Calling all Virgin London Marathon 2010 hopefuls



  • Rowan - stop flapping for Gawd's sake! Either they like you or they don't......image

  • LOL, I know!
  • I'm in! Just scraping in before the deadline as is usual for me. Never done a marathon before or anything approaching that kind of distance. I've done a couple of 5k's a 10k and a sprint triathlon this year (well i'm proud of myself ha ha). I know I've got a snowballs chance in hell of winning a place but to me it would be life changing and if I don't do it now I never will. If I can haul my rear round 26.5 miles of London's finest asphalt in less than 5 hours I can do anything!!!! Here's hoping!!!!
  • Entered image - thank heavens Word counts words for me.
  • When do we find out who is shortlisted???image
  • I have a sense they won't have as many applicants this year, but I could be wrong about that.

    It took forever last year.

  • Seren, the tip about activity definitely works, moved from 9000 something upto 175 this morning.

     As I was running this morning, wearing some Adidas gear to get in the mood for a load of free gear coming my way!!, my thoughts went back to this process of picking the shortlist. 

    Perhaps it is geographical, and they definitely want somebody who lives in Suffolk! Now as there's not that many people that live here, and even less that can be bothered to run, perhaps my chances are increased. Well it gave me something to think about while I was running. 


  • Friday apparently! All shortlisted applicants also receive a pretty decent goody bag as well, so it's worth having a go?. As they say, you gotta be init to winnit!..........
  • You all want my crown!image

    B*gger off!imageimage

  • Dont know about them wanting anyone from Suffolk, its a bit of a flat county, they need somewhere a bit more picturesque like Derbyshire with a few rolling hills, rocky edges and peaks. Had to drive to Suffolk three times a year for my job, the hq was in Sudbury, what a dead town that is. Does anything happen there? I am sure there is some nice villages and towns but hey Derbyshire is far superior.image
  • Mark, exactly my thoughts, they need to get us out of the place occasionally!
  • Oh dear, just read through my form and realised I filled in one part wrong.  I guess that ruins any chances of getting in, or do you think they would accept a revised entry?
  • which bit did you get wrong?
  • Forgot to put the dates for my running times at the various distances.  Do not know how much importance they will place on this.
  • weellllll, if you believe what they say, not so much importance...
  • So I've just found the Active members section image, and somehow I'm 122???
  • yes, but if they are looking for excuses to get rid of applicants as a first sweep, then people you cannot even get the form right in the first place would be at the front of the queue for the axe.
  • Dundee, I think  that was one of the mandatory fields!

  • Thanks John, that fills me with confidence - how do you know what is a mandatory field, or have I missed something? I may just try and send it in again and see what happens.
  • Dundee just kidding.  I'm sure they're just trying to assess the general ability of the field, a pb this year or last is probably no great difference to them.

  • DR, just pretend you're new to running
  • Anyway, only 1:15 to go now so we will all soon be put out of our misery, unless we get on the shortlist and then there will be a very very nervous few days waiting to see if you get the vote from the others on the forum.  I think that will be even more nerve wracking.
  • yes, I'm thinking I shoulda changed my forum name, so I appeared less foreign...

  • Is it fair to say that if it goes to the vote from other forumites, someone who is popular, magnanimous, friendly, motivational, inspirational, rational, emotional, extovert, expressive and disciplined would get more votes from others? if so, then I think you are all very nice people and I love you all. Well most of you anyway. Especially those of you who think I'm OK!...,image~
  • Flanks, a good point there, who would you vote for in the head to head at the end?  There might be all sorts of reasons for voting, they have a similar target time for a marathon as you, they live in the same part of the country, they are a similar age, they have helped you in the past on this forum, (you fancy them?).  Why would you vote for someone?
  • Yep DR, top of my list would have to be,,,,,if I fancied them!,,,,Transparent as hell me...image But the comp is well organised and I don't think that geography or times etc has been important in the past? Seems that very different people from all over have got places and just bonded as a team for the event. It's a great exercise in psychology as well tho, but how the hell could you know who everyone else is voting for????image ~
  • I have sought plenty of advice and support in the past from forumites, so I would vote for anyone who had helped me in the past...unless I get in.
  • In an unrelated matter, to anyone whos a cyclist as well, which is worse, foreigners, or pedeastrians who won't move off the footpath for you?
  • Why are you cycling on a footpath?  You have opened a whole new can of worms with that one.

    I cycle on a cycle path which is shared with pedestrians.  I find people with dogs are by far the worst.

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