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  • Yeah I haven't had the shirt claim email yet but I get the black shirt next.
    Encouraging about the legs.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    I’m still in some pain but going to run. It gets better after every sleep and a little worse as the day wears on. Annoyingly I am sure it would be fine in a few days if I rested, but I’m Lintoning Up for this one. There is a big hill just after 8 miles which will be the acid test. Next plan is to get a four wheel suitcase. So pissed off after all the training. 

    Well done Cal, maybe mentally you were holding something back for Sunday. 100 parkruns is no mean feat. Best of luck for the race you will have finished before reading this!

    nice recovery Hazel. It’s going to need to get sub zero before my outfit changes from shorts and T-shirt. I do wear gloves when it’s under 5c. 

  • Don't do yourself a mischief!

    Kingston Half Marathon today, which didn't exactly go smoothly. I had hoped to beat the PB I set in the Spring (1:53:45) but felt a bit under the weather for a few days and had a lacklustre parkrun yesterday, so it was looking a bit sketchy (at least my achilles has been behaving all week).

    The day didn't start especially well when I got wet walking to Clapham Junction (there were no suitable connecting trains from Balham, which is poorly served early in a Sunday) and then there was a 15 minute delay for the train to Kingston.
    However, the skies cleared once I arrived, and once I'd changed into my Vaporflys and lined up, I felt a bit better.

    Let's just say I did a good job of trying to bugger it up early on. To get a PB I'd have to maintain a pace of around 8:35 min/mile, which is quite testing for me. So like I fool I did the first four miles at 10K pace instead. (I actually hit the 10K point in around the same time as I'd completed the Pride 10K in August, which wasn't a PB but was still my third fastest time over the distance, in very windy conditions. So yes, I was going a bit too bloody fast).

    I managed to settle myself down a bit after that, but after 8 miles it was starting to feel very hard - I couldn't seem to get enough air into the lungs and I was forced to slow even more.
    I got to 10 miles at around 1:26 so I knew the PB was still attainable if I just kept plugging away and logging sub-9 minute miles.

    I started feeling much better two miles from home, but then I started to feel some abdominal discomfort. I knew I didn't need the loo (because I'd, ahem, taken care of that earlier) but it didn't feel good. During the last mile I got a stabbing pain that stopped me in my tracks, but I pulled myself together and continued, even managing to find an almost-sprint when the finish came into view.

    When I looked at my Garmin I saw I had not only achieved a PB, but had gone under 1:53. New PB: 1:52:56!

    Really not a good race from a tactical perspective, but I'm proud of myself for hanging in there when things got tough.

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal, that's a smashing time. We could see it coming with your series of PBs and generally excellent runs. Sounds like your tactics were spot on to me and yes you should be proud. What's your next goal?

    Yesterday was fun, my sister did the 10k, my niece the 1.5k and my nephew surprised himself with a 24:08 5k.  I woke this morning at 5am for a cloying peanut butter and banana sandwich and then slept til 6:50. Met Brother in Law and headed to the venue. After his customary three loo stops, we had a little warm up, saw a couple of unfortunate female runners relying on a bush and headed to the start. I got chatting to a runner who seemed to smell like I do 20 mins after a race. Maybe he slept in his car overnight? Sadly BO Bob (as we called him) picked up an injury after a few miles. At least i didn't have to worry about being in his draft!

    I was hoping to break 2hrs and definitely my 2:06:12 from Lea Valley. Stretch goal was sub 1:59. There was a delay to the start, no idea why, but the pens were nicely spaced out and I didn't have to do too much weaving. As ever when I run, the weather defied the forecasts, it was sunny and warm (for October). I was glad to have my sunglasses.

    I barely had a twinge from my hip, to the point that if I have a problem again, I am just going to run on it. It felt better after than before. I'd say it was odd, but I've had some funny business with my hip.

    It's a well supported race, at least two speakers blaring out Eye of the tiger, plenty of high fives given by me and a few power buttons. Various jelly babies, enough water, one gel stop (I had my own), bells, rattles and generally noise.

    I was surprising myself by running 5:20 ish pace for the first few kms and caught up with my BIL much to his surprise. He is running injured, I wouldn't be near him when he's fully fit. I then slowed a little as I was concerned with blowing up. The course has a couple of there and back sections which I didn't mind too much. The big test is at 8 miles with a naughty hill, I didn't think it was that bad, but I had seen it on youtube from last year, that definitely helped as it is a bit blind. A lot of people walked it. The bonus is that you know it's downhill, then flat after that. I passed my BIL on that bit (he finished 2.5 mins behind me). Then it was down to the promenade, quick high five from Mrs. RV and I was feeling really good at this point. 

    Next bit was the run down to Boscombe Pier. Naturally this was the section I found the hardest after entering it feeling good. You are just near the finish and then run away from it for a there and back. I passed quite a few people who were clearly thinking the same thing. The sand didn't help either. Bob was struggling on to that section as I finished, he seemed to have plenty of space around him.

    The last stretch was hard, and the wind and sand was in your face but you can see the pier which is the start of the end. I got another high five from Mrs. RV as I went on to the pier and had a little extra left so passed a few more people. It's a nice finish with someone reading your name and announcing it to the crowd. I knew I was on for a decent time. Chip time was 1:54:42. Bonus for beating Minnie Mouse and the Rhinoceros. Bloke in a tutu was a step too far.

    Final thought was that the training paid off, when until today I had no real idea if it had. It's a bit of a leap of faith to be honest. Of course it was cooler than many of my training runs, which helps. Hats off to the 80/20 programme. Next race is St Neots Half in about six weeks. 
  • I've had the misfortune of being downwind of a smelly runner - there was one guy I ran behind in two races last year. I think it's down to stinky kit.
    Excellent running, though, and you smashed your target so well done! Races where you go near or past the finish are always mentally tough - I've done a few. It's worse when you see all the fast peeps standing around with their medals and you still have a mile or two to go.
    I'd work on the hip mobility and glutes between now and your next race - plenty of time to get ready for that.
    Next race for me is Yorkshire Marathon in two weeks. As for halves, I'm not sure. I normally do one or two in February but as Tokyo Marathon is 1st March, that's going to be tricky. Not many suitable races in January.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Good day to all you 'My Last Runners'.  Just popping in to say I'm still hors de combat with a gammy knee.  Arthritis, over use [How very dare they?] and an old rugby injury seem to be top of the physio's list.  I've a special assessment in Dec. re imaging.  Walking 30 miles a week, and on a 150+ day Streak [old habits etc. ....]  Back in the gym 5 times a week.  I've not written off a return to running yet but the advancing years are not my friend.

    Wishing you all safety, strength and success!  :-)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal,fantastic running.Reading your post I didn't think you were going to do it but you stuck at it and you managed to do it.Really pleased for you.

    Wow enrvuk,what a great PB,like you said you put great faith in your 80/20 training and it paid off big time.Well done.

    My race didn't go as planned to say the least.I had planned and trained for a sub 3.30 but in the end I was just glad to finish.

    I had a really good sleep Saturday night,up at 04.45 for a good breakfast of poridge and bagels and then back to bed for an hour.I was in Chester for 7.45,chatting to other runners and feeling very relaxed.

    I placed myself between the 3.15 and 3.30 pacers.Straight from the first mile I was on target pace,I made sure I didn't go racing off too fast.I felt really good and straight into a nice running rhythm.Going out of the city centre we were supported by fantastic crowds,with their bells and whistles.

    Once out the city we were on country roads,approaching 9 miles and I noticed I was slowing down just a tiny bit but nothing to worry about.I went through half way in 1.43,so far so good.

    Things took a nosedive after mile 15,I started to slow down drastically and I knew I wouldn't be going sub 3.30,by mile 18 the wheels had well and truly come off,I just couldn't run.I was just shuffling along,runner after runner was just passing me by and I couldn't do anything about it.I was down to 13/14 mm,which is a brisk walking pace.It seemed like an age just to pass a mile marker and to be honest I didn't think I was going to be able to finish.

    Managed to get to the outskirts of the city centre and I just had to hang in there,the crowds picked again which was great,they could see I was in shit state and they gave me great support.

    Because the racecourse had been flooded the finish was down by the city walls along the River Dee,we came into the centre, then a lap around the park,before dropping down besides the river.Running towards the finish the crowds were fantastic,giving all of the runners fantastic support

    Finished with a time of 4.20,which by that time I was just happy to get over the the line.It took me over 2.5 hours to finish the second part of the race.

    Extremely disappointed in my race and I'm not even sure what I did wrong.I trained well and prepared myself for it.Going to take a week off from running and give myself a break,think this race will take a while to get out of my system.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    I've just been brave enough to look at my 10k splits,10k - 47:47, 20k - 49:12,30k - 59:27,40k - 1:24.That last one is a whopper! I came in at 4 hours for 40k, so it took me 21 minutes for the final 2k.That's some shuffling!
  • Well done Cal on another PB. Good you managed to calm the pace a bit after your fast start and then push through to the end.

    That is a huge chunk off your PB enrvuk!

    Hi swittle, nice to see you drop in, hope you will be back to running soon.

    Oh no JD, sorry to hear that your mara went so wrong.  From everything I read your trained well and it doesn't seem that you overdid the first half.  Well done for finishing, really can't have been fun to struggle from mile 18. 

    I'm on holiday since yesterday, one run beforehand on Saturday, 8 and a bit miles with 2 sets of 5 x strides. Another this morning 5 miles around a local lake (Davos).  Pretty cold and needed long tights.  Had to wait a bit for Lina the cow to finally cross the path and follow her mates to the pasture. Probably won't run too many miles in the next two weeks but hopefully quite a bit of cross-training to compensate.
  • Oh JD, sorry you had a bad race. Do you think you might be coming down with something? I can't think of another reason you'd deteriorate quite so much. I've had bad races but they've put me 4 or 5 minutes outside my given time, rather than an hour. If you can take any positives from it, it's that you toughed it out and finished. Great mental strength.
    You're right to take some time off to reflect. I am sure you will bounce back.

    Nice to see you, swittle - sorry you're having a rough time with injuries.

    Glad you're enjoying your time off, Hazelnut.

    No running today but my new massage gun came in the post and I had a play around with it. Left calf is very tight!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Kind words, Hazel & Cal - often better than pills & physio!
  • 6 miles early this morning. Legs felt fine initially but some niggles started to creep in towards the end. Probably should have done 5 miles but I've not run less than 6 (aside from parkruns) in so long that it didn't occur to me.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    JD, sorry to read about your frustrating run. It sounds super annoying after the effort you put in. What was your fuelling strategy for the run? What was your previous PB? The half you run was pretty impressive. 

    Hazel, nice running and so kind of you to wait for Lina the Cow, we don't have such problems in NW London.

    Cal, pushing as ever! I'm sure it will pay off in Yorkshire. Is that a hilly one? Oh and what is a massage gun?!

    Swittle, very sad to hear your story. That must be a massive frustration for you. Fingers crossed you do get to come back and run some more.

    No runs for me, resting till at least tomorrow.
  • enrvuk - it's basically a power tool that you use to self-massage. The one I have a Theragun (cheapest model they do, but still not cheap...however, since my masseur charges £80 a pop, it'll save me money in the long run).
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cal,I haven't come down with anything and I feel fine to be honest,so I'm left feeling puzzled why I had a shocker on Sunday.The only thing that felt different was I felt much more thirsty than usual,so I was taking water on much earlier than when I was training.You didn't buy your massage gun off Del Boy Trotter down the market did you!The joys of Netflix.

    I was using sis gels,enrvuk,had my first one on the hour and then another one every 45/50minutes.That is my mara PB,so plenty of room for improvement!

    Hope you can get back to running in the near future,Swittle.
  • Was that your first mara then, JD? Because that would explain a lot. I had a horrible time in my first one - got slower and slower and then the shooting pains started and I ended up walking loads. I was really disappointed with myself, but I do think the first mara is a real shock to the system.

    I decided not to run today. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning, which is unusual for me, and I feel tired and a bit run-down. For once I'm going to listen to my body. The training is done so there's not much to be gained at this point, but there are plenty of ways I can bugger it up.
  • Hi guys! Just thought I'd check in and say hi!

    Amazing running all, some brilliant results.  I'm on day 10 of no running ( I promised myself 2 weeks, minimum).  The feeling I've been drop kicked under the right arse cheek has gone.  I'm hoping my hip has healed through a long rest but I wont know until I run 3 or so miles.

    Sorry you were disappointed with your run JD I think that's a fantastic achievement still! I've seen on here your impressive training, so wonder why you ran out of steam a bit? Still very well done. 

    Fantastic half marathons enrvuk and Cal! Both brilliant times!  I hope one day I can go sub 2hours but with a pb of 2:14, work to do.  Both well done. Still unsure why race predictors estimate me so much faster from my 5 and 10k times, I clearly need more stamina!

    Have a great holiday Hazlenut, glad you are getting some running in.  I'm off to Wales soon on an adventure holiday, was hoping to do some running there, time will tell.

    Sounds like you're on the bench with me Swittle! I have one old football injury that manifests itself too (left knee) Hope you get back to full strength.

    I've just got to be patient now, how traumatic and painful that last half was is fresh in my mind! That said, I am looking forward to starting again, and hoping it will all be in the past.  I wanted to do 5 half marathons in my first year of running and have managed 4, so to get 1 more before the year's out would be great.

    Have a great week, hope to be back to contributing again soonish, hopefully!

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Cal,yes that was my first mara,it won't be my last though!Although I won't be doing London next year as I've just received an email from them saying  I didn't get in.Seems like my first mara experience went the same way as yours,maybe I was being overly optimistic targeting sub 3:30 and should've went for sub 4.Still feeling very tired from Sunday but not sleeping well because my performance is playing on my mind and why it went belly up.

    Enjoy your holidays Hazelnut.

    Nice to hear from you Linton,hope you can get out running soon.

  • Never heard of a massage gun before either Cal.  Good way to look at your day off.

    Good to see you LTT. When you do set out for a run, short and gentle!

    Hope you feel better soon JD.

    Keeping pretty active here, hike yesterday over a couple of minor peaks. Nothing high or technically difficult due to the snow situation, just a slight covering by the time we got to the high point though. Couldn't resist putting my feet into it - brrr!

    Bad weather rolled in this afternoon so not much planned for the day. Took advantage of that to do a 14 miler this morning up and back down a nearby valley with a climb of around 500m. Pleasingly free of the clutter of civilisation in the upper parts and much like Scotland with the vegetation dying off to brown for the winter. Legs tired after the hiking so kept the effort down to a level I knew would allow me to get back without a struggle.  Ran this valley as part of of an alpine mara a couple of years ago, must have another go at that soon.
  • Linton, you can get there. My first half was 2:18. There was a four year gap (foot surgery for a cyst, parents dying, then a torn calf) but then did my second in 2:12:47. That year (2015) I made up for lost time by doing eight half marathons and dropped my time by 10 minutes, but it took another year to crack two hours. I'm not a natural athlete (I hate those buggers who go sub-2 in their first half...took me 13 halves before I got there!) but if I can do it, I'm sure you'll be able to.

    JD, I'm not in either - I know a couple of people in my club who got in but Facebook is full of people griping about their bad luck. I can recommend Manchester as a nice, flat course (I'm doing it, provided I don't come down with shingles after Tokyo, of course). I know after my first (which was Manchester, in fact) I was so annoyed I had to do another because I was determined to run all the way. Which I did, a year later. Maybe make that your goal, rather than a specific time (although beating your current time would be good, too).

    Hazelnut, are you tempted by UTMB and its ilk? I reckon you'd be quite well suited to sky races.
  • The rest day did me some good - I woke up feeling a lot more refreshed today and got 8 miles done. Quite chilly - wore long tights but also a T-shirt. I saw a lot of runners wearing long sleeves and even jackets, although there was one lady in a vest. Averaged 10 min/miles so a little quicker than my usual easy pace which often happens when I'm trying to keep warm.
  • Not sure if "last run" refers to last formal race or any training run.
    If "last formal race", then it was 22nd September. 21K.
  • Any run, rm, so training or race. Just a place to post about how it went, whether you did a marathon or just ran around the block.
    Rest day for me again, which I'm glad of as it's nasty out there.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    envruk and JD1- your kind words help me look forward to getting out there again.  Thank you.

    Physio mid-Nov. and a specialist musculo-skeletal assessment early Dec.  
  • Good luck with that, swittle.

    While Kipchoge was making history, I was parkrunning in Harrow (a three and a bit lap tarmac course with a couple of gradients that I wouldn't call hills but still took a little out of you). Tunde, the guy I met on the tram to South Norwood a few weeks back, came along too - he also came to Bexley last week. Nice fellow - 60 something, used to do a lot of marathons but now concentrates on shorter races and cross country. Still faster than me.
    I got into a bit of a battle with a veteran called Linda (the marshalls were calling out to her by name) - we were pretty even but I was doing better on the inclines and I got her on the last lap while I was going up the "hill". I had a nice chat with her after and she said she was trying to keep up with me. She was a V55 though, so I really should finished in front of her. I finished in 25:02 which is decent for a non-flat course and I was 4th lady, although the 2nd lady was V50 so no age group win. Happy enough with it though.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cheers, Cal.  You'll be pleased with your 5k today.
  • 10 miles done - no rain although it rained all night so the pavements were wet. I saw a few people in charity vests heading off to, presumably, Royal Parks.
    Run felt OK - legs were reasonably bouncy although left hammy is a little grumpy (that's nothing new, though, so I'm not worried).

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
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    Another nice Parkrun Cal, your consistency on those has really improved the last few months. Sounds like Yorkshire could be a good one. I was looking at that as a potential first Marathon for me next autumn. Training in the cool and running in the warm aka Spring Marathon, just won't be right for my body. So I am really interested to read your race report.

    Quiet on here isn't it?

    Hope your recovery is going well Linton and that you've got over your disappointment JD.

    Nice hikes Hazel. It always makes me feel I should get out of London a lot more.

    I've only run twice since Bournemouth. A short foundation run on the same day I gave blood. A lot slower than I expected, probably because of the blood deficit!

    Yesterday I want to support my sister at the Royal Parks half. The event space was a quagmire, which wasn't fun for runners. I kept her company up to the start and was covered in mud to the knee. Other than that, what a fab course for a supporter and runner alike. Easy to see the runners at lots of different spots, great sites etc and the supporting app is really neat. Hope I can get in for next year.

    Having completed 16,000 steps supporting her, I then run 10 miles in the evening at HR Zone 2 with the last mile in HR Zone 3. It was around 6:06km/pace overall and after a grumbly knee and hard breathing in the first 10 mins, it was fine. Good to get it done.

    On the negative side I've put on around 3kg and need to lose that before St. Neots in 5 weeks! Leftovers of the three cakes I made for my wife's birthday have been sent to her office!!!!

    Oh and postscript, the running shirts given out were gender specific. My sister finally got a females technical t-shirt from a race.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Nice parkrun Cal,I was watching Kipchoge instead.

    You must have really enjoyed yourself on holiday to put 3kg on,enrvuk!Nice 10 miler as well.

    First run yesterday since Chester and it was quite a tough one.8.41 miles trail run,1000 ft climb,came home extremely muddy,very enjoyable run.
    5.1 miles this morning with Polly running with me,she must run an extra 0.5 mile as she sees a squirrel and goes chasing it before catching me up.
    Have a trail race lined up for November so I'm looking forward to that.
  • That's great, JD - the nice thing with trail races is there's no pressure to get a particular time - it's more about enjoying the journey. Hope the weather is OK for you.

    enrvuk, sounds like you had a very enjoyable holiday. The weight will come off once you've a few weeks of running under your belt.

    6 miles today - felt OK. Achilles good. Hamstring less good - not sure why it's chosen now to act up. I suspect it may be because I'm actually resting on my rest days rather than going out for walks or yoga. (The weather hasn't been condusive to nice walks around the common, alas).
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