FLM Training: Wardi

Introducing the third member of our 2008 FLM Dream Team...  Wardi.

Wardi’s goal is sub-3:00, and he’ll be going all-out to scratch six minutes off his PB in order to hit his target.

Steve Smythe will coach Wardi directly on this thread and he’ll be posting his training progress on a regular basis. Feel free to ask questions and leave your support, but please try not to hijack the thread.

You can read more about Wardi - and the other runners and in our FLM Dream Team - by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Otherwise, read and enjoy!



  • Good luck fella!
  • <scoobs plonks herself into chair whilst munching on a galaxy bar>

    Best of luck Wardi. Really pleased you got selelcted.  Especially as I notice we share the same (less serious) weaknesses.. Therefore I shall have a little tipple on your behalf this evening. :0)

  • The dream teams racing snake. Go get 'em Wardi.
  • Congrats and best of luck. I'll be following your training, as that is my ultimate time goal too. This coming FLM may be too soon for me coming from a 3.14, but hopefully I'll get close! (I'm a chocoholic too!) image)
  • Well done Wardi! It will be nice to follow the progress of a racing snake.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Good luck Wardi!

  • Best of luck, Wardi!  It looks as though we all share at least one weakness!
  • *Spud joins Scooby*

    Best of luck Wardi!
  • Good luck Wardi....not that you need it of course...
  • Very very best of luck Wardi.
  • Well done on making the cut. I note you are told you need more speed.  Would it be a case of slowing down the longer and general aerobic runs in order to be able to work harder?  I don't recall that you do much structured speedwork, your faster runs being with clubmates.  Are you looking forward to this element?
  • Wardi - I've just had a look at the schedule they've given you.

     I'd be interested to know the reasoning behind starting you off on a long run of 12 miles when you've already clocked up a 20 in this marathon training.  It seems the first few weeks cut back your mileage drastically.  Has it been explained why?  Is the schedule based on where your training is currently?

  • Good luck Wardi!
  • Wardi - well done on being selected for RW training advice.

    As BR noted the training seems to be taking you back a step.  I would be interested to know the reason why too.  Is this individual training advice or a generic schedule for you to follow?

    I hope you achieve your sub 3!

  • Believe me Wardi, I'll be lurking. And I trust that you are going to do some damage to those HM and 10k times on the way. They are overdue.

    BR has a serious question, and I'd like to see it considered by the expert adviser. If he is not proud, he may even tailor the schedule to suit the athlete, as I cannot believe that he has already studied your personal training records in preparation for your new schedule.

    (I'll take the original schedule as my focus, as I'm a slacker at the moment.)

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Firstly thanks to all of you who recommended me on the main thread, praise indeed. Some nice welcomes and lots of encouragement too.

    A fair observation BR/Hilly/Blisters. Steve Smythe is aware that I averaged 70mpw for FLM this year, I am sure he will be along to discuss the schedule soon enough. He is a circa 2:45 man as a V45 so I will certainly respect his views. I need to know what is necessary to drop my times down a notch or two so that sub 3 will be realistic.

    20 miles yesterday, 10 tonight. The old legs seem fine.

  • well done wardi - hope you get loads out of it and reach that sub 3
    i'll be following your progress and supporting you all the way
  • Well done Wardi! I'll be lurking here too, sitting right next to Blisters image
  • Wardi - I've no doubt that he is a well respected and successful coach. It just struck me as odd that your first 3 weeks are 41, 49 and 55 miles, when you've just done 30 in 2 days.

    Is the point of the schedule for someone aiming for a sub 3 to download it onto their Garmin and start from a base of (say) 35 mpw or is it specifically aimed at Wardi of Tadcasterimage

    Do you intend to stick to next week to the letter or will you be tempted to run longer than it says?

  • Wardi
    Hope you'll still be posting on daily training as well.

    BR & hilly
    Interesting questions;  it does look like a generic schedule in need of a little tailoring to suit Wardi's current level of training, for a smooth transition if nothing else.
    Let's hope for an informed response from SS.
    Coaching Wardi will probably be the biggest challenge of the lot, not least because of the informed audience watching!

  • I will be following this with interest

    wardi-is that pic of you 20 years old or something?

    you dont look 50!

  • Interesting points here

    I will, being a slightly more mature runner, ;- be watching with interest

  • I thought that too Hipps. If I look as young as that when I get to 50 (many years away of course) I shall be very happy indeed. What face cream do you use Wardi? I take it we can ask non running questions. :0)
  • It's the fresh Yorkshire air and breathing in the pure aromas from the John Smith's Brewery on a daily basis keeps him youngimage

  • lovely photo of you scooby


    yes wardi, which face cream?

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    My piccie was taken at age 47 so there may be one or two extra wrinkles these days. Both meself & my good lady are often complimented on our 'youthful' appearance. Nothing more fancy than Tesco moisturiser and the local Sam Smiths ale I reckon {O:

    20 mile bike commute today to keep the legs turning over.

    200.. indeed, all my DT thread chums keeping an eye on me plus a sub 3 attempt at age 50. No pressure there then!

    I have a 5 mile flat course club road race on Jan 6th so I may do a few intervals tomorrow or Monday in preparation.
  • Wardi!

    Congrats on making the team!

    I am looking forward to hearing how you get on and will be lurking here - don't forget us over at the DT though!

    I echo what BRilly et al have said though - the first few weeks of your program do seem a little generic and a bit of a step back.

    I keep trying to tell people about the youthful qualities of Sam Smiths...

  • Oh.So the add for Boddingtons where the woman uses the head of the beer as moisturiser doesn't actually work then? image  I guess no-one remembers that add... Will try Tesco's.

    Wardi - I did a 26 mile bike yesterday. Aha! I can match you on that. This is something. image No chance on the running front though..... But will pop in to support in most likely a non running way. However, I do echo the sentiments of others about the step back. I wonder why. Perhaps you won't actually follow the plan for the early stages until it matches what you are already doing? I don't know enough really to comment!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    FIN.. at a mere £1:26 per pint here in it's home town, Sam Smith's beer is also very theraputic for the wallet!

    As I can sustain high mileage without injury my feeling is that I might as well continue with it. I am sure the RW team will be happy to discuss this. My midweek medium long runs of 11-16 miles have benefitted me in the last few marathon campaigns, plus I do double sessions on some days. What I must pay attention to are the 'quality' sessions, it is speed at the shorter distances that I am lacking.

    I did explore the 'Smartcoach' facility on here. I keyed in a recent 10k time and opted for training 'very hard' in pursuit of a marathon. It is harder than the sub 3hr plan suggested to me, but interestingly it dosen't ask for a target time.

    Today.. my quiet country lane where i do my intervals was like a skating rink this morning so I revised my plans. Chose a loop which I run regularly and after a 3 mile warm up embarked on a fartlek session.

    11m done inc. (rough measurements) 3 x 400m, 3 x 800m, 2 x 1200m at sustained paces between 5:50pm & 6:20pm.

    75 miles for the week.
  • I remember it Scooby



    right yes, serious training


    good m,ileage wardi

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