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  • Oh no, Cal - that's horrid bad luck. Hope it's not shingles again. Chin up.

    A fatigued 5 miles for me last night at 9:27 mi/mi. Legs just feeling a bit heavy and my form was all over the place. Also been running mostly in the morning lately, so the evening session felt a bit late and ponderous. Still, I haven't missed a run from my programme yet (touch wood) so all the miles are banked.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Me again! Now relaxing after a big recovery pork chop or two to celebrate my longest run to date. I took advantage of Mrs Will taking the kids to the theatre to fit it in at lunchtime. Windy with light rain with loads of leaves blowing about and plenty of bird action - Sparrowhawk , Buzzard and Redwings today. I managed to keep it fairly evenly paced and felt pretty good up to mile 15, when the 'pain' hit. Those last 2 miles were really tough, with legs ready to fold beneath me. I dug deep though and got through to the end, with a quicker last mile to boot. 17 miles in a shade under 3 hours at 10:33 min/mi - so bang on the plan again. I loved the feeling of battling the urge to stop and getting through that tough spot. I suppose that's what marathon prep is all about. A very good run :)
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  • I hope you are feeling a bit better in the meantime Cal. 

    Solid long run Will well done. 

    I finished off last week with runs on Friday to Sunday.  Just short of 9 miles on Friday with the second half at just over MP.  Then a short recovery run of 5k on Saturday.  Yesterday a 10k race in 46:44. Not a PB course by any means and I was more than 4 minutes over that.  It was wet from above (didn't bother me as it wasn't particularly cold and also no wind) and wet and filthy from below with plenty of mud and puddles to splash through and one very slippery corner which I had to shuffle around carefully as I didn't fancy a fall.  3 x 2 mile loops + once around the track, each of the loops had a nasty little hill to climb and descend.  Had a nice little tussle all the way around with a pair of bright blue compression socks, their male owner was faster down the hill though and he beat me by a few seconds.  Scraped into the top third of my age group and top quarter of the ladies overall.  Probably just wasn't lapped by the first man, who ran 32:36.  A former 2:06 marathon runner and current holder of the V40 marathon world record.  Apparently he was visiting to promote a project collecting used running shoes for runners in Africa. 
  • Sorry to hear about Valencia Cal, I really hope you're out running well again soon.

    Good running Will, I tend to find the last long run before a taper is often a rough one which gets followed up by a much better race.

    I took a few days off running last week as I was dealing with a bit of a cold, I'm still not fully over it quite yet but I felt close enough to fitness to go out for my final long run before the Portsmouth Coastal marathon in three weeks. It went reasonably to plan with a fairly consistent pace throughout despite quite a headwind off the sea in the final miles. The only real downside was the route which was a well trodden path for me along the sea front and then up the east side of Portsmouth to Farlington marshes, it can be nice in the sun but on a grey murky day like yesterday I just found it very repetitive and boring but I didn't want to risk a new route at this stage of training. 

    Despite the twenty miles yesterday I did manage short one mile run tonight as I made my to Asda just to see how the legs felt, I'll probably do five miles or something similar tomorrow as a proper recovery run.
  • Thanks, I managed to get out for a little (4 mile) run today. I'm not fully recovered but I feel a lot better than I did a few days ago. Took it nice and slow - everything is tight after sitting on my backside for over a week. But the achilles is good - it clearly appreciated the downtime.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone. Haven't run for a while because I got a bug that turned into a threat infection which turned into a chest infection. Topped off of a miserable November. Done some gym work the last few days and ran this afternoon. Cold and bright. 8.1miles at a steady 8min/mile. Went okay. Switched routes because a pathway by the river was cordoned off by the police. There where ambulances, fire appliances and police boat present. It was an area of river heading out of the city so couldn't see what was happening - maybe for the best.
  • Excellent work on the 20 miler, Matt. My first of that distance coming up in 2 weeks!

    Glad you're feeling a bit better, Cal, and managed to get your runners on again :)

    Great to hear from you, JT. Sorry November has been an arse. Hoping you have a good December. 

    A couple of runs this end. A delayed recovery run around the cemetery on Monday. Strange how uplifting that place can be. It's very peaceful, with some beautiful old trees and it kind of puts things in perspective , while also having some ideal paths for a gentle run. 

    Last night I hauled myself up a hill 6 times. It's about 150 metres and probably on a 7/10 steep rating, so a good workout. I topped the run off to 4 miles and then collapsed in front of the telly with some root veg crisps. Really felt the burn last night and had difficulty with the stairs to bed.
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  • Well done on your 20 miler Matt.  Have a good taper.

    Good to see you are back out Cal.  Nice and slow is a good idea if you are not yet 100 % well.

    Sorry to hear you havent been well JT and I hope your December is a better one than your November. 

    Nice hill work Will.  Hope the legs recover quickly!

    Bit over 8 and a half miles for me yesterday evening, 2 and a bit on my own on a flat stretch, then met up with two others from my Tuesday group.  We set off a bit slower than I would have liked but the guy is just building up to a regular mileage again and is generally taking it easy at the moment.  He took a short cut on the hilly section so the other lady and myself increased the effort a bit for the remainder.  It is the disadvantage of running with others that you often can't generally do the pace you would like to.  But I do like to have a social run once a week and therefore put aside the internal grumblings and enjoy it for the other aspects. 
  • JT, sounds like we got the same lurgy! of the reasons I don't do club runs is noone runs at my pace. Even the social run, the "novice" pace group is advertised as 9min/mi+. For me, a 9 min/mi is only a bit slower than my HM pace. For a social run (given it's on a Monday, so would effectively be a recovery run) I wouldn't want to be going any faster than 10:30s, and likely slower if my legs were fried from Sunday. Anyway...
    Another 4 done today, although it was actually 4.5 because I did six lots of strides. Legs were feeling a bit better.
  • Looking on Strava at the club runs in Norwich, I think I would be a bit too slow as well, Cal. Apart from doing Parkrun with my Dad, my running is my solitude and quiet time. I find it very meditative and calming. Being a person not of a naturally social disposition I enjoy being on my own, just me and the road. I'm sure running clubs are ace, just not for me! Glad you're back out there, Cal.

    Yesterday's run was a bit of a struggle. Legs are feeling heavy at the moment and it's taking some effort to keep plugging away. I guess this is what mara training is all about. 5 weeks in and some quite heavy mileage compared to my previous training plans, I'm feeling it. I did 5 miles yesterday at 9:29 min/mi and afterwards I realised I couldn't actually remember anything from the run, other than it was hard work! Even a lap of the lake seemed to go unnoticed. Just over a week away from my 20 miler and I'm thinking about wiping a few miles off the plan. I think a bit more of a taper might be wise, to avoid blowing up next week. Rest day today, then no longie at the weekend - one, maybe two shorter runs instead.
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  • For me the social runs are a good way of getting out and amongst people as I work from home and spend a lot of time on my own.  I'm not naturally sociable either and generally crap at small talk, but running chat I can do.  We do cover other topics as well though.

    A mileage cutback seems a good plan Will.  Have you planned in regular recovery weeks?

    Good your legs are improving Cal.

    Just a short recovery of 3 miles for me yesterday evening - unusally at 9pm.  Struggled all day motivation wise to get out of the door.  Lots of Christmas lights up already.  Cheers up the dark evenings a bit. 
  • Just finished putting up 4 sets of lights in the front garden, Hazelnut - big switch on tonight!

    I have put in a recovery week about every 4 weeks, so will make sure I stick to that. Although I've managed the 16/17 mile runs ok, the 20 will be my first time going that distance so I want to have fresh legs for it. Tricky trying to balance freshness with stamina.
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  • Hope the lights are all up and running then Will.

    The jump to 20 will probably feel a lot the first time you do it Will.  The first couple of rounds of marathon training I did I noticed each additional mile added on as of around 15.

    Yesterday I caught up on the tempo intervalls I was supposed to have been doing on Wednesday.  14 mins / 11 mins and 8 mins with 4 minutes recoveries in the range 10k race pace + 10-15 seconds/km  Pleased with the results.  Distances for the fast bits were 1.96 miles, 1.53 miles and  1.1 miles with a pace of betwen 7:09 and 7:13 m/m.

    Have a good Friday and weekend.
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Lights are looking good, Hazelnut.  Off to get the tree and mistletoe tomorrow :) Your interval work looks good.

    I'm a bit nervous about the step up to 20, but will give it my best shot. It's called the Festive Forest Challenge, with 10K and HM distances, as well as the 20 miles, lots of fancy dress, mince pies and beautiful trails, so should be exhausting fun.

    Kicked off my Mini-taper with 3 gentle miles in the pouring rain this morning. Going to go by feel this week and do lots of stretch, roll and core work. Happy weekend all!

    I run, therefore I am.
  • I have to admit, Will, the first time I did a 20 I spent the last couple of miles cursing and swearing. Kind of used to it now though! Good luck.

    6 miles today at a back-to-normal pace. I waited for the rain to stop which took until midday, and then it started again as I got to 4 miles and then turned into hail. Bloody stang, too! Naturally, the sun came out just as I reached home. Typical.
  • Parkrun for me yesterday + a couple of miles there and back. It was very windy, but fortunately the headwind was on the downhill stretch. I didn't push too hard as am saving my legs, finishing in 25:24. My form definitely feels better having done a bit of core work - yoga and stretches. Now off to timekeep at Junior Parkrun. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • No parkrun for me yesterday as I was timekeeper, but I did manage my first hot inferno pilates class since my cold. Not too sore today either, which is a surprise. I got out early for a 10 miler and it felt pretty decent. I wish Valencia had been this weekend - I'd have been good to go. Ah well.
  • Windy 11 miles this morning on tired legs.  Was very hungry by around 8 miles as I was out pre breakfast. 

    First attempt at 200m intervalls yesterday - not particular accurate though as I measured out a flat bit of firm and mostly puddle free field track by GPS so ran from that bit of darker mud in the middle of the path to that oak tree sticking out of the hedge and jogged back.  2 sets of 5 x with 4 minutes pootle between.  Pretty tired afterwards but not exhausted so I guess I got it more or less right. 
  • Good double figure mileage, Cal and Hazelnut. 

    My new Sauconys arrived (Triumph ISO 4s) and so I tested them out over 5.5 slowish miles. As always, the first run in new shoes was an absolute pleasure. The weather is looking dry for the rest of the week too, so I should be able to use them on the Breckland trails on Saturday. It's not often you need trail shoes as the course hardly ever gets too boggy, being based on dry, sandy heathland and pine forest. All felt good, so I shall put my feet up for a few days and just have a little stretch out on Thursday,  before Saturday's 20 miles. Looking forward to the challenge.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I was pretty wiped out after the 10 on Sunday so I don't think I was quite as over the cold as I thought. But I got a decent 6 miler done today, despite a very growly hip (had to spend a lot of time rolling and stretching before I went, but it was OK during the run).
    Lovely bright sunshine today, but cold, so it was hat, gloves and sunglasses.
  • Another 6 miles, this time in the dark (I had to fit it in, plus breakfast, before a 10am pilates class). Hip less horrible today. Achilles starting to get grumbly again, though. Faster pace than yesterday, which is unusual for me as I tend to be a bit slower first thing in the morning.
    Not as many Christmas lights to look at as I'd hoped - that's one of the nice things about running in the dark at this time of year. I'm sure it'll pick up in a week or so.
  • New shoes sounds nice Will.  I'm almost jealous of your 20 miler at the weekend - sort of thing I would enjoy. 

    Good the hip is a bit better today Cal but not so good on the Achilles.  Well done for getting out early.

    Rest day for me on Monday - though I did do some core exercices - trying to make a habit of it again though I am very lazy in that area. 

    Yesterday evening the standard Tuesday trot.  Gentle pace as a former group member who moved away a couple of years ago was in the area and came out with us again so there was a lot to catch up on.  Cold evening but some stars and plenty of lights to look at.   A couple of the villages here put on advent calendars in the sense of a number of houses put up an appropriate number and decorate it in some way - might be an idea for a run - go and look for each number.  Festive orienteering maybe.
  • We've got 450 lights outside our house, Cal. Come and have a jog over this way :) hope the niggles bugger off.

    I'm trying to be disciplined in getting more core work done too, Hazelnut. I seem to get it done if I'm having an easy running week, but definitely neglect it when I'm on high mileage.

    3 steady miles in the cemetery for me this morning, with some easy little strides thrown in. Enjoying the anticipation of my race on Saturday and planning on a nice steady and even pace to get me through the extra miles and over the finish line. Finishing is my aim. 3 and half hours would be a pleasing time for the 20 miles.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well done Will - is it an off road 20? My last 21er was just over 3 and a half but that was mostly pavements with about 6 miles on Wimbledon Common trails so I think that's manageable for you.
    Hazelnut, advent villages sound like a lovely idea!
    Oh and I've entered Yorkshire Marathon. It ties in with my friend's birthday so I'll do my race and we can do some fun stuff too if I have any energy left!
  • Thanks Hazel and Will, I picked up a very slight muscle strain after a 10k on Tuesday last week so had a few days off after that which cleared it up ok and then went out for a half yesterday but it resulted in another problem. Somehow during the run I managed to bruise my lower shin just about where the tongue of my shoe rubs against my leg as I run, in response I've decided to shelve any more runs until the day of the marathon on the 23rd. It should clear up by Sunday or Monday as it's only a minor bruise but I'm more concerned about how it happened and it'll happen again on race day. Maybe I did my laces up too tight or something but whatever it is I just hope I can be on the start line next week, especially as I had to dns last year.
  • Good luck for Saturday Will. 

    Nice for you to have another marathon to look forward to Cal.  Next autumn isn't it?

    Ouch to the shoe rubbing Matt.  I would check those laces.  I hope that you can race next week.

    I have a similar problem at the moment but on the top of my foot.  Almost certainly bad lacing (too tight) and maybe also a fold in the tongue of the shoe during a run last weekend.  Nasty little sore spot with some minor swelling to the whole forefoot.  Improving rapidly though and fortunately if I am careful with my shoes and the lacing I can run on it without much discomfort at all.

    Did a pretty intense run yesterday - warm up with 2 sets of drills and a stride then 7 x 3 minutes hill at 5k effort with jog recoveries followed by a cooldown.   First time I've tried that session.  First rep was a shock to the system but I settled in nicely as of that and completed the session in good style with just a few metres variation on how far I managed up the hill in the 3 minutes.  Good conditions for it - temps around freezing, sunny and little wind.  I wore a jacket for the warm up and the cool down but dumped it and gloves and hat in a convenient tree whilst doing the reps up and down the same hill.
  • Thanks Hazel, I'm less inclined to think it's a laces thing but it might just be a muscle strain so slight that I was unaware of it but which became stressed by a 13 mile run. I was out in my work shoes today and felt nothing whatsoever but when I got home and tried my trainers on it was clear that it hasn't healed, if only it was the other way around!

    Still got ten days to heal so a dns is unlikely at the moment.
  • > @PhilK said:
    > Sunday 15/07/07.
    > It was stormy, thunder and rain pouring down, I had a cold and I really didn't want to go out. Decided that as I am training for a half marathon and I can't run 2 miles without stopping I had better go. Waited for a break in the rain and thought that if I feel bad I can always stop and go home.
    > Bear in mind I am almost 20 stone and usually plod along at about 12 min miles and progressively slow down the further I go. I set off, first mile (when it eventually came, seemed like a lot longer) was 10:50! Blimey! Completed mile two, had a 30 sec walk, mile three and a 45 second walk then mile four and finished in 44:05! Yes, I said 44 minutes and 05 seconds. I have no idea how, or why, but I don't care. And it didn't rain on me.

    nice sharing!!
  • it was thursday with full of cold weather i can try to run atleast 2 km with my nike running shoes check out the list of some best nike and enjoy running
  • No Nikes for me I'm afraid...

    Then speedy healing Matt.

    Just short of 9 miles for me yesterday.  Legs weren't too bad following the hill work of the day before but I kept the pace down and concentrated on maintaining a steady effort.  
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