Rutland Water Marathon



  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    think i will enter this, despite it being near to the snowdon marathon. am going for my 100 marathons... still a way off! but this should give me my 7th of the year.
  • wow. 7 in 1 year.  i was chuffed that this would be my 2nd this year!
  • Wow, 7 in a year, that's some going Mr F. Well done.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    nobody said they would be a quick 7! theres 3 ultras in amongst that, but disapointment last weekend at the adidas thunder run so im keen to get some more races in before christmas so set the record straight a bit!
  • Hello All - just need to check up with a friend but I think I'll sign up for this one over the weekend. Will be my fourth marathon (second this year after Prague in May) and looking forward to doing something a bit different.

    We were going to do Dublin but my girlfriend is injured so won't be running so I'm looking for something closer to home.

    The only other race I have planned is the Grunty Fen Half in September which is as flat as flat can be. Anyone got any ideas for suitable warm up events - half or longer and similar hilliness?

  • Am just about to sign up for Rutland Marathon.  Very scared tho as 1st marathon was done this year (London).  But this one is on my doorstep.  I live nearby so if anyone has any questions about the area or where to stay etc. feel free to contact me here, via twitter @Mysitcomlife or my blog.  Not sure I like the idea of doing one where I'm known...quite liked the annonymity of London image  Just would like to complete in one piece and a reasonable time.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    kenilworth half in oct is a pretty hilly road half that see you in good stead im sure!
  • OK - I'm booked .... now down to some training! Will look into Kenilworth Half as well - thanks Mr F.
  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    timing wise this may work for me but I'm concerned about lack of info. No profile (I know it's been discussed), no route plan, no confirmed start time, number of entries, and for me, most worryingly, 1 set of loos in the car park!

    If the organisers read this, please can we have some more details?

  • I've just found a Route Plan and Elevation on Facebook .... search for "Fatfeet Blisters" and look at the pictures.

    I agree that the website could do with a bit more detail ....

  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    Thanks Mark-C for the link. It looks a stunning place to run.

    If this were a shorter distance I'd be signing up instantly, but for a full marathon, my first, I'd be keen to have a large number of people running with some crowd support.

    Come on organisers . .  more detail

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    if its any consolation their recent 70mile ultra has received some very good reviews from people ive heard from...
  • This will be my and my husband's first marathon. I am excited, but I've just seen from the fat feet website that the route includes two circuits of Hambleton Peninsula - aka, the hilly bit. I hate multiple circuits and that is the worst bit, and right in the middle! Argh. 
  • I agree with you Craner - although this is on my doorstep and I know the terrain, I wasn't expecting the double loop nor did I expect it at the Hambleton Peninsula.  Of course, I only found this out after I registered...!  Oh well, at least I have the opportunity to practice it, but as a newbie marathon runner I'm more than a little scared of what I've taken on.
  • Craner and Joanna, you can do it. Just make sure you include some hills in your training and if you're local get up there and practise on it. Not sure if it helps you, but this is my 4th and I am also scared as my other three have all been flat or fairly flat. The organiser said this one was fairly flat too but have since found out otherwise. We can do it though. I just need to adjust my time expectations to the course.
  • Thanks Sarah and Joanna, I know I can do it, it's just not going to be quite as fun, or as fast, as I had hoped! I live in north London so I've got plenty of hills to practise on...
  • Craner, I know exactly what you mean. Whereabout in North London are you? I'm in Edgware so have a few hills to get out and about on. With the course as it is think I am going to focus on enjoying the scenery and a great run in the countryside and if I do a decent kind of time for me then that will be a bonus.
  • Sarah & Craner - I'm going out (hopefully) tonight to run the peninsula..not done it before.  Hopefully, I'll be able to give you an idea of what it's like on my return.  I'm not a fast runner so will probably aim at 10m/m but I'll try to use my tracker and give you some idea of terrain etc....just don't laugh if it takes me ages image
  • I'm from Stamford originally (now live in Crouch End) and know it well, enjoy the lovely views Joanna  - we're going the right way around it, if that makes sense. There's a hill at the beginning that is great to run down but would be hell coming the other way! The sign that says "steep hill, cyclists dismount" is your first clue...
  • Have a great run, Joanna and I'm not fast either. I do most of my long or easy runs at that pace image
  • Hello all, organiser here.

    Its only just been confirmed as a 9.00am start. An early start yes but Anglian water initially wanted it to start at 8.00am to have as little impact on the Cycle route as possible. Also on Nov 7th the sun will set around 4.30pm and as we have a 7 hour cut off time for the slower runners a 9.00am start is the way it has to be.

    The route is stated as undulating on the website but is nothing more than that. I've read a few exagerations on here that suggest lake district type hills. Well it simply isn't true. The route is beautiful, on a mixture of terrain which is all hard surface (tarmac/trail) and the biggest hill (at around the 22 mile point) is a 30 meter incline over a distance of 300-400 meters with the rest just being regular undulations throughout. Hardly everest. (see below for elevation profile)

    There is a map on the website if you wanna see the route.

    Anyway its looking popular. We have around 450 entrants so far and I think I'll cut off the entry at around 700-750 as its a first event,.. hope to see you there. 

    If your PB chasing I would probably suggest entering another race as the undulations are not what you want to see. If you want a marathon thats a bit different from the norm then give it a go.

    Catch ya later. image

  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    Hi and thanks for posting, it's much appreciated.

    Any details on frequency of loos as I get the impression from a few people who did Brighton that they needed a break mid run.

  • Hi Fat Feet - looking forward to this. My three previous marathons have been big city events so "a bit different" is just what I was looking for! Should I expect to see an entry confirmation e-mail (beyond the Paypal one)?
  • If you have a receipt saying you've paid for the event from Pay Pal then we have your details.
  • No details on loos yet.
  • Just back from running the Hambleton Penninsula - very unsure as although I live nearby in Oakham, I've never run this route.  Absolutely stunning route!!  More hilly than I thought it would be but then I'm a novice marathoner so I guess I just need to train more.  The worst bit for me was the number of cattle grids...bit of a pace breaker!  Lots of sheep and rabbits, Rutland Water was sparkling and the scenery always changing.  Combination of gravel & tarmac surfaces - it had rained about an hour earlier so I was a little scared of slipping on the downhills but again that probably shows my inexperience.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    sounds lovely! much bigger field than i expected and its still early doors! im only in warks so not too far away so will probably take the family over for a bit of cycling before the end of the school holidays to see what its like!
  • I'm in image

    Couple of hours' drive for me so will mean an early start but that's ok

  • Joanna, scenery sounds great and just what I need for a change.
  • Sarah & others: I'm not exaggerating about the scenery, it really is lovely...almost enough to take my mind off the undulating path! image  The paths are constantly changing - open views of Rutland Water, enclosed wooded areas, fern pathways, views across fields, views across to Edith Weston Boat Club, rabbits, lots of sheep.  Long winding sections as well some good straights that are flatter and I could get my speed up a bit.  Hambleton has some spectacularly lovely houses to gawp at along the way too!  It's a nice little hamlet with a great pub/restaurant (The Finches) for family and friends and post race bevvy!  But be warned: book a table ahead of time!!  I'll try to take some photos of some of the paths/views etc. and will check out the rest of the route too - will post all on my blog too. 
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