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  • Roddick took a set
  • that to tennis or life?
  • evenink from the SYs


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    off to Portugal 2moro. See you all in a week.
  • <waves to Womble>
  • (waves to Womble and Yeo)
  • ned to meet with OWTS today to talk money
  • tbh you wouldn't chose to negotiate with a lawyer
  • he's not just hard in the morning
  • ok

    now NERVOUS

    this is just business, right

  • You'll be fine flr.

  • go and kick botty, Flr

    I'm here trying not to spy on BiL's DHH

    tricky cos she's not got a lot to do cos he's asleep

    off to take Aged M shopping in a mo

    deep joy

  • did Yeo ever return?

    yes it was fine Parddu


  • afternoon all!
  • I've had a terminal falling out with Pets at Homeimage They used to be really good for getting birdie food, accessories etc but have really gone downhill of late. They now no longer sell Pretty Bird food (as recommended by the avian vet! for my little monsters) for any size of bird. When I asked why not, I was told that people didn't buy it. I'm sure I wasn't the only person buying it as the shelves were frequently half empty and they were always having to reorder.

    I've found a helpful online source but I'd rather support local shops and of course I've got to wait for the order to be delivered which means that the budgies are having to live on Trill for the next few days. Not a good idea - according to the vet, that's the equivalent of giving them Big Macs every dayimage

    Rant over.

  • Have you tried contacting them to see if they supply any other shops locally to you Parddu?? Really annoying when that sort of thing happens..
  • The maddening thing is that there aren't any other really local pet shops. There's the one where I bought Sioni but that's just a pet shop tagged on to a garden centre. The farmers' co-ops have some pet supplies but they're very limited. Once Pets at Home opened, the local pet shops started losing custom as they couldn't compete with the cheaper prices and convenient parkingimage

    I'm probably better sticking to online suppliers but I can't dash out for something when i realise that their food supply is running low. I have to be more organised - a very unnatural state for meimage

  • boo to unco-operative petshops

    yes I did come back relatively unscathed, thanks

    just been playing wii tennis with Big Sis

  • The online supplier was much more co-operative. I ordered a perch to replace the one Branwen wrecked and they emailed me back almost immediately to say that that particular perch was out of stock and did I want another item or a refund. (You had to pay with the order) I told them that if they had another 18 inch wooden perch suitable for budgies then I'd take that, otherwise a refund and got an immediate reply apologising for the lack of perches of the required size and saying that a refund was no problem.

    It restored my faith in pet shops to some extent. 

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Evening all


    That's a pain Parddu, I have similar probs trying to find affordable quality hay for Fiver.

    Did you win Yeo? 

  • well if they hadn't broken my concentration by closing the roof...
  • (((budgies)))
  • I have a peeling back from sunburn FROM NORTH WALES
  • although Bobbis cheered up hugely when I asked her if she could cream up my back
  • I don't know WHY we never get quoted in RW?
  • without safe search on
  • although I did have to decide
  • whether I wanted it daily select and small or if I wanted to munch  a banquet image
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