage was in the 20s at best. It was only after my first marathon that I started taking it a bit more seriously and run five days a week most weeks. This summer was the first time I've gone over 50 miles.
    Early 10 miler this morning. I'm still in a lot of discomfort from the dentist so I've not been sleeping well. I had a good run, though, and enjoyed going out early.
  • Eased back into it tonight. Still have doms from my mountaineering efforts, so nothing snazzy, just a 3.2 miler at 9:00 min/mi.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello. 9miles today. Very tired. They're digging up pavements everywhere for super fast broadband. Am keeping a few miles ahead of my agitation.
  • You are doing great for just 3 months of running Matt.  My mileage has increased steadily over the last 3 years due to running marathons and the training those involve.  I'm currently planning on maintaining a similar level of mileage but dropping down the race distance to 10k - HM.

    Hope the teeth calm down soon Cal.  Nice 10 miler.

    Good to see Will and JT. 

    A total of 26 miles for me so far this week, running Tuesday to Thursday. Day off yesterday due to a public holiday so did this week's long run of just short of 13 miles in 1:56.  A lake and river combo so mostly flat on a mixture of gravelly paths and tarmac.  Warm in the sun but cool in the shade.  Ran as a one-way with public transport so I had to carry clothing etc.  Rewarded myself with some slices of cake from the tearoom / bakery about 200 metres from my finishing point - yummm.  Rest day today.
  • Hey JT!
    Will, welcome back home. 9mm sounds quite fast, or is that an easy pace for you now?
    That sounds like a nice run, Hazelnut - and cake too!
    Out at 6.30 for 8 miles. Cold, crisp and (once the sun had come up) sunny. Really enjoyed the run although my hip flexor had a twinge when I stopped. Didn't feel it while running, so it's probably something I did in pilates yesterday.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    13.8miles this evening in 1hr44, torched up taking in unlit paths and roads. It's quite nice being in your own cocoon of light against the black. Cold with the crackle of unseen firework shows here and there. Feeling tired a lot.
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  • Finally, I got my sub-25! 24:53 at Northala Fields parkrun, which may now be my favourite parkrun (not just because I did a good time - it's a lovely park, a one lapper - and has some interesting mounds that were constructed out of the rubble of the old Wembley stadium. Met some nice people too. All in all, a brilliant morning.
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    Whoop, Cal! Nice work getting your sub-25. Sounds like an interesting Parkrun. I paid a few trips to the old Wembley, most memorably when Norwich won the Milk Cup Final against Sunderland, standing right at the back on a folding stool.

    Good to 'see' you again, JT. I'm going to start running with my headtorch as I'll be doing plenty of dark runs now and I've been thinking about safety. I too enjoy the darkness, as long as it's not the stuff that sometimes pollutes my mind.

    First day of my marathon training plan today. I've done a 20 week one and then have a couple of weeks spare at the end, to allow for adjustments, illness and injuries. I started with a Parkrun sandwich; 1.5 miles each way there and back with the 5K in the middle. I ran the first lap/mile with my Dad to help him pace his 27/28 mins and then I pushed off to finish in 25:26. All felt good and it was nice to do it as a progression. 

    I've settled on the following paces for my training runs. They seem to be about right for me now:

    Long/Easy 10:15-10:30 
    Steady 9:30
    LT 9:00
    Tempo/Parkrun 8:00

    Quite pleased to be starting off at 14st 4lb (6ft 1ish) and will aim to drop down half a stone or more from there.

    Oh and I need new shoes :)

    Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • You're about the same pace as me now, Will - well done to you and your dad.
  • That's good for comparing training,  Cal. Think you're way closer to GFA than me though! I'm good for jellybean :)

    A very early 10 miles this morning, 7 of which were under headtorch light. I took the Marriott's Way trail out of Norwich for 5 miles before turning round. Bonus sightings were a Barn Owl ghosting across a meadow and a Kingfisher darting down the river. Got very close to some Tawny Owls too, but they're a bugger to get eyes on. Other visual highlight was a Hooded youth smoking outside Tesco in the pre-dawn darkness. As I passed him, he looked up to reveal full skeleton face make-up. Freaked me. Pace was 10:20 min/mi which I'm happy with. This new focus has definitely raised my spirits. Thank you, running.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well, Will, that's the advantage of being a woman over 50! I am glad you have shaken off the black dog and are enjoying your runs again.
    No skeletons on my run or even any interesting birds, but I did see an amazing red sunrise during the opening mile of my 21 mile run. I went up through Morden Hall Park, on to Wimbledon Common, down past the tennis to Wimbledon Park, from there back to Tooting Common and then home. Ran it in 3:32:40 which is considerably faster than I was expecting (averaged 10:08, although my paces ranged from 10:54 on a muddy hill down to 9:36 for the final mile) so I guess I am recovered from Chester!
  • I've been at work on the spam as well JT having seen the posts by Lowrez.  Have already had the satisfaction of killing off a few threads.  Nice headtorch running by yourself. 

    Well done Cal for your sub 25 parkrun and a very impressive long run on Sunday too. 

    For a bit of added safety I've clipped a mini red flashlight to the back of my headtorch strap in particular for when I'm on roads on my own.  Good luck with your marathon plan.  I'm a looking forward to reading about your progress through it. Nice long run by you too.

    Saturday evening I got OH out for a run for the first time in a while - he spontaneously decided to buy some trail shoes on Saturday afternoon so he had to try them out.  We have the same make/model but in different colours so we don't do partner look.  Trotted around a woody route with him and then added on another 3 solo around the local fields.  Wildlife spots of the day: 1) a large group of geese flying overhead in a ragged V doing lots of talking.  2) a beaver which hopped across the path and splashed into a small pond a few feet in front of me.  I wasn't sure it was one initially but I checked the location yesterday and the small dam and chewed sticks around confirmed it.

    Rare CBA yesterday despite reading about Cal and Will's early long runs and watching a bit of the NYC marathon.  So yesterday's planned 8.5 miles were postponed until lunchtime today.  Did some loops around the local fields, adding in 8 x strides.   Worthwhile waiting until lunch as the fog cleared and the sun came out just as I set out.

    Have a good week all.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Great 20+miles Cal.
    8.5miles in vivobarefoots yesterday. 1hr03. I've got a bit of tweak in my calf which the lack of cushioning didn't help. It settled though. 10.6miles tonight in 1hr21. Crescendo of firework displays going off and the air full of mist and smoke. The houses under the diffuse streetlight looked like The Exorcist poster. Out and about with my headtorch. Happened upon an impromptu display and not so far from a sideways flying firework. Purely accidental. Nevertheless the wankers were out in numbers - like the walking dead but less focused. Took a lot of abuse from the opposite side of the river. Genuinely contemplated running back on myself to the closest bridge - wanting to eviscerate the shouty bastard as a universal proxy for wankerhood. But didn't.
    Sorry you've been in a low Will. I'm pleased to hear you have management of it. My absence has been due to a similar thing, but I've kept running in that time. It's a strange experience to wake in the mornings from panic - and to experience the casual internal narrator who describes the storm and asks, "how can you have an anxiety attack when asleep?". It is not easy to resist the decline. But running does offer a respite, sometimes only for hours and at no small physical cost. But still, it's something. The difficulties still resonate, but am much improved.
  • A firework run would have been fun, JT, if not for the wankers.
    Sorry to hear about the anxiety. One of my friends suffers from it and he has been doing a lot better since a change of meds. He drove me up to Manchester and back when I did Chester marathon - something he wouldn't have been able to manage a year ago.

    Out at 6.15 for a 10 miler (it wasn't going to be that far but I was enjoying it). Surprisingly warm - I had to take off the jacket I'd worn after a mile. I startled a fox who came out of a front garden as I was passing and then backed away slowly.
    Also passed an abandonned office chair on which some wag had spray-painted a smiley face and the word "banan". I guess they ran out of room for the A. Why? Who knows?

  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Great beaver spot, Hazelnut!  There are a few reintroduction programmes for them over here and I'd love to see one. I love the geese at this time of year. A lot of them holiday in Norfolk. 

    Glad you are feeling a bit better, JT, and still banging out the headtorch miles. The last couple of mornings have been the first time in weeks that I haven't driven to school feeling sick in the stomach with nonsensical anxiety. It is a bastard thing. Hope you continue to improve.

    Good fox and chair spots, Cal. Life needs things like that to balance out the other absurdities, like Trump and washing up.

    I was up early again this morning. I'm doing a couple of 5am get ups a week, in order to fit the miles in around family life. Call me strange but I do like being up and about at that time, before nearly all others. Breakfast after that run is great too. Anyway, 4.53 miles in 41.53 mins. A couple of decent hills involved and a good leg and lung workout. Saw two other runners: a friendly one with a dog and a blanker with ear buds. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • On the plus side, I banked 12 miles this morning. On the minus side, it was wet and windy and I was very slow. Nearly canned the run at 6 miles but it started to get light then so I carried on. My left shin is a bit sore, which is a worry. Don't need shin splints in addition to a grumbling achilles.
    Smiley chair was still on the pavement. No sign of the fox today, though.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    10.9miles tonight. Torched up on black bridleways to the villages. Ran to an old airfield. Into a wind roaring in my ears as I ran up the old runway, and in dead quiet with the wind behind me on the way back. Distant cows were talking.
  • JT, that .9 would bug me! I always like to finish my runs on a round number. And today that number was 6. My achilles is back to being a whiny little bitch so I guess it's physio time again. On the plus side, I got to run in shorts and a T-shirt again, although now it's November I can't see that lasting very long.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello Cal. Can't really see my watch at night so don't know what I've run until I'm home. Always happier to be just over the mile than just under. I am gradually packing all my summer running stuff away and getting the merino tops and gloves out.
    12miles today in under 1hr33. Slowed a bit from halfway. Don't know why. Stopped to pet a horse.
  • I like the airfield atmospherics, JT.

    Hope the shins don't develop into anything, Cal.

    A couple of decent last runs this end. 3.5 miles last night on a hilly loop, with a few strides thrown in. Legs were a bit tired for the first half but warmed up and loosened up later on. 7.3 miles the night before at a steady pace. A lot of runners out and about and also a large bloke smashing up a white van with a golf club. Cacking myself at the sight and sound of this, I legged it at something like threshold plus. People did seem to be calling the cops, so I didn't feel too bad about fleeing the scene.

    Week 1 of marathon plan done - 31 miles.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Seeing my physio on Monday. I'm full of aches from pilates and the sore achilles, plus tender shine and now tender hip as well made me nervous, but I wanted to hit up Kingston parkrun which was in danger of cancellation. It's a mix of hard path and dirt, and after last night's deluge the dirt was basically mud. So my mile splits were 8:01/9:11/8:08 - the middle mile was the muddy one! 26:06 total time - I've had worse. I was happy with the first and last miles at least. Only 6th in my age group as there seem to be good vets there. Onwards and upwards.
  • Nice bit of mud running, Cal, and a decent enough time.
    Mrs Will is away at the rygbu for the weekend, so I took the kids to watch and cheer my Dad on at Parkrun, then left them with him and Mum while I headed out for a longie, road and a bit of track around my home village. Legs felt heavy until about mile 6, when they started behaving. 11.18 miles in 1hr 55, so about bang on my target pace, although I found it a bit tricky not to run faster. Right knee a bit sore so icing it after a monstrous allotment based recovery lunch at Dad's. Now for a drop of Jurassic World.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good luck for the physio on Monday Cal.

    I need to sort out the running clothes drawer as well JT. Might even be an excuse to get some new stuff.  Horse petting sounds nice.  I now have two little pet pigs on one of my regular  routes to exchange grunts with.

    Home grown lunch also sounds nice Will.  I am slowly working through a big pile of butternut squashes.  Versatile things.

    I was a bit lazy posting this week.  Out for 5 runs, all between 8 and 9 miles, mostly steady running but one threshold pace section yesterday of 20 minutes which was hard work.  Finished the week on 66.6 km.  One more week of base training then I will probably get stuck into something more intensive. 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hope the physio straightens you out Cal.
    8.4miles Saturday. Ended up funnelled into the busy city centre because of street closures around the Minster. Not sure why. There were Bentleys parked up so probably an event rather than anything sinister. Streets too crowded to run.
    Tonight 9.9miles (boo). Pace very ordinary but have now clocked up over 2000miles for the year. Have shifted myself out the door in what has been a difficult weekend.
  • I've been ordered to rest for a few days. It appears that I have overdone it.
    2000 miles is a lot, JT. I've logged over 1000. Just waiting on a new pair of shoes to be delivered as I've worn out the pair I bought myself as a birthday present in June.
  • That must be frustrating having to rest Cal. 

    And that is a great 2018 mileage so far JT - I've just had a look - I'm on a bit over 1700 at the moment and have already gone past last year's total.  Could you not have run around your house a couple of times to make up the .1 mile?  :p

    I did my first HM distance run since the mara in Berlin yesterday with 13.5 miles in 02:01:45 so for me a nice steady pace.  Lovely afternoon for it - warm and sunny and little wind.  Treated myself to a flat run along the river rather than one of my standard undulating local routes, finishing at sunset. 
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Good on you for getting out the door, JT. I think 9.9 is perfectly imperfect.

    Rest up well, Cal. It'll be worth it.

    Nice river run, Hazelnut. The autumn colours are still looking fantastic here. Every season has its highlights.

    Week 2 of my mara training going well. Having talked with my running mate (our sons do JPR together and we are equally socially inept) about the benefits of his daily doubles, I kind of followed suit with what I am christening 'the night before the morning after'. Last night at 8pm I had a great run. One of those where everything feels like it's in sync and is doing what it's supposed to do. 5.05 miles at 9.06 m/m, with 7 or 8 X 50 metre efforts popped in for good measure. Really satisfying. Then, after another awful night's sleep (waking for good at 3.30 am) I was out again at 4.55am for 4 steady miles in 39 minutes. Legs, as expected, felt a bit heavy but there was also some stamina in them. I know my early run seems a bit ridiculous time-wise, but so do a lot of things whirring around my head at the moment. There we are. Really enjoying my running, at least.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • This autumn seems particularly colourful Will.  One of my favourite times of year.  Sorry you are not sleeping so well but a nice little double that with a very quick turnaround time.  I would definitely keep the second run gentle and short if it follows a run with some speedier stuff.  JPR = junior parkrun?

    My turn to do the 9.9 miles yesterday evening.  I did my run in two parts with a 3.42 mile solo, then met up with one other lady for the standard Tuesday trot of 6.57 miles.  Ups.  I have the watch set to kms so I didn't notice and it doesn't matter anyway.  The 6 and a half bit was done at a sensible steady pace as we had both done 2 hour runs in the last couple of days.  The light drizzle turned into thick fog on the higher point of the route - could hardly see a thing with the headtorch light reflecting back.  Careful shuffling needed down the final steep hill on a surface of wet greasy tarmac garnished with lots of leaves. 
  • The leaves are rather precarious at the moment, aren't they?! You're right about the colours this year, Hazelnut. It's looking fantastic on the trails around Norwich, where I enjoyed a good medium run this morning. JPR is Junior Parkrun - what Sundays were made for!

     I have a 20 mile trail race coming up before Christmas, so want to get as much trail practise as possible. It's also so much nicer than the pavement and I'm sure the extra muscle work will be good for my mara training. I ran across the Marsh, which is now cow-free, and got a great spot in - a female Stonechat perched on top of a ramble of brambles. From there I followed the river down to the uni grounds, through the woods, which held some ace fungi, and then round the lake a couple of times. Cetti's Warbler and Great Crested Grebe were the best spots there. My pace was quite slow over the trails and I had a strange thing happen for the second long run in a row. My legs felt tired and heavy with no bounce until I'd run 6 miles - then it was game on and I felt suddenly a lot stronger. What is that all about? Anyway, a lovely bit of fresh air and 9.05 colourful, muddy miles in 1h 32 mins.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Trails are fun aren't they Will.  At some point you will need to pound some tarmac on long runs to get your legs and feet accustomed to it for your road mara but practicing for your trail race is a good idea as well.
    Nice nature spotting.  There has not been much in the way of fungi around here this year due to how dry it was I guess.

    5 mile recovery for me yesterday at lunch time on a flat mostly off road route dodging lots of dog walkers.  All well behaved (the dogs and their owners).  Pretty tired legs from the recent mileage.   
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