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  • i think 8 months is more than reasonable image you wouldn't want to get it wrong..

    sorry about the accountant business - will pretend to be something more interesting

    <thinks hard>

    I know - can i help, I'm an astronaut? how's that image

  • lol


    and very credible

    we love bean counters on this thread

    so long as they don't flick uninvited image

  • 8 months, 7 months and 27 days of which spent with head in silicon dioxide image
  • flick????image

  • yes


    don't worry, only kidding

    we've had bean counters here before

  • <shuffles off looking confused> image

    mrs w

  • oh sand

    I had to look it up

    I didn't think Bobbis had had 'em done

  • Teen is home
  • Hi all

    i had a quick look back - want to suffer some of your  guys working hours...  heard stories of three day weeks and everything - w@rk is looking to put some of us on 4 day weeks and that sucks - less cash but more time for me and plodding so maybe i shouldn't complain. 

    How do you guys cope??

    Been following the beginners program and am actually doing ok but i only started at week 3.  Heres hoping the rest of the weeks will be ok. I always forget how helpful plodding is when you feel like rubbish.  its just great

     hope you're all well

     shaz image

  • mine is definitely a 5 day week.. although most of that time is spent on here - does that count as w**k?? image
  • eh not in my places eyes..  i am down to 37.5 as per my contract cos they are a bunch of well....  best leave that.  I did at least 42 hours weeks last year and got no extra money...  again leaving that... stepping away - cant talk about it - or at least not anywhere public where kids could see

    now they take me down to 4 days - RANT!!!

    i want my own business tho so if it happens - or in fact even if it doesn't i will do that anyway - having that extra full day would be great

    we cant use anything other than basic internet at work - i cant even check my hotmail - you are quite lucky mrs W - always been a fan of the wombles..  had a little stuffed Uncle Bulgary when i was little

  • sorry to hear all that Shaz

    I'm on a 4 day contract with my main employer - my choice - but also do agency w**k

    so I usually do a 6 day week, tho' 2 of them are usually short

    BUT no chance of internet access - it's not that sort of job

    and I'm back at it after a week holiday tomorrow

  • better go to bed then

    g'night x

  • hop hop hop
  • hey yeo

    yes i think if it gets too 4 day week i will start to work harder at my own business - trying to do something with it just now but time all taken up.

    on one hand 4 day week maybe a blessing...

  • I would prefer to be busy, but my bosses have a different idea of busy to me so i find myself with a lot of free time...

    never good to have your hours cut, but would be nice to have an extra free day

    anyway off to bed now - night!

  • yes g'night .. want your bosses mrs w - although after a month or two prob wouldnt

    am of to sleep too tho

    gnight all

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    Morning Plodworld


    Fiver had to go to the degu dentist yesterday to have a wobbly tooth removed. Pleased to report that both Fiver and the Vet are doing well after the procedure. 

  • morning

    Happy Birthday Big Sis

  • back on the job this morning


  • morning
  • off walking in Yorkshire tomorrow image
  • ooh nice image
  • very nice image


  • Walking in YORKSHIRE? Why aren't you going to LANCASHIRE???
  • I can think of 3 good reasons why you'd choose Yorkshire over Lancashire

    1. There's some scary folk living in Lancashireimage
    2. Yorkshire scenery is much nicer (assuming we are talking abaht North Yorks not West or South)
    3. Betty's

    There are some nice places to walk in Lancashire but you might as well go to Wharfedale or the Lakes.

  • bored bored bored....  roll on 5pm. image

    <goes back to watching the clock>

    mrs w

  • There are no excuses for going to Yorkshire when you come from Lancashire image

  • I come from Cheshire
  • but we go to Harrogate because:


    Fountains Abbey ( I love a bit of perpendicular gothic)


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