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  • Well done for getting through your 17 miles Will.  Training having the grit is a good thing. 

    Good tip from Cal regarding pacing.  Could try it myself as I'm guilty of the same habit.

    A training HM for me today in a bit over 1:47.  A tough one as it was supposed to be progressive finishing with 3 miles @ LT pace (around 10 mile PB pace for me).  I overcooked the progression and cut the pace back after 10 miles and just before reaching LT pace as I knew I wouldn't get through the last 3 at that pace.  Nonetheless pleased with the run.  Rest day tomorrow.
  • That's a good pace for a HM you're not even racing, Hazelnut. Lord knows it's almost 10 minutes faster than my HM PB.
    Yesterday was a non-running day (I'd say rest, but since I did a hot inferno pilates class which includes burpees and squats and mountain climbers, it's hardly restful). Today, 6 miles. Sunny, a bit chilly and a bit windy in places. I'd like to say I enjoyed it but I felt tired and sluggish so I was happy when it was done. Oddly, my pace was faster than I felt I'd been going, but it could just be that I went out later (9am) and I'm stiffer when I go out early so my stride is shorter.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done on your 17 miles Will.It's starting to dawn on me that'll I have to up the mileage soon.
    That sounds like a tough training run Hazelnut.
    I also had a non-running day yesterday Cal but ended up going to circuit training.
    I went for a 6.03 easy miles this morning.Hopefully going to my clubs intervals tomorrow evening for the first time in months,I've had a glute strain since August and have been struggling with pace.
  • I going to have to concur on the foxes, I've never seen so many as when I was living in London!

    I've taken a couple of weeks off after the Portsmouth marathon and finally opened my 2019 account yesterday with just over five bimbling miles yesterday, no repercussions from the ankle injury I picked up last month so I'll head out for something a little longer tomorrow. Booked my first race too, the Portsmouth half on February 3rd!
  • A weary, rather pathetic effort from me tonight. Struggled through a very slow 5K. Nothing in the tank. Body is telling me I need another rest day tomorrow. Perhaps after my v long runs now (17+) I will need a 2 day recovery period. You live and learn.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Not necessarily, Will - my Tuesday runs aren't usually too hot but I'm fine by Wednesday. Sometimes the legs just need a shake out, however slow.
    Speaking of which, a pre-dawn 10 miles for me. Felt much better than yesterday. Nothing interesing on the wildlife front, although I could hear the Egyptian geese when I ran past the pond - they've been quite vocal lately so I guess it's mating season.
  • Aarghhh! I've got some kind of groin tweak/strain/spasm. Have felt it being a bit tender lately but today it has just 'gone' as I turned to put something in the cupboard! Bloody hurts. Am icing it - eek! And putting ibuprofen gel on it. Bummer.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • My groin's iffy too, Will. Foam roll your quads - often it's tight quads pulling on the hip flexors. Hopefully it's nothing more than that.
  • Thanks Cal. Will try that. Digging in to my inner shin muscles seems to help. My wife is laughing at my yelps of agony as I try to move around the house!
    I run, therefore I am.
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    Hope your groin is OK and not serious Will.My wife just rolls her eyes when I'm using the foam roller or icing my achilles .I've brought my foam roller into work,going to roll my glutes later.

    Club run last night,effort session,7.74 miles in all.Really enjoyed it as it was my first club session since September.Running can be a very solitary sport,you do most of your training by yourself,so it was nice to see everybody last night.
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    Ouch to the foam rolling - hmm - where did I put mine.  Hope it is just a very temporary setback Will.  Don't worry about the 5k - recovery runs should be slow and can help more than a full rest.
    Good 10 miler Cal.  At least dawn isn't too early at this time of year.
    Nice run in company JD.  I missed my group run this week as I needed a day off on Tuesday.  I find it can be difficult to fit a group run to my own training needs but a bit social interaction in a running context does me good.
    8.7 miles for me yesterday at lunchtime.  Legs were happy to trundle along at a steady pace until about a mile from the end of that (inconveniently where the hill also started).  Almost like hitting the wall in a marathon even.  That progressive run on Monday has taken a lot out of me (was expecting it to) and I might have been lacking in fuel a bit (always an issue if I run at lunchtime).  Quite a bit of snow since so I have a good excuse to ditch / postpone the speedwork today (probably).
  • My groin was giving me trouble today as well, Will. I did yoga this morning and then had a little 4 mile run at 12. It was fine during the run but felt wrong once I'd stopped and was doing my cooldown walk. A bit of stretching and some self massage helped.
    I've got a massage booked for Monday so hopefully that will fix a few of my issues. Left shoulder is terrible at the moment (my shoulders are crap - the legacy of doing a lot of heavy bench pressing combined with a computer gaming hobby - and while I don't go to the gym any more, the pilates class I do does feature a lot of planks and some push-ups).
  • Oh no, Cal - hope it clears up. My groin is better today but still feels fragile. At least I can walk pretty much normally today. Just as my mara plan was going so well! Still, plenty of room in it for a few days off, so am going to rest, ice and smother it in ibuprofen gel until Sunday, when I will try to get a decent run in if - it tests out okay. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Always good to have room to manoeuvre with a mara plan Will.

    8 miles for me earlier, some in slushy snow, including the planned 200m reps on a clear bit of flat, minor road.  A buzzard sitting on a post didn't move until I was within a few metres of it - beautiful plumage.  Legs much better today.
  • No run today - wanted to, but my hip was niggling during the night and common sense got the better of me.
    I did go for a little walk, though, and saw a cormorant. They're not really rare, but I don't often see them on my local common.
  • Another walk (I was trying to hit 10,000 steps, so two walks today...that and I was getting antsy) and ended up chatting to a fellow who was taking photos of the Egyptian Geese. He seemed to know a lot about the pond/lake and its inhabitants. Apparently one of the mean swans was killed by a fox so it looks a bit more hopeful for the other waterfowl (the swans killed a lot of goslings and ducklings). He said the pair's young (remember I mentioned them trying to chase away junior earlier in the year?) are now on Wandsworth Common, which is nice. Then he pointed out a pair of Shoveler Ducks swimming in a circle - I've not seen them before, so that was cool.
    I tried a few running steps on my walk and it doesn't seem to bother the hip - I think my hip has been upset by something I did in yoga or pilates, rather than a recurrence of the TFL problem I had in 2016. So should be good for parkrun tomorrow.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Nice walk Cal. Good luck for parkrun tomorrow.
    11 miles for me this afternoon.  Somewhat drier underfoot today.  Days definitely starting to get longer now.
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    Cal, you seem to see much more wildlife in the Big Smoke, than me in rural North Wales,plenty of sheep though.Enjoy your park run.

    Hazlenut,you're putting the mileage in,what races do you have planned.

    Easy 8.05 miles tonight after work,heard plenty of tawny owls hooting.
  • Bedfont Lakes parkrun, out by Heathrow today. Nice country park that I think was once a gravel pit. All trail but fortunately not muddy today. My hip is still a bit tender but I can't feel it when I run so I think it's being aggravated by yoga or pilates rather than running. Achilles is still grumpy. Hopefully my Monday massage will relax me a bit.
    Got a time of 25:45 which isn't bad on that surface, and there are a couple of little hills so it wasn't really flat either.
  • Can imagine there are a lot of sheep JD.  I need to plan some races to make the training worthwhile.  I'm intending to do some 10k to HM distances and have basically been trialling P&L the last few weeks having done well marathon training on P&D.

    Good parkrun Cal, must be fun doing all these different locations as you get to see some new places I imagine.  Parks can be nice places.

    Another 10 miles for me today: Warm up of around 3.5 miles including some drills and strides, then 33 mins @ LT pace (10k race pace + 15 seconds) and a cool down to make up the distance.  Covered 7.3km in the 33 mins which was almost spot on pacing.  Starting to add in some for now slight inclines at this effort as my races tend to be hilly.  Wildlife: one snow-white egret, lots of buzzards and two deer who stayed put until I was within just 30 metres. And one male runner.
  • And very varied places too. It's a really nice way to see different parts of London.
    Due to my achey bits and pieces I decided to call this a cut back week and only run a half today, which I did in just under 2:17 (a little over a minute faster than the first half I ever ran, back in 2011!) Pretty dark for most of it so saw a few foxes. Also got a whiff of someone's joint. I feel a long run isn't complete unless I smell marijuana at least once. :D
    Achilles was horrible for the first half of the run but then shut up. Not sure if that's good or bad.
    Massage tomorrow.
  • Good call on the cut back week if you are carrying niggles Cal.  A half is still a good distance.
    Hope Will is ok.
    4 mile recovery for me this evening in the wet and wind whilst dinner was cooking. 
  • Hi All. A hectic weekend, where I considered putting my children on E-bay! Putting it down to post-Christmas tantrums/awkardness.

    I've found a nice little 2K loop in the cemetery next to our house that's a good training run for my son to practise on, so I tested out my groin doing a gentle lap with him on Sat and Sunday. All felt ok, so I headed out for a very gentle 7 miles on nice flat roads yesterday afternoon. It ended up as 10:36 mi/mi and everything feels fine to day, touch wood. I'm going to keep my training very gentle this week, pace-wise, as I'm still aware that the groin is a little weak. I have a 10K cross country event on Sunday through rivers, mud and general goo - which I will do if I am still happy with my fitness by then.

    Hopefully get back to full mara training next week.

    Happy running all!

    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Good running Hazelnut,very consistent .

    Will - Hope your groin is ok and you do well in your cross country .

    A 14.16 LSR today along the canal and river Dee.
  • Will, I'm relieved that your niggle is improving and I had to giggle at the kids on eBay.  Good plan to take it easy still and not to commit too hard to the XC so you can get stuck back into training next week.

    Good LSR JD.  

    I polished off my peak mileage week today (working Tuesday - Monday rather than Monday - Sunday) with a long run of 15 and a bit miles, a distance I haven't covered in a while.  Kept a constant pace until the last 3-4 miles and then upped the effort a little to finish the run strongly in 2:15.  Bit windy on the return leg but dry at least today, the light was very nice in the afternoon as the air was well washed by yesterday's rain. As I was out for more than 2 hours I took a gel with me and downed that at about half way.
  • Nice long runs there, JD and Hazelnut. I think I can just about feel the days getting slightly less gloomy here too. I do need a bit of light in my life.

    I stuck to the cemetery 'race track' this morning and did 6 nice, flat, steady laps. I popped in a few strides (gentle ones) and the groin seems to be coming along nicely. I'm still aware of it, but I think it's getting almost back to normal. I took it gently still, with just over 7 miles at 10:00 mi/mi and enjoyed the meditative rhythm and the calm of being alone. The first Snowdrops are coming into flower - always a lovely sight - and there were Nuthatches wupp wupping all over the place. A few magpies have begun nest building too, so life's cycle begins afresh. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good work Hazelnut.
    I tried to introduce the dreaded LT into my run today, since I had a rest and massage yesterday and was feeling a lot better (achilles aside, but that bugger's never happy). I hoped to do 8 with 4 at LT pace but ended up doing 6 and 3. On paper, the LT miles were about the right pace but it's likely a few extra Christmas pounds have slowed me down a bit, so it felt hard, even though I usually run parkruns faster than that. Ah well. I shall persist.
    My first HM is four weekends away - I'd like to be a bit fitter by then.
  • 12 miles this morning, mostly in the dark (it was only just getting light when I finished). Foxes spotted - 2. Joints smelled - 1.
  • Well done on the LT run Cal even if you didn't achieve what you set out to do.  They are tough.  If you find 4 in one go too much you could also try LT intervalls e.g. 2 x 2 miles with a jog recovery between or based on time e.g. 14mins, 11 mins, 8 mins with jog recoveries.  Personally I find the intervalls harder than the do it all in one go type as once I've dropped off the pace for the jog recoveries I find it tough to get back up to speed for the next bit.  I'd rather just hang on and get it over and done with! 

    Good news on the groin Will.  No snowdrops out yet here. 

    Back to my standard Tuesday group outing yesterday evening.  Cold, clear and crispy - lots of stars to look at (when I wasn't concentrating on where to put my feet).  Nice to get out in company again after so many solo miles.   Rest day today - much needed after 7 days of running on the trot and over 100km - legs actually feel not too bad.
  • Great mileage from you two, Hazelnut and Cal. A starry run sounds nice, as do the foxes.

    No foxes for me this morning, but the local weed dealer, who doubles as a respectable Dad on the school run, was smoking a particularly pungent herbal effort when I passed him in the cemetery.  I felt stronger today, so my run of 4.75 miles turned into a progression, going from 10:00 mi/mi to 9:00 mi/mi over the course of 4 laps. Good for the confidence and the groin is still okay. More Snowdrops today and the Jays have started pairing up. Pretty sure I will do my cross country on Sunday. Not expecting a fast time, as will not want to over do it on the groin front, but it should be fun.
    I run, therefore I am.
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