Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • I was relatively pleased with my 99 words, but struggled with my weaknesses, though having followed the thread on here for a few days I realise that I should have added weak on text speak, not enough product reviews etc, perhaps just generally being too shiny new, metaphorically speaking of course as some areas seemed to have dulled with age.  I think my grammar is ok but not sure if I could have added that to strengths!
  • I was good at weaknesses couldnt think of any strengths except Im sporting a rather dashing beard at the moment
  • At least my handwriting is better than our beloved PM. Anyhoo, am not a man. Am a chick. Now vote for me (well, if I get shortlisted).

    Totally agree - 100 words bit was a bit tricky. Trying to get something that is eye catching and not a total fib is quite hard. I couldn't even think of anything funny to write, so I added a joke to the email. How sad!

  • In fact, perhaps I will be like the PM...get in VLM by default. No public vote required image
  • Well I'm in for it too. Fingers crossed image

  • Well, I had no trouble identifying my weakness...  Blisters!  Got some new running shoes and stocked up on Compeed and I seem to have got it under control now.  

    Fingers crossed and good luck to all who entered.   

  • Smileyjoggergirl, if you have iPhone you can get ap called runkeeper which is great for tracking your run image
  • wonder if the lucky ones get notified tomorrow.

    100 words is a bit restricting but the other questions didnt have any restrictions i noted!!

  • Is anyone doing the Hellrunner this week, is this classed as good endurance training, or just plain stupid?

    I am also giving the Turbo X next week, kit might take a bit of a bashing in the washing machine.

  • Does anyone who lives in the Lake District know a good race over Christmas, i am staying up there and would love to do a real "Fell race"?
  • Ive always fancied a Fell race oop north like
  • I knew I hadn't read the form properly!  I've just looked again at the tell us why you want the place box at the bottom and realise now that I had up to 100 words to sell myself.  I used 6!  image  I hope they will be lenient!
  • I had 99 words of carp ah well Neolithic here we come
  • I too don't see the relevance between boosting your ratings by reviewing socks and the ability to commit to and sustain a training and reporting programme over a 4 month period.

    A 100 word summation of your case seems a fair compromise.  The judges have to read 100s, possibly 1000s of the things, but still need to assess whether the winners will be able to express themselves in coherent, thoughtful prose.

    A few similar threads from previous years which have shown this ability are those of SueC, Wardi and SaintJason, as well as the Mike Gratton coaching threads going back to 2005.  All those posters had a presence on the forum which led people to follow their campaigns and a history of writing thoughtful intelligent posts and striving in their training to get the best out of themselves.  I guess there were other threads did this too, but those are the ones I particularly followed as they had goals I could relate to.

  • What a great opportunity! Good luck everyone!
  • Well I'm going for itimage! I can't get a place any other way atm and I don't care if you think I'm a

    1 post wonderimage.

    Wish me luck,,,I have a feeling I'll need it??.. See you in Greenwich Park.Thanks Lucozade........image~

  • did anyone get an email confirmation at all , when they sent their entry in ?

    think my computer is a bit dodgy image

  • I got a read receipt image
  • no email confirmations received I believe........HM.........those shortlisted should know by Friday.

    PSC..........not like you to shortsell yourself..........I hope those 6 words were really good...........better than my 100 probablyimage

  • Is it a Mesh Hayley?...
  • I'm definitely going to enter, having a place in the VLM is very scary and help with achieving it will hopefully make the whole thing more enjoyable.

     This is the first time I've read all the posts like this before and even if I don't in as one of the Super Six (which is unlikely), I'll definitely be getting involved to keep up my motivation for those long cold winter runs.

  • This sounds ace, I've just sent my application.

    There's gonna be 6 very lucky people at the end of this!!!!!

  • yes
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've sent my application in!  I really enjoyed Sue C's thread this year and it really helped me. At least we don't have too long to wait.

  • kittenkat wrote (see

    Is this the point I get cynical and vilified... or not?


    From the way you regulars are talking RW are going to pick six newbies just to piss you off.......

    I'm liking my

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