Brass Monkey Half Marathon

I noticed that York Knavesmire Harriers have indicated on their website that details of the Brass Monkey Half will be available soon.

I've heard that it is dificult to get a number for this race because it fills so quickly. Does anyone have any experience of entering this race in recent years? If so, do I need to be checking their website on a daily basis in order not to miss out once entries open? How quickly does it fill?

I missed out this year because I left it too late - really trying to avoid that happening again. Any tips gratefully received.



  • Mmmm-Aye you have to be on the ball to enter this one.Keep checking the website everyday.It fills up really fast.
  • I missed out this year because of the postal strike, you have to send your entry in as soon as the forms come out.
  • Hi Mm - we entered last year and made sure our entry was sent the day they were available.  We didn't get in, but club mates of ours who entered 3 days after us did get in.  It does seem that they let in who they want to let in.  I thought they might have a system that if you have a qualifying time they might allow entry, but was told no they didn't make exceptions even Tracey Morris had to enter through the normal route.  We know that this is not the case because several of our friends who have done it in the past and finished in the top 10 were invited back via telephone call.  I'm not saying they should not have been, as I believe they should, but it seems they choose rather than genuinely operate a first come first served basis.

    Good luck and hope you get a place.  It is a nice course.  We ran some of it when visiting York a couple of weeks ago and BR has raced it 5 times.  I had an entry in 2007, but was injured.  Would've been nice if they had a system in place if one is injured they could carry their place over to the next year (a bit like FLM) seeing as it's such a popular race.

  • Some clubs (including mine) get sent entry forms a few days before the official release. They get photocopied and taken over en masse and posted through the entry secs door on the morning that the forms officially come out.

    I know of several clubs who take this approach and it means that entries fill very quickly. Those who live too far to hand deliver effectively enter a lottery that depends on how efffective their postal service is.

  • Thank you all for the info.

    Any chance of getting hold of an entry form a few days before the official release? Could you send a scanned copy (via email) or a photocopy (via regular mail) when your club receives them? Be happy to reimburse you for any inconvenience/expense. 

  • Should be able to work something out. E-mail me.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    it's remarkable how popular the BM has become in just the last few years. I'd leave it until early Dec. and sail in. No wonder why it's thus: 95% flat, great setting, superb changing and a good quality memento. And a top start to Spring Marathon prep.

    if looking for an alternative, the Four Villages half Marathon at Helsby is usually the same weekend: well organised, popular, well resourced H/Q, undulating and attractive course and a distinctive medal for finishers. Fills fairly quickly too, though.
  • Entry forms will be available via the website this saturday (18th) according to the YKH website. I think that a small number of forms have been posted to certain local clubs though so if you can get hold of one of these before the weekend then you should be guarenteed a place.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    FYI.. the race numbers limit has been increased from last year's 1200 to 1500.
  • That is good news. Less disappointed people!
  • Entry forms are on the YKH site
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    ...and mine's in the post to the race secretary image
  • Full already, according to the race website.

  • Yay am in - cheque was cashed this morning image

  • Yay! I'm in too. Was let down by the postal strike last year, so made sure I was in the post office for next-day delivery 9am last saturday. Seems it worked. Maybe they valued my dedication?

     This was the first half I ever ran, in 2004. Looking forward to running it again (and hopefully much quicker!)

  • Me and Mrs Bobbles are in too image    This will be my fourth Brass Monkey, hopefully a better performance than last year .....


  • I'm in too after missing out last year - damn postal strike

  •  Yeah am in too hopefully won't get injured again like last year

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    I'll be lining up too image

    hi, nsc *waves*
  • I'm in too
  • Cheque returned today with a flyer stating that people were turning up at the home of the race organiser posting the entry forms personally. What chance do peoplehave who live away from York.

    I posted my entry on the Saturday when the forms came out.

     Will not be wasting my time and stamp money next year though.

     Surely a ballot would be fairer ?

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    ED.. we like to save the price of a stamp here in Yorkshire {O:

    Seriously, there is nothing to stop anyone from self delivering an entry form for any race in the country if they live within reasonable distance. The postal service is not always reliable.

    A ballot? Perhaps it is an option but there would still be hundreds of disappointed entrants - the race has been over subscribed for years.
  • How about online entry on here?......Then everybody would have the same equal chance to get in!
  • Point for debate: Should Knavesmire harriers stop giving the entry forms a few days early to local clubs?

     Obviously the final decision belongs to Knavesmire but we can argue the merits either way. I can see advantages to both sidesof the debate (I think).

  • I don't think Knavesmire are unusual in handing out entry forms to other local clubs and I bet it doesn't make that much of a dent in the 1500 places available. ......... clubs all over the country give out advance entry forms to other local clubs.  And it's very much a reciprocal thing:  Knavesmire Harriers have a robust presence in many local races in the North Yorkshire area and things hereabouts would be the poorer without them.  You can bet they get advance entry forms from race secretaries of other clubs.

    Nepotism??  We couldn't exist without it image

  • I'm in too - hurrah!

    Hi swittle, nsc, bunnyphobia, mick etc image

  • Podro - *hello* too!
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    image I'll be there ... first HM since 1986 image .... very glad it's flat! image

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hi, Tutu - gonna be quite a gathering of fetchies on the Knavesmire. And a v. good choice for your return to 13.1, Dr. Dan image

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