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  • image  ugh - it's gone quiet on here.  I had a frantic week at work so far and have just about managed to do stick with my programme but no time for fun stuff like reading the forum.

    my silly ankle has stopped niggling and I was able to do my intervals, yesterday's spinning session and today's tempo run with no problem.  I guess I'll stay away from the pool for a bit.  I don't like it much anyway, presumably because I'm such a crap swimmer.

    Quickstepper: the only stroke I can manage is doggy-paddle front crawl, so no chance to switch to different strokes.  Well, I guess I can do girlie breaststroke but I doubt it'll help with the running.  I much rather stick to the bike for my XT sessions going forward.

    As for the cheesy music:  Ibiza tunes is all I say.  Very silly choice of music for someone my age but there are lots of really young guys in my team and one of them has a DJ flatmate who puts these cheesy mixes on my ipod.  I could say I don't really like them but they keep me going but in actual fact I do like them a lot and they seem to do wonders for my pace.

  • Yes it is quiet at the moment.

    My weeks gone to pot as well ,been really busy in work and then yeaterday had a bad tooth,so felt lousy,went to bed early and was going to go to the dentist this morning but it was not too bad so i went for a very gentle 5 mile multi terrain with wifey and really enjoyed,she didnt,she did not like the mudimage

    Any way i think my body was due for a bit of a rest so this week is only a 2 times schedule as i am resting now before sundays hilly half marathon.

    Keep on training everyoneimage

  • Hello everybody - I thought the forum had foundered..... 

    Tri - I'm still laughing from the image of you bending and weaving on the tready - I bet you play the playstation by lifting and sliding the whole controller?!!!!!

    Schmid - not such cheesey music afterall - I can hear the bass beating and powering you on.  Good news about the ankle.  I'm fairly eclectric in taste Fratellis/Kaiser Chief guy for intervals, Scissor Sisters and Robbie for tempos and musical theatre for long runs.

    Sane Mark - toothache oowwch - resting is not such a bad thing if you 're moby dick or knackered.  Good luck with your race.  And be kind to your wife - I could never get mine out on a run.

    I managed to squeeze in the normal sessions this week despite being knackered from the 20miler on Sunday through to Tuesday (early nights Mon and Tues) - and thank god I did - speed interval Wednesday on tready at 06:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I was awake but jesus my body was screaming whyyyyyy...ran a comfortable 06:04 8mile tempo today - but my calves and achilles continue to be sore and niggle - ice and stretching and fingers crossed.

    Only! a 13 miler this weekend (at 6:32 pace) - found nice flat runs about 5 miles drive from house.  Have you visited the realbuzz website off the Flora Marathon webpage yet ?- it is brilliant for mapping your runs and knowing the mileage - very quick and easy.

  • Cheers QS

    My wife actually enjoyed the run even though she will never admit it .My tooths ok now and i feel better for the rest and i am starting to get a bit nervous for sunday which is a good sign .

    13 miles at 6.32 pace i would love to do that this sunday but will settle for around 7 minute pace

    See you soonimage

  • HHmmmm- I'm in for 18miles today- bad week 'cos I was vomiting everywhere on monday- so missed my spinning session, and still feeling a bit weak and wobbly on tuesday, so only did half of my tempo run- made up for it with the intervals though- these were my first 400 m intervals- blimey that's fast!!- managed not to fly off the back of the tready, but it was a struggle- so ready for a long session today.

    Only 9 weeks training left!! (I'm doing lochaber, which is earlier than FLM, in case I just panicked you!)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    There are some REALLY fast runners on here....! 

    (copied from Sue C's thread)

    Instead of doing a LSR today I opted for a 10 mile at my marathon pace (8mm).  I've found the flattest route around here - like many of you, l live in a hilly area so there is no such thing as dead flat, however, in comparison, its what I call flatish.  I also thought this particular route might be free of snow and ice by now. 

    My splits were: 8.01; 8.06; 8.38; 7.45; 7.50; 7.45; 8.07; 8.23; 8.21; 7.58 which gives an average of 8.05mm.  Miles 2, 3, 8 & 9 were on roads which were still iced and coated with snow, so a steadier pace was called for.

    All in all I am really pleased and it has boosted by confidence a little again.  Tomorrow I will do a slow of road, probably about 10 miles again.

    Because of the snow and ice I'm not getting my cross training in (cycling), so I'm going to step the running up a bit now.  Also, its getting slightly lighter which makes it more inviting!

  • Well- managed my 18miler tready run- though on call for work so had 2 unscheuled walk breaks while a junior called me for advice- did it in under 3 hours , though, which is obviously snails pace for most of you, but OK for me.

    Toes bit tender, but otherwse not too bad at all.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Quickstepper - Nice quick 13 miler - you're still fast even with your niggles. Hope that ice and 3 days per week keeps them from turning into proper injuries.

    MadMark - Good luck with your half marathon.

    Minni - Great confidence boosting 10 miler. My cross training is also cycling, but having cycled through too many cold and dark winters, I decided to invest in a turbo trainer this year. I can highly recommend them. Not as boring as a treadmill and you can adjust the resistance to design a tailor made work out.

    Tricia - Great 18 miler - glad I don't have to take my work on my runs.

    However, work did prevent me from getting to the track on Tues night, so it was 2 tempo runs for me + usual circuits and two 50 mins sessions on the turbo. 20 miles planned for tomorrow, so an early night.
  • Hi folks

    Just got back from my half marathon.managed to do 1hr 34 found it pretty hard,paced myself well for the first 8 miles which were hilly then unfortunately the last flat 5 were into a stiff wind.

    Anyway got my long run up to 13image

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    MM - well done with your half today. Sounds like a tough run, which will stand you in good stead.

    Did my 2nd 20 (20.6) of this campaign this morning. Great conditions, with 2 gels in 2:29 and accompanied by my youngest son on his bike.
  • Cheers JPFI

    Well done on your run that is an impressive time.

    I must admit the thought of another 14 miles at mile 12 today was difficult ,iam still not sure i am going to make it image

  • Mini - stylishly even splits for a marathon pace practice this early - practicing an even tempo will see massive benefits in the race - I reckon you're going to surprise yourself.

     Tri - please no vomiting on the forum - seriously sorry to hear about it, it must have really weakened you, be kind to yourself.

     JPF - Excellent 20 miler you must be very pleased.  I've started thinking about my race nutrition too so I can practice on the 20 milers.

    Mark - Well done in hard conditions.  There are still 10 weeks - you aren't supposed to be able to run a marathon at your target pace yet.....don't fret and keep positive. You're a Welshman? so should be well chuffed todayimage

    I completed my 13m @ PMP+15 sec, average 6:29 mile having travelled to the Somerset levels and found some lovely softly undulating running country on quiet country lanes - lovely even pace run splits ranging 6:33 to 6:25.  Few twinges on the way round but hopefully nothing worse. I am continually icing and stretching - it seems to be worse 2 days after a run so I am hoping this means it is more muscle based (I'm off to see the company physio tomorrow who has helped me massively over the last 3 months - he was physio to Tim Hutchins and is mad passionate about running so I get the feeling he knows his stuff and it is more interesting than the normal work related stuff he gets).

    I am investing in knee length compression socks (well if it is good enough for Paula R then I'll have some).  I might even put a bit of plaster on my nose??

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the kind words Quickstepper.  Do you think I should do this 10mile route once every few weeks and see if it gets quicker/easier, using it as a benchmark?

    What time are you aiming for in the marathon?  with a 13 miler at 6:29 it must be fast!

  • Minni - 10 mile runs at Marathon Pace are a very good Long Tempo run - you could fit 2 -3 in the next 6 weeks coupled with longer slower runs of approx 15 miles during the same week.  The other weeks make sure you are running 18 - 20 miles on your slow runs coupled with shorter tempos during these weeks - then you are into the 3 week taper.  Are you following the "Run Less, Run Faster" schedule?

    For an 8 min/mile marathon (sub 3:30) you should be able to run a  45:10 10k or 1:40 half.  How is it sounding?

     I'm looking for a sub 2:45 - off a PB of 3:35 from my only previous marathon run 13 years ago - that said I have been running competitively over the last 5 years and been consistently training to the level I now find myself - a stretched but realistic goal.

  • Physio all clear on the Achillesimage but still need to ice and stretch.

    Sore throat and tiredimage but hopefully notimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    QS - thanks for the advice.  I kind of following a the furman schedule but getting the tempo run in between the speed and long run has been a bit difficult becuase of work committments.  My PB is 3:31 (3 years ago).  I haven't done any races other than fell races in the last year or so, so can't really measure my progress in 10ks or halfs.  I've got Coniston 14 in March and that will be the only race before London (living in a very rural part of the country means very few (if any) local runs. 

    2:45 WOW!  What a great goal to have.

  • Hi guys (newbie alert). I'm starting to get worried reading through your posts at how fast you can all run. Also the fact that most of you following this schedule seem to have run marathons before. image

    I'm running FLM09 and it will be my first ever marathon (only done a couple of halves in my lifetime). I've been following the FIRST training programme - but not from the book - there is a slightly amended version on this website. It only incorporates 2 x 20 milers instead of the 5 in the book. I did manage a 15 miler (2:30) at the weekend (without any major issues) and the schedule I'm following is due a 17 miler this weekend. Is the 3 x per week schedule going to be enough for me?  I'm only managing 1 weights/core strength session in addition to the running per week - eek, I'm now panicking (chews bottom lip).

  • Hey Holymoly - please don't worry,  although I have ran marathons before I am alot slower than most on this thread.  I don't know what time you are aiming for but I am aiming for sub 4.

    Not sure how my training is going at all.  In the past I have felt my fitness improve throughout my training but this time I don't seem to be progressing i.e. getting any faster!  And every session is really tough!

    Those of you who have followed these schedules before do you notice the difference during training or is it only on the day you see the results?  I'm slightly worried that I'm going to be over 4 hours again (for the 4th time!).  I think we should stick with it though Holymoly, seems to work for others!

    Great running going on btw!image

  • Lou7 - I would suggest that if you weren't that fit when you started, then your times should improve quite dramatically. But if you were already pretty fit then maybe you won't see much change. Last year I was quite fit already so I saw marginal improvements in speed. For example, 6 lots 800m at 3:05 turned into 6 lots of 800m at 2:55, my 10k time probably improved by a minute or so, half marathon by a couple of minutes.
  • Thanks Astride - that's a good point.  I started running again just over two years ago after quite a break.  I started from scratch (was keeping fit through other activities but not running) and with hindsight probably stupidly decided to train for a marathon right away, so yes, I probably did improve quite quickly and noticeably in comparison to very small, if any gains, at the moment.  I suppose I will find out on race day!

    I've been reading your posts on the other sub 3.15 threads - they are really inspiring.  I can only dream of those times but I find it really interesting to read how runners of all different levels train etc.

    I'm going to stick with the programme - and also need to lose some weight but finding it really hard.  I know the obvious calorie deficit I need to create but I'm finding it really hard to get the balance right.  I seem to cut down maybe a bit too much, lose a bit of weight, feel hungry and lacking in energy, eat more, put weight on again!  Vicious circle!  Don't have loads to lose - but 7-10lbs would make a big difference.

  • Lou7 - Thanks for your comments. I'm with you in the weight thing, I'm struggling too. I've tried the approach of just healthy eating and it doesn't work for me. I'm going to try the more extreme approach of calorie counting  and see if that works. Thats the one drawback of this schedule, if we were doing 70 mpw then surely the weight would fall off, although I would have thought that it would have fallen off with what we're doing. For me I guess it's age, 10 - 15 years ago, it would have fallen off. I'm with you though, if I don't eat, I really lack energy and then struggle to deal with everything else in life - work, kids etc. 
  • Hi Lou & Astride - I'm fighting the same losing battle against the bulge.  I had a week of very little food intake but it meant I hit the wall in my 20-miler yesterday and bailed after 18.  I took a gel with me but I guess there just wasn't enough in the tank to begin with, so that little reserve fuel wasn't quite enough.  Very frustrating.  They say it gets more and more difficult to lose weight the older you get.  What a sad truth but it certainly is the case for me.  Half a stone less would be sooooooo nice!  So, calorie counting it is for me too ...

    Lou, I also find every session very, very hard. I had maybe 2 or 3 runs that felt easy but they were immediately followed by a number of sessions where I struggled and started to ask myself why bother.  On the other hand, just looking at the schedule shows that each session is just that tiny bit tougher than the one you do the week before.  The intervals increase, the tempo runs are faster as well as the long runs.  So, just keeping with the programme is already an improvement in itself.  None of my previous training plans had such an amount of tough sessions in them.  There was the odd interval, some gentle tempo runs, lots of useless recovery runs and then the long run which was set at snail's pace.  All this felt comparatively easy but I guess it doesn't make you fast.  I still hope I can get down to 3.45 from my previous PB of 3.54 last September.  All this tempo work must be good for something, surely?

    Holymoly, welcome & don't panic.  Just stick with the 3 quality runs in the programme and if you can manage, try do a bit of crosstraining.  If you don't have access to a gym, try some cycling or hit the local pool for a swim.  It will aid your recovery whilst giving your cardiovascular system another boost.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Holymoly - Welcome. Schmid is right - stick with the 3 quality runs and take anything else that you can manage as a bonus. In the Furman First book, the first study of runners following the programme had the cross training as optional and they still posted good marathon times.

    Astride - Read about your Bramley 20 on the 3:15 and was waiting for you to post here. Well done. Your 2:24 was 5 minutes quicker than my Sunday 20 training run and I finished that on a bit of a high. You should be pleased with your performance.

    Quickstepper - Impressed with your target time. You seem to be on track given your training times.

    As with the thorny issue of weight, age is definitely to blame. Each year into my 40s seems to add another pound or two to my weight - even with the same training and diet. I'm struggling to find words of encouragement, as calorie counting is such a miserable existence and I seem to be permanently hungry.

    60 mins on the turbo tonight pretending I was Chris Boardman training for the hour record!

  • Thanks everyone for your comments.  I suppose it's just getting used to hard sessions in the hope it will all pay off in the end!  I enjoy them when they're over and done with in a strange kind of way.  Looking on the positive side I've got 2 x 20 milers under my belt now and due to do 13 this weekend so looking forward to that!

    I'm with you Astride, healthy eating alone doesn't work!  I know I have a big appetite and can demolish huge plates of pasta at times.  Calorie counting is soooo depressing but lets all give it a go together then.  What kind of calorie intake are you thinking Astride and Schmidtinator?  I stuck religiously to 2000 a day a couple of weeks ago, thinking that is considerably less than I usually eat and taking into account all the exercise I do.  On top of running to I do fitness classes/ gym most days.  My weight stayed exactly the same and I was so fed up I ended up eating lots of chocolate to cheer myself up!  I did weightwatchers once (ages ago) lost 6lbs in a week but was absolutely starving and feeling shaky/weak.  End of that diet.  Obviously the answer lies somewhere in the middle - but where????!!!!!image

  • On the weight issue, all I read about are fit determined runners - power to you all.  Just one thing - nobody mentions alcohol, whch is a very high calorie intake?  I probably have 10 units a week.

    Holymoly - welcome, I'm with Schmid on the advice.

    Mini - If your a fell runner your stamina will be good.  Stick with the schedule and the hard speed and tempo sessions will pay dividends.  If you do I am sure you'll surprise yourself.

    Missed my first day training due to sicknessimage but wasn't so bad as to miss work.  Flirting with 3m tempo today.  The rule is ok to run if in head, not if in chest - where does the throat sit in this rule???

  • Great running guys, keep up the hard work, we haven't got that much further to go! And thanks all for the motivation. Feeling much more positive today. Think I'll jump on the "calorie counting" bandwagon too. I don't help myself there - if I lose say 1600cals on my 15 miler - I then proceed to eat twice as much on that day which eliminates any calorie deficit.....own worst enemy.

    First to lose 7lbs wins image

  • QS - sry you missed your run. Can't give any advice about running with a sore throat or not - complete lack of knowledge in that department.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've lost 8lb since Christmas!

  • JPF1 - thanks, I think your 20 mile was about the same as my race as I recall that you did an extra .6 of a mile. There is no way I could have doen that in a training run. I was kind of pleased but I like the buzz of finishing strong in a race. Struggling a bit to find time to keep up with three threads, I do read but then don't get round to posting.

    I think my destiny is in my hands if I can lose some weight so I am going to take the drastic action of calorie counting. I too used to aim for 2,000 a day then 35 miles of running should mean I'd lose a pound a week. I don't think I'm too honest on the calorie counting though, particularly when alcohol is involved. Very dull I know but I'm up for the 7lb challenge. I think its important to fuel properly for your running though. I think I'm going to do extreme calorie counting too, to try and lose 1 or even 2lb a week. So for me, I'm going to have a base of 1,000 then add on however many calories I need to exercise for that day and make sure I eat properly before and after. So for a 10 mile run I'll aim for 2,000 calories, no exercise and I'll aim for 1,000. There is absolutely no way I will be able to eat only 1,000 but I'm going to give it a go. Surely I can keep this up for a mere 9 weeks.

  • Posting on a high:  did my 6x800s in the park just before work this morning feeling really strong for once.  The fist one was slightly on the slow side but the following 5 were all a few secs faster than target pace.  And for the first time I didn't feel like I wanted to puke on the last rep!  Yay! 

    Astride, what a brilliant time for your 20 miler.  You must be chuffed to bits.

    QS: sorry to hear about your throat.  Just listen to your body - if you feel like running, try it but don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go well. 

    Minni - well done on your weight loss.  8lbs since xmas, blimey!  That's fantastic! 

    I've tried calorie counting before but as Astride says, I think I tend to kid myself as to the REAL calorie content of most of the stuff I shove down my throat (thanks for mentioning alcohol, QS.  Guilty as charged!!)  And I just can't be bothered to weigh things so it's all a random guesswork.  I was trying to stick with 1800 cals/day but I think it's not enough (I'm a big girl at 5ft 9).  So, I'm going to change that to 2000 and see how I get on.  On non-exercise days it will be less - maybe 1200 unless I have a long run coming up.  I've learnt my lesson earlier this week.  No fuel equals rubbish running.  

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