Rutland Water Marathon



  • Great stuff image What's up next for you then?
  • Two Castles Sunday, BBCHM 3rd July...

    forgive brevity... drunken haze...

  • Anyone do the South Cheshire 20 and if so any idea how the route for RWM is likely to compare in terms of undulations?  I found the South Cheshire 20 fairly flat but reading the forum reports afterwards, a lot of people found it really hilly.  I train in the Pennines, but would like to do a fast marathon this autumn to make up for a slow performance in Edinburgh.

  • Hi all,

    The missis and I are looking at this one. I assumed it was pretty flat given the general area and the photos's of Rutland Water on various websites. I did think looking back earlier that perhaps undulations are slightly less than I would call a hill (living in Yorkshire) and I'm hoping that's the case. Certainly felt this looked an interesting one.

    AC - I got PB at Abingdon last year so maybe take a look at that one, pretty flat.

  • Hi Wharfy -

    There are always misunderstandings over how hilly is hilly. It all comes down to what you're used to, and what hill training you've done. If you're used to hills, 'undulations' are most likely nowt to worry about. If not, then they'll seem like mountains! There are even 'flat' bits in God's Country...

    I've not done Abingdon but know several who have, and it has a reputation as a fast course.

    BTW, is that the the Cow & Calf?

  • Well I've entered now, so I'll just have to make sure my training ensures a good time. 


  • Wickedgen, I'm in the same position. I'd better get the training in.

    Road-kill, how did your race go yesterday?
  • Wickedgen, I'm in the same position. I'd better get the training in.

    Road-kill, how did your race go yesterday?
  • Thanks for asking, Sarah, I took it easy, but it went better than expected, really. 8 mins slower than last year, and 9 mins off my PB, but more importantly not too much pain! Actually there may have been an element of alcohol anesthaesia...

    I'm going to miss the BRAC 5km on Thursday, and most likely the Arden 9, saving myself for the BBCHM 3rd July. I'll be upset if I have to miss that, or even jog it. There are a few others I've either entered or would like to, but we'll see how it goes.

    Do you have any races built in to your RWM training schedule?

  • Hi - yes that's the Cow and Calf - about 3 miles from where I live running distance.
  • What have you done Road-Kill?

    Yep I have a few planned in. I am doing a 5k in about a month, just to see what time I can do it in these days. Then in mid-August I am going to do a 10k and a half in October. I am hoping for PBs in both of those. I am also doing a few short triathlons just for fun really and the Great North Swim in September.

    Wharfy, what an amazing place to live close to.
  • Compensating for achilles tendonitis earlier in the year led to a pulled hamstring.

    I used to go rock climbing at the Cow & Calf, and at the crags behind. Seems a long time ago now, as well as a long way away!

  • *peaks head in *
  • Hey Spence
  • I'm still thinking about this image I should have signed up when I was still high on 'Windy' now I'm not so sure..........
  • You know you want to!

    I do too, I'm just not sure my leg will let me! Then again it's 5 months away, which should be time for my leg to sort itself out and still leave enough to train up for it. I'm going up to York to see my mum this weekend - I'll try and make a decision before I get back...

    There, a decision to make a decision. That's some good prognostication!

  • I'm rubbish at making decisions, Road Kill. I was umming and ahing over this one and in the end just went for it. Hope you're leg improves soon.

    Spence, go on enter. You know you want to really image

    I need some people on here to keep me motivated image
  • DO IT, Spence.
  • XB, you in too?
  • Hmmmmm, i wonder
  • I'm inimage

    And Spence, remember the high from Windy? It's waiting for you at Rutland.

  • oh yes, the high. The one where you quickly forget the pain of the last 26.2 miles and decide you want to do another one image
  • does that actually really happen?
  • Spence .. do it !!!
  • go on it..........hit him..........!
  • Well you definitely feel a high afterwards, or I do anyway. It maybe takes me a little longer to forget the pain. Say about 3 or 4 days once my legs have stopped hurting! Then I start thinking about the next one. Crazy me!
  • Marcusuno wrote (see)
    go on it..........hit him..........!

    dont you have concrete to fill or something?
  • Bloody stalkers !

  • Go for it !!

    I've got Otley 10m road race tonight.  It's pi''ing it down and I haven't run for a week and a half after an achilles problem (sound familiar ?), aiming to just jog round for the exercise - supposed to be building up for the Durham Dales Challenge (30m) at end of June. 

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