'Round The Coast Of Great Britain Run

Influenced highly by Mr izzard's venture, and a need to really do summat, I thought about a group of RW runners doing a relay around the Great Britain coastline (or as safely near to as possible) . Starting and finishing at the same point. A lady called helen someone walked the coast and that was about 4000 miles. If say we each did 200 miles from 1 point to another, then another took over, it should be doable. Each will work their own 200 mile route out -perhaps near to where they are. Also we could muster peops to put up runners en route.

One or two seem interested. So here is the thread. Any mappy type peops can contribute and  perhaps think of a charity etc.

good publicity for RW tooimage

who is potentially in (dont matter if fast or slow or if you walk a bit)?



  • *Pulls a sofa in and sits right on the edge, with an interested facial expression*

    Baggsy Essex coast

  • fine FF - I could do N. Wales -NW England bit.image

    as long as we get enough we can work out meeting points for each leg

  • Seems the distance may be closer to 5000 miles
  • well we will need a few more then. Is doable I am certainimage
  • well if I did Lladudno to blackpool -that would be about 150 miles +image
  • I passed a runner this summer who seemed to be doing the same thing - didnt reallyy take it in until I ran past his support motor home - so he would be a mine of information. Presuming he's survived and not fallen off a cliff edge. Scotland is going to be the hardest to cover though - apparently Scotland is MASSIVE - but nobodys ever been there - so its hard to confirm the speculation.

    Its a heck of a big task - but it could be done !
  • could be done cougie yes. Best have various peops doing a bit of coast . Single handed would be poss but would cost a fortune and take about a year. Whereas here 20+ runners could do a stretchimage

    wonder who that fella is?

  • "or as safely near to as possible"

    Gah!  I curse your sensible caveats!  I was just about to start a facetious but highly fascinating (ok, geeky) argument as to whether this would be impossible, due to the classic mathematical conundrum of the coastline being infintiely long due to its self-similar fractal nature.  Ok, notwithstanding there are problems with this argument (well explained here), I don't suppose you'd be insisting that runners follow the coastline down to the atomic level, so I'll shut up.

    BTW I'm not volunteering to run 200 miles, but a quick route suggestion. Given that it's illegal to run along motorways (Dartford Crossing/M25), and the Blackwall tunnel isn't going to be much fun either, I'd suggest the best crossing point for the River Thames would be through the Greenwich foot tunnel.  I'll carry the baton over to East London for you.  image 

  • i guess there will e good and bliddy awful bits Phil. as near to coast as safely poss will do -or we would be in trouble . No atomic level though.lol
  • Cripes I was going to say yes but 200 miles would take me months, how about I take West Wales Aberystwyth to Borth (about 15 miles)?
  • it depends on how many we get Camloimage The more we get the less we have to do.
  • Good !! Could do as a single day event if we had enough peeps lined up all around the coast ?
  • if we had peops do a mara and pass baton on -200 peops should get round GB.  A day per peop I guess. Solve accom probs a lot.
  • If this was to happen, seems like it would be quite an acheivement, wouldn't it make some sense to make it a charity event for the press factor, Now i'm not nominating one but they must have the know-how etc to offer support, knowledge on big events such as this.
  • yip FF- would be good if we got someone like that and a charity on board. I am just an ideas peop and can read maps. Surely we have the peops of the forum that could do it. Thing is to first get publicity and a number of willing peops etc.
  • Good King Hooselessness - I'd love to run bout 50 of that with you if youd have me.image

    Would you be planning to split it over a couple of days?? I live not far from Liverpool and would gladly offer you a bed/couch for the night and a big evening meal of your choice if it all goes ahead!!image 

  • that would be great Paul. Early days and I guess how much each of us will do depends on how many participants we could get. It would be a great doable RW stint wouldnt it?

    We could have a vest or baton that could be passed to next peop.

    "Around Great Britain in 100 days" would be a great title and possible.

  • this thread or another could be used to keep track of each peops's leg and give support.
  • Nice ideas in both the last posts!! Reckon a baton would be the way to go, I would'nt like to get the last leg and a sweaty vest!!imageimage

    Yeh 40 miles a day would/should be a realistic and achievable goal!!image Count me in if thats how it goes!!image

  • well between 40 & 50 miles can be done a day . We would need around 100 peops to "do a day". So it wont matter how slow or fast it is done  though some will have more rest time left than others at end of day.

    should be able to get an 100 willing to do that.

  • I'll join with Camlo.  If we do 20 miles each thats our joint 40 miles for the day. image
  • Me think we may need some form of list with relative areas we would like to run in. Something like

    Flat Footed - Essex

  • cat see why not. Thing is that we all have to pick a stretch to do. Best Start and finish at main coastal towns/cities if poss. 
  • yip FF

    FF Essex

    Hoose -North Wales-Liverpool (ish)

    Paul Williams Liverpool-   ?

  • I'll do the West Midlands
  • Well, we got lots o canals and a beach under Spaghetti Junction. Doesn't quite have the majesty of North Yorkshire or Cornwall though does it.
  • no GP -nowt stopping you picking a 50 mile(ish stretch of coast though)image
  • Doing the Cotswold 50 in June, so it would depend on when the run is and how soon again I can walk after.
  • Make it the Isle of Wight and I'm in!
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