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  • sorry end Sept

    hi Mikey

  • (skips round living room in a i'venotbeenonthesofa sort of way looking surprisingly perky, with apron and feather duster)
  • I've actually managed to produce a tangible piece of work today. First time in years. It felt so good, I might even do it again tomorrow.
  • to done

    come home image

  • Done

    Went to w**k - spent most of the day, along with the rest of the Welsh speaking staff, in vain pursuit of a particular poem.

    Made appointment at the bank for Friday - earlier than I expected

    Collected prescription and organised next month's supply

    Need to

    practise oboe

  • Thanks flr. will investigate.

    off plodding now image, got to study and do the hamster before bedtime

    Mrs W

  • lucky hamster image
  • image

    plod done.. now where's that hamster?? image

  • welcome home Yeo!!!
  • (watches Mrs Womble doing the hamster)
  • I suspect it is *not* sensible to go round to the family home to get a baby pic of Kid B for her to use in school today? (It's empty btw)
  • fed the pussy while I was there
  • well worth the trip then

    and ta, flr

  • Bobbis seems to think it odd I went round in my PJs - well I was driving and it is only 1/2 a mile away
  • at least you were wearing some

    missed me, babe?

  • Morning all.

    Off to w**k again.

    These 3 day weeks are hard going.

  • morning all..

  • have just seen an elephant hawk moth in the car park - really pretty!
  • ok

    now NERVOUS

    this is just business, right

  • cuffing refresh bug

    missed Yeo LOADS

  • in fact am trying to do expenses spreadsheet for the sols
  • reckon I need it checking by a bean counter
  • gosh


  • sounds scary grown-up stuff to me
  • whats the matter flr? I'm an accountant image if that helps?
  • wow

    we've had some confessions here in our time...

  • yey

    no is fine is just annual expenses as a basis for divorce settlement

    the form the sols gave me is pretty good

    yes - scary - was given it to be filled in 31st



  • (counts on dingers)
  • am sure 8 months is a reasonable lead time
  • or do you think she'll find it a bit too long for her to be really satisfied?
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