Just a quick thought.

I was talking with Mrs RB over the weekend (as one does) and we got onto the subject of sweets that don't seem to be around any more.

Does anyone remember Aztec bars for instance? And those flying sucers with sherbet in the middle.

There must be loads that aren't about (or at least don't seem to be)

Anyone got any more?.

All the best,



  • a penny dainte.(It is Scottish)
  • gobstoppers?
  • the shop at the top of my road still sells those flying saucers (it does seem to be stuck in a bit of a time warp though !!)
    Do you still get caramac bars?

  • I'm sure Caramacs are gone. We talked about them too.

    Can you still get Curly Wurlies?
  • I found curly wurlys in Sainsbury's the other day - I'm sure they've shrunk though
  • Just for you all old enough to remember how about

    Crackerjack (awful popcorn stuff)
    Ice Breaker
    Anglo bubbly gum

  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    There was that strange Spanish tobacco stuff - made from coconut I think.
  • Last week I noticed that the healthy eating options in our works canteen, a vending machine restricted to fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps, included Tiffin bars. I thought they had gone out with the Raj.
  • I tried to find some dolly mixture in Sainsbury's recently, but they only had the nasty Sainsbury's own brand, not the proper stuff. Has this gone too?
  • Spangles, as mentioned previously. But what about Blobs? They came in a full range of flavours.

  • Also:

    Bazooka Joe
    Bunny Tots
    Texan Bar
    Pacers (mint and spearmint)
    Spanish Gold
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    How about
    Penny Arrow bars
    Jap Desserts
    and those triangular ice things called Jublee (I think)
    I remember the Penny Dainte, SwissBobby
    Oh the memories !!!!!!
  • Amazin raisin bars - scrummyI'll set Mrs Barkles on this one.

    What about Whinny the Pooh's hunny pudding.
  • Caramac. Curly Wurly and Flying Saucers are definitely still on the go. Didn't Woolworths make an (unsuccessful) attempt to bring back Spangles a couple of years ago?

    Real esoterica now - anyone remember Stroodles? They were available for a very short time in the early 1970s. They came in an apple-shaped pack and were little chunks of dried apples coated in chocolate. They cost 4p. I had to save up my sweetie money for two days to buy a packet.

    I remember seeing Aztec bars advertised but never had one - they were considered too big for a nipper such as I was then. The Texan was gross and deserved to flop.

    Tudor crisps? Where did they go? And nothing has been as good as Bazooka Joe for blowing bubbles. Don't they sell it to treat veruccas nowadays?

    Bunny Tots shared an advert with Candy Tots and Teddy Tots.

    I thought Frys Chocolate Cream had vanished, but found it again recently. Can't believe I used to think it the height of luxury. Yuck!

  • I believe that Bazooka Joe lives on in the US. (In more ways than one, it seems...)
  • Flying saucers are still going strong.
    One of the young kitchen porters asked me to get 4 tubs of the things from cash & carry the other day. Apparently they're good to cure the munchies after a "smoke".

    How times change.
  • Moose bars , always remember them ! They re issued them in 2000 as a sort of tribute to choccy, i was disappointed though they tasted yuk !

    Anyone remember pink panther bars ?
  • Mrs Barkles recknons

    Peanut cracknell
    Jamboree bags
    Rainbow sherbert found in big jars
    Boots Ginger and pear chocky bars - come on Boots, sort it out.
    Kola cubes
    Pineapple chunks.

    Thanks Mrs Barkles
  • Yes! I loved Pink Panthers. And sherbet fountains with the liquorice straws. And boiled apple pie and custard sweets. And Skoal Bandits. I think they were sweets...
  • Boots Ginger & Pear bars, did you have to remind me?

    Far from feeling nostalgic I'm amazed how many of these sweets are still around. How come they never run out of space on the shelves despite continually adding new ones?

    My sweetshop years were spent in Sweden and I'm delighted to find my childhood favourite 'Plop' bar still available (toffee caramel goo in milk chocolate, and much nicer than Caramac - that's still there isn't it?). Also homeland of Dime bars (spelled Dajm) and Marabou chocolate as any Ikea shopper must have tried.

    The thing that's really spoilt chocolate eating for me are those new style plastic wrappers, sorry, Kit Kat just isn't the same without the foil.
  • yeah and what were those funny sweets in a paper tube with like leaves in them ;)
  • Do they really sell Skums in Sweden, Laura, or were they invented for the Ikea market?

    I remember Pink Panther bars. And Ruffle bars with pink coconut inside.

    Sweet cigarettes live on except they're now called candy sticks and don't have the pink tips. They still taste just as bad.

    Kola cubes, peanut cracknell, midget gems, sherbert layered in jars, toffee bonbons and suchlike are still around if you can find a shop that sells sweets out of big jars by the quarte...er, I mean, 100 grams.

    But let nostalgia go hang. I think modern sweets are much better.
  • Ill risk it for a swisskit!!
    That awful sherbert in tubes(long thin ones)
    Does anyone rememberthe "mixed bag " for 5p?
  • I used to like kit kats 'cos you could rub the foil and the writing would show through, my dad always used to have a two finger one with his dinner and when I started work I knew I had "grown up" as I got one for dinner too ......"sniff"
  • Thanks all for making me feel a lot younger. I bet you all took up running out of guilt for an overdose of sweets as kids

    4 fruit salads or black jacks for a penny
    Sherbert dips
  • Sherbert fountains - yes I know you can still get them, but the licorice is now a stick instead of a straw
  • If you're stuck for a picture Jo, I'm sure I can find you a Sherbert Fountain! Thats my job BTW, finding silly pictures
  • Herbal mints; marathons - never snickers, never!; turkish delight bars - as I remember they were blocks of gooey pink stuff coated in chocolate;
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