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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Sppedwork in the heat sounds tough GD.

    I think you can be prone to shingles as you get older swittle if you have had chicken pox. My MIL has had some sort of preventative treatment but I don't recall hat exactly.  Love the Iron Man keeping his toes cool in the puddle. Good luck with your test run.

    Lol to Chick and Chirk JD, thought it was a bit quirky. Nice early run and jealous of your beach trip.

    Welcome to mcjoc (nice 5k time) and AgentGinger. Ouch to the midday heat running but it seems you have plans to work around it. Maybe you will see Cal out running, she is an early bird though.

    Great 15k Cal, good idea to revise your target to see it through rather than having to stop. I guess that would be the easier option on a virtual run. Good analysis too.

    Yesterday was supposed to see a return to pinning on a number to run. 10k hill race with around 700m of ascent, not one I have done before. Limited to 300 participants, start waves (ladies, men, walkers), plenty of space, race orga outside etc. Seemed an ideal way to check out if I felt like doing a race under the current circumstances (there are a few available). With no course PB no pressure either.

    Forecast was for high temps and likely high humidity but I have raced in worse than that I found on location.  I decided to start conservatively on the first 2k along a lake, keeping in mind that there were some tough climbs to come. Nonetheless overtook a few ladies on this section. Next bit was mostly walking for me including a series of steep steps - not my favourite ground. The fast men who had started after the ladies started to catch up so on narrow bits I always had an ear open for overtakers, stepping aside as necessary.

    Bit easier ground with regards to ascent followed but footing became harder on rocky trails, requiring full concentration, especially downhill.

    Drinks station with equal distribution internally and externally and on through undulating meadows. Not far from 8k I could see the climb to the finish and a few ladies ahead and thought hmm I could step on it a bit and try to catch them up.  Great idea in theory but it meant I stopped concentrating, caught my foot and went flying. Cut hands, nosebleed, bruised knees badly enough I could hardly stand on the right one initially led to a DNF rather than a running finish as I felt a lot worse than after a standard hit the deck, curse, stand up and get going again fall. Patch-up and a quad ride to the finish followed.

    Forgot to turn off my watch of course!

    Just bruised and full of scrapes today, but not sure if I will run today so streak likely over. Never mind. Lesson learned - concentrate!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Results of test run: back to the drawing board.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut - saw that on Strava - sorry to hear it. Hope you're not banged up too badly.
    swittle, sorry to hear that too.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Oh no swittle.  You were doing so well.  Can you get to see a physio?

    I ran after all yesterday - a short damage assessment.  Ok - right knee hurt due to the bruising but it didn't get worse during or after the run.  Will stick to gentle outings for a few days and then should be ok.  3 and a bit miles in 30:43.  Very welcome rain after a few days of heat - strong enough to be refreshing but not enough to annoy.
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    Finally decided to go for a long slow run last night after the little ones were asleep. Aimed to keep at around 140-145 bpm to stay around 70-75% of HR max. Successful for the most part despite a fairly hilly route and ended up carrying on for 15k in 1:34:36.

    6:18 kms felt pretty slow but I guess that's why I need to sort out my aerobic base :yikes:

    My legs know they've been for a run and my knees are complaining a little but it isn't as bad as i was expecting, looks like I'll I have to keep this up.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Welcome to this thread, mcjoc.  Good distance & an encouraging time.

    Too much, too soon for me - well, it wouldn't be too much, too young, would it?
    Ice and hotty watty bottle and some gentle figure-of-four leg strengthening.  Didn't walk, run or gym for the first time this year, pretty much.  I'll give it twice as long a rest.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Fantastic photo, swittle, the lighting is absolutely superb. How did the piriformis assessment go?

    Welcome mcjoc and good 5K time. Friday was indeed exceptionally hot.

    Welcome back AgentGinger, I was catching up on some of your targets from 2014. Nice to have you back running.

    You're absolutely right with the boredom of home exercise, JD. As you say there's too many distractions to be able to schedule in a decent amount of time to do it there, which is why I prefer the gym. It is starting to get busy, though.

    Good 15K time, Cal, definitely not to be sneezed at and as you say based on your injuries, shingles and the selfish neighbours it's really good.

    Two runs again over the weekend. I had done a leg session on Friday, which really amounted to squats, lunges and calf raises, all without weights. Of course the next day, to use Cal's description, I was like the Tin Man. We decided on a 5 mile run along the seafront, heading from Hove towards Southwick. Not the most scenic of routes, but we figured it would be less busy then heading east. A keen wind in our faces on the out lap and it took me a good km before my legs felt as if they were responding to me exhortations to move. A wave to one of the run leaders from our winter training group, to one of the people we see regularly at PR and also to the club member I beat in a sprint a couple of weeks ago (I think it did his heart good to see me suffering). Tried to keep the pace easy, but my partner had other ideas and started to pull away. Definitely a hard 'easy' run.

    Sunday we decided to run alongside the Adur and pushed it further to make a 9 miler. Cooler than we had expected and with the wind picking up we did at least make this easier, going at 9:15 min/mi and keeping it nicely conversational. Again it took a short while for the legs to feel free, but once they did all was good. 

    The word back from the club committee is that the next virtual series will be another 5K, however whereas the last one was age/gender graded this one is going to be based on the average time you ran in that series. I may be regretting those two sub-23 min performances now.
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    Well done on the 15k mcjoc.  Must take some discipline to run to HR.  Hope your legs / knees are feeling ok today.

    You sound better now swittle.  Fingers crossed!

    Hmm - is a Tin Man more flexible than an Iron Man GD?  Nice weekend running and well done on getting the leg work done.  Might hurt afterwards but will likely do you good as well.  Looking forward to seeing how you do in the next virtual series.

    Another mostly recovery paced outing yesterday evening -  in the rain again and quite a bit cooler this time - I was almost regretting wearing shorts even though they were the bicycle type rather than lightweight ones.  Took a while to warm up the hands too.  Bruised right knee pretty grumpy on the first few hundred metres but improved a bit after that and again felt better post-run.  The head too.  Met one grumpy young lady out walking two friendly dogs. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Glad your knee isn't too bad, Hazelnut, and send some of that cool rain our way, will you?

    Welcome mcjoc - good 15K there. If you're interested in HR training, check out the Shades thread in the Training forum - a lot of the folks who post there do it (it's a very active thread too).

    swittle - are you married with a kid when you should be having fun? :D

    Nice work on the runs and training, GD - balancing strength and running is quite difficult, I find.

    I had a bash at the Vet Runners virtual HM this morning. I wanted to see if I could go under 2 hours - had my doubts after Sunday's 15K but thought I'd see how I felt.
    First mile was a warm-up, more or less, but I hit target pace on the next three (despite stacking it at the start of the third mile and ending up with two bruised hands and a bloody knee. I didn't even notice the knee had bled until I finished the entire run - I must have alarmed a few people along the way. So you've got company in the clumsy runner category, Hazelnut :D ). As with the 15K, my pace dropped off once I got to St George's Park so I knew the sub-2 was not going to happen, but I kept plugging away.
    My intention was to do a lap of Wimbledon Park but that was thwarted by a one way turnstile that was definitely not there last time I went, so I had to backtrack and reroute which cost me more time. I ended up doing an out and back along a section of the Wandle Trail to Wandle Park and back, then back along the stretch I'd done in mile 3. I recovered some pace on miles 11 and 12 but the there was a bit of a hill at the start of the final mile and my achilles got pretty grumpy so I slowed a bit there, then I had a bugger of a time crossing Trinity Road.
    Fairly content with the time - 2:02:49 which is 10 minutes slower than PB my but a decent effort for a virtual run/training session, especially coming so close to the 15K.
    I'm currently third fastest overall, and fastest woman, although a lot of people haven't logged their runs yet.
    I was also third overall and fastest woman in the 15K, 6th overall and 2nd woman in the 5 mile and 11th overall and 3rd woman in the 10K. So not bad really. Vet Runners UK is a fairly relaxed group with a mix of abilities - some fast peeps but not like my club's virtual events where I'm near the bottom in most things.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Ouch Cal - hope the bruises aren't too bad from your fall.  That is a great time considering things didn't go to plan and soon after your 15k.  Vet Runners UK sounds like a good place to be.

    Group or rather pair trot yesterday evening.  I decided that with a grumpy knee I should take it easy and not be pulled into any mini races up any hills so I accompanied another lady on the shorter route.  This does take in the same amount of ascent and descent as the main route but being more than a km shorter allows slower runners to be back at the meeting point at more or less the same time as the faster group.  I enjoyed pacing her around it so that she managed to run all of the hills at a (for her) relatively easy chatting pace which she didn't manage apparently a couple of weeks ago when it was hotter. Bit over 9k in 1 hour with 190m of ascent and descent.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear the assessment, swittle. Is rest the key or is it worth seeing a physio?

    Well done on the 15K, mcjoc. I wouldn't worry about the pace, as you're doing Heart Rate Zone training it will seem slow. I remember being passed by oldies using zimmer frames when I did it.

    Ouch both Hazelnut and Cal. Hopefully both falls have not left any lasting damage. Easily done, especially if your concentration slips.

    "Bubble" run again last night and an easy 10K along the seafront from Shoreham to Worthing. Headwind on the way out which was a lot stronger than we'd first realised, so it was a case of digging in, but the pace was such that everyone managed to hold a conversation. On the turnaround the run seemed to flow effortlessly. I find myself having to purposely slow down to keep to a reasonable pace. Might have been due to the fact that after a couple outings in the Asics I was back in the Nikes.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Ouch,Hazelnut.Easily to trip on the way down,good that there's no serious damage and your streak continues.

    Well done on your virtual HM Cal,that's good going.Hope your hands and knees are ok.

    I'm looking forward to my circuit training again GD,but I know I'm going to be suffering for a few days after.

    Welcome mcjoc,nice 15k.I've never tried HR training but I've read it can be very good if done correctly.

    Just over 9 miles yesterday afternoon,including a 1000ft hill climb in less than a mile,so my calves were on fire.Descended on to the panorama road where you had fantastic views across the Shropshire plains.Very enjoyable run.

    Just an easy 5 miles with Polly today.I was supposed to be picking up my eldest daughter for a couple of miles after my run but when I got home she had gone out with her friends.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good planning to have the tailwind on the way back GD. 

    That is some climb JD, not surprised the calves were burning.  My hill race on Saturday had some 300m of ascent in 2km so not too far off I guess though I am too lazy to convert to miles and feet.  I walked most of that.  Good to have a view to reward you for the effort. 

    Cautious attempt at a slightly faster run yesterday evening went ok. 6.2 miles in 54 mins.  Last day of comfy running weatherwise for a while - heatwave imminent so I will have to be out early again or go and hide in the shade of the woods and go slow (plan for later).
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you're recovering from your fall, Hazelnut. Mine was obviously not as bad. Hands are much better now and knee is fine, just a small scabby bit. Small bruise on the hip too but nothing bad.

    JD, the climbs are much sweeter if there's a nice view from the top.

    Yesterday I did a 6 mile recovery run - legs felt trashed and the first few strides were very awkward.
    Today wasn't much better but I ended up doing an 11 mile hilly run up to Beaulieu Heights (the woody bit under Croydon Transmitter).  First couple of miles were very slow (11+ - my stride length was down to nothing) and I toiled up the first couple of hills, but I picked up a bit of speed when I got to a downhill section and mile 4 was my fastest in 10:14. Mile 5 had 52m of climb though, so that was back over 11 again (Garmin's elevation has been back to normal this week, thankfully).
    At this point I had come to the bottom of Beaulieu Heights. I ran down it last Sunday - or rather I walked as there are steps - and it hits 20% in places, but it actually felt easier going up. I ran at the side of the steppy bits where possible and it wasn't so bad. I had trouble locating the exit though and spent a few minutes on very narrow, trippy trails through the woods until I came back to the top exit, which meant a 12:46 mile here (I didn't actually walk at all, but my stride was only .73 for this mile thanks to the terrain).
    I made my way back from there, which was undulating but primarily downhill, and left hammy was definitely not happy. My stride was getting really short as I couldn't get any power from the hams at all.
    However, I had thought I would do the last kilometer (or 0.62 miles, since I'm an Imperial girl) quicker as it's the Vet Runner's 1K challenge today. I wasn't quite sure how I'd manage it as I felt trashed, but as I hit 10.38 miles I pushed on and somehow mustered a 9:35 final mile, which gave me a 5:44 kilometer. Obviously that's more than a minute slower than I could run it if I ran a km flat out on its own on legs that were functioning properly, but you do what you can under the circumstances and I'm impressed I managed to go that fast today.
    Anyway, 11 hilly miles in 2 hours, and it's probably in my best interests I take a rest day tomorrow.
    Got the gym at 2pm this afternoon (the earliest I could get a slot) so that's going to be fun. And yes I'm being sarcastic.
    I am really not happy about a week of 30 degree temps but what can you do?
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the comments on my latest pic from the beach.  It's a rich source of subjects, whether it's cloud, sea, sunsets, or stars, all curated by the Iron Men.  :-)
    Last Saturday's 20-minute hobble set me back a week at the least.  Massage, hot and cold application, and 2 gym sessions, with a rattling of pill boxes too, seem to be helping.  Hamstring curls are challenging but walking is now pain free.  Another 2 weeks like this, and I'll try a shorter run.

    Guarddog: the structure in your sessions looks to be very helpful in developing your running.

    Cal: your 'Specials' reference made me laugh - unfortunately, I do not meet the specification!  Good to read of your close-to sub-2 HM.   It seems your idea of a 'reward' for a tough old sesh is...another tough old sesh ;)

    Now, Cal & Hazel: we are issued with a pair of knees at birth...and we 'kneed' to look after them carefully!  I hope you're both over your tumbles.

     JD1 - can't beat climbing as a swift route into the Cave of Pain.  Well done!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    swittle, you muddy punster! :D
    Good news that you can walk without pain.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Swittle,good to hear you're walking pain free now.Just take it easy and don't rush it!
    That sounded like a punishing 11 miles,Cal.Hope it's not too hot in your flat tomorrow,and enjoy your day off.

    Going to be hot over here tomorrow,Hazelnut.Decided I'm going to have a good lie in over an early run.I'll try and get out in the evening.Hope you're recovering well from your trip.

    6.6 miles this evening.including a 5k timed run.Once I got my head into the zone it went fairly well.Finished with a time of 20:51,so I'm happy chappy with the time.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Any ideas what set off your niggle swittle?  Good news on the walking.

    You are doing well on the hills Cal.  Short, light steps are good up the steep bits, good thing to practice - don't drag your feet but actively lift them - also good for rougher ground where you might trip over something.  Hope the heat doesn't get too bad.

    Hope you have had a nice lie in JD - and why not treat yourself to one.  Great 5k time! 

    Recovery from fall is still ongoing - hands are finally starting to heal enough that they don't hurt as soon as I use them much.  Knee is still grumpy but I am ignoring that fact as much as possible as long as I can run on it without a gait change.  Standing after sitting for a while and stairs can be mildly to fairly ouchy.

    Recoveryish 3 and a bit miles yesterday evening.  Down the hill in the sun and back up in the shade so well-planned.  Warm and breezy rather than hot and humid so pretty bearable.  Had a brief stop to chat to and stroke a cat during the last mile, could have been the sister of my tom.  It thought the attention was wonderful.

    With temperatures of 30 plus forecasted here as well for until mid-week at least I am back to earlyish running as of today as much as possible.  Wasn't out as early as I wanted to be as said tom cat decided to emit some awful farts at around 5am and woke me up (must sort out the biscuits - sure it is the cause).  I then went back to sleep and didn't want to get up.  I decided that work could wait a bit though and out just before 8 for 10 and a bit miles in 1:30.  Warm and humid - came home pretty soggy despite chosing a route with some longer shady stretches in woods. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's a super run, JD, well done!
    Jeez, Hazelnut, were you woken by the sound or the smell? :D Gave me a giggle anyway. Thanks.
    Glad you're healing up well. The bruising on my hands has gone, thankfully. Hope your knee improves quickly - I'm lucky mine is just as graze rather than a proper bang - guess my hands took the force.
    You're right about the hills. I found lots of little steps are better than trying to stride. Any advice for coming down steep hills? That's where I struggle more.
    It's horrible here too. Yesterday morning when I got up my flat was 24 degrees and built up to 28.4 by bedtime. It only lost a degree overnight with the window wide open so today's starting point is 27.4 so it'll likely be over 30 tonight, and will stay that way for the next week. Misery.
    I didn't run yesterday - I did go out for an early walk and it was actually quite fresh, so it would have been nice to run, but my body needed rest.
    Today's conditions were much less satisfactory - nearly 23 degrees at 6am and very humid. I kept to recovery pace and legs actually didn't feel terrible (although the achilles and high hammy are noticeable) so I did some strides in the last mile and they felt OK.
    Tomorrow looks to be the same sort of temperature/humidity so I may not do a long run - I will see how awful I feel after sleeping in 30 degrees. :s
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Smelt like the devil had taken up residence somewhere in the region of my feet and it wasn't those!

    I'm not a good descender either, I brake too much. I don't like the jolting of heel landing but forefooting neither.

    That is nasty warm for (not) sleeping.  Might be an idea to dump the long run tomorrow or at least take a route you can easily cut short if you need to.

    Warm and very humid this morning, around recovery pace ideal for comfort although the legs would have liked to gone faster. I also put in some short strides at the end on a slight incline rather than on the flat. Means I concentrate on form rather than speed which I guess is a good thing. Around 5.2 miles.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I actually got 6 hours last night (which isn't bad for me - I typically get 6.5 but it's often less). The earplugs have been a game changer.

    I managed 16 miles today. Didn't feel too hot when I went out at 5:30am - muggy though.

    I decided to do a bit of the Wandle Trail again, though I skipped the bottom bit and started at Collier's Wood. It almost ended in disaster when I rolled my ankle just before Morden Hall Park (mile 3) - I had to stop for a few seconds and walk a little. The actual ankle roll wasn't too bad (that's the ankle I've sprained multiple times - the ligaments are loose enough now it's pretty hard to do any real damage) but I also managed to tweak my bad groin a bit at the same time. Once I got running again the ankle was OK - a little sore on top of the foot but that passed. The groin twinge settled after about another mile but I'll be keeping my eye on both for the rest of the day.

    Today I decided to explore as far as Hackbridge - the park there is actually really nice. Then I popped into Wilderness Island (a little nature reserve off the Wandle which only has one entrance so there's no way through, just in and around and back the way you came) on the way back as I was curious. It's mostly trees and narrow trails and I had to slow right down as I didn't want to roll my damn ankle again on the tree roots. 

    Came back via Mitcham Common. That common is so confusing due to the fact it's in sections due to the roads that go through it, and one section looks much like another. Went the wrong way again but at least I knew where I was from the last time I went the wrong way. :D  Had to take it easy through the common, too, as it's bloody lumpy and quite hard to run on in places. Pace picked up once I got back on pavements again but the last few miles felt pretty laboured. It was getting warmer so I was thankful there was actually a breeze as I was going up Streatham Hill.

    Anyway, that brings me to 52 miles for the week, which is my first 50+ since the groin injury in June.

    Tomorrow will be a rest - I've booked the gym for 9:30 and will probably do a walk at some point, but no more than three miles.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Glad you got a decent night's sleep. Ouch to the ankle / groin tweak but well done for staying upright. Nice early start again, you must have nearly finished your run by the time I set out on mine. (Ignoring the hour time difference). I like it that your exploring also takes in long runs, guess there can be a risk of going overdistance which might not be fun. I would worry about that. Good news on the distance and have a nice running rest day tomorrow.

    Similar distance for me too, 16.2 miles in 2:15. Less potential for exploring being an up and down a localish river, mostly in the shade. Not having done a longer run or speedwork in the last days the legs felt fairly fresh so I sprinkled in a couple of faster miles despite carrying a hydro rucksack and despite the humidity and warmth. Managed to trip and fall again, minor grazes this time, though did whack the bruised knee again. Ran another 8 miles on it though with no more than mild aching.  Quite a few people out already to beat the heat, most returned my good morning greetings. Passed a kids athletics meeting - good to see some things going on again.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Yeah that's happened to me, Hazelnut - I was looking for a particular hill in Wimbledon one time, on the homeward leg of a 20 miler, and I turned the wrong way. Carried on down some roads and found myself right at the wrong end of Wimbledon Common. Ended up being a 22 miler. :D
    Sorry about the knee but glad it's not too bad. Your 16 miler was 40 minutes faster than mind, despite your tumble.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hazel: a dull pain during a beach section - flat and firm - started in the high hamstring and got more acute as I off-roaded it to the end of my run.  Walking, inclines & stairs were problematic.  Maybe 30 years ago, I used to do a great deal of driving in connection with my research work.  A similar pain arose, and I blamed a partially collapsed edge of the seat.  Nothing was done today, not even stretching, the first rest day for 24 days, the day after the injury.  It's improving and I'll try 10 minutes slow on flat & firm this Saturday.  Glad your hurts are healing.  The tom cat which patrols his estate over my wall has been sticking to the shade these past 3 hot days.

    Cal: your injury is healing - that's good.  Descending?  I was rubbish, and it rather spoilt my fell races.  It was that fear of going flying: as a human animal, I had the memory of a spectacular full-360 degree-rotation in the last 500 yd of a fell race in Todmorden.  At the St John's caravan, I gave up my place to a runner who's face was bathed in red :-o  I can't have been too bad, because I ran a 10-mile race near Derwentwater the next day!  Practising running as upright as possible and fixing the next landing point in one's vision helped but didn't restore enough confidence for me to descend well.  I enjoyed your route description and admire your 50+ weekly mileage.

    Re: continuing after a tumble.  It's that pride thing, isn't it?  The adrenaline hit helps to dull the worst of the pain and I found that, as long as my gait was unaffected, I'd get back into a rhythm again.  Trouble is, the delayed aching and pain from the jiggling and joggling.  I think I've only walked home after a fall - about half a mile into my run.  Once again, the learning process helped me settle on as few roads as possible, so it's off to the beach & trails for me these days!

    Keep the rubber side down, ladies!  :-)

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hazelnut,after reading your post about your cat I couldn't get the song smelly cat from Friends out of my head!Great 16 miles,hope your run of trips come to an end.Going to be slightly cooler this week with thundery showers.

    Well done on your 50 plus week Cal.I was driving to work as you embarked on your 16 miles.Hope all of your niggles are behaving themselves.

    A very easy 5 miles Friday.Saturday was supposed to be a trail run along the river but after less than 2 miles my left knee gave out a loud crack,so I gently jogged back home.My knee was swollen yesterday but much better today,so I'll try and get out after work.

    The Snowdonia HM has been pushed back to December,so hopefully it will go ahead now.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Glad you're at least getting some exercise in, swittle. Take it easy and hopefully the week after next you'll be able to try a run. And you're right the training does appear to be paying off.

    Sorry to hear you fell again, Hazelnut, but glad there's no serious damage. And well done on the 16 miler in that time. I'd have been happy doing an HM in that considering the heat at the moment.

    Good work on the 50+ mile week, Cal and hopefully you're groin isn't too bad. Hill descents are, as swittle mentions, a matter of confidence. If it's a spectacularly steep descent then I tend to do a sideways step kind of thing. 

    I hope the knee isn't too bad, JD. Go steady on it. Great time for the 5K, can only dream of that.

    The runs to report. Thursday was a speed session which was just my partner and I as the others we met decided on a slow run, probably due to the heat. We did a couple of sets of pyramid sprints and then three 1km circuits with a 350m hill which we sprinted up and then jog recovery round. Very hot and very tough.

    Saturday was a 5 miler along the seafront from Hove to Southwick. The carp park was absolutely rammed and the beaches were filling up. Even with a breeze the temperature was difficult to cope with and so we ensured we kept it to a reasonable pace. With the speed work we've been doing I'm finding I'm not getting so caught up in trying to push the pace on the easy runs, which is good. It was the day after the leg session at the gym, only this time my legs didn't scream at me. Which means that I've either strengthened them or heeded my partners warning to not go mad. I suspect the latter. That evening as I was doing dinner I somehow managed to catch my left big toe on my right heel, giving it a bit of a kick. I didn't really think anything of it until we noticed a trail of blood on the kitchen floor. Looked down to see I'd ripped off a chunk of my toe nail.

    Sunday we'd planned to do a 10 miler along the Adur, however the heat from the previous day had us wondering how wise that was. We went out earlier, but it was still 26C. For the first 1km my toe was really quite sore and had me wondering if I'd be able to continue, but that soon wore off. Instead it was my partner who was struggling with the heat, even though we had a decent breeze in our face. Ultimately we decided to cut the run short, turning round at the bridge rather than crossing over and carrying on. The pace was reasonable, but she said she didn't have anything in her legs. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, I hope that knee holds up OK.
    GD, probably sensible to cut that short, especially with a dodgy toe.

    Over 30 degrees in my room last night and it'll be the same today if not worse since it's only down to 28 now. I'm somehow managing to sleep a bit but I've had to be strict with myself about not taking an afternoon nap so I'm tired at bedtime.
    Got out for 6 this morning and the humidity was so bad I wasn't sure if I was doing a run or a swim. Groin gave me a good twinge during the first mile but I jabbed it with my finger and it stopped. Not sure if that actually released something or if it was psychological. Achilles wasn't great either - I don't think the ankle roll on Sunday helped much. But hey ho, the rest of the run was OK considering the conditions.
    Gym again later.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
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    Ouch JD loud crack and swelling in the knee doesn't sound too great - hope it is better now? Are you signed up for the Snowdonia HM?

    From what I've read and seen swittle UK fell racing is a much tougher thing than what I do in my hill racing. Don't think I would be up to that! 

    Some tough runs in the heat GD.  Ouch to your toe!

    Good the groin shut up Cal.  Hope the gym is a bit cooler than the your room.

    Still managing to get out pre-work though it means I start work later than I would like.  Need to try to get to bed earlier.   

    Yesterday's outing was a 4.1 mile more or less recovery paced run - the less section was a nice gradual decline which I almost always speed up on.  Had a short stop due to an encounter with a young black lab with a long stick protruding out of its mouth - I wasn't keen on the idea of being tripped up!  Such was its curiosity that it took a couple of rattles of the goodies bag for it to return to its owner. 

    Today was a 6.4 miler at a faster 8:22 m/m average.  Should have been a bit slower as well really but I felt a bit lively.  Today's dog encounter was with a sheepdog which rushed out of a farm I was passing.  Friendly though and after a couple of words I could get going again.

    Both runs weren't too bad with regards to the warmth / heat at around 20 degrees and I am getting used to having sweat dripping off the end of my chin due to the humidity rather than effort though I don't really enjoy it.  Hopefully just a couple more days of this before temps drop a bit at least.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    The gym is a lot cooler, thankfully. Even so I was sweating quite a bit despite most of the exercises being inweighted.

    Another very hot night (30.9 on the theromostat at bedtime) so I woke a few times and then got up before 4. Problem now is it's getting light much later - I'll soon be starting my runs in the dark. But I got out at 5:20ish and it was light enough to see where I was going.

    My rough plan for today was an MLR with a neg split (hopefully getting up to MP so I opted for the Tooting/Wandle/St George's Park route I used for my Vet Runners virtual races last week. I was going to do the Wandle/park loop twice, but as I got to the end of the park for the first time I realised I wasn't going to want to go around again - it was pretty humid. I'd been slowly gaining speed so I figured I'd just do a progression run with a cool-down mile or two instead.
    I did repeat the Wandle section, which was my fastest mile at 8:52 (faster than MP) but I was ready to stop then. I began a cool-down mile and I didn't feel great - very tired and almost a bit spaced out. I was quite ready to quit after that mile but when it came in, it was still quite fast (9:53 which is what I'd term steady pace rather than easy) so I decided to slow down further and give it another mile, especially as I was still a good way from home. Unfortunately, that last mile was mostly uphill so I was far from recovered when I stopped and I walked a further mile to cool-down properly.
    I know I don't use a proper HR monitor, but my watch does seem to be quite consistent and it was hitting high 170s for the last four miles (including the two cool-down miles) with a peak of 185. No wonder I didn't feel great at the end! Just as well I walked another mile to allow it come down again. Heat, dehydration and lack of sleep will have all had an effect here so I'm not worried, but it is quite interesting that my HR goes a lot higher than almost every formula thinks it should.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Roll on autumn - not for the lack of daylight, the gradual decline is already noticeable though I very rarely see sunrise at this time of year anyway - more an observation of sunset.  Looking forward to cooler days and nights. 

    Uphills on cool-downs are nasty.  Good idea to put in a walk at the end to calm everything down.  An optical HRM could be picking up on your cadence as well - can you see a correlation?  Good progression run.

    More general aerobic miles today: 5 with splits between 8:18 (ups) and 8:30 (more where it should be).  Then 6 x strides, walking back between each and final jog for 6.6 miles in 59 mins.  Also did a cool-down walk up the woods home.
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