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  • and you even look alike

    Its a sign!
  • we do not!!!
    we are unique and special individuals
  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭

    the go mad thing was to the uni 5k on Sunday......

    get a train after running 26 miles image 

  • A nice train journey where you can fall asleep all the way to Brum and stretch your legs out on the seat in front !!
  • Spence runs with the other lot though!!
    she has a fantastic potential coach in her club - one i may pinch for a few runs
    tiggers mate roo has offerred to run with me before and i have turned her downbecause i am nervous of running with someone of her calibre,
    but since she lives not far from me i might ask her
  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭
    Luker is much better looking !
  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭
    who's that then??
  • spence - i was thinking the same thing - i have had the jw weelend, then the BvH 10k then the brum half - i stayed out all day - not a good move
    and then sat over dinner tonight and mr asks me if i have a race on sunday!!

    and then i remembered boy2 is playing football in sutton park so mr is taking boy1 cycling round the park - and i can do what i like

  • tigger's mate roo
    you will know her if you see her
    she has a little dog - tigger
    she mostly runs with long socks on
    she has short brown hair
    she is a FV50

    and a very fast runner - she has vben running a long time i thnk

  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭
    sorry i meant the person from Sh H?
  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭


    everyone's gonna think ya bonkers!!image

  • No change there then!!
  • that's who i meant spence
    her name begins with "m"

    i am sure you know who she is - she races lots

  • Spence wrote (see)
    sorry i meant the person from Sh H?
    ShH... you know who!
  • private conversation or can anyone join in?  crazee folks all this windymare stuff image  Spence - you sound like you're being dragged into the deep end....

  • meldy thinks anyone can do a marathon

    R-K - you know who i mean don't you

  • I have an inkling...
  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭
    you want to see a doctor about that RK !
  • helloooo the west mids

    what's happnin???

  • SpenceSpence ✭✭✭
    hiya image
  • lurker. wrote (see)
    what's happnin???
    nothing here.. image
  • PB Cov HM!image

    National XC Relays, Mansfield, this Saturday AND/OR Centurion 5M this Sunday. What do you think?image

  • yeti - did i see you running up cartland rd this morning - about 7.20???

    WELL DONE ON A NEW PB R--K imageimageimageimageimage

    I will be doing next month's 5 mile r-k, along with half our club as it is in the grand prix, i think i will just do a normal  long run on sunday as i did not feel well last week and could not do one

  • RK, well done. Set mine too at Amsterdam last weekend image

    Just ran my first xc league race on Sat, somehow I dont think I am going to make much of a dent in the league table, came in around 500th out of 600, hahaha.............

    Not remotely bias of course but the Centurion one, free raffle afterwards for anyone who ran.

  • lurker. wrote (see)
    yeti - did i see you running up cartland rd this morning - about 7.20???
    I wish.... Nope, not me. Currently enduring a 4-6 week layoff image
  • just as well i didn't shout and wave then image

  • i did wonder how i was mamaging to creep up on you in the mileage league on fetch
  • There aint much going on in the West Mids, race wise which is quite annoying, races I am considering are (I know they aren' t in West Mids but hey ho...)

    15/11 - Heanor Xmas pud 10k

    29/11 - Clowne Half Marathon

    Was considering Shepshed 7 on Sunday and Rugby 10 on 8/11 but after training for GNR, Brum Half & Cov Half I'm gonna abuse my body for 2 weekends and hit the booze!!

    Anyone got any that aren't on RW events list?

  • yeah - the centurian 5 mile series as mentioned above

    and the xmas yacht handicap races at BvH and sparkhill - but those are for fun rather than pb's - in december

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