GULP just entered my first half marathon



  • Thanks Susiebe

    March 22nd with a 7 mile flat race in Feb. I believe if I can get running again in early Feb I may make the half if not I will have to find a latter race. I may need some advice though on my foot  because I'm still hobbling a bit. I have it in my mind that I could be sidelined for another 10 - 14 days.  I will have to try arnica cream this has also been mentioned on older threads. 

    One thing that people recommend is to cut the backs down on their trainers

    Thanks again Susie and good luck with your recovery and jog today.

  • DC- what trainers do you run in- I had asics and they really irritated the back of my heels, whereas Nikes don't.  Apparently most people can either wear one sort or another, and no doubt there are some who can wear both!

    HAve you looked up Plantar fasciitis?  Sounds a bit like when my f-in-law had it.

    Chin up, it will get better; maybe look at Events to find something later in the year to look forward to?

    WHich HM were you planning to do on 22nd, I might do one in Marlow then?

    Best of luck with getting better both of you.

    SP Hope DD1 has recovered OK and Julia- how are the scabs? Right off to piano practice, have 3 pieces to master by Thursday or I'm in trouble- well it's that or do some work!image

  • Foxy, you have been putting in miles and miles so I guess it comes at a knee price. image Hope they feel ok and well done to Mr FL for his 5+ miles. I know what you mean about slowing down, I had an easy 3 today but couldn't resist sprinting here and there and whizzing the HR up. Knees have now scabbed so am ignoring them (except in bed where they hurt most).

    There are some wicked bargains out there at the moment. Trouble is I really can't justify any more party dresses which i what i keep being pulled towards!

    Foxy, you play the piano too? I learnt when i was a nipper and a couple of years ago treated myself to an elcectronic Yamaha Clavinova with all the bells and whistles. It's fabbo. What pieces are you learning? I've been attempting Claire de lune and the Moonlight Sonata but all those sharps and flats have my head in a tizz!

     Gosh Susiebe, steroids sound like they might make you quicker. Or do you get legs like a shot-putter! It would be awful if you are not able to do your HM.. Could you resign ourself to run/walking do you think and then any extra you can run would be a bonus? Hope your slow jog went ok if you did it.

    Saltpot hope your patient has recovered and left you some brownies and treacle crunch! image

    Hi Caz, hope you got your Nike wristband working. Have you bookes the hotel yet? One with a swimming pool, spa, massages (purely therapeutic of course) ...........

    Darren, so frustrating for you not to be running. When you say the heel is higher do you mean that the trainer comes further up the back of your foot or is the sole thicker thus raising your heel higher off the ground? Not that i have anything helpful particularly to add, just interested.


  • Well did 2 miles at a very slow pace and all ok.Knee just feels a bit stiff but no bursitis pain during or so far after the run..I felt a bit heavier though and feel that I might've put on a pound or two since this injury.(I don't own any scales as don't like weighing myself!)am hoping that if I slowly up the miles I'll soon loose this extra weight.

    Julia I think my HM is still within reach but it will definately be a run/walk one-my goal is just to finish then maybe when/if I do another I would've had a better preparation and be able to to do a good time and run all of it!I'd still like to finish in less than 3 hours at Reading though!

    I would love to go faster but knowing my luck the injection would give me shot putter legs so hopefully I won't have to have it.I've got to contact my GP in a just over a week to get the knee xray result so will see how it goes.

    Good luck tomorrow FL!!

  • Hi all, I can confirm that a lush hotel has been booked complete with pool, gym, jacuzzi & river ness views...  Hee hee... 
    Mr CS managed to swap my sportsband without too much bother and we went out for a little mile run last night to calibrate it so I'm all set for my 4mile run along the towpath tomorrow, although judging by the weather forecast it may be more walking than running considering there is 34mph gusts of wind & sleet showers to look forward to...  Woohooo, cant wait. LOL.

    Oooooh another good WI this morning... 2 1/4lb off again this week...  Only another 1 1/2lb to go. image

    Hmmmmm shot putter legs... Very attractive Susie


  • Foxy Lady

    So sorry about your ring.You never know the cleaners might find it when they come to clean tonight...

    My husband was always fiddling with his wedding ring although he'd been wearing it for 8 years so he should've be used to it!Anyway he lost it one morning a while ago-we hunted everywhere,turned the house upside down and went through the bin etc Anyway gave up hope and felt really upset about it.The next morning he was dishing out the childrens Shreddies and out of the box came his ring!!Must've been fiddling with his ring and dropped it in the box the previous morning.He's stopped fiddling now!

    Don't give up hope,its not of any value I suppose to anyone else so hopefully someone will hand it in or the cleaners find it.Could it have dropped into one of the freezer cabinets or been kicked under the shelves?

    I'm sending you positive vibes now!!(for a change!!)
  • Caz- what are you doing to lose all this weight?- obviously more will power than me at the moment. Glad your technical hitch is fixed and hotel booked, a fab opportunity to train for.image

     Susie- thanks for your sympathy and +ve vibes, I hope the cleaners are thorough too- problem is that it is quite a lump of gold and in these times..............

    Funnily enough Iost another ring once and found it 8 months later in our printer, however havne't been near the office today so no point checking there, and cub1 too old to be suspected of swallowing it this time!

    Could be anywhere by now (boo hoo)

  • Oh Foxy, I thought you had a 10k race at Rugby the place but you mean running round the rugby pitch while a cub plays. I remember you saying now...and to lose your ring, i feel guilty now because if i hadn't mentioned the energy bars you wouldn't have made them and then realised you needed eggs.....

    Haven't tried 'trouble', i'll give it a whirl. Had a crack at Bohenian Rhapsody but it's v hard. Talking of music i'm waiting to receive Will Youngs latest cd which Mr T kindly ordered off Amazon. I had to promise only to listen to it on my headphones when running tho! Had 'changes' off daughters Christmas Now 71 album and it's fabbo.

    Glad you booked the hotel and got your Nike sorted Caz. Strong wind forecast in Essex tomorrow as well so my 7 miler may be hard. Mind you, Mr T has had wine and lots of fibre for tea so we may be in for a windy night indoors too........................imageWell done on your weight loss too, Wii was pleased with me too, 2lb off and now less than Christmas.

    YIPPEE bought size 14 jeans on thursday, and they fit HURRAH

    Susiebe I looked up Readings results for last year (I'm absolutely positive you will already have done so) and i see the slowest person took 3.26.32 and there were 3 pages nearly of over 3 hour people so you WILL NOT BE LAST. Glad your knee held up over your 2 miles, fingers crossed for you.


  • Don't feel guilty Julia, fingers must be getting skinny, never lose weight from where you want to!

    My dad's already found the engraving thing for it and will go to the jeweler it came from to get a price.  If I don't hear from Waitrose, I'll call them again on Monday and then report it to the police so I can claim the insurance.

    Doing some work now, I've taken on a couple of extra hours doing a little research project- all it requires is discipline and t'internet (which is more reliable at home!)  So going the disciplined bit now, altho it's easy to wander off on the internet........find yourself on RW b4 you know it.image  Gonna try and do another hourimage so I can be ahead of myself this week. keeping track can be hard.  Not sure the time I spend analysing data while I run counts?  What do you think?

    Rugby is a bit far for a 10K, no this is the real muddy stuff, have to hang around in case of injury- better not with 3 weeks until skiing, sadly can't wrap them in cotton wool until then like I want to!  Spent this am trying on all their gear, sorting it out and repacking it ready for off, quite nice to have the holiday packing done this far in advance, I hate packing usually but I'd been getting a few bits for them and had to see how much they'd grown.  I procrastinate again........Bye

  • Julia

    Yes I've checked the 2008 Reading results but I made it that the last runner finished in 3:47:11.Maybe I've looked at it wrong but know there are lots of over 3 hour runners.I know I can do it but really want to have run 10 miles before the race.Before this knee business my longest run was 7 miles-will just take it slowly building back up and try not to PANIC!!
    Have just come home from a night shift.Knee feels ok,maybe a touch of an ache but after a 12 hour night 7pm-7am I ache all over from tiredness anyway.Will have a good rest today and venture out again tomorrow.
    Off to bed now-have to kick hubby out first though!!
  • Susiebe- the only good thing about night duty as coming home on a cold morning and snuggling nto bed, may your children be quiet and your hubby do all the choresimage
  • Hi All

    Foxy - Sorry to hear about your ring.  My half is the Ironbridge and trainers are New Balance.

    JuliaT - my new trainers actually come up higher on my leg about an inch.  Probably this and my hill training have culminated in my injury.

    Susiebe - Well done on your run. The dilemna I have with my half is that their is a 2 hr 45 min cut off time which will give me very little time to walk. If I cant shake this foot injury off and time is running out to get to fitness levels that I would like.

     Take care all

  • Hope you got your work done ok Foxy, I know what you mean about getting distracted whilst on-line. I have found this chat lark highly addictive but it really does help to keep up the motivation when you don't feel like going out. Hearing about other people going through the same thing, and indeed following the same training schedule helps tremendously. You are VERY organised to be packing already for your ski trip! Skiing never really appealed to me until recently. I've never been but i think running has made me fitter and much more open to all sorts of possibilties!

    Hope you had a nice sleep Susie. Luckily you still have a few weeks before Reading (I probably read the times wrong). It looks like a fantastic race to be in and SO many people taking part. Let's hope that your knee holds up and you get to Reading.

    Darren I have New Balance trainers, started last year with 1062's and was upgraded recently to 1063's. (Although I also bought another pair of 1062's for £45 online, what a bargain). I was quite keep to try something else this time although the 1062's have always been fab, but tho i tried on loads of different makes i came back to NB's as the most comfy.

    You may be right about chopping the backs down as the come up higher, could you bring yourself to do that tho? Not sure i could be as brave. Feel a slight guilt now about encouraging you to go up all those hills image sorry.image

    Did my easy 7 today and bumped into jen-jen at mile 2.5, she was at mile 2 of a 6 miler so we ran together. The time and miles went so much quicker with a buddy to chat to!

    Enjoy your sundays everyone

  • Oh yes Susie! Where did I get that time from? It's not even like I missed a whole page either. Doh! Still, that's even slower and moves you even further up the field. That's a pace of 17.46 per mile. image
  • Julia - Do not feel GUILTY for my hill searching, It was me who wanted to do it.   I will definately have a go at cutting the backs down of my trainers when running again.  The foot does seem to be a little easier today.   The one thing that I have come across as well running definateley doesn't suit me on two consective days.  So it will be three days a week and no major hills from now on.  Yes NB are very comfy.

    Just dropped kids off at a party nice relaxing couple of hours ahead.

    Take care all

  • Afternoon all, I did lots of work last night so conscience clear- talking of which Julia, stop taking responsibility for everyone elses' disasters!!

    Had my imaginary 10K "race" this am while cub1 was playing rugby.  I reckoned one loop of the pitches was going to be around the half mile mark.

    CyberGarminMeister set me off with a slow mile warm up which was good practice for what lay ahead- dodging mini (and not so) rugby players, their parents, deckchairs, kitbags, dogs etc.  I also had to leap one rope ad go under another.  Going was soft and slippy in places.  Not ideal really!  However no hills but there was a chill wind when going in one direction, obviously behind me for another!  After about 6 laps another pitch was being used so I worked out if I included the carpark grit/pebbles/puddles/more mud) it added a little more distance, was easier underfoot and bar the odd moving vehicle, safer for 2 sides of the rectangle, but did add the fun of opening a gate every loop!  At the end it made me do another mile warm down so 8.41 total mileage and the race part I did in 58.16.  However I did have to stop at mile 5 for a couple of minutes to patch up cub who had been studded in the head, lost a chunk of hair, bumped his bottom and bitten his tongue!  A little recovery time.  Used his puffers before and after the run but still coughing well.  Anyway, under the circumstances I am really pleased with the time and the fact I kept a pace of 9.25min/miles for the first 5m.

    My Dad and hubby are already looking into ring replacement, went back to Waitrose today but no joy.  Pretty unlikely really and my finger feels really weird without it.

    Darren, I really wonder if different trainers would help, I used to hate how far the asics went up my ankle. When I switched to Nike, the shoe fitter said if I could wear Nikes I could wear about another 3 makes (can't remember what!) but asics people liked other sorts- wonder if that set included NB?

    Also on the slow bits I was trying out something I think I read in this month's RW, about finding a line and running with a foot either side of it.  Can't remember what it was supposed to achieve,  but being a pitch there were lot of white lines(image) but it kept me slow and when you do the same loop 17 times, anything helps relieve the boredom. Did have the ipod and some tracks were great, but Shania Twain's "Man I feel like a woman" is great but not fast!

    Darren- kid free here too, took cub 1 to his shooting thing and someone else offered to keep an eye and drop him back, and Mr FL and No 2 are wending their way back from Wiltshire with 6 jars of homemade marmalade!  Strangely silent so must head back to piano before more guilt sets in!

    Susie- hope you slept well.

    Rest day tomorrow and boy do my knees need it.  MR FL has a massage with the lovely Michelle tomorrow and I am very jealous, my next is pre-HM so only 3 weeks to go.

    Saw my neighbour who is kindly attempting the 14 miler with me next week (leaving at 8am OMG) so can fit everything else in that day.  He is slightly worried but we are taking it nice and slow, maybe a pub lunch!!!

    Have a good running week y'all and I send healing vibes to the injured <(*&%)>~

  • Hello all,

    Boy, you lot have been busy posting.

    Julia, hope your knee is better by now! Really looked bad. Not sure putting up photos of it in the gym wouldn't put people off exercising though ("If THAT's what happens when you go running - no thanks.")... Bummer about the tights, too.  Thanks for your encouragement totake part in that 10k race (report below). Your gardening sounds very impressive. Have your seeds arrived yet? And not sure whether mush is the correct English term for what I had last week, actually. It's porridge made from maize meal. And Jen and Julia, the two of you running together sounds nice!

    Caz, good on you for entering the Baxters River Ness and booking a posh hotel for the weekend! Hope you'll enjoy it. I've been thinking about it before, too (the run, that is - not the hotel, unfortunately), but will have to wait and see. I live near Edinburgh, hence considering the Edinburgh half marathon.

    IrishEyes, welcome to the thread! Have you been to Paris before, or will the HM be your way of doing sightseeing?

    Saltpot, good on you for getting back into the game.Sometimes, it's really difficult to force oneself to get out and active, isn't it? And marking really isn't conducive to anything but eating lots of chocolate either.

    Susie and Darren, bummer about your injuries. Hope you can still do your half marathons! Even if you end up alternating running and walking - I'm sure it'll be better than the disappointment of not being able to start at all. Poor yous.

    Foxy, bummer about your ring, too! Would be great if you could get a replacement though. Strange how a finger can feel empty without it, isn't it? I lost my engagement ring about 2 years ago, but occasionally, I still start panicking and thinking I had lost my ring because my finger feels empty. Weird.

    As for my running, I went and did a 10k race yesterday, which turned out to be loads of fun. It started from a gym, so there was no standing around outside in the cold before or afterwards, and the course was flat and nice. Rather muddy though - don't think I've ever been this dirty as an adult. Also, the first 2k were quite narrow so I couldn't overtake and was stuck right in the back (where I had started thinking that it was better toovertake others than to hinder everyybody by mo slow running - but it turned out there were others slower than me). Tried to make up for it later on and finished a bit over 53mins, but felt I could have been faster. Met some nice people and generally quite enjoyed it. However, one of the runners had to airlifted to the hospital as a precautionary measure, which I only heard about afterwards - so hoping he'll be alright!

  • Also, are you guys aware of there being a celebrity in our midst??? Had a look at the current RW magazine and in the letters section saw a quote by *insert drumroll* our very own CazSoul! Congratulations! image
  • Indeed- in her festive incarnation, well spotted.

    SpicedApple= incredible time for a 10K,I bet there were others who were slower!! I am soooooo envious, and you think you could've gone faster- wow!  I did one like that, got really held up at the start and frustated, cranked it up from 3-8K and was then knackered for the last 2K.  Bad pacing.  Sometimes a negative split can be a good thing though.

    Bet it wasn't as muddy as the Grim was, so much fun getting that dirty!

    As for the ring, it'll be an insurance job so no doubt will need to ring the police etc, anyway my dad is getting the quote this week.  Such a nuisance on top of being sad.  Mind you, it'd be worse if I lost my engagement ring, you must have been gutted- were you never tempted to replace it and fix the empty finger syndrome.

    Anyway, on the upbeat (another drum roll please, maestro if you don't mind) Cub 1 WON the shooting competition for his age group with 61 points!!  His older team mates made the team score up to 77, so they didn't win the team bit.  He is FULL OF BEANS!

    I have just lit the fire so we can celebrate with crumpets and muffins (don't mention the diet )

    Incidentally, yes my laptop does really live on my lap (well most of the time anyway) ; keeps me nice and warm on cold evenings.  Hope they don't discover it exudes dodgy radiation or I'm well stuffed.

    Off to scoffimage

  • Hope you enjoyed your relaxing time Darren. I seem to be actively searching out the hills lately and I always think of you when I go up one!

    Awesome bit of running Foxy, speedy time and you showed real commitment to continue running under such bizarre circumstances! Well done. I do find dogs a b*&^*y nuisance. When I go to the park i spend my time trying to stay out of their way now. I used to think " I'm entitled to be here, they'll just have to put them on a lead" but it's too much bother and sends my HR shooting at irresponsible dogs owners. And then there's the dog poo......................i like dogs really it's the owners. Apologies if you have dogs anyone, but i'm sure you keep yours under control rant rant image

    I think the white lines thing was to ensure running alignment so you keep legs properly apart or summat. Tried it with an imaginary line but got bored!

    How lovely of Mr FL and your Dad to be sorting out a replacement ring. I will try not to take responsibility for everything but it's the story of my life!

    image to Cub 1 for winning the shooting! You must be well chuffed, hope you enjoyed the crumpets and muffins image

    Hi Apple, we had stuffed baked apples for pud today and thought of you! See your point about photo but it's only me mad enough to run. The members all exercise in a safe warm gym so it will stop them cancelling membership and taking up running instead image Still waiting for seeds but greenhouse is not yet built so hey-ho. Guess i could start carrots off under a cloche tho. (if i had got them)

    Wow a 53min 10k in the mud! AWESOME WELL DONE. You beat my PB by about 15 mins! Isn't it mad to get covered in mud (and scabs!) at an adult age when we should all be grownup responsible and serious! Great fun!

    Aha Caz-mas Soul, was that your festive name? I always look it that section to see if i've been quoted on some gem of information which has been typed by my own fair fingers. No luck so far...

    Have a good week everyone

  • Hey all - did  a seven miler today - muddy and hilly in 1.06 (very pleased with myself) but I could not get warm for about two hours after - didn't feel cold when out but got home and was totally frozen!Used my two year old as a water bottle and wached 'Enchanted' to recover.

    Great time spiced apple - well done!

    Foxy - your run sounded more like The Krypton factor! 

    Hope the injuries improve for Susie and Darren soon.

  • image Tee hee, I noticed I was famous last night...  I was reading it and thinking this sounds really familiar and lo and behold there was my christmas name underneath it...  When Mr CS came upstairs, I shoved the magazine under his nose to show him he has a famous inspirational wife and all he said was "Caz-mas Soul????"  Men huh???

    SpicedApple - that is a brilliant time for a 10k, well done. image
    Foxy - Congrats to Cub1 image

    Darren - it might be worth trying a different trainer rather than hacking the pair you have to pieces and keeping that pair for shorter flat runs.  I wear Brooks and find them super comfy, Mr CS was torn between Brooks & Saucony when he got his but settled on the Saucony as he said they felt ever so slightly better when he ran.

    Well done on your 7 miler SP, that's quite a nippy time too... Everyone is so fast on here...

    Its nice having someone to run with isnt it Julia, it seems to keep you going that extra bit longer... 

    Think my sportsband may be calibrated a bit on the generous side as there is no way on earth we managed to average a 10:18 mile on Sunday considering we took it down to a walk quite a few times and it was a bit slippy/muddy under foot so we weren't running as fast as normal.  Might have to recalibrate it tonight....  So judging by the time I think we did about 4.5miles which isn't bad for my friends 1st run outside in months.

    Combat class tonight but I will run round the block twice to recalibrate before i go.

    Happy running everyone. x

  • Saltpot, well done on your 7 miles. Very impressive. I've only once run that far at all, and that was much slower.

    Julia, at first, I was trying not to get too dirty. But once I knew I was going to get dirty anyway, it was actually good fun. Same here about dogs - I really hate running where dogs are being walked. Luckily, most of them here are well behaved, but whenever they run up to me, it really scares me. I was quite nastily bitten once (not running though, just walking past), and that hasn't helped making me more confident around dogs. Usually, if the dogs aren't walking close to their owners, I stop running and walk instead. Which is ok if it's a slow and long run anyway, but a bit annoying when I was meant to doing speedwork or something.

    Foxy, we had to break off the engagement, so it's probably better I don't have the ring anymore to remind me of it. Any news regarding the replacement ring for you?

    It's alternating between rain and snow here, and is generally very unpleasant, and I've got the cramps. I wasn't meant to go running today anyway, but even just leaving the house to walk to the bus stop seems asking a bit much.

  • Saltpot, well done on your 7 miler and a very impressive time too! I find i get chilled to the bone sometimes too and even hot showers and wooly jumpers and 14 yo kids (2 in your case) just do not help. I always feel oddly good tho, especially when my muscle ache too, some sort of peverse pleasure from the pain of pushing the body hard. Sic! image

    Good luck with the recalibration Caz and your friends first outside run. Hmm does a combat class involve high kicks and punches and general aggresive moves? Bet it helps to let off steam!

    Sorry about your engagement apple. Just raining here, I love the snow tho even if it causes traffic chaos but i suppose it didn't settle if you had rain too. Edinburgh is a beautiful place isn't it? Had a few visits and love it, the castle especially.

    Rest day today so just walked to work. Intervals tomorrow...................image

  • PS Will young was here when I got home (luckily Mr T had let him in) and he sounds very good! image
  • Thanks, Julia and Foxy - soldiering on.

    Foxy, glad to hear that school has improved for Cub1! Regarding making models - there's a reason I'm not a teacher. One of my sisters is a kindergarten teacher - would drive me mad. Good there are people who are better at it than I though! Your dog trouble sounds quite scary... 9.46mi/miles over 4 miles is very good - you seem to be the fastest of us lot here. image Good luck with the intervals to both you and Julia!

    Julia, yes, Edinburgh is really beautiful. And thanks for the reminder to make it to the castle again - I get in free, so better make the most of it. image

    I washed my running shoes this morning (cf other thread - who would've thought I've never cleaned them before image) and they're still soaking wet. They'd better hurry up drying until Thursday morning! Today, I went ice-skating for the very first time. At first, I just didn't figure out how to get moving at all, but then my friend pulled me for a bit and that made me understand how it was supposed to work. Apparently, what i did was much closer to skateboarding than proper ice-skating, but still lots of fun. Counts as cross-training in my book. image

  • Hope you didn't put them in the machine. Stuff 'em with newspaper and put in airing cupboard if you have one or near a radiator.  They dry off suprisingly quickly.  I never wash mine, just knock the mud off occasionally.  I do have a pair of giraffes to stuff in them to control the stench, but I have 2 pairs of shoes on the go so alternate and they can dry out/air between runs!

    I'm sure they'll be fine for Thursday.  I haven't skated for years, would love to takecubs but scared of injuries- especially at the moment with HM and skiing on horizon; maybe after that.......

    Long time since I've been to Edinburgh.  Had a friend with a flat overlooking the Tron so visited a few times especially at Hogmanay!image

  • Cheers, Foxy! Yeah, stuffed them with newspaper, but that didn't seem to help much. Bit scared of putting them too close to the radiator because people said too much warmth wouldn't be good...? I guess I really gave them a proper bath experience this morning. image Umm, do you stuff living giraffes in? Do they not mind?

    I haven't been around here for Hogmanay yet and figure it might not be my kind of event either (Apparently, it has deteriorated a lot though, so if your visits were long ago, it probably was much better then.). But yes, nice place.

  • The giraffes are from Lakeland so have been bred in captivity for purposeimage  They are stuffed with some carbon stuff which is meant to absorb the smell.  It's not so bad in winter, but in the summer our shoe rack can get a little "high"!

    Hogmanay in Edinburgh was a long time ago- about 17/18 years ago if I think about it.  The hard part was getting on a coach on NYD with a major hangover to get back to London for work on 2nd.

    imageBig panic- I have just started sneezing.  both cubs came out with a cold at the weekend and I have been praying not to get it so close to HM time, I've been taking echinacea etc, but the sneezes are very worrying!

    Beautiful day down here but very cold and frosty again.

    Hey Julia-I'll be in your neck of the woods on Sunday: lunch with friends in Galleywood.  Will I see you running down a road somewhere?

    Happy running everyone, I get to watch cub1 to x-c training today from the warmth of my car.

  • Hi Foxy, hope model making goes well - later? Sounds fun to me! Will it be clay or soggy gluey newspaper....

    I am not far from Galleywood but too far to include it on my runs! We are in Wickford so through Stock then hang a left, near to Billericay. I guess if there was a safe route I could run that far but then I'd have to get back again!

    Let's hope the sneezes were just a passing bit of dust, with less than 3 weeks to go you SERIOUSLY do not want a cold do you! image Intervals are becoming a pig and I really dread them. I cannot maintain a HR of 97-99% of my maximum for half a mile let alone the 6 it wanted yesterday. And you've got 10 of them on thursday eh image . I have a little thread in training entitled 'maximum heartrate' in which I have questioned the sense in trying to push that hard and mostly the replies think it's too much to try and do! One man thinks that the plan must have been written by evil monkeys and should be ditched pronto! I am just running the first half of each interval with a HR in the 150's than slowly winding up the pace on the second half into the 160's with a sprint over the last few hundred feet with an aim of hitting 170 or above at the end. Then I have to walk the 200m recovery until my HR is back to the 130's then slowly wind it up again. How are you tackling them Foxy?

    Will Young (I, of course mean the CD!) is really really good. Very catchy tunes, even got 14yo screamo/metal/rocker lover dancing around the kitchen with me! image

    Morning Apple, I have a couple of pairs of trainers now which I alternate but very rarely clean, only if they get really muddy, then i get toothbrush (an old one of course!) and buzz them under the tap. Have to watch i don't block the plughole with mud tho!

    I'd love to try iceskating but expect i'd fall over. Tried rollerblading -in line skates - a year or 2 ago and was rubbish. Don't think my knees would take any more at the moment!

    Got my race number and a 'championship timing chip' yesterday. Guess it's real then. GULP. Guess it's back to the very first post on this thread then! Gulp.

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