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  • Enjoy your trip, Will!
    6 miles in the dark this morning because I woke up early. Achilles was obnoxious. I'm ignoring it.
  • Have fun in Wales Will.  Your family is getting well stuck into this running lark.

    Sometimes you have to just tell a niggle to shut up Cal I agree.

    Did a few Boxing Day miles in the evening after returning back from the inlaws in Germany. 

    Yesterday the annual running group wander to have a midday meal together a few villages away.  The villages we passed through on the way all seemed to have an open pub so we had to take several breaks.  Meant I missed a run yesterday but it doesn't matter.

    Out in a bit for some speedwork - feeling a bit flabby and undermotivated but once I get going I will be okay.
  • I think we're all feeling a bit flabby, to be honest! I did brave the scales this morning and was still (just) under 10 and a half stone, but that was post-poo/post-run/pre-breakfast. Still a win, though, considering the amount of food I've shovelled away.
  • Crane parkrun today, which is out Twickenham way and is a lovely park (and, more importantly, not muddy as it's on hard trail). I had a fairly good run - decent first two miles where I got into a dogfight with another lady, but then my legs got full of lactic and my last mile was a good bit slower. Still, 25:19, which isn't bad, and I got 9th lady although I was (somewhat amazingly) only 5th in my age group. Apparently there are some fast V50s there!
    That was bracketed by a mile run from the station and a mile back again, plus pilates once I got home. Feeling rather tired now.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    I need to dust off my scales and put in new batteries.  I hardly use them.  Could do the trouser test-if too tight then too much flab 😊.

    Nice parkrun.  I've had similar experiences in some races this year that it wasn't the 20 to 30 year old ladies out in front but the 40+ so I had good overall results but wasn't as high in my age group as I would have liked.

    Did my speedwork yesterday - 5 × 200m with jog back recoveries x 2 with 4 mins between the 2 sets.  Around 7 miles with warm up and cool down.  Quite a nice workout.  Probably very inaccurate due to GPS measurement but without track access I do what I can. 

    Today 10 miles in 1:27:26 with some progression.  Starting off at a comfy pace and increasing to slightly slower than MP was the plan but my pacing was a bit erratic as usual and not helped by the undulating nature of the route.  Average pace fell during the run which was I guess the goal.

    Edit: Forgot: went through 2000 miles for this year today.  First time I've achieved such an annual mileage.
  • That's a great mileage! I've logged around 1500 myself, which is definitely a personal best although I haven't counted up my miles from previous years (I just know it to be true).
    My last run of the year was a fairly slow and uninspiring 16 miler which took me 2:50:20. No spring in my legs at all. Fortunately tomorrow is a rest day. Anyway, miles in the bank.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    A belated merry Xmas everyone and happy new year. May not be on the thread or forum that much from herein but I keep checking. As always it's motivating, warm and an education in ornithology. Lots of love, have a great coming year.
  • Well done on the 16 miler Cal, hope you had a nice day off.

    Please drop in every now and then JT. 

    Wishing all remaining regulars and any lurkers a great 2019.

    I finished off 2018 with a race.  7.53km in 31:57, a course PB of 37 seconds.  Strange distance but it is around a reservoir so some flooding or draining would be needed to achieve a standard distance.  No time for ornithology today, did spot one enormous scope / tripod combo though.  Pleased with the result but I shouldn't eat a large banana an hour before a race as it sat a bit uneasily in my stomach.  Will start 2019 with a nice rest day.
  • Well done on the race, Hazelnut.
    I started my year with a parkrun double - my first. I had a warm-up jog of two miles to the lady who was giving me a lift. We did Riddlesdown, which is outside Croydon and a bit of an arse to get to unless you have a car. Not a hilly course but very lumpy bumpy and muddy in places so I was glad I took trail shoes with me. A decent 26:05 (13th lady and 2nd VW50) which I was happy with. Then changed back into my Zoom Flys for Tooting, my home run, where I came in at a surprising 25:28, which was within 1 second of my PB. I could be annoyed by that but I'm actually rather chuffed considering it was my second parkrun of the morning!
  • Hmm - I think we are going to end up talking to each other or even ourselves on here soon .  Well done on your parkrun double, especially with the swift second outing after what sounds like a not so easy first round.

    Out for my first run of 2019 earlier - a bit short of 9 miles on an undulating route.  Legs still feel a bit tired after Monday's efforts but I probably worked too hard today.  Will regret that tomorrow probably.   A bit colder - a few flakes of snow fell whilst I was out and a few more earlier.  Not really settling yet though. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all and a Happy New Year

    10.03 hill run this afternoon in and around Llangollen,north Wales,lots of walkers up there today,made it more eventful when descending.My quads are feeling heavy,working tonight but I'll try and get my feet up later for a few minutes.
  • Ooh I forgot to post yesterday. A dawn 10 miles starting at 6am. Broke in my new Epics (the old Epics have well over 600 miles on them, although they still seem decent). The new pair are a rather eye-watering orange. I like them.
    Today is a rest day, although I started with a tough yoga class and I've also had a bit of a walk as I'm trying to do 10,000 steps. I don't tend to walk much on rest days so it's a resolution of sorts.
  • Good to hear from you JT, and sorry you won't be around much. Hope you drop in and keep well.

    Hi, JD1, and welcome. Sound like a nice run. I'm just back from West Wales and love visiting the North too.

    Looking forward to sharing my last runs with you again this year, Cal and Hazelnut. Good to see you are straight out there in 2019, running well and injury free. Maybe we'll get some new runners on here this year, to boost numbers.

    My marathon training plan has not been stuck to with the inevitable chaos of yuletide, but I've kept my eye in with a few runs and am now getting strictly back on it. I had built 2-3 weeks grace into it to allow for injuries/illness and so I'm still on course despite a lazy week or so.

    I did the Llanelli Coastal Parkrun on Saturday, which was picturesque but cold. After 7 hours driving on Friday and a bit of sinusitis, I wasn't on best form and could only manage 25:48, on a course that I've done a low 24 on before. Enjoyable nonetheless. After very nearly losing my son's new drone in some vast sand dunes on Sunday I got back out on Monday for 5 miles along my birding trails. Lovely to mix two passions and saw some huge flocks of Golden Plover, a smart Bullfinch and some ghostly Little Egrets. I didn't manage a New Year's Day run but we had lots of fun climbing rocks and collecting shells on Ferryside beach. Back to it this morning, with a brisk 5K in the cemetery back home and am off out again tonight to complete a daily double. Parkrun and a 17 miler planned for the weekend, so should be back on track fully by next week.

    Happy running and Happy New Year all!

    Oh, and I broke the 'mille' barrier for the first time, with 1053 miles in 2018.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Just a 4.45 easy miles,went straight out after finishing work this morning.Have my first race pencilled in for end of Febuary,Ruthin 10k,so I need to crank up my speed work.
    Thinking about doing my first marathon this year,probably Chester as it's my local one,did the Chester HM last year which was very well run,so possibly try the full one.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Welcome to JD1.  Hill running in Wales sounds like a good thing.  And don't the descents kill the quads.

    Nice 10 miler Cal.  I like orange shoes.  Always nice to wear a new pair of shoes (as long as they fit).  Did you achieve your 10.000 steps?  

    Good to see you back Will.  A break will have done you good, seems you had a great time in Wales.  Well done on the mileage in 2018.

    Tough intervall session today - 3x1200 (3min recoveries), 2x800 (2 min recoveries), 2x600 (1:30 recoveries), all distances measured by GPS on a flat bit of road so probably not accurate. At just over freezing with a bit of a breeze it was hard to get the legs and in particular the quads working sufficiently.  A bit of a shock to the lungs as well.   Splits were ok at 5:00, 4:51 and 5:03 for the 1200s, 3:15 and 3:27 for the 800s and 2:27 and 2:34 for the 600s.  The breeze, a few tight corners and a 180 turn will have skewed things a bit.   Still working my way into running at faster than 10k PB pace (4:15/km). 

    Bird spot of the day:  a chicken on the wrong side of the fence.  Fortunately it ran in the other direction and not under my feet.  Might have made a good dinner.
  • Nice chicken, Hazelnut. Not seen one round here for a while :) A tough interval session there. I admire your tenacity. It's got very cold here too, just 2C this morning.

    Chester Marathon sounds like a good shout, JD1. Cal, who is on here a lot, has done it a couple of times, I think, and rates it.

    The second half of my daily double was good last night. 5 miles in 48 mins, and the legs were fine and actually warmed up and got working quicker than usual. I followed it up with 6 miles of easy pace this morning - a 24hr triple! The legs did feel heavy for this one so I took it slow and enjoyed the surroundings, on the Marsh by the river. A hunting Sparrowhawk and a pair of Redshank were good spots so close to home. Definitely feeling back in the groove now.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I've only done it once, Will, but it's a brilliant race (and I got a big PB). JD, better get your entry in before they raise the price.
    Cold here too, so I decided to wait for the sun to come up as I didn't fancy sliding around on frosty pavements in the dark. That way lies injury, or at least an undigified tumble.
    Logged 6 miles. I actually got a bit too hot and removed my gloves, hat and buff between 3 and 4 miles. But I also ended up going a little bit quicker than intended, which tends to happen when it gets chilly. Achilles wasn't too bad but my groin was a bit off - it wasn't very happy in yoga yesterday so I need to keep an eye on it.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    10 miles for me yesterday evening.  Legs and the rest pretty tired from the previous day's speedwork so kept the pace down in particular on a few stretches of frozen rutted mud - nasty stuff.  Saw one dog with a flashy collar and heard some exciting crashings in the wood - probably deer but not much else. 
    Snowing here a bit, maybe will need to work around that trainingwise.
  • Hampstead parkrun today. It was meant to be Ally Pally, but a cancelled train forced me to do some quick rerouting. And Hampstead is really nice, just really bloody hilly! Came in a bit under 27 which was decent for the terrain so I'm happy with that. Will have to do Ally Pally another time.
  • Parkrun for me too this morning. Very chilly but warmed up jogging the mile and a half to the park. Clocked 25:09, which was pleasing. Still a way off my PB of 24:02 but need a bit more speedwork before having a crack at that. Distance training is the priority for now. A 17 miler ahead of me tomorrow while the kids are at the pantomime :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Nice parkrunning both of you.  Annoying about the train Cal, but good you had an alternative. 

    Good luck for your long run Will.

    4 miles recovery in a couple of centimetres of snow.  Wore my trail shoes for better grip. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cal - Just checked the price for Chester and it's just been raised,oh well.

    Good parkrunning Will and Cal.I don't get to many parkruns usually working,my last one was in October,with my then ten year old daughter,went round in 38 minutes.I had to bribe her with a cake to run,but she seems to enjoy it.She's also in the school XC team,so hopefully she'll get the running bug.

    Good interval session Hazelnut,going to try and make my clubs session on Wednesday for the first time in months.

    6.3 miles along the canal this aftertnoon.Plenty of walkers and cyclists out today.
  • Glad we don't have snow, Hazlenut.
    Well done on your parkrun, Will - decent time.
    JD1 - I'd still book it, it's a fab race.
  • 18 miles done, including three circuits of Brockwell Park. Saw two foxes very close together. One was in front of me and scarpered into someone's drive, only to have their security light come on and show him in all his glory. A few yards further one there was a fox sat on a wall within a couple of feet of me. I think we surprised each other.
    Disappointingly, I didn't get one whiff of marijuana on today's run.
    45 miles for the week, and year so far.
  • Great 18 miler Cal, well done.  You probably see more foxes in London than I do here out in the countryside.

    Where are your canals out of curiosity JD? Can be useful things for running.

    I managd a pre breakfast run for once today. Well post tea, banana and espresso but I don't like running fasted.  8 miles general aerobic with 6 x short hill sprints and 8 x strides at the end. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Nice 18 miles Cal.Have to agree with Hazlenut about the foxes,hardly see any foxes here apart from dead ones on the road.

    Hazelnut - It's the Llangollen canal,which comes in really handy because it's the only flat bit around here.I enjoy fasted running but no more than 8 miles.

    10.22 miles on the canal today nice and slow.
  • I'm sure that stretch of canal is welcome respite around your way, JD1.  Nice running.

    Good 18 miler, Cal. I haven't seen a fox for a while now, but also haven't been out for any early runs lately. They're not as daring here as the London foxes.

    I generally need at least a banana and a coffee before my legs take me anywhere. Good hill work.

    17 miles banked yesterday, although it was a tough one off the back of 4 runs in 3 days. I wanted to test myself running long on tired legs and I certainly did that. Miles 12-14 were where I really felt the burn and I honestly couldn't feel my legs for the last mile! Still, job done and good to know I have the grit when needed. My powerball recipe defo needs a tweak as they're getting a bit stuck in my throat - not what you need when you puffing! Definite rest day today.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • i am the best inspiration for myself, i self motivated me, when everyone demoralized me but i love to running being a athletics. In Delamere someone had made a big picture on the floor of a squirrel out of sticks, pine cones and stuff and it was really good but it distracted me and I caught my toe on a root and went flying, it wasn’t sunny but it was warm so I was running topless and as a subsequence I ended up covered in mud and pine needles.
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  • espenhbespenhb ✭✭✭
    9k run commute. Struggling to go easy enough. My default pace is a bit too high. Not «struggling to finish the workout»-fast, but more... «Should have gone 10 seconds slower per kilometer»-fast.

    Any advice?
  • espenhb, try talking or counting out loud - if you can manage short sentences then you are going at the right pace. If you can't, slow down.
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