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  • We have had quite a wet last month so some stonking growths in the woodlands, Hazelnut.

    My final run of Week 2 turned out to be a recovery too. My groins felt a bit tender, due to mileage I think and so I plodded out 4 gentle miles in 40 mins. 33 miles completed for this week. All feeling good so far and finally getting some decent sleep. The only thing I appear to have neglected is my nipples! Sore as hell post-run today. Must crack out the vaseline more often!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • It was rather annoying to miss running on some lovely sunny autumn days, for sure. I went out for 4 easy miles today to test my sore bits, but I think it was a bit of a short run to tell, honestly. I will do parkrun tomorrow and see how it goes.
    Will, ouch. Sports bras remove that problem for us girls but I've chafed my underboobs a few times (actually, often it's only the right one, don't know why). I learned early on that I absolutely have to Vaseline my inner groin area when I go for a long run but I often forget about the other bits. Had chafed armpits a few times when wearing a vest and that's not nice either.
  • Grovelands parkrun for me today - a beautiful park in North London with a large lake and a manor house (now a private clinic). Bit of an incline on each lap which seemed fine at first but took its toll later on. I clocked a rather subpar 26:21 but given my niggles, I suppose it's not terrible. The parkrun itself is very pleasant and the people there are really friendly (got some hellos off dog walkers as I went to the parkrun which is not that common in London!)
  • With nipples well oiled up I did a Parkrun sandwich this morning. Jog with some strides to get there, then clocked a pleasing 24:55. Easy jog back and ready for my 6 run week this week. Took my boy to a local reserve to see the Starling murmuration this evening. It was well cool.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Ouch to the chafing. I've been lucky so far. 

    Good mileage for the week Will.  And good parkrunning by both of you.  I hope the rest has helped your niggles a bit Cal. 

    The starlings must have been great to watch Will.

    I did an eight miler yesterday with 8 x strides then a 10 miler today accompanied over the first six miles by OH.  I chose a route involving woods on both days to get out of the cold wind but this meant quite a few inclines on both days.  The legs were not very impressed by a steep hill today so I walked it instead of doing a really slow shuffle. 
  • Apologies everyone for not keeping up with this thread, I'm still clocking up the miles and recent highlights are a 44 mile week last week followed by missing a parkrun pb by just 12 seconds on Saturday! This week has consisted of a very smooth and quite easy 20 miler on my day off followed by a steady 10k last night. I'm on a run of shifts at work that are making it difficult to fit in anything other than short runs at the moment but it'll come to an end eventually! 
  • Matt, it sounds as if you're going from strength to strength. Well done on the quick parkrun and the 20.
    I did 15 miles today - partly a stress test for the body (which it passed, mostly - just a couple of grumbles) and a test for my new Zoom Flys which I intend to wear in Valencia. I've only done one parkrun in them so I needed to test their comfort level, and I'm pleased to say they'll do nicely.
    Nice and sunny but with an icy wind. I was glad of my long sleeved Cabbage Patch top (the race not the dolls) but I did see a few hardy girls in short sleeves and one in very short shorts. Most of the guys I saw were wrapped up to the gills.
    Quite a quick run - most miles were sub-10s and it's an undulating route. I feel happier about my chances now.
  • I went for a 10.4k run today through some of the neighboring villages with my headlamp as it was almost completely dark out. It was about 2 degrees Celsius but really a quite fun run with some hills (like always if you are living on one yourself and all you have is valleys and some more hills around you, but still, I <3 hills), nice forest roads and a friendly husky wanting to run with me :D
    It also started to snow when I was already close to home, which is our first snow this year. That makes me excited for Christmas and anxious at the same time as this will be my first running season in snow :#
  • Thanks Cal, I feel as if I'm just kind of getting on with it at the moment and biding time until next month's marathon, which an achievement in itself given that six months ago I wasn't running at all!

    bit of a heavy day at work today but I still just about found the motivation to do 7.4 miles this evening, made all the better for watching the sun set while on the three mile sea front!
  • Solid week Matt with a good parkrun, mileage and a 20 miler.   Sun set on the sea front must have been lovely.

    That sounds promising Cal.

    Welcome to Grizzly.  Sounds like you have some good running around where you live.  A fresh layer of soft snow is lovely to run in - especially in the woods and also in the dark.  It can be a real pain when it turns to slush and ice though.    I guess we have to take what nature throws at us and adapt training plans when necessary.

    Talking of snow:  I set off for an 11 miler at lunch with just a couple of small flakes falling and well wrapped up aginst the cold wind and around 0 temperatures.  The falling snow got thicker as I went and was at times slightly unpleasant being almost horizontal and straight in my face.  It was just starting to settle as I arrived home but has stopped again now.  Overall I enjoyed the run though - very quiet out due to the weather and time of day and I was able to swiftly settle into an easy pace which suited my legs tired from yesterday's hiking.
  • Hello Grizzly - thanks for sharing your run :) Where are you? Outside the UK I'm guessing.

    Good to see you're running well, Matt. Keep it up!

    I'd love to be able to run in the snow Hazelnut -  you're lucky.

    A couple of runs to add from me. I postponed my LSR until today, as was busy with the family yesterday.  Nye got his 2nd fastest Junior Parkrun time and then me and him had a biteless pike fishing session on the river. Saw a pair of kingfishers though, which were quite stunningly blue. I did a bit of hill work in the evening - approx 60 metres X 8 and then some gentle running to round off to 4 miles. My hills lacked a bit of oomph due to a pre-run curry and generally tiring weekend. Will do better next time.

    No work today so headed out for my longie. This week it was 13.2 miles at a pace of 10:15. Tiredish legs after the weekend's efforts but kept it steady and enjoyed the peace. A Bullfinch was a nice surprise and there were loads of noisy Jay about. Need to get new shoes, but Christmas presents need buying too! Better hunt down a bargain.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Welcome grizzly.
    I see a lot of jays, Will - noisy buggers they are, but pretty colours.
    Should have run yesterday but took a literal raincheck. I figured as I'm tapering now and nursing some niggles, if I didn't want to run in freezing rain, I didn't have to.
    Made up for it today with 7 early miles (actually 7.25 but I always round down). I felt good and rested but my achilles still had a moan. Averaged 10 minute miles. Valencia is less than two weeks...
  • Pre-run Curry and hills sounds quite dodgy Will ;) Can you drop hints about the new shoes for Christmas or do you need shoes urgently?

    We get jays here too - definitely noisy.

    Valencia has come up fast Cal.  I hope the achilles holds out for it ok.  Do you otherwise have any targets for it?

    Standard outing yesterday with two others.  Cold at -1 and I had to talk myself into going but it was worth it as it was a clear starry evening and we soon warmed up on the hilly bits.  Fairly gentle round in comparison to some recent weeks which suited me fine as I had a bit of DOMS from walking back down the hill on Sunday.  Short recovery (3-4 miles) planned for later.
  • I'm quite enjoying the colder temps, Cal, and I actually like running in the rain. Nice morning miles. Take it easy with 2 weeks to go!

    Yep, curry and hills definitely do not go together , Hazelnut! The trouble with my increased mileage is I have a massive appetite. I'm generally being quite disciplined but can't always hold off from temptation. I'm currently having a post-run munch on sweet potato chunks roasted in curry spices :)

    An achey  3 mile recovery trot around the cemetery yesterday was quite relaxing but very slow - as it probably should be. Feeling a bit more energised today and so put a bit of pace into my 5.25 miles, going at 9:16 mm in 48:39 mins. Took a wide berth around some 'wild' ponies on the Marsh track, which is getting very slippery in places. Shoes required definitely before Christmas, so will just have to sweet talk my wife. Happy running, all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Hazelnut - it'll be fine. It might grumble, but it's not going to rupture, so I'm not worried about it beyond some unwelcome discomfort. As for time, it would be fantastic to better my Chester time (4:10:42) but as it'll be warmer and I'm a bit banged up, I won't be devastated if I don't. I've done two marathon doubles so far (Manchester/Liverpool twice) and the second has always been slower. However, I've had issues between them - hamstring the first time, shingles the second - and Liverpool's warmer and hillier than Manchester. Valencia's warmer than Chester but it's flat, so who knows?

    Will, I don't mind cold and I don't mind rain, but I don't like them combined (and I really don't like it when there's wind as well!)
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Wooly hat on this morning, Cal! 4.6 miles at a gentle 10:00 mm. Left calf was very tight for first 2 miles. Think that's because it's been (a record?) 6 day streak and 36 mile week. Certainly feels like I'm training for a marathon. Plenty of rolling now and rest day tomorrow before a big longie on Saturday.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 4 miles yesterday and a slow, muddy parkrun today. Feeling tired and rather wishing I didn't have a marathon next weekend.
  • Wind is definitely my biggest enemy Cal.  Hopefully your tiredness is just a taper tantrum. 

    Hope you had a good long run Will.  Nice little streak.  The increasing appetite with increasing mileage sounds familiar.  I guess its a question of finding a balance between having enough fuel for your runs but not overeating.

    3 runs to report, a 4 mile recovery on Wednesday, a 6 miler yesterday with several short hill efforts.  Haven't tried those before, its actually quite fun trying to sprint up a hill.  As soon as my form started to collapse I turned and jogged back down.  Finally today 8.5 miles with around 4 with a progression from MP to around 10 mile race pace at the end.  Wasn't planned - I got bored after around 2 miles into my run and decided to speed up.   Felt pretty good.
  • I'm not sure now - I've had a tickly cough most of the afternoon and I've been sneezing. Hope it doesn't turn into anything worse.
    Good training from you.

  • Clowne half marathon today  in 1h34     1 min faster then 2017  and fisnhed 70  out of 739 runners
  • Went out for a long run on Thursday of 13 miles which was pretty straightforward followed by a couple of days away in London, on returning back this evening I thought I'd pop out for around 10k and after a couple of miles warming up I managed a very quick 5k before slowing down a bit for the last mile or so home. It takes me over 100 miles for the month with a few days to spare. Nothing more than straightforward training this week but hopefully with good mileage before easing off for next month's marathon.
  • Welcome comp and well done, that's a good time.
    Well done Matt.
    Well, it's official, I now have a full-blown cold. Awesome. Resting up.
  • Hello All.

    My 16 miler went well on Saturday. It was my joint longest run ever, so was actually a little nervous beforehand. I decided to chop it into two segments, as a cunning psychological ploy. The first 6 miles I took an out and back road route as my 'warm-up. This led me to the start of the Marriott's Way trail/track on which I needed to do the remaining 10 miles. Starting from 6 I then just took each mile as it came and rewarded myself with gels and my amazing homemade power balls. Lots of cyclists belt up and down the track, all of whom were really friendly and
    polite. Well done cyclists. My legs were fine throughout and the miles were punctuated by a smart male Bullfinch, a hunting Sparrowhawk, a mobbed Buzzard and a flock of Fieldfare, gorging on hawthorn berries. All very pleasant and satisfying. I could have run on, but stopped at 16.25 miles in 2h50. 

    I messed around on the beach with the nippers yesterday and then had a delayed Recovery run of 3.1 miles this morning in the cemetery. Slightly lower mileage on the schedule this week, with 3 rest days.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh no that is bad news Cal.  I hope you have enough time to recover from it.  I guess other than resting up, sleep and eating / drinking well there isn't much you can do to help it. 

    Hi to compo - nice HM time that.

    Good running Matt.

    Great long run Will, well done.  Good route tactics. 

    7 miles for me at lunch time.  I am finally getting stuck into a P&L plan to build my speed back up a bit.  P&L are the shorter than marathon equivalent to P&D.  The P being Mr Pfitzinger from P&D.  I've picked a 10 week multi race distance plan with mileage from 45 to 57 miles.  Might be a bit ambitious but I have done two rounds of P&D marathon training of up to 55 miles and done base training in the last few weeks to build back to 45 so I should at least be able to cope with the mileage.  The speedwork will be the interesting bit as there is more of a focus on that and less of the very long runs.  We will see.  If it is too much I will reduce down to the up to 45 mile plan or somewhere between.  Anyway - kicked off today with 7 miles including 6 x short hill sprints followed by 8 x strides.  Both of those are ok on their own, in combination they are hard work!   I did find the right level of effort to be able to finish the lot off without any decline whilst feeling suitably tired at the end.
  • Sounds like a plan, Hazelnut -  a tough one as usual! When is your next big event?

    Hope you're feeling better, Cal. Load up the vits and garlic.

    Rest day yesterday and then a varied 4 miles round the cemetery this morning. First 2 miles I did at HM pace. Then I felt my legs tiring, so did an easy pace mile, before finishing with an almost tempo mile. Felt like I worked a bit and overall pace of 9:15 in 37 mins was satisfying. I'll do a 5 miler tomorrow and then rest on Friday before a 17 miler on Saturday. Mara prep continues to go well. Legs slightly jaded on some days but not too bad all round. Need to lay off the mince pies!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 11 miles yesterday evening - split into two parts again - just short of 5 on my own then the rest with my Tuesday group.  Not an ideal scenario due to the stopping and starting but I like to have one run in company a week and my long run was the only one which fitted for this week.  Rest day today - intending to do some much neglected core exercices later.
  • I am still feeling dreadful. I really I hope I turn a corner soon. Like, tomorrow.
  • I'm here to thank Hazel for her kind message left on Fetcheveryone.  Last Tuesday, I reached my goal of 1500 miles in 2018.  The Streak contributes much to this achievement and is approaching three years on NYE.  It's heartening to see that the cameraderie & advice are still in rich supply here and I wish you all good health, speedy racing and PBs by the bucketload!
  • Cal - I have seen elsewhere that you have dropped out of Valencia.  Sorry about that.  I hope it isn't too much of a financial loss on top of the disappointment of not being able to take part.  If you are still feeling very rough then I would say it is for the best especially considering the travel involved which would surely not have helped you to feel better.

    Is there maybe an alternative you could think about when you are feeling better so that you can make use of your training / fitness?  Low-key, not too much travel and not too expensive?  Considering your niggles on top maybe a half rather than a full marathon?  If you have spring marathon training coming up soon a rest and base training period would however also be a good idea.

    Swittle, nice to see you here again.  I wish you happy streaking and of course good health in return..!

    Good running Will.  Enjoy the mince pies - hmmmm!!   Have a good long run on Saturday. 

    For me - just short of 7 miles this lunchtime on minor roads and decent tracks around the local fields and woods.  A few seconds too fast per mile on the clock following yesterday's rest day.  Unusually I saw two other runners.
  • Hazelnut, I'm feeling very despondant - as it's happened so late it looks as though I've lost all the money (not just the race but flights and hotel too). I still feel awful and the doc can't see me until late afternoon. I think shingles has come back (I have an itchy spot on my back that feels very much like the last outbreak) which would explain why I feel so dreadful even though my cold seems to have dried up.
    I am going a bit stir crazy as I can't run and don't have much energy to do anything, not even yoga.
    I am supposed to be doing a track 5K in two weeks, if I am feeling better by then. I already have a half booked in February but I'll have to see how I recover before booking anything closer. There are options though.
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