GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • Hello all,

    Feel a bit out of the loop at the moment - need to get motivated! No weight loss and not many runs to report image...

    I know quite a few of you have a garmin = I'm reading lots of mixed reviews on the 305 and 405. Any advice? don't want to get it wrong!

  • Hi all,

    Ran out of time this morning and ended up running my 3 miles  "easy run" a bit faster than planned (about 9mins/ mile). Wasn't raining and even a bit sunny though, so nice. Mieliepap (mush?) with peanut butter spinach and sausages in a bit.

    Saltpot, I find hanging around here, reading running websites or magazines etc actually motivates me more than contemplating how unfit I'd become without exercise. And I like rewarding myself with nice food after a run, so that's always a good incentive. Do you have anyone around who could nag you about going running?

    Caz, that's the way forward - weight loss without running. image

    Julia, very sorry to hear about your Mum. My sister had a brain tumour when she was a kid, and I remember all the worry we went through... I'm sure your mother would be proud of her granddaughter though - such a sensible girl. How old is she?

    Foxy and Julia, your intervals sound rather scary. I've decided to stick with the smartcoach plan now (Can't access the other RW plans as I'm not a subscriber.), and luckily for me, it seems to have only two interval sessions in the course of 3 months. All your HR talk sounds very sophisticated, by the way. image

    Darren, hope your foot gets mended soon! As for breathing techniques: I think stitches were the reason behind what I read about alternating breathing in/out on different feet in order to avoid them altogether. Fits in with what you wrote about breathing in on the forward foot.

  • Saltpot, re Garmin.  I have a 305 and I am delighted with it.  When I got it last year the 405 was just being launched and I read all the reviews and lots of stuff about the 305.  I reckoned there would be an inevitable period of hell while they got it all working (which if you read the forum has been the case!).  Function-wise the only difference I could suss was the ability to wireless transfer data to your PC as opposed to using the USB. (My IT hubbie reckoned that would be a pain)  Well I download my data and charge the watch while I do it.  Personally I reckon they bought the 405 out for the girlie market that might resent using something that looks like a star trek prop. Anyway as a result of the 405, 305 prices dropped and I went for that and love it.  I reckon the 405 looks a bit fiddly with the bezel and I have read stuff from people who upgraded to 405 and regret it.  I only got it because the family wanted to get me a big pressie and have been more impressed and delighted with it that I could ever have anticipated.  

    Spicedapple- good pace, that's about a 28min 5K, I can do that for a while but not prolonged but I guess that's why we train.

    I was due a 4 mile steady run, it was going well but when I got to the now thawed watermeadows, it was seriously sticky underfoot, I'm sure it was good training but  boy it felt hard.  I averaged 9.4 mi/miles, then did a final mile very slowly back (about 11.11)  Still that's another 500+ cals, 12 QS gone!  Very warm running conditions today- 10deg, only one layer, no hat or gloves, WOW!  Someone had the affront to bring a tin of QS to work today, in JANUARY!image  Turns out they wanted rid of them, anyway I resisted!

    Darren- sorry about your foot, sounds really painful, might be time to seek some specialist help with it, it maybe the way you are running that is putting strain on that foot.

    Date of HM is 8th Feb with another possibly on 22nd March.  I'm thinking about a third in the summer as well. image

    By the way- Julia if you look a the races Garmin programs in, it adds on a slow 1 mile warm-up, even on HM day.  Not usually that organised, maybe I should do it, then stretch, then run.

    Right time to play with my Garmin data and then have to get a meeting agenda out for a school governors meeting next week. Rest day tomorrow and easy 5 miles on Thursday.

  • Oh no. You think 11.11 is slow. What do you think of 12 minute miles? image No, I can go quicker but on long runs i tend to average in the 12 mins.

    Daughter (Emma) is 14 and she loved the gym so she will be returning. Hurrah. That will make sure I do my 3 a week as well.

    Saltpot don't feel left out, just being here will hopefully keep you motivated and you'll be back with it soon.I have a 305 as well, the 405 was just TOO expensive for me but I really cannot think that the 405 could be any better or do much more. The only thing i find is it's quite big and i have to wear it up my arm rather than in my normal watch place (below the wrist bone).

    Ha, does the garmin seriously think i'm going to do a mile warm up BEFORE a 13 mile race? image . I don't think so! I'll just jump about a bit and wave my arms i reckon!

    Warm in my neck of the woods today too. no gloves. ooooooooh 8th of feb is pretty soon Foxy when do you do your 14 miler? I'd like to do more races this year, I've a 10k planned in June and some 5ks through the summer and I thought maybe another half in October, there's one in London then, the Parks or somesuch. The ultimate is a full marathon early next year..................... 

    Apple i'm not sure about your tea. Hope it's nicer than it sounds. Or perhaps i'm just being fussy.I think I'm becoming a bit geeky with all the HR's. Must get a new anorak and a flask!

    Hope your foot improves Darren, it did put things in perspective when my Mum died, mercifully I don't think she had any idea of what was happening and was not ill for ages and ages first, I appreciate every day much more now and the importance of trying to keep healthy hence the running.

    And i think the odd numbered breathing was to prevent stitch. I can't breathe that quick tho and count a good 5 or 6 between gasps. Interesting how many different hints and tips there are flying around in books and magazines which contradict! I think we think about it all too hard sometimes rather than just doing what comes naturally. I think that to be at your maximum heartrate you have to be nearly comatose on the floor and puking which is not a good look! Flat out works for me and that was 175 today. Foxy the long intervals will be a pig!

  • Well done for your daughter.  On my forum bookmarks I have about a run per month "pencilled in" plus there are a couple of 5Ks (RFL and Sam Run which all the family did last year) which don't yet have a date. Scary stuff, no wonder our diary is hectic (I blame the cubs but.... admittedly they do sport on Sundays so me nipping off for a race is no problem unless it's one they want to do as well!)

     I am completely confused with all this breathing malarchy, it's all I can do to keep the feet going forwards and breathe at the same time, let alone all this counting; it's why I am controlled by Cyber-garmin, saves me thinking (altho' I did find myself planning some work while out today!)

     14 miler booked in for 24th Jan, couple of friends hoping to join me, route planned on mapmyrun- something new and interesting; then have to get home for f-in-laws b'day lunch.  Actually that is REALLY soonimage.

    Very impressed you are planning a marathon; the thought of all the long runs the training requires does rather put me off, unless I could find someone I get on with and similar pace and similar training availability to train with, so think it's unlikely.  Mr FL was suggesting I try to do FLM next year- I was gobsmacked as he is the one who gets left home minding cubs, cooking etc.

    Talking of FLM- have you seen the Mudchute thread?  A group of forumites set up camp somewhere in Docklands as supporters of RW running forumites; actually sounds quite fun and am thinking of doing it.  It's the day of my birthday but Mr FL says if that's how I want to spend it.......  Maybe I'll wait to nearer the time/ check the weather b4 I commit.

    Anyone else fancy it?

     Our tea was "shepherds" pie made wih leftovers from Roast at weekend, with lovely cabbage.  We are getting a lot of cabbage in our veg bag at the moment, thank goodness kids love it but prefer sprouts!

    Right-I've done my agenda, now half-way through reviewing the 14 documents I had to attach to it.  Of course if I do it now I'll have forgotten it all by Monday, never mind.image

  • You resisted a tin of QS, Foxy?!? Not sure whether you're my new heroine now or whether to think that there's something not quite right... image Running on sticky ground sounds rather tiring. I crossed meadows like that today, and was also slightly scared of slipping. 8th February is very soon - wow. And if you decide to do the second one as well, that would be two before I had even done my first. Going down to London to support people at the FLM is a bit far from Scotland, but have fun if you decide to go!

    Well done to Emma and you, Julia! Very impressed with you planning a full marathon, too. Actually, my tea was quite nice. I didn't find the right sausages to go with it so just took some Angus beef ones. Plus mush from Southern Africa and the peanuts a West African influence, so a bit of a mix, but still - far too long that I had any African food.image

    Funnily, I quite like counting my breathing. Gives some rhythm and almost meditative quality to it. Also, I always know how puffed out I am when I adjust number of breaths - my built-in garmin. image

    Dithering whether to do a 10k race on Saturday. It sounds good and, most importantly, I can get there by train. But then, I'm just starting with the running again. Don't want to overdo it, and don't want to be far slower than in previous races and not happy with myself afterwards either. Would have to send off race entry tomorow though. Hmm...

  • Go for it Apple! I have a new life philosophy, say ' i can do that' and have a go. I've astounded myself by what I've managed in a year and what's the worst that can happen? find out that you can't but at least you tried. As long as you're sensible and realistic of course. I did turn down an offer to compete in the three peaks challenge (climbing Snowdon, Scaffel Pike and Ben Nevis in 24 hours).

    I've never heard of mush, I don;t think I've had African food but sounds interesting! We had Quorn enchilladas to please veggie Emma yum yum.

    I think the marathon thought is a bit of a dream really, it's my new philosophy thing but you never know! As you say, it would involve a lot of training, i'll do what my mum used to say and 'suck it and see'. The mudchute sounds really good fun, I'll give it some thought, my running club were also looking for people to man a water station which would also be helpful. Does the mudchute involve slides and mud and water? Conjures up all sorts of weird pictures! I expect Mr FL is very proud of you, that was a very kind suggestion of his especially as you say, he would be on cub-sitting duties!

    Ordered billions of packets of veg seeds this morning to hopefully produce the years supply of healthy produce (fruit already planted). We've always dabbled in the grow your own stuff but have totally remodelled the garden now so hoping to be nearly self sufficient this year.


  • Impressed re the gardening Julia. We have a veg patch and I also had part of a friend's allotment last year but I never got up there and bindweed was a 'mare; did grow potatoes and sweetcorn successfully up there.  I can't stand the woman (she is Bonkers and ANNOYING) but I was sent on a Sarah Raven Growing all year round veg study day last year.  I also have the book and there was nothing on the study day that wasn't in the book which is quite useful; sure you could pick it up cheap somewhere if interested.  My veg patch is lost under weeds and I am currently trying to lure one of my friend's teenage sons to dig it over in exchange for some of my hard earned.  Then we will grow salad, beans, potatoes, courgettes and not sure what else.  I also act as local rep for an organic veg scheme and it tails off in the summer so if I don't order we have problems keeping it going which affects my motivation to grow stuff.  I desperately need a good weather day on my day off to get out and clear all the garden before I start finding lions and tigers out there!

      Nice tea tonight- toad in the hole with loads of veg, ready for 3 days consecutive running and not a great weather forecast.image

  • Oooooh Foxy, haven't had toad in the hole for ages.... Might make it this weekend... must tell Mr CS to add eggs & sausages to the shopping list...  We had homemade parsnip & ginger soup for tea last night, have got leftovers for lunch today.

    Thank you very much for the kicks ladies, they certainly did the job... Monday I went out on a figure of 8 loop with Mr CS which judging by our time (12mins) was a little over a mile, then I went out and did it again on Tuesday before aerobics class and I ran for 20mins on treadmill last night.  Plan to do that loop with Mr CS again on Friday and then I'm meeting a friend on Sunday for a 4mile run along the canal which will have to be guessed if my Nike+ sportsband doesnt stop playing silly beggars in which case it'll be a 40mins run.

    Am very impressed with all the training you lot are putting in, maybe I should try using my HRM again this weekend... I always feel like its restricting my breathing though, maybe i've not got it sat high enough on my chest or something...  I usually put it on and then pull my sports bra down over it to keep it in place (I wear the compression type bras rather than the regular looking ones).  Sorry Darren....

    SpicedApple - Where abouts in Scotland are you???  I fancy doing the Baxters Loch Ness 10k on 4th October, Mr CS has even said we can change our holiday plans to fit it in if I really want to do it.  I'm based in Bradford but Mr CS is from Dundee so we're usually in Scotland for our wedding anniversary on 2nd October.

    Happy running everyone. x

  • Hi everyone! Foxy Lady gave me the heads up for this site. Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing  your party! Sounds like just the ticket for me. Am a complete newbiew - only started running beg of Dec, longest run so far is 6 miles and signed up for Paris 1/2 on March 8th - so GULP right back at ya Julia! Following the RW 2h15m 1/2 training prog (1/2 way week 3) and finding it good as only involves 4 running days a week (about all I can manage with work and my two babies) plus only 1 long run a week and that's at the wend. Had a look at the hal higdon and the smartcoach but they just looked a little on the intensive side for me just at the minute. Finding this site a huge help as I was completely clueless about the whole world of running when i started. Just fancied losing a few pounds, getting fit, challenging myself and seeing for myself what it is about running that draws so many people in (my hubby could barely run 100m 4 years ago and is now training for his 4th marathon, sub 4). Look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks!
  • Welcome Irish Eyes- well done for popping over, amidst talk of children and food we do talk training too and we're very good at kicking people when they lose their motivation!  Pretty cool to START with Parisimage!

    Well done Caz- you're getting out there and that's the main thing.  After I did my first RFL, even though I had already entered a 10K to keep me going, I really struggled (partly because I don't think my body likes summer running) Anyway to get it going again I chose a short route and literally did it every 36 hours over the summer hols; it really helped just get me going again and build up some confidence and then I just increased the distances gradually up to 10K in October.  You CAN do it and Mr CS sounds another supportive hubby, well done!image

    Talking of hubbies- had to change my run to suit mine today, should have been doing a steady 5m tody and easy 3m tomorrow with him, but apparently that's no longer long enough for The Reluctant Runner!

    So did steady 3 miles today and will do an easy/steady 5 miles with him tomorrow- his furthest to date!

    Training plan has me down for a 10K race this weekend, was going to run a local 10K race route on Saturday (by myself) but due to cubs' social/ sporting life chaos I now have to take cub 1 to rugby on SUnday so rather than freezing on the touchline may relocate "race" to running round the sports ground; altho no doubt it will be sticky and hard work compared to road running; seems a better use of time in this mad busy world we all inhabit.

    Talking of which, my day off is disappearing already!

    Happy Running all!

  • Hi IrishEyes, welcome to the thread.

    Well done on managing 6miles, you're halfway there and I dont know about anyone else but I found once i'd cracked that 45mins - hour mark then the next bit seems to fly by quite easily and I've advanced quite rapidly from 6miles to 10, whereas it seemed to take me ages to get from 3miles to 6 when I first started training... image

    Good luck and happy running.

  • Thanks a lot CazSoul and Foxy Lady - need all the encouragement I can get! Was pretty daunted by the prospect of the 6 miler before I completed it to be honest but found that when I really tried to pace myself by going nice and slow that it was actually not too bad at all - even had the energy for a sprint at the end! Biggest problem I'm likely to face is my tendency to need to go to the loo at the most inopportune of times - and if you throw in pre-race nerves on top of the mix - good night!! Well done you, Caz on getting to ten - that's the holy grail for me! Due to get there 4 weeks from now according to my schedule. Bring it on - not! Wow, Foxy  you sound like a real pro! How do you manage it with the kids and all? Mine are too young still for weekend activities thank goodness!

  • Spiced Apple- Yes, i have a ski machine at home. Its not agrand one. Hubby bought it for me the Christmas before last (which i had asked for). Its great as I at to cancel my gym membership, as it was costing too much money. Knowing i have my ski machine here, I can hop on that if its too Icy run. I use it about twice a week between runsimage

     Julia- Glad your daughter is enjoying the gym. Sounds like your being a really good role model for her. Great that you are growing your own veg aswell. If i run out of carrots, i'll know where to comeimage. I was thinking of growimng some potatoes in abag.

    Everyone sounds like they are doing well with their runs. I went out today for a 3.3 mile run, doing 4 miles tomorrow then 6 miles on Sunday maybe a bit further if i feel upto it.

    Jen-jen x

  • IrishEyes, welcome to the club of weeing for England, Scotland & Wales... On race day, I pee when I get up, then I pee when I've had breakfast, pee when I've got out the shower, pee once I'm dressed, pee before I set off to the race & then I pee when I get there and if I get there too early, pee again before I start the race... Think that just about covers it...

    Welcome IrishEyes, I am so envious of you running the Paris HM, much more exotic than Brentwood! I found that the distance built up really quickly once I got going, I think as long as you don't try and do distance AND speed in the same run you'll be fine. We look forward to your progress image I have toilet dilemmas too but mine are not just limited to the no 1 variety. Some days i just run round the block in case i have to dash, very worrying in view of the impending long race in march.

    I have ordered rather a lot of seeds, so we need to get the greenhouse built quick before they arrive! Always fancied an allotment which is why we decided to turn half the garden into one!

    Well done on your runs Caz, I wear my HR strap under my bra as you say, sort of pull it over as you say and i must say the one bra i have which is the right size does become tight with it underneath. I have 3 others which are a size too big but they fit lovely with a bit of extra kit under!

    I was very proud of myself this morning as i got up at 5.55 and did my steady 4. Averaged 11.15 min miles and that was in SPITE of tripping over. It was pitch black and i tripped on uneven pavement. Mr T kindly took a picture of my knees which i thought you might like to see, look away now if you are squemish. Actually, picture is now at the top so sorry, I didn't give you a chance to look away. Skinned both knees byt had to crop as too many KB's so have just treated you to the one knee!

  • It's my right knee by the way. And i was absolutely gutted as i was wearing my most favourite running tights at the time, Nike Drifit and they now have a ginormous hole in them. image

    Wonder if i could claim a new pair off the council due to poor maintenance of the footpaths?

  • OH MY GOD! Julia, you are not having much luck with your knees are you! I am squemish, so thanks for that! hehehehehe.

    You were brave being up at 5.55am this morning, thats usually the time I would go out, but really hating the dark morning at the moment. I'm o.k when i get out there, its just getting started really.

    Hope they heal quickly.

    Jen-jen x

  • That looks nasty!  Poor you. That's what you get for getting up at that ungodly hour and running in the dark! Impressive commitment though. Bummer about the tights.

    Thanks for the advice. I think you're right about the speed  v distance thing. As a beginner, very hard to achieve both. After taking running up at the end of Dec, I became a bit obsessed with timing my standard 3 milers. Called a halt ot it the day I hit 25 mins - the run just wasn't enjoyable as it was such an effort and I realised that I was missing the point and would never manage to build up any kind of mileage at that rate and would probably burn myself out. Found the RW pace calculator really helpful and am now concentrating on forcing myself to go really slow on my longer runs - usually 12 mins a mile. Find it frustrating at the beginning but it does mean that I have (to date) had plenty left in the tank at the end. Will be interesting to see if that still remains the case as I up the mileage up to 7 and beyond in the coming weeks. Did a 3 mile "tempo" run i+ 1 mile jog on the TM in the gym at lunchtime and feel a bit dispondent now cos found it tough and it was only 9.6km/h (i.e. 10 min miles) but felt so much faster than running outside - not a big fan of the old TM but needs must I guess. Though probably tired from speed work yday lunchtime and v little sleep due to a teething 1 year old. Weighed myself and  boo hoo havn't lost a single pound since taking up the running in Dec but I guess that means I didn't put on any either, despite the Christmas blow out, so must be doing some good somewhere I supose!

    Have read back over the old threads on this forum so I could learn a bit more about all of you. Wow - you're an inspiring lot!!

  • Hey all

    IrishEyes welcome (I'm not quite as inspiring as the rest of them!) I often drop the ball when juggling children, jobs and running!    Julia - poor you that's not a good look - maybe you good start a craze for ripped at knee runners? or maybe not.

    I may order that book too Foxy - done the trick for you it seems!

    I seem to be getting back in the game - did 5 miles yesterday and 4 miles with interval sprints and got a six miler lined up for Sunday - feels good to be motivated again.

    Off to do some essay marking now (boooo!)

  • Thank you for your sympathy, I've decided to use the picture to my advantage and post it on the wall at work together with a weekly account of my exploits. I'm hoping that I'll keep the members entertained which will, in turn, lead to more of them sponsoring me! image I seem to have found a new talent, perhaps I should turn my hand to writing for a living! If I run out of things to say to them I may have to ask you all for inspiration, e.g. on wednesday I was doing my speed training through the park and got chased by a dog, or somesuch......

    Jen I did look out for you as I went by Tesco express and I know you are often up at that time but it would have been to dark to see you in any case! Roll on the lighter mornings and evenings.

    IrishEyes. 25 mins for 3 miles is very impressive, my PB over 5k is 33 min so you are quicker than me. If I want to go a long way I normally average about 12 min miles although now i'm on HR training I try to keep in the 140's and then don't think so much about how fast i'm actually going. I'm not that keen on treadmills myself, I find them a bit boring after very long and given my clumsiness of late I would probably fall straight off the back! image Nearly tripped again whilst shopping today, luckily Mr T had a firm hold of my hand. aaaahhhh.

    Foxy I found a bit about exercise induced asthma in my book which you may find interesting :

    'Usually strikes after several minutes of running. Can cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, and wheezing and becomes more of a problem in cold, dry weather, during hayfever season, when running at altitude and in the prescence of air pollution. CURE: may subside after several mins of running for a period of 60 - 90 mins so warm up before a race to bring on an attack then you'll have 60 -90 mins to run your race (it seriously does say that, although in far more words). Medications used to treat are called beta-agonists and include albuterol, bitolterol mesylate etc. use 15 mins before running. PREVENTION: wear a face mask during running. This will create warm humid air around your mouth which is less likely to induce asthma. Also, in summer, go out when pollen counts are lower and avoid roads heavy with traffic.

    So it's get those knitting needles out for a balaclava!

    Hi Saltpot, we have both been typing at the same time, good luck with your marking. Sounds like you are getting well stuck into your training!

    I was thinking of starting a 'goriest injury picture' thread on here. What do you think? Not for the fainthearted though image

  • Sent cub to find book so I can give you more details

    RW Complete Book of Women's Running (Sorry Darren!) Dagny Scott Barrios; was £10 but you might be able to pick it up 2nd hand on Amazon by now.

    Runners World Jan 2008 Recipe Makeover.  Low fat choc brownies  Makes 16 (small) squares

    85g SR flour, 40g Cocoa powder, 175g caster sugar, 125 g Vanilla yug (I use 0 fat plain and add extra vanilla extract), 2 eggs, 1tsp vanilla ess, 1.5 tbl oil, 25g walnuts (don't like so leave out or put dried fruit or pistacios)

    Mix it all together in a big bowl, put into an oiled brownie tin, bake at 180degC for about 25 mins.

    Do not leave hubby to remove from oven under any circumstances.  I tend to store them in the fridge if they aren't be scoffed immediately.  Kids love warmed with ice cream and sprinlkles for pud.

    Nutritional Info per serving Cal 98, fat 2.6, sat fat .7g  (may be less with 0 fat yog)

    SP you are doing really well again, possibly running is better than marking?!

  • Thanks for book details - Is it wrong that I want to make the brownies now?!  Hmmm I seem to be ignoring the marking!
  • Ow Julia that looks really sore, lots to tea & sympathy from Mr T i hope.

    Mr CS has agreed to do the Loch Ness 10k with me in Octoboer... Woohoooooo image  Well, technically when I say do it with me I mean start it with me and then wait for me at the end.... image  Must get that booked today, ooooh and the hotel... May as well go for a swish hotel as its our Anniversary weekend eh???

    I went to doctors about a tightness in my chest when I run that only seems to affect me in the summer and she asked if I suffer with hayfever, which I do so she prescribed me a ventolin (i think) inhaler to use on high pollen run days as even though I dont officially have asthma its all tied in with the hayfever so might be worth a visit to the docs Foxy. 

    Mr CS is hopefully swapping my broken Nike Sportsband for a non-broken one this lunchtime so I'll be back to "accurately" tracking my mileage rather than guessing before you know it... Have asked him to charge it at work if he manages to get it swapped so I can calibrate it tonight when we go out.  Hope he mananges to get it replaced... image  Oooooh must go on mapmyrun too to measure out a little route by us then...

    How on earth am I going to fit any work in with all this personal internet surfing I've got to do??? image

    Happy running everyone. x

  • Foxy the recipe looks YUMMY SCRUMMY! How did I not see that in the magazine? Made a malt loaf this morning so when we've noshed that I know what we'll have next! The Energy Bar recipe in this months mag is lovely too, I'll post it when I get a mo.

    Did you make brownies or mark Saltpot?

    Caz, of course you must stay in a posh hotel, you deserve luxury surroundings when you are planning to test your body to it's limits, and as you say it's your Anniversary image

    Knees really hurt today, tossed and turned all night as the sheets kept getting stuck to them, luckily it's a rest day today (easy 3 tomorrow) and I'm not working so am spending the day in my shorts in an attempt to get scabs formed before tonight. Mr T is being wonderful although I believe he is having secret thoughts of 'oh my, she is 46 years old, what is she doing the stupid woman'


  • Hi all

    Who invented knees,for a simple hinge joint they don't half cause some problems!

    I saw my GP the other day as my right knee was feeling tight behind the knee and aching after a run.I think he's a runner himself so has been most sympathetic and supportive which is great for a GP.Anyway he thinks that the reason why I'm still getting a problem,albeit a different one is that the biomechanical function of my knee has altered due to the bursitis.When I saw him on Monday he felt that the bursitis hadn't completely healed.Anyway to rule out any bony abnormality(which after a thorough examination he highly doubts) I had an xray on tues.If the bursitis persists then he will inject with steroid/local anaesthetic.

    The thought of an injection into the joint has worked wonders!!Knee feeling good right now,no pain, no aches,no stiffness.Have been running on the spot at home and stretching with no adverse reaction.
    Am very tempted to try a very slow jog tomorrow.Don't want to tempt fate though as two weeks ago I thought my injury had healed.

    I think there a possibility that I won't be ready for the RHM.I will be very very disappointed if I'm not on that start line so am trying to think positively but at the same time be realistic.

    Soon to get my little ones from school,all going well on that front!

  • DD1 had an accident at school today massive lump on head she fell and someone fell on top of her! - think she's still is shock, so as a result I had to leave college early to pick her up - she lay on sofa and I made brownies and treacle crunch!!

    All this talk of knees has me worried - as the mileage increases I guess we're all prone to more injury, hope things improve Susiebe!

    Well done on the successful shopping Foxy .

    I must get back to the patient!

  • Hope she's ok SP & makes a speedy recovery.

  • Hi Girls

    Hope you are all well and Julia hope the knee is better.

    Foxy  Hope the race is succesful for you on Sunday look after those knees.

    Caz - I hope you have booked the best hotel you can find.

    Susiebe - If you are about, I haven't run since Saturday due to sore achilles tendon maybe bursitis haven't had time to see Doctor. How long have you been unable to train for.  I have spent a bit of time digging up the old injury topics.  I'm icing & resting when I can but very busy at work, strecthing/strenghning (The drop heals over stairs, the one against the wall & the towel one over the toes) I too feel like I may now not be ready for my half.  I know it started when I slipped in a pothole.  I thought I actually sprained it at first, then I changed trainers which now looking at them the heal is quite a bit higher up the back than my old pair.  My ache is a dull constant ache sometimes around the base of my heal sometimes just under my outside ankle, and sometimes where the back of the trainer comes to,  any feedback would be gratefully received good or bad.

    Without training really had to look after my diet this week, loads of baked potatoes, Chicken and Fish.

    The weather here is superb today with a very bad weather warning with heavy winds coming later.

    Hope you all enjoy your longer runs/races this weekend I feel like I'm missing out.

  • Hi Darren

    I've not been running for the last 10 days although the knee problem first occured back in December.Basically I feel my recovery has been slow due to me trying to run again too early-I tried to run again the week before Christmas which was a bad idea as obviously the bursitis was still there.Then tried again at new Year but again although it felt ok I still got some aches afterwards and saw my doctor again last week who confirmed bursitis still present.

    I am though going to try a slow jog later today as it feels so much better.

    One thing that I do recommend is arnica cream.I've been massaging my knee twice a day with that, icing twice a day and stretching as much as possible.Also keeping active but long flat walks.Also trying to keep a positive mental outlook!!However the most important imo is rest however frustrating it is!

    When is your HM?I think the next week is crucial for me.RHM is at the end of March.

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