Fred Hughes 10

In a fit of optimism about training to date, I've entered this race.

 Roll up, roll up



  • I knew this would happen. I finally accept that Christmas is now a topic that can be discussed and people start talking about next year image

     Mind you this one does tend to creep up on you.

     Good fast 10 miler this. I will be entering.

  • Love this race!

    I'm hoping to make this my come-back race when I finally get rid of this cough image

  • Entered yesterday!!! image
  • anyone know field size and time of last through the gate?  I'd hate to be the one holding all the marshals up! plod plod plod
  • Phillipa, have a look at last year's results - 2007

    I can't open it as don't have excel on my new pc yet.

  • Soz, long day too many 'll's' and not enough 'pp's' there!

  • Kaz

    Shame Bernard is on late lates because this is a nice flat race. Never mind there is always 2009.

  • Did it this year T and looking forward to next.
  • About 750 finishers last year. Last person in @ 2`11. Speaking as someone who`s  going to be marshalling  - don`t worry about your time - enter & enjoy it. Great race.
  • Thanks everyone - great support (and sorry to all the lovely marshals - I may well be last!)
  • My first race of 2008 image

  • I like this.......... there are some slightly boring parts of the course (my opinion based on the fact that I'm often driving on them!!!) but generally a very nice race.

    Sure there will be lots of my running club taking part in this.


  • Think I might do this - usually a good few from my club taking part, I believe.  If it really is flat, it will be a good contrast to the Buntingford Year End 10 at the end of this month, which is quite 'undulating' as I recall!
  • I really enjoyed this in January, I can't believe that a year has passed so quickly, but I've entered it again to start the New Year's racing and gauge where I am for the build up to the FLM. It was a lovely cold crisp and clear day, great for running, so the same again please, for whoever is in charge of the weather. Thank you in advance!!  image
  • i'm really worried i wont be able to do it fast enough!! the times seem pretty quick for it!
  • that was my worry too bootsie - so, either you or I will be last eh?  someone has to and it's good of us to volunteer image
  • at least it sounds abit more manageable than the tadworth 10!!! that sounded slightly daunting! and this will keep me running (and not pigging out as much) over christmas!!
  • Mitten,

    This is an early start race though (9:30) are you sure you'll be able to get out of bed in time image

     This is a pretty fast course actually

  • Mitten,

    This is an early start race though (9:30) are you sure you'll be able to get out of bed in time image

     This is a pretty fast course actually

  • BtB, was it that early this year?  Don't remember having to leave home ridiculously early to get there
  • If you're going by train it's a good 20-25 mins. walk from St Alban's to the school so make sure you get an early enough train! One year I had to run almost the whole way and was v. late starting...
  • wow that is an early start!! i'll be coming from surrey.. this should be a fun morning!
  • I have only run 10k's previously, any tips on the step up to a 10 miler


  • Yep it really does start at 9:30. I only have to travel from Luton and it is still tight every year for me to get to the start. Usually hav to park up Cell Barnes Lan, jog back down past the school and then down to the start which is the other side of the field behidn the school but you have to run round. Usually make it (JUST) but 6 minutes late for the start is my worst so far !!!

     Also just read the infcrmation and see that they are using Chip Timing this year, which is good BUT they are following the approach of many races which is collect your chip on the day. So you will need to be there even earlier to have time to collect that and get to the start.

    Coming from Surrey Bootsie - um that will be an early start - I come from Croydon originally. M25 London Colney exit (think that is 22. When you come to the roundabout with the A414 youtake third exit and you are immediately on part of the course (it runs on the footpath though). The start is right at the next roundabout but you need to go straight on and right at the next lights for the school and street parking.

    Geoff - just do some longer training runs. If not you will find the going gets tough about mile 8.

  • All this talk prompted me into action. Just entered online.
  • I'm in too.... reminder to self; don't eat as much turkey this year image
  • Love this race. Will be my third year in a row. See you all there!
  • This looks tempting but the trains are confusing me.  thetrainline won't give me any trains for 20 January, but the ones on 6 January take an hour and a half before 9 from St Pancras, but later ones only take half an hour, is that right?
  • Cathy ; i think i would phone them it doesnt' sound right unless there are enginerring works and even then it is very long.  I might well get a car to drive up there from Hackney if you want a lift .  i might not be going straight home though afterward, and will most definitively be one of the very last over the line.    

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