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  • Fantastic effort by your dad Will. It was pretty warm in the sun yesterday so that is a fantastic time.

    Unfortunately I woke up this morning to some pretty severe pain down the left side of my foot. As soon as I've been stood on it for more than 30 seconds or so the pain really strengthens. Here's hoping things improve quickly.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Wow, Will, brilliant effort for you and your dad. Can't knock an age group first!

    Rest day today but I did go out for a walk on the common, and witnessed an absolutely spectacular goose fight! I always like to check on the goose family with their goslings, but when I got close to the pond I heard a real commotion. Fearing for the little ones, I rushed over and saw an interloper in a big battle with daddy goose. It was utterly brutal - they were flapping and pecking and trying to hold each other under the water until one drowned. Since they all basically look the same, the only way I could tell which was which was because mum was joining in every so often, but it was clear the interloper was coming out on top and eventually dad escaped to the bank and just about managed to haul himself out.
    I was rather worried for him and the goslings, but then mum took over and the interloper was too exhausted to fend her off so he retreated and ended up sulking on the other side of the pond.
    I went out again around tea time and there was no sign of him, so he probably decided it was too much trouble and buggered off. Mum, dad and babies were chilling by the side of the pond as if nothing had happened.
    Proper David Attenborough stuff.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Love the report and pics Will and well done to both of you. 

    :/ alipat.

    Great description of the goose fight Cal.   

    8 miles yesterday with some short hill (ahem molehill) sprints and strides.  Chilly again, I went out of the door in capris and turned back straight away for long tights!  No wildlife spottings to report - just two other runners.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Lovely and sunny but chilly here too - perfect for running. I did 7 miles which comprised of 6 easy and then a mile with some strides in it. Cooled down by petting a nice friendly cat.
    I've reached 500 miles for the year so far!
  • Glad to hear the Egyptians are still doing well, Cal. Highlight of my day bird-wise was a Spoonbill that flew right over my head - great birds.

    We had a frost here this morning, Hazelnut,  but it was really mild tonight. Climate change worries me.

    Hope your injury heals quickly, alipat. Rest if you need to.

    A shortish installment of my taper tonight. Just 4 easy miles, which I enjoyed and spent most of the run contemplating the big day (Manchester !) Can't wait. Was extra careful crossing roads and going down kerbs tonight, then got home and necked some more vitamin C. No maranoia here!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice write up of the battle of the common,Cal!

    Sorry to hear about your ankle,alipat.Hope it improves for you quickly.

    No long tights here,Hazelenut,very mild and warm.

    Don't blame you for having a touch of maranoia,Will,you've trained hard for months.

    6.98 yesterday afternoon,1.5 miles @ 10k pace.Swallowed my first fly of the year and one in the eye for a bonus.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Will, maranoia afflicts us all! I am scrubbing my hands like Howard Hughes! Currently nursing a huge, revolting stye under my right eye.

    8 miles today with 6 at MP. Went well (actually went a bit too fast...sub-4 pace for three of those 6, whereas I really just want to keep it under 9:30 in Vienna) right until the cool-down mile when my achilles decided it would have a moan. The previous mile was a longish downhill followed by a sharp uphill, so it might have disliked that, or perhaps my mechanics are a lot worse at slower speeds. Maybe both. Anyway, it's done.
  • Awesome run with your Dad Will! That's a great bit of quality time and a bloody good effort.

    Having carp fished for many years I've seen a few of those goose battles Cal.  Like you say, they are brutal!  I love everyone's appreciation of nature on here!  My favourite bird is the reed warbler, due to its Incredible song that is so evocative of summer fishing to me.

    Little to report. Went for my first run since the weekend.  I boiled during the weekend race so am now the owner of some (fairly small) race shorts and a lightweight running vest. Unfortunately on my run I last night it was cold, and I got stuck at a level crossing for ages, freezing and feeling pretty self conscious to all the waiting cars! 

    Going to slowly up the miles with a view to a gentle 10 miler at the weekend.

    Best of luck with everyone's running week, especially those marathon training.

    Pic of weekend because why not? (Me in flouro yellow)<img src="" alt="">
  • Linton, I purposely try to plan my routes to avoid as many traffic lights as possible for that very reason. There's nothing worse than losing all momentum. 

    So I went out for the first time since Sunday this evening for a steady 3 miles just to test the dodgy foot out and stretch the legs. Whilst it's definitely not 100%, my foor was reasonably comfortable on the way round. It definitely seems to be heading in the right direction anyway. I'll give it another day of rest tomorrow and then will probably test it out again on Friday. That was actually my shortest run of the year so far so it felt really weird to stop at the end.
  • Flies are defintely a disadvantage of the return of better weather JD. 

    Good you are both being careful Will and Cal. 

    I've found this thread has helped me to look up and about and not just go through the motions of running LTT.  If I'm doing a hard interval or tempo session then I generally concentrate only on what I'm doing but otherwise I keep at least half an eye open for something to report.
    It seems that RW doesn't like you in flouro yellow but we do like pics.  :)   Level crossings are a pain - they close and nothing happens for ages in my experience. 

    Good you could get out alipat, be careful with that foot.

    For me 2 runs to report - my standard Tuesday evening group trot with a couple of solo miles beforehand. We will have full daylight as of next week at last which will be nice.  Yesterday 10 hilly miles, would have preferred a flat route but that would have meant long stretches into a 20-30 mph wind - no thanks.  My ankles were briefly attacked by a small fluffy white missle but a few sharp words and it left me in peace.  Supposed to be doing intervals today but the wind is even stronger so I will swap that with tomorrow's recovery.
  • Glad the fluffy thing didn't cause you any damage Hazelnut and it's nice to hear that the natural world and MLRers are inspiring your runs. Running is a real calming part of my life - part of the reason I took it up - and there is so much you can get out of it on top of PBs (although they're always nice!)

    Keep taking it easy until you're completely happy with your injury, alipat   Good things come to...and all that.

    I used to be a big fisherman, Linton, and also love the song of the Reed Warbler. I always associate it with tench fizzing and carp topping.

    Good prep work for Vienna, Cal. Just think of those sausages and beers you can reward yourself with afterwards :)

    A day off today so I went out for my last decent run before Manchester. I decided to go on the Marriott's Way as it would be a good chance to reflect on the last 19 weeks of hard work. So many of my tough miles have been run on there; at 5am with a headtorch,  battling storm force winds, dodging ice patches and occasionally being caught short and requiring the hedges as cover! Today it was a gorgeous scene. Wild violets, primroses, cowslips, Skylarks   Chiffchaffs, vociferous little Wrens and a beautiful Song Thrush bashing a snail. My target pace for the big day will be around 10:00 mi/mi and so I was happy to finish the 10 miles with a 10:02 average. It turned out to be so reflective that I couldn't really remember the running part of the run. I was kind of on autopilot. I feel pretty much ready now, so just 2 or 3 short runs to keep things moving, some core work and rolling and the countdown to April 7th.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all
    Achilles don't like uphill,Cal,I know mine don't .Are you aiming for another PB in Vienna?

    Glad your foot is slightly better,alipat,just be careful .

    No windy weather here,Hazelnut,lovely spring weather

    Will,I enjoy those runs were you run on autopilot,and then realised you've done five miles,they're usually on my LSR.

    8 miles this afternoon, 7 x 1k efforts,with 2 minute jog recovery between each effort.They all came in between 3:51 and 3:56,so I'm happy with that session.
    Spotted two buzzards.The lambs were really enjoying the warm sunshine,most of them were dozing in the fields.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a good run, JD.
    Will, it sounds like it's coming together nicely. I spotted a wren the other day, and another mistle thrush (at least I think it was, it was large). The Egyptians appear to have lost a gosling, though - only counted six yesterday. They are just starting to fledge.

    Beautiful morning for a run but I only did 4 miles. I'd have liked to have gone longer but am sticking to my tapering plan. A few niggles but nothing awful.
  • Well done Will. You're almost there now!

    Good stuff JD. There's nothing better than running out in the Spring sunshine.

    Cal, that's probably wise. No point risking it now.

    I went out for 4 early morning miles myself today. Legs and foot felt fine on the way round aside from the usual minor niggles. However, as I was walking into the office this morning I felt a sharp pull/ping in the left side of my foot (the one that's been giving me grief) and now I am carrying some pain again. I'm starting to think I may have to go into complete rest mode now up until race day.
  • Lovely run (and post) yesterday Will and it sounds like you are ready to go. 

    Nice 1k reps JD. 

    Good idea not to overdo the mileage Cal.

    Have you had that foot actually looked at Alipat? 

    Next weekend will be a big one for the current regulars on here.  I'm almost jealous I won't be running myself!  

    3 and a bit miles of recovery running yesterday evening.  It was very windy so I postponed the planned intervals to later today and plodded round a loop in my local wood.  It is too hilly for a real recovery run so I tried to run it by perceived effort rather than pace.  Very peaceful - listened to lots of scurrying in the undergrowth and all sorts of tweets, chirps and warbling.  Also saw the 3 local deer.  Was less impressed by the bagged up dog turds left in the middle of the path.  Easier to spot - true but the bin isn't that far away ffs.
  • Hazel, I had it looked at the first time it went on me. I wasnt really given any definitive answer on what exactly the issue was, other than it was muscular. This feels pretty much identical as last time. Thankfully the pain has eased off quite a bit again but its definitely not right. I see little point in risking it at this stage now so it's time to hunker down and hope that it all comes together on the day. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sounds idyllic, apart from the turds, Hazel.

    Today I did my first inaugural parkrun, which was Sunny Hill, right by the M1 in North London. It was both sunny and hilly, which made for a rather slow time (27:21). It was a nice atmosphere, though, and I'm pleased to have a number 1 in my events log. Unfortunately I was only 2nd in my age group - it would have been nice to be 1st and therefore the age group record holder, if only for a week. But never mind!
  • The name alone makes that parkrun sound like hard work Cal. 

    Will hope with you that the foot holds out Alipat.

    Intervals yesterday, 5 x 1km with 2:30 recoveries with warmup and cooldown - 10 miles in total.  Was a bit disgusted to find I could manage only a few seconds faster per km than my 10k race tempo, I should be able to handle a few more.  Found breathing a big issue, but I'm not sure the legs could have done faster anyway.

    Today a bit more than 15 miles, to stop myself getting bored I put in 2 x 2 miles @ MP and generally ran the flatter bits of the route a bit faster but didn't overdo the undulations in the first and last couple of miles.  Warm on both days.  Very few people about this afternoon, was everyone at the garden centre?  Saw a couple of lambs frisking around, a lovely white manolia and had a race with several young bullocks (on the other side of the fence). 

    Have a good Sunday.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hazelnut,dog walkers who don't clear up after their dogs make me mad.When I'm out with my dogs and notice an owner not clearing up,I'll approach them and give them a bag,they usually squirm with embarrassment,I''ll then hang around a make sure they pick it up.

    Great 15 miler as well,Hazelnut.

    Well done,Cal,on getting a second place age grading.Would love to get a top three age grade placing (45 - 50).

    Hope your foot is holding up,alipat.

    Went straight out for a 5 mile easy run after work yesterday evening.Straight away I could feel both of my Achilles niggling away more than usual.Back in work this morning and I can still feel them,slightly worried about them.Back in the summer of 2016 they got so bad I could hardly walk,had to stop running over the summer.I'll have to nip this in the bud before they deteriorate and hamper my summer racing.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I think it's the hardest parkrun in London now (with the possible exception of Lloyd when it's muddy - Lloyd has less elevation but it's used for cross country and gets very muddy in winter, whereas Sunny Hill is all paved). The runners I compared notes with all agreed that it was harder than London's other hilly parkruns.
    In any case, I think it knackered my legs because today's 10 miler was sluggish and crappy. I was glad to get it over with. Hopefully my legs will get their bounce back by Sunday!
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Good running all, Cal congrats on having the 2nd best time ever for your age group at Sunny Hill Parkrun! We used to live ten mins from there. It is quite hilly, but I’m really surprised it’s the hilliest in London. Will, you seem really well prepped, fingers crossed for a good taper and great run in Manchester. Hazel good hill running even if unplanned JD good nature spotting and running.

    I did my first run after the half yesterday. A 29 mins 5k on the dreadmill here in Turkey, I empathise a bit with Ali. My achilles has always been a little grumbly since I started running, but after the half I also had a sore knee, sore hip and hamstring on the same leg. They were also a little sore after my 5k. I’m going to see how they feel tomorrow.
  • Excellent running guys. I have really missed getting out there this weekend. Today was the first Sunday in 13 weeks where I haven't been out for a decent length run. 

    Thankfully the foot is definitely on the mend. I could have gone out today but I saw little point in risking it. I am ready to get going now though. The pre race nerves are definitely starting to settle in.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    enrvuk - I have a sore hip/groin and grumbly knee on the same leg as my achilles. All part of the same biomechanical issue. (Fortuantely my grumpy hamstring is on the other leg!) I had a very detailed biomechanical assessment done by a lady called Helen Hall, who has given me some exercises to get me moving better. It's not a quick process though (having to unlearn 50+ years of bad habits takes time). I do recommend her, however - she is the only person in the UK who has that equipment and she knows her stuff.
  • Just a easy little 5K for me tonight. Was feeling a bit jumpy having not run since Thursday,  so was good to get the legs moving. Really want to get this week over and get up to Manchester. It's been a long old road and feeling absolutely ready for it now. 

    Good luck to all of you prepping for next weekend too. Plenty of Berocca and sleep :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Final stretch, Will! I have a scratchy throat today so rushed down to Boots for nasal spray and Vit C. I don't want to miss another marathon due to a frickin' cold.
    I did walk up to the common to see my geese - six remaining babies have wing feathers now. Those grew quickly! Saw a little wren bobbing about too.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the info Cal it’s much appreciated. I tried another run today and after a few k I could feel things weren’t right so I stopped. I’ll give it a rest for a few days and will look into Helen Hall when I get back to the UK. Good luck with the sore throat. Plenty of sleep and hydration are critical as Will said.
  • Good turd tactics JD. Be careful with the achilles.

    Certainly not the right time for a cold Cal!

    Enjoy your hols envruk. No harm in a few days off.

    Can imagine you want to get to that startline asap Will and Ali.

    8.7 miles this evening at a steady pace. Had planned to put in some strides but the legs were still tired from Saturdays run and I wasn't convinced I would do them with good form so I left them out. Shorts and t-shirt weather again.  Only spots - a few mallards paddling in the ditch I spent most of my time ruuning along, a heron and a red kite. And lots of dust, need some rain.
  • I hope you can manage to hold the cold off Cal. I ran the Cardiff half a few years back whilst full of cold and it was an awful experience from start to finish.

    So some good news on my front today. The foot is feeling good again and I even managed to get out and run 3 miles tonight just to stretch the legs. My foot felt completely painless throughout and most importantly still remains that way a few hours later. I really needed that run tonight. I know I have nothing to gain in terms of fitness at this stage, but having had my longest break from running all year I mentally needed to remind myself that I hadn't forgotten how to run! Don't you just love tapering   :D
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hope you can hold the cold off Cal,good luck for Vienna.Feeling slightly jealous of all you spring marathon runners.

    Good luck Will and Ali,hope your foot behaves for you,Ali.Which marathon are you running Ali?.Looking forward to all of your marathon reports.

    Good luck with your injury enrvuk

    Back into cold weather clothing here Hazelnut.Snow on the top of the hills,been spoilt with the warm weather over the last few weeks.

    Did circuit training Monday evening and the Achilles felt fine,even when doing the sprints.Went out yesterday evening and hoped to do 8,but my Achilles didn't feel good,so only managed 5 miles.I'll rest it today and see how it feels Thursday.

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