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  • Ah, we have a winner before the competition begins - gz Minni

     Does that mean I can stop trying already image

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Astride - Thanks for the encouragement. It's when I'm running a 20 miler in training, that I remember how much I love marathons.

    QuickS - Hope your throat is better soon. I felt a bit ropey last Thursday, so didn't push too hard on my tempo run that evening.

    Minni - Great weight loss!

    Scmid - Don't you just love 800s. We must be exactly at the same place on the schedule as I had 6x800 for today as well. I find all the track workouts mentally challenging - and was ready to stop after 4 - but then I remembered what I was training for and completed the set:
    2:52, 2:48, 2:48, 2:55 (chased by a dog - which idiot takes their dog for a walk to an athletic track?!), 2:48, 2:50.
  • I'm diving in to your 7lbs challenge too!  Especially having 'talked' to Lou7 about it - I'd lost my motivation a touch (its hard to keep it going for any length of time, I find) but I'm so close to my FLM target that I need a kick up the rear and to crash right through it!  I'm 2lbs away from being a stone down since my magical Super Six email.  And with every kg lost being 0.1mi quicker, I read, I need to shift every pound I can!

    I'm a calorie counter.  Its the only way for me.  Otherwise I gloss over too much!

  • I should add, I use foodfocus for calorie counting, and add my exercise at the start of the day (what I know I'm going to do from my schedule) then I know how many calories I've got to play with each day.  With the current training level it averages out at about 400 extra calories per day.
  • I'm on holiday, off colour, decided not to go out running for a 2nd day (discretion and valour and all that) but had to drive my wife to a number of fabric shops and do our food shopping - satisfaction 0/10. 

    But thank god I don't have to calorie count, sorry girls.

    Schmid - nice even splits - I'm envious you got out.

    Astride - becareful not to under eat - a lack of carbohydrate will severely impact the effectiveness of your training and increase the risk of injury - something far worse?

  • Right everyone I'm up for the 7lb challenge!  Nice to see you on this thread, Wotsit.  You beat me to it, I was going to mention the link to foodfocus you mentioned on your Super Six thread (read it everyone, it's great!).  For weight loss it says I should be eating 1,866 cals a day.  I asked Wotsit for advice cos she's lost over a stone (is that right?) recently - go girl!

    So I'm starting tomorrow and will weigh myself in one week.  Quickstepper - have you met me before??!!!!  Yes, I like my alcohol - love a glass of wine or six!  I've got a big night out on Saturday - meal and drinks so will have to try and behave a little bit.

    Let's all keep each other motivated then and lose 7lbs each (those of us who need to).  Ideally I would like to lose 10lbs but will aim for 7 to start.  Calorie counting here we come!  Astride, I agree with quickstepper,  please don't undereat.  I struggle to exercise on a low calorie intake but I know people who can and do.  It's so unfair!  Minni - any tips?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Tips?  Well, firstly I had put on about 10lb since my last marathon, 2 years ago, so that was there to remove.  Secondly, I am not good at eating really.  I do eat healthy but find it really easy to skip meals, especially when I'm busy or under stress.  Funnily, if I eat breakfast I must eat lunch,but if I miss breakfast I can easily also miss lunch and not eat until 4 or 5 o'clock.  Instead of eating I fill myself up with coffee!  So, you can see there were a few starting points!

    So, since Christmas I have been making myself eat breatfast and lunch and I have really cut back on coffee and drink tea, herbal tea or water.  Just in the last couple of weeks I have started drinking more milk too.  This is a typical day for me:

    Breakfast:  Readybrek or porridge and either a smoothie or milkshake (a banana, some yoghut and either milk or fresh orange juice and another fruit if its getting soft in the bowl)

    Lunch:  Big bowl of salad with chopped up with mix of leaves, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, fruit etc (anything really), chicken or tuna and sometimes seeds and nuts. 

    Dinner: Normal family dinner:  meat and two veg, pasta, etc etc.

    Lots to drink:  I always have a drink at my side and drink litres each day but this is normal for me.  I try not to snack between meals.

    I have never lost weight marathon training before so I'm not sure how much the extra mileage has to do with it but I think the speed sessions I am doing are helping.  I find I am working much harder at these than I have ever worked before and I can feel my stomach muscles really working as well as my legs.  My improved eating habits have certainly helped - eat more, lose weight!

    The weight loss in turn is helping my running because I feel lighter, fitter and better about myself. 

    I would like to lose another 3 lb before the marathon.

  • Thank you Lou image  That stone is still illusive.  I'm determined to get it before the next Super Six meet up.  So I have 2 weeks, 2 days...

    I agree with Minni on how big a difference you can feel in your running - its that much easier to go that much faster.  My muscles are used to propelling substantially more of me around so they're bound to be able to convert that power into faster, instead of more.

    Its my wedding anniversary today.  My lovely husband bought me a small box of really fabulous chocolates.  Now the challenge will be to restrain myself!

  • Don't worry, there is not a chance I will undereat. Love my food too much.
  • Aw, happy anniversary Wotsit.

    Personally, I'd eat ALL the chocolates at once - just to remove the later temptations image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes Wotsit, I'm with Holymoly - eat all the chocolates at once.  It has to be done.   On Christmas morning I always encourage the kids to eat all their sweets as quick as they like.   Then I'm not fretting about their diet for weeks on end - only a coupel of days!

  • QS: how's the throat today?  My hubby started with the same symptoms and I'm dreading another bout of the dreaded manflu.

    JPF:  Wow, those are some GREAT splits.  I am a fair bit slower.  Actually, I'm a LOT slower ...  Mind you,  if it had been me that dog chase lap would have been my fastest for sure!  I may even have hit one of your splits (wishful thinking).  Soooo jealous you have access to a track.  I run around in circles in small park near my workplace but it's surrounded by dodgy council blocks and full of chavs walking their ferocious chav-dogs.  And there's usually some hooded kids with a football that think let's kick the ball and hit that runner.  Maybe I have an acute sense of humour bybass but I kinda fail to see the funny side of it. 

    Holymoly: I'm with you on the choccies.  Better be safe now than tempted later!  Once I start on them I can't stop anyway.  No wonder I have that spare tyre on my hips.

    Happy Anniversary, Wotsit.  Hope hubby spoils you rotten.

  • Hi Minni, thanks for the advice.  I wish I had the problem that sometimes I don't eat enough!  Getting on track today definately.

    I did the 6 x 800m reps the other night (not at JPF's speed) but had set my garmin up wrong and did 8 x 800m reps.  It was only when I looked at the book later I realised.  image

    Happy Anniversary Wotsit!   I would just eat all the chocs in one go too.  There's always tomorrow.image

  • Wotsit - Happy Anniversary, how many (years not chocs)? send the chocs to me I'll help out....

    Scmid: It is/was a feverish cold nothing too bad but you know how hard speed sessions are so not being 100% isn't good - but glad I held off for the 2 days.  Give your fella some slack man flu is well bad........sorry to hear about the park scene in your area.

    Lou7 -  Computer says no -oops at least you ran more and achieved it well done.

    Mini- nice diary well balanced approach - what about the bottle of wine in the evening, doughnut from  office chum as it is their birthday, sneaked biscuits from the tin......image you know it makes senseimage.

    Got out this morning 7:45 imageimage, 3m tempo - too slow 1st 2 milesimage then got stuck in and hit the average required 5:37.image. Planning to do the 2x(6x400m) tomorrow.  Completely against all advice and the book but I haven't run a speed session outside for 4 weeks and I n-e-e-d the 3 key sessions.

  • Thanks all image  9 years for us, which means I must have been a child bride... image

    I didn't eat them in one go.  I did share with the children.  But I'm feeling very off and peaky now.  Had to cancel this evenings run due to a huge wave of nausea, shiverry coldness and woozy dizziness.  Helpful husband did a small harbinger of doom type 'oooh, hope it isn't this horrible flu bug' image

    I will get an early night and be FINE tomorrow.  I will.  I will.  I will.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great control Wotsit re the chocs!  Hope you feel better soon. 

    QS - I do rather enjoy a bottle of wine or two.  But, for the sake of the marathon I've cut this back to a couple of glasses a week.  I've also opted to always be the driver which stops any binge drinking! 

    Lou - 6 x 800 that turned out to be 8 x 800 - wow!  That NEVER happens to me.  Its more like 8 x 800 that turns out to be 2 x 800!

     I'm doing a 8 miles at 6am in the morning and 20 on Sunday.

    Happy running everyone!

  • Those 2 extra repetitions were very much a mistake!  I really struggled through the last  two and couldn't believe it when I checked the book.

    13 miles for me tomorrow. Really looking forward to a break from the 18/20s.

    Wotsit and Quickstepper (5.37pace? yikes!)  hope you both feel better soon.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    8 miles off road this morning.  Avg. 9.10 mm which I'm very happy with considering the hills.  Actually felt really good at the end and could have kept going. 

  • Morning all.

    Wotsit: I hope you do feel better today.  Fingers crossed for you.

    Minni: sounds like you had a brilliant run. Great pace for a hilly run and what a fantastic feeling to have something left in the tank towards the end.

    Hubby's sore throat turned into a runny nose, nothing more.  So, no manflu going on in the the Schmidt household which is a relief. 

    QS: 5.37 pace??????  Are you bionic?  I can't even sprint that fast.  Wow.  Well impressed.

    Did a decent solid tempo run (7 miles) this am  - my splits were 8:08, 8:08, 8:12, 8:09, 8:09. I was supposed to do 8:14 but somehow the slightly faster pace seemed more natural. Steady heart rate throughout which I take as a good sign.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Schmid - Nice tempo run. Same for me; 1 mile warm up 6 at mid tempo 1.7 warm down. The dog in question did more than chase me. Despite the feeble shouts of its owner, it ran next to me snapping at my heels until I turned round and shouted abuse at it. 'No need to do that' was the owners reaction! It is, however, brilliant having a track so near by - it's part of the excellent facilities next to our running club's centre.

    QS - I agree with Schmid - you are flying along. I'm happy to do 1 mile rep at that speed.

    Minni - Good off road 8 miler - those hills will certainly stand you in good stead.

    Wotsit - Hope you're feeling better soon and that you are able to get some running in, if you feel well enough.

    Lou7 - Great 800s - my legs would not have stood for 8 - mistake or not!
  • Wotsit - my heart goes out to you, it is really tough to be sick and especially when training but you must listen to your body.  And when you do feel up to runnning again don't try and make up for the lost time or go too hard straight away - I am nearing 95% fit post cold/fever this week and the 2 days off  Tues/Wed seemed a nightmare.  Even though I ran the tempo yesterday I chose not to push myself today and fit in the speed session as I was still feverish in the night.  So only 2 key sessions this week BUT I looked at my training log and saw the single blank in the last 9 weeks and it all took perspective.  The bigger picture view.

     Scmid - I am well impressed with your metronome like pacing - do you use a GPS?  Plus 6 seconds average less than target - imagewe have an improving running in our midst everybody.....image

    JPF1 - I had a number of dogs chase me today - the worst was a staffordshire terrier who ran and jumped at me - despite me stopping and not moving.  The owner assured me he was only a "pup" from 50 yards away - oh that's ok then I thought.....

    Mini- It's good to run off road in the hills and enjoy the scenery once in a while.  I love that kind of running.

     Post this weekend we have 9 weeks left - so only 6 weeks building and intense with 3 weeks tapering.

    Anybody thinking or practicing race nutrition yet?  I am looking out for a belt with gel holders - I am toying with 4 gels in the race - plus 1 lighter isotonic gel at the start.

  • Quickstepper - glad you are feeling better.  Interested to know your pace when not pushing yourself - I'm guessing 6 min mile pace?!!

    I have been practising my gels and jelly babies during my long runs.  I think in the past I haven't taken in enough and have always found the last 6.2 miles are complete torture.  I have been reading up on the lucozade sport website which has lots of useful info.  I'm taking a gel on every hour and jelly babies on the half hour.  Also drinking lots of lucozade.

    13 miles for me today and feeling good.  Had a bad 20 miler last week where I started too fast (it felt slow at the time) and crawled round the last few miles.  I've never been particularly good at pacing myself.  Today my first mile was my slowest and my last mile was my fastest which I'm really pleased with.

  • Morning peeps image

    Thanks for all your get well wishes.  Thankfully, by the morning it had all disappeared again and I did my marathon pace run, with the training partner, yesterday afternoon.  It went brilliantly.  You know, 6m is really the perfect distance to run.  You can fit it in easily, you feel you've done something but aren't exhausted.  It burns 750 calories.  Top.

    I asked Nick Morgan, the Lucozade Sports scientist, about the weight loss thing on his thread yesterday (except I only got in, in time for the last 10 mins, so he didn't get much of a chance at reading & answering my question in huge detail) but he says not to go under your daily calorie burn by more than 500 calories a day, otherwise it will affect your training quality.

    Happy running this weekend image

  • Almost feel like I have got a rest weekend this weekend only having a 13 miler to do....doing sleaford half marathon tomorrow so that makes it even easier....mentally anyway.

    already thinking about the 18 miler next week

  • Hi everyone

    Been away for a few days in York and managed 2 good runs

    7 miles at 6.48 pace and 10 miler at 7.32 pace so i am quite pleased with that .2 days rest and tomorrow i am doing the Pontypridd 10 mile race which is nice and flat so hoping for about 66 or 67 mins.My next long run will be 14 on Thursday

    Have a good weekendimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Really looking forward to my 20 miler in the morning - not.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    QS - I have used SIS Go gels for the last 3 marathons I've done and also in training. I take a couple for a 20 miler with some water, although water is not essential as Go gels are isotonic and therefore kind on the stomach. At Anglesey, London and Edinburgh I took 5 at miles 5, 10, 15, 19 and 23 and used a gel belt I got free a few years ago with a bulk order of gels.

    Hurds - Agree that the 13 miler in the schedule makes this weekend feel like a rest week. Not sure whether you're racing or training at the Sleaford Half, but good luck either way.

    Lou - Nice, well paced 13 miler - hope mine is as successful.

    Wotsit - Glad you are felling better so soon.

    Madmark - Good luck reaching your target time at Pontypidd.
  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Minni - Cross Post - just think how smug you'll be able to feel after you've done your 20 though!
  • Lou7 - I like the sound of your feeding plans for the race - jelly babies are the sweetest when you are low on reserves.  Good sensible long run strategy and a confident strong finish - perfect and well done.

    Mark - Another race, tidy!  I am dead envious as I love racing but I am strictly following the schedule so only training for me.  Good luck.

     JPF - I use SIS Gels when I go out early and have no time for a proper breakfast before training!  On a run I use higher energy gels like Lucozade Gel, High5 or PowerGel, (I am thinking of including 1 or 2 with caffeine, will need to try on the 20 milers).  Unfortunately all the gels are all different sizes so I am looking into the right belt and elastic loop sizes - very technical geeky but PPPPPP!

    Wotsit - good news on the health and the run - plus I am right behind the professional opinion on calorie deficit intake.  By the way I am 2 kgs heavy this week!! - how did that happen? I've had no alcohol all week.  I blame all all this calorie counting talk.

    Mini - didn't you run a 20 miler a couple of weeks ago? so you can do it and will.

    Must get to bed asap, 18 miles tomorrow and an early start.......

  • Hey- did a 20miler on tready yesterday- not bad on a dodgy tummy from previous night's curry! feel not too bad- toes tender, as always, but that's another ggod run notched up, so happy now. I reckon I'm only going to get one more 20 in, as I've entered a half in 2 wekstime, then I've a ski trip before Lochaber- so running out of training time!
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