Coping with injury blues

Hi folks

 It's a lovely sunny day, and instead of being out running in the woods with my club and friends, I'm sat at home feeling sorry for myself. In the course of a year I've had 3 months off with Plants Fascitis, a month off with a sore knee, and just as I was getting going again I'm now off again suffering from groin pain.

I've got an appointment with sports podiatrist on tuesday for gait assessment etc. Hope this is helpful because seen physio, sports massage and chiroprator so I'm running out of options.

There's an alchoholics annonymous, and a gamblers anonymous - how about an injured runner's annonymous?? image



  • Start up the IRA (oops!!!) I'm in....I'm supposed to be doing the GNR soon and my calves are causing me grief! I'm even considering a walk/run program to make sure I get round!

    I'm sure a gait analysis will be helpful in spotting things which are affecting your running, rather than the massage etc which just fix the problems after they have occured. Let me know how you get on as I've never had one myself - good luck x

  • Cheers Bola - I certainly hope that gait analysis and corrective shoeing helps - i'm prepared to try anything now.

     I was supposed to be doing robin hood marathon next month, but I've written that off. I've only managed to string about 3 injury-free months together in the last 12, so any races are currently out of the question.

    I hope you manage to get around the GNR - run/walk is better than nothing at all I guess (the reason I say 'I guess' is because that is what I would probably think if someone suggested that to me) ha ha

     Good luck

  • Hi Amy,

     Yeah, I've just spent and organised so much to do the GNR this year (had deferred from last year because of injury!!) so I really want to do it. Reluctantly tried the walk/run way today and managed a comfortable 2 hours. Looks like this could be the answer for me although I'm not too happy about it.

    Can you defer your marathon entry? I've heard that race is really good so I assume it was hard to get into? 

    All the best for your assessment tomorrow image  

  • Amy

    Just to say a chiro and podiatrist in taandem should get to the root of the problem (this has been discussed all over this sight).

    I have orthotics and see a chiro on ongoing basis after pdoaitrist saw feet were out and causing problems all up the length of leg which resulted in groin strain.

    Find a good podiatrist, get some custom orthotics (2 pairs if you can afford it) then work with a chiro to re-educate your bones etc. and unfortunately all of it takes time but results do come.

    Good luck. 

  • I sympathise Amy - 3 months since I last ran because of PF as well.

  • Can i join too!

    Had a fall last week and cut my leg open down to the bone just below the knee had to have operation to get all the dirt out and now feeling v sorry for myself it is just not repairing fast enough i still can't walk on it!!


  • Vicci, of course you can join - welcome to the sidelines. I wish you luck with the leg. That sounds rotten

    Oh Pavey - PF? You have my every sympathy. I got the dreaded PF following a studid dance floor exploit at a wedding reception. Running a notoriously hilly half marathon on a badly twistered ankle is not recommended. That little exploit cost me 4 months on the sidelines

  • Amy that sounds nasty.  I've no idea how I got my PF - damn thing!!  Good news though is I've just been told by the fizz that I can start running again (only for 10 mins but hey, it's a start!!).

    Victoria that sounds really bad - how did you do it?

  • Bola Zudd wrote (see

    I'm sure a gait analysis will be helpful in spotting things which are affecting your running, rather than the massage etc which just fix the problems after they have occured. Let me know how you get on as I've never had one myself - good luck x

    Hi Bola - Had podiatry and gait assessment last night. I've been diagnosed with excess pronation on left foot. I'm going for the custom orthotics - a bit of a pricy option, but like most runners I'm prepared to try anything. I get my new feet in 10 days - but no running in the meantime.


  • i am stupid and just did it while runing downhill through the forest with my dog attached on the waist belt. I was flying doing really quick min miles and just tripped and fell face first just landed on my knee and that is the only injury i have. STitches out tommorro so will have a better idea of how it moves been a bit too scared to bend it much in case it tears as it's just under the knee - VERY SILLY!!!image
  • OWWWW!!!  I sympathise - I remember years and years ago taking a dog for a walk while I was on my bike - damned dog saw a cat and I went over the handlebars.  Nothing worse than a dented chin and pride, but I remember how much it hurt!!

  • hi folks - well you all sound like you have or have had it bad! Amy - I am supposed to be doing the Robin Hood Half in 17 days. This would be my first one and I have been training really hard since April - hills and everything (and I mean BIG hills - I live on the north Cornish Coast - not very runner friendly).  I joined a running club and have been out at least 3 times a week. 3 weeks ago I did 8 FLAT miles (very proud). Then my back just PINGED and I took a week off as I could barely walk. Last week I thought I would take it easy and did 2 miles, 2 miles and just over 3 miles(all flat as I didn't want to push it). Then after my 3 miler, I started to notice a pain in my groin. It's Thursday now and I can barely put any pressure on it. I am booked in tomorrow to have it looked at but have been awake most of the night in pain. What I am most worried about is the fact that I have raised money for a charity. What happens? Do I pay £70 petrol just to walk it and raise the money or do I contact everyone who has sponsored me and explain that I will book another run due to injury. ? Gutted. This was for my cousin's little lad (9)who died - so really feeling  pressure here. Try and do somethign special and it's snatched from me. Sprry - feeling rather sorry for myself.

    Please help me!!!! Karenimage

  • Aw....  really sorry to hear it Karen.

    Starting with you, no, don't walk it, you'll do more harm than good and be out of action for much longer than if you do what you know you need to, and rest it.  Okay, there would be less impact than running it, but you'd be on your feet for much longer, so it's not going to do you any good.

    As far as the money you've raised goes, when most people sponsor someone it's either to support the runner and give them a bit of motivation, or because they believe in the charity's cause, or both.  I'd suggest telling people what's happened, and offer to pay the money back if they want it.   If anyone takes you up on it, I'd eat my smelly running socks!  Hope whoever you're seeing today puts you on the road to recovery.

    It's so much easier dishing out advice than taking it.image  I've messed up my Achillies, not a serious thing but after ultrasound yesterday the fizz says no running until the weekend at the earliest.  I haven't been able to run all week, it's a gorgeous morning, I've got brand new sorbathane (SP?) insoles and I've got withdrawal symptoms that are worse than when I gave up smoking and wanted a fag NOW!!!!

    Apparently the OH reckons that living with me while I can't run is actually worse than living with someone who's giving up smoking could possibly beimage

  • Hi Amy Ogden

    Could you please let us know how you got on with you gait analysis ie price wise as I am thinking of it myself depending on the cost.


  • Karen I had groin pain before and it was as a result of a lower back problem.oesteopath sorted it out.........not cheap but it was worth every penny..........I was surprised at the time that my lower back could affect my groin area so much........

    good luck everyone................I had problems with my achillies last year and was out all winter..........couldn't run or cycle from september to the end of January............managed to do ironman in the july without any repercussions..........horrible to rest but sometimes its the best option............I was so enthusiastic when I did start training againimage

    and karen ......just find another race to do in a few months and tell all the sponsers you have just changed the date because of will still then be able to raise the money for the charity and will give you a new motivation once fitimage

  • thaks for your replies - yes I think I will say it's postponed rather than cancelled and book myself onto another one - just a shame as I was doing it for family and family are all in Notts and i was going to run with family members - but hey ho! Not the end of the world really is it? Just fed up I suppose as I work in school and have had a 6 weeks at home (great you would think) and been in pain for almost half of it! I am seeing Osteopath tomorrow night - how long did it take for your groin injury to clear up Seren?
  • I left mine until I could'nt walk before sorting it out.....I went twice and I was as good as about 5 days.......

    that was 14 years ago.........after the first visit I wasn't totally convinced that it had helped but after the second brilliant......since then I go once a year to the oesteopath just for a checkup......unless I have a problem somewhere........the groin pain has never reoccurred thankfully.......

  • You have just made my day as I cannot think of anything worse than having this pain for much longer. So glad I posted on here. I am usually like you - I wait for things to heal on their own and take no pain killers etc but race day looming has made me get in quick.

    Thanks again. I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

  • I've decided the getting fed up and frustrated at not being able to run is a good thing. I've been lucky not to have had to stop for as long as you have so far but when talking about it to someone the other day I realised that if I wasn't continually hacked off at having to rest injury would be the only excuse I'd need to just give it up altogether and I'd hate myself for doing that.
  • Ha - I cannot give up now tyler - I have exceeded my target for my charity and it keeps going up! GULP. However, I have rested today and it seems to have got a lot better so I AM on the mend. Just spoke to my friend who did the LFM and she says as long as I have that precious 8 miles under my belt and do what the Osteopath suggested to train on hubby's turbo trainer and this cycling should keep my fitness up, I will be okay and not to worry about any times (so long as I am not last as she will be embarrassed to call me her friend!). I reckon Osteo will click me all over tomorrow ad I will be right aagin - optomistic I know but I have somehow come out of my depressed and frustrated stage so I am not going back there! I am going to Notts in 2 weeksimage watch this space
  • let us know what the oesteo says tomorrow karen...keep positiveimage
  • Hi Amy Ogden

    Could you please let us know how you got on with you gait analysis ie price wise as I am thinking of it myself depending on the cost.


     Hi Roundone - I had my podiatry and gait assessment on Thurs. He's diagnosed excess pronation in my left foot. This is the most likely reason for all my left sided injuries. I'm being fitted for custom orthotics - total cost 310 quid - but when i add up what my running injuries have cost me over the last couple of years, i'm hoping they may pay for themselves quite quickly.

     Karen J - Your injuries sound like they are really getting you down and I totally sympathise. I've had to drop out of the robin hood half this year too. I seem to spend more time on the sidelines than on the track. I am assuming that this may be your first running-related injury?  When I got planta fascitis last year I'd been running for years. I thought I would never run again. I was devastated and almost fell to pieces. But injuries heal given time and patience. I'm injured again now unfortunately - but this time I believe that I will get right.

    I wish you all the very best - Good luck

  • Just an idea

    Amy, I'm not sure were you live, but Karen I can see is far enough away to mean we'd never meet up at a race unless it's a real biggie e.g. FLM.   How about this for a plan - we all get an idea of when we're going to be fixed, then pick the same day to run different races in our various parts of the country and give each other lots of virtual shouts of encouragement when we're all fixed?   We could also sponsor Karen as her cause sounds pretty special

  • Hi Hashette - Great Idea about being 'virtual race partners' - Count me in

    Karen - yours is an excellent cause - I'll sponsor you

    I'm actually well on the way to being mended now, and I hope to be run/walking by next weekend. Unfortunately I've got to wait 10 days for my new orthotics to be made, so that's slowing me down.  Hows the achilles? Never had it myself, but I know they can be roublesome little blighters

  • Amy thank you and you too Hashette.The link to my page is:

    I even had a 94 year old knock on my door last week with a ound - it's so special

    I am totally taken aback by people's kindness. If everyone who ran did so for charity, it would help so many people.

    Glad you are feeling better Amy - I may see you yet at Nottingham eh and take a look at your new  orthotics ? Where are you from? I am originally from Beeston so I know the course well.

    As for virtual race partners - what a great idea Hashette! For me personally it will encourage me to enter something else after I have done Robin hood (which of course I AM going to get to!!!) and keep me going.

    PS - my groin feels so much better for resting it today and finally my kids are diong jobs around the house! Almost worth it.

  • Hi karen

     Your dedication and enthusiasm inspire me. Depending how my first few runs with my new orthotics go, I may even re-consider my decision and come with you to Notts. I'm only about an hour away from Notts, and it was the first half I ever did about 10 years ago.


  • Hi folks - well I have just got in from the Osteo and after "bouncing" me (this is all new to me), she suggested I DON'T do the half in Notts. She said that there is a very high risk of it returning and me not making the finish line and that I could potentially put myself back months! Now she knows her stuff within sport as she was an international rowing champ so she understands my frustration. HOWEVER - what do you guys think? Should I perhpas go and run/walk the race?? Still raising money for charity and not completely wasting my £25 entry! Or should I just run very slowly (my pace is normally around 9.45 a mile so it will lterally be a snails pace). What would you do? You see my pain has gone but I do understand that a tear in my ligament (which is what it is) as well as a strained muscle (my back) needs to heal correctly.

    Amy - I WANT to run with you. What would you do in my situ? God and back to work next week with loads of kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What should we do and what would we do are two very different questionsimage

    Okay, with my sensible head on, an osteo saying you shouldn't run it should be listened to, and if you tear the ligament again then then you'll be right back at square one.  Has she said when you can start gentle training runs again?

    It's not that easy, though, is it?  My ankle seems better now, but ironically I've done something to the same foot in a different place - I wore heels at work yesterday, nipped into town to photograph a building, walked back with it complaining bitterly and since then it's felt like my toe's out of joint, it literally clunks if I scrunch my toes up.  I've just iced it and tentatively done a few exercises up and down on my toes and it seems fine.

    Sooo...... should I see if it can manage a little gentle movement, just down to the next village and back?  No, I should rest it and see how it feels tomorrow. 


    If I b*gger it up I promise I won't come back in here moaning and expecting sympathy.  Well, not expecting sympathy, anyway!

  • Hashette - sorry about your toe! I wore heels for years all day everyday when I worked and lived in Nottingham. now it's trainers or flip flops! but my feet have not forgiven me for years of torture.

    The Osteo suggested that I do some gentle cycling in the gym which is where I am off to in a mo. She suggested that I don't put my feet in the grips (whatever they are called) so that they are not lifting any weight at all.

    I will make a call on half marathon next week i think (I will see Osteo Friday  again). I think I know deep down I can't really do it - but .................... oh I dunno. My hubby seems to want me to drop out but I tink reality is that he can't be arsed to drive to Nottingham and have to stay with my family! Ha. (although he denies this).

  • Well what can I say folks.... We all seem to be very good at dishing out the good advice, but DREADFUL at taking it. But I guess that's runners for you.

    Sorry to hear that your foot is painful Hashette - Please feel free to moan all you like though,  you never know, you may find we are more sympathetic than you expect.  I prescribe rest, dairy-milk and flat shoes in future.

    Regarding your situation Karen, if your osteopath has said don't run notts then you should not run notts!!!!! Otherwise you are just paying good money for professional advice and then ignoring it. You should take enough time off to properly heal, and then come back stronger and fitter. There are loads of other races you could do. I'm doing the worksop half at the end of october. It's a lovely route through Clumber Park (I must admit that I'm on my home turf around there, so the recommendation is subject to bias).

    I'm sponsoring you anyway - yours is a great cause, and I know you will achieve your goal

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