Rutland Water Marathon



  • There'll be a group of us who will be probably 10 minutes behind you, Minardi.
  • But XB - you went hairing past me at Fleetwood....
  • I don't think haring would describe it especially as I was run/walking.

    I was on my own at Fleetwood; I'll be running at the pace of the slowest in a group at Ruttie. And if I'm having a bad day, I'll be the slowest.

  • Hi Amanda,

    cheers - it was a great event and there was some wind at my back once or twice.

    The more I look at this event the more I fancy it - I've been so focussed on flat, fast PB courses over the last three years it'd be great to just run one at say 7:45 pace from the start - enjoy some fantastic scenery and not be trying to hold on in the later stages.

  • Jase, that's precisely why I chose this one, for a change. Having tried for 2 PBs earlier in the year on flat courses and failed for various reasons, wanted to do one with no pressure on myself. I've no idea what time to expect - would be sub 3:30 if road and flat - I guess sub 4?
  • XB - i know you were run/walking - and you still left me standing image
  • I'm a huge fan of run/walk. I don't think I could run all the way. And I don't tend to lose much time because fatigue sets in later.
  • this will be my second marathon and I'm hoping to break 4 hours and if I can run all the way then all the better (4:20 in my first).  Hoping to get in some 18/20 milers in over the next few weeks to give me the legs to get round.  Not sure on the hills put I'll just try and get up whatever I come up against - as long as the sheep poo isn't slippery !!

  • XB wrote (see)

    I don't think haring would describe it especially as I was run/walking.

    I was on my own at Fleetwood; I'll be running at the pace of the slowest in a group at Ruttie. And if I'm having a bad day, I'll be the slowest.

    I'm in  XB's pack, I'm the slowest by far, but this is me.......

     XB doesn't seem to mind that I'm slow image
  • Just how 'undulating' is this course, in fact? I've seen a small course profile on the Fatfeet Blisters page on Facebook, but it's hard to judge from this what it's like. Have any experienced marathon runners on here run the course, or part thereof, yet, and can give us a view of how tough it is, maybe in terms of how many minutes you'd have to add on to your target time by comparison with a flat course? The organiser says it's undulating with no major hills to worry about, but some people on here seem to reckon it's pretty hilly.

    I ask because I need to know what pace to aim for. I have in mind going for a PB (I've run 10 marathons before, best 3:08 two years ago), but only if the general gnarliness of the course isn't going to add on more than a handful of minutes to my time.

  • J2R,
    I'm not an experienced runner but you can see my thoughts on it on page 12. I live near the water so I'm over there quite often either on my bike or running it. It's challenging and you'll be hero in my eyes if you're in PB territory image


  • mitty bob sounds like you will be in the same territory as me looking for a sub 4 time. Although I am thinking now that it might be quite tough given AS comments above!! (it will be a pb by 12 minutes) I will have to look out for you on the day!
  • Andrew, thanks for the feedback. I'm sure I'll enjoy it more if I don't aim for a PB, but I'm a bit of a nutter when it comes to these things. It helps if I know it's out of the question. In 2006 I did the Clarendon Way Marathon, from Winchester to Salisbury, which was a very hilly (and muddy) one, and had a good if knackering run because I'd heard before I set off that the course was likely to add 30 minutes to my usual time. The pressure to aim for a PB was well and truly off.
  • J2R, you've asked the question I was going to today.

    This is only going to be my fourth marathon, having already run Dublin, Edinburgh, and a local small one along a towpath.. Perhaps I'll hold off thoughts of a pb until Brighton next year, though I am bound to get carried away when I'm actually on the start line.

  • Firstly Spence that is a special picture - fair warmed my cockles!

    Whilst on that positive vibe - I've managed to get a reserve place for Rutland - so very much looking forward to running it with you all!

  • me too Jase - I'm in now -got a reserve place - and I shall part of XB's teamimage

  • The Windy 4 reunited image
  • Tits outimage
  • can i join? i won miss wet t shirt wolverhampton 2010 image
  • Great stuff Jenni,

    I was intending to run this at an easier pace (my main target is 3:15), but I'm already thinking about just going for it again.

    To be fair I don't mind the odd 'undulation', but as we all know that can range from a mouse's wheel chair ramp to Ben Nevis - depending on a whole range of factors such as whether the organiser was born a mountain goat etc etc!

    Madlot if you look anything like Nell then I'll even supply some of my running drink to aid with transparency!


  • I have a reserve place too! Following a failed attempt at sub 3.45 at Loch Ness my knee jerk reaction was to have another go as soon as possible and now I'm sort of over the disappointment and have nearly come to terms with my sub 3.50 GFA I find myself nearly recovered and facing a first/final long run on Monday (I'm racing my first ever duathlon on Sunday). So I'm sort of recovering and just about to taper. LOL.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Spence bears a striking resemblance to Nell McAndrew, who is no mean runner - she did last year's London Marathon in 3:10.
  • Nells got nothing on me jase image
  • Great news Little M.iss,

    if it helps make you feel better, my last two marathon PBs were on the back of two others - with the last being one month before.

    I managed 3:23 in Leicester last year after one month after Nottingham.

    It sounds odd but at the moment I feel great, fit, quite recovered and ready to go.

    Madlot - I really wish that were true, however I'm starting to think you may be some 15 year old computer geek masquerading as the wonderful (and very quick) Nell image

    On a wider point does anyone have a feel for the amount (in feet) of total climb for Rutland?

  • youre not far off image
  • I don't think there can be that much climb at Rutland Water - or at least not compared with LN! I'm not worried about the trails as a fair bit of my training is  done on trails and my 10k PB was set this year on a mostly trail race but I think it was the undualtions at LN that did for me. If I could run 12 miles alone in training at sub marathon pace for sub marathon HR surely I should have been able to pull it out of the bag over the full distance (I'd run 3 x 20 milers and 2 x 21 milers since the end of July). Mind you, I always say that with the marathon you never know what you're going to get until the end of the day. I thought that work had scuppered my propsed first/final long run on Monday but it looks as though it's back on <<phew>>
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • If you do a Google search with the terms "Rutland Water" and "", there are a few runs which people have uploaded which show the elevation profile on parts of the route. Nothing for the Hambleton peninsula, though, which I suspect is where the most serious undulation takes place, in terms of continual sharp rises and drops rather than full-on hills (such as the one at mile 22). May be wrong, hope I am. Been out doing a little hill training anyway...

    Little M.iss, as Jase says, your recent marathon may not be a problem (as long as you didn't  pick up any injuries), and might actually help as a kind of full length long training run. I missed out on Good For Age qualification by a minute at this year's London Marathon, so I ran another marathon two weeks later and got the qualifying time I needed. Sure, I was a little bit tired in the legs running the second one, but on the other hand I felt fitter as a result of London.

  • J2R - I don't think it will be a hindrance, just stops me training as I would normally as last long run (albeit not slow) was two weeks ago and will only get one more in (hopefully, this Monday) before tapering. Legs were trashed after LN but much improved now though I know from experience that it takes me at least two weeks to get over a long run fatigue wise.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Im in, especially as their is a pub!!! by the sound of it, if I manage to make it round Spires and Steeples tomorrow, Rutland should be a breeze. ( mantra....I will believe anything) or  Minardi's mantra ...there are no hills,there are no hills

  • Put me in for a sub 5hr. Just about. If all goes to plan. image
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